LGBT and Cardiovascular Disease By Mrs Vera West

     This is something which I would never have suspected, perhaps the fault lying entirely with me, with my age, my race, and my limited perspective on a changing and dynamic gender fluid world: 

“The findings of a new study on human health are sure to ruffle some feathers in the LGBT community, as they show that homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders are much more prone than straight people to develop health problems. A team of researchers from the Baptist Health South Florida Clinic in Miami looked at seven different areas of controllable heart health to look for any differences that might exist between LGBT and non-LGBT people. What they learned is that those who identify as LGBT simply aren’t keeping up in terms of overall health and quality of life. Presented at a recent meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA), the paper showed that many LGBT people tend towards having higher stress, which drives many of them to engage in alcohol abuse.

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The Boy in the Chemical Attack By Charles Taylor

     It all seems a bit like the weapons of mass destruction that were not found in Iraq, but which were part of “intelligent-intelligence,” by intelligent giants like Bushy, so true at the time, although now false, but who cares?

“A new interview with the now infamous boy in the alleged chemical attack video used as a justification for the United States-led bombing of Syria is adding more doubt to the official narrative.  The boy says he was told to go to the hospital where people started dousing him with water. One of the main “characters” in the footage at the hospital is a water-soaked boy, who is seen being sprayed with water by people who claim to be “rescue workers.” It’s not clear whether they are doctors from the hospital, human rights activists, or White Helmets members. The latter usually make such videos and send them to news agencies, including Reuters. In what could be the biggest fabrication in recent months, the Douma boy in the chemical attack video and his family have spoken about their ordeal to a Russian TV crew.

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Death by Diversity By Chris Knight

     We are right to see diversity itself as a problem. 

“America doesn’t need more people; it needs to allow its own people to recover.” An “aging white population [is] speeding [up] diversity,” blared a headline in The Hill. Could this be a case of confusing cause-and-effect? Are the two trends—whites dying-out and minorities thriving—really spontaneous and strictly parallel? The reverse is likely true. Corrected, The Hill headline should have read: Could speeding up diversity contribute to a decline in the white population? We learn that “there are growing signs that the rate of change is increasing.” Well of course.

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Will the Net Catch Hillary Clinton? By Charles Taylor

     With all the mainstream media attention upon Donny Trump, and with speculation about how long it will take the Deep State to annihilate him, there is the wild card of the arrest of Hillary Clinton:

“Republican lawmakers on Wednesday sent a slew of criminal referrals to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for a number of Obama administration officials and senior FBI employees for violations of the law in connection to the Clinton email and Trump-Russia investigations. Specifically, they sent criminal referrals to Sessions for: former FBI Director James Comey, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as well as FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, for separate violations.

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Letter to The Editor - Earth Day should Celebrate 'Engines and Electricity'

Most chapters of human history are defined by the tools and machines that were used.

In the Stone Age, the first tools were “green tools” – digging sticks, spears, boomerangs, bows and arrows made of wood; and axes, clubs, knives and grinders made of stone. These were all powered by human energy.

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Women and Alcohol By Mrs Vera West

     Regular readers will know that I am a temperance person, anti-alcohol, like my grandmother who was active in the Temperance League:

     Big Liquor won the first round, but we are not giving up. Nevertheless the ill-effects of alcohol continue to be documented, especially the cancer risk for women. Here is a good article summarising this by a women who was otherwise health conscious, but still drank in moderation, and was afflicted with cancer: 

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Bring the South Africans Here! By James Reed

     This one will show the true colours of the immigration-mad Left, who want a world without borders: bringing the white South African farmers here, as they face genocide at the hands of the South African non-white society:

“Groups of Australians and South African expats gathered in Brisbane to show their support for proposals that would offer refugee status to white South African farmers. Aussie Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has suggested his country should offer fast-track visas to farm owners, who he says may be at risk of losing their properties if land expropriation with compensation goes ahead. Citizens of Brisbane took to the streets on Sunday, voicing their concerns about the policy which was given the Parliamentary green light back in February. Around 2,000 people were estimated to have attended the march, which featured slogans such as “bring them here” and “allow our families into Australia”. Not only was the march used to show support for the fast-track visa proposal, but there was also a gathering of prayer for the demonstrators. They prayed for the protection of law enforcement, the military, and of all legal counsel.”

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"Rivers of Blood" The Great Betrayal. Full speech.

The 1968 speech given by Enoch Powell known as 'The Rivers of Blood ' speech. In full. No editing, cuts, omissions, spin, commentary, propaganda or tricky sound effects. Just the speech.

The Inevitability of Nuclear War: Russian General By James Reed

     Syria remains a hot spot, with  Syrian air defence have down all of the missiles allegedly fired by Israel: 

     This time, with Russia involved, it will not be so easy, for the West has vastly under-estimated Russian military might and technological prowess. Not only that, but evidence continues to grow that the gas attacks were a false flag from the West, with war reporter Robert Fisk concluding from his investigation in Syria that the chemical attack did not occur:

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Do Young People have Any Future Left? By James Reed

     Whatever happens geopolitically, a generation of parasites, the Baby Boomers, have sucked away the future for young people, unless radical social change occurs. For example, a combination of economics, and mass immigration has mean that most of our young will never, on the business as usual scenario own a house: 

“Up to a third of young people face living in private rented accommodation all their lives, a new report by the Resolution Foundation has found. The think tank said 40% of “millennials” - those born between 1980 and 1996 - were living in rented housing by the age of 30. That was twice as many as “generation X” - those born between 1965 and 1980. The government said it was already putting policies in place to improve the housing market. The Foundation’s Home Improvements report said “generation rent” needed much more help. It called for more affordable homes for first-time buyers to be built, as well as better protection for those who rent. Although renting is often a reasonable choice for people who have few ties, the private rented sector is “far less fit for purpose” for those with children because of a lack of security. The report reveals that a record 1.8 million families with children rent privately, up from 600,000 15 years ago.”

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The Magic of Lentils By Mrs Vera West

     Lentils are cheap, good and nourishing, excellent for the coming Ice Age-like weather that we are going to get this year in Melbourne, and no doubt elsewhere, given global cooling:

“Scientists have discovered that the humble pulse can have a dramatic impact on lowering dangerous blood pressure levels. New research also revealed that lentils can reverse declines in blood vessel health. The study – conducted on rats – showed that adding the health-boosting food to the diet can effectively block the increase in blood pressure that occurs with age. The findings also indicated that eating lentils can reverse the changes that occur in blood vessels as a result of high blood pressure. Dr Peter Zahradka, one of the lead investigators for the Canadian study, said: “These are amazing results, since they provide a non-pharmacological way of treating diseases associated with blood vessel dysfunction.”

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Sporting Abortions By Mrs Vera West

     I have heard of female body builders getting pregnant for a hormone surge, then having an abortion. Now it seems that sports abortions are widespread:

“Female college athletes are forced to withstand a campaign of pressure to terminate pregnancies in order to stay in top condition, according to a piece in the Washington Examiner. One U.S. Olympic gold medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross, recently admitted to Sports Illustrated that she was pressured to have an abortion just ahead of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Richards-Ross claimed that she didn’t know any female athletes who hadn’t had an abortion to keep them in competition, according to the Washington Examiner. “I literally don’t know another female track and field athlete who hasn’t had an abortion,” Richards-Ross said."

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The Walking Dead Died Long Ago By John Steele

     I like apocalyptic cinema being a collapse/doomsday kind of guy, but I stopped watching the zombie TV show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, this year. Boring, long drawn out stuff, the usual, from shows that have lived too long. We are no friends of popular culture here, but I want to point out an interesting paradox in the show. Basically, we have a core group led by ex-cop Rick Grimes. Then there are the bad guys led by warlord Negan. Negan represents the Alt Right, Rick pc liberalism. Team Rick is largely multiracial and diverse gay characters, with no transgenders, yet. Negan’s crew is mainly white.

     Anyway, while the show has Negan as the ultimate bad guy, it was pointed out by the Negan character to Rick, that Rick was the real baddie, killing more people in cold blood than him. While we are to believe that Negan’s tribe live under a dictator, Rick is even more of a dictator, making all of the decisions. In the last episode of season 8,  he fought Negan in the standard one-on-one battle and decided to let him live, even though his number 2 wanted him dead for closure for killing her husband. No democratic vote on that. The point here is that the show perfectly illustrates the inner contradictions of liberalism, that while promoting freedom and diversity and democracy, and even peace, it in practice seeks the opposite, ultimately leading to enslavement. We see it happen daily.

Get Ready for a Mad Max Apocalyptic World Down Your Street any Day Now! By John Steele

     What! Has the ALoR survivalist nutjob finally lost the last bit of sanity he had? Yes, most definitely. But, Consider:

“Australia is at risk of running out of fuel in the next few weeks due to the ongoing conflict in Syria. The escalating situation in the war-torn country threatens to cripple the supply chains that keep Australia going. While the International Energy Agency mandates that countries hold a stock reserve “equivalent to 90 days of net imports,” Australia only has 43 days worth of supply, the Australian reports. And that could be cut down even further if a global crisis threatens supply channels from places like the Middle East.

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Another Near Miss By Brian Simpson

     I don’t know about you but I often lay awake at night worrying about asteroid strikes. This madness happened when I was driving in the country on a hill, and a meteorite  passed about 100 feet or so in front of my car, then completely disintegrated in a shower of sparks the valley below.  I stopped the car, heart pounding because this was a near-miss from the cosmos, and these things are always dismissed by science types as too improbable to worry about. Sure. It almost happened.

“Just hours after being spotted, a 150-foot asteroid skimmed by Earth dangerously close. Astronomers spotted the asteroid on April 15, and not long later, passed by the globe at a distance of 119,500 miles. Astronomers named Asteroid 2018 GE3, was closest to Earth at around 2.41 a.m. ET on April 15 when it was spotted about 119,500 miles away. reported that that’s much closer than the moon, which orbits Earth at an average distance of 238,900 miles. GE3 also passed close to the moon later that morning on its journey around the sun. Asteroid 2018 GE3, an Apollo-type earth-crossing asteroid, was flying through space at 66,174 miles per hour (106,497 km/h)."

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Did You Know that Babies Have to be Fed? By Mrs Vera West

     Apparently it is not common sense that babies require to be adequately fed, and there is a duty of care upon medical professionals to tell migrants that:

“A refugee family is set for a multi-million-pound NHS payout because a mother spoke no English and hospital staff did not explain to her how to care for her newborn in her native language. The child of the Rajatheepan family, originally from Sri Lanka, has been left with severe brain damage because midwives did not explain the importance of feeding the newborn regularly, a judge has ruled.”

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March for Science? They’re Joking, Right? By Brian Simpson

     Incredible, isn’t it, the inconsistencies in the Left? With Trump illegally bombing Syria, supported by the media and the establishment, one would have thought that the anti-war Left would be screaming in rage. But, no, nothing much at all. Yet there are still marches to support climate change “action”  and global warming “science” by the Left and LGBT activists, although it is not clear why specifically global warming is a gender issue; doesn’t it affect everybody? 

     Elsewhere a protestor against global warming burnt himself to death: 

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Letter to The Editor - The best Councils are often the smallest ones because they are close to the people

To THE ADVERTISER          One would have expected the new SA Liberal Government would be resistant to implementing the former ALP policies, but it is proceeding with the establishment of the Local Government Grants Commission (LGGC) due next January, (Advertiser April 18, 2018). This independent body will assess proposals or make recommendations for boundary changes and amalgamation of Councils. The new Minister Knoll has said that the Government will not force amalgamations but he admits any changes to boundaries or amalgamations may be initiated by just one Council or the Minister. This will of course, lead to amalgamation of unwilling parties.

     The other subtle tool to promote amalgamation is rate capping which will stifle Councils to some degree and they will then be lured into amalgamation in pursuit of the mystical savings. Any Council of that mind should firstly attempt to discover which Council can demonstrate lower costs following the previous round of amalgamations. The best Councils are often the smallest ones because they are close to the people and have to show greater responsibility to their community.  On the other hand, the recent public outcry over excessive spending and wastage has been directed to the State’s largest Council. Centralisation is not in the community interest. Therefore, we and Councillors need to remain alert and analyse all proposals.  KG, Naracoorte, SA 

Machetes Rule Gun-Free Britain By John Steele

     More news from the multicult war zone of gun-free Britain, this time about machetes. Ah, machetes, how I love thee! A truly useful tool for clearing away hardy weeds such as blackberry, but here in Australia it is hard to find them in your hardware shop, and if they are under lock and key, these machetes are the really short puny sort. Nevertheless one can still purchase decent ones on EBay, some for as little as $4, which are rough, but still functional. Cold Steel, the US knife company, makes a whole catalogue of machetes replicating many swords, such as its Chinese war sword machete.

In camping one could get by not even taking an axe. But, I digress, lost in the wonder of the machete, but there is relevance, since the machete is a cheap sword which is disposable, a “don’t-care -weapon.” That is why it is used in bladed attacks rather than heavier swords, which are more expensive, and not as fast. Kept sharp, the machete is dangerous and easily cuts flesh, as the meat cutting demonstrations by Cold Steel on YouTube well show (kiddies, and adult children, seek parental approval first):

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Judging Books by Their Covers: The Reality of Appearance By Brian Simpson

     Perhaps the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), famously said: the human body is the best picture of the soul.” It is profound like everything “the Witt.” said. It indicates to me that one can judge, to some degree a “book” by its cover. Horrible evil people usually look bad. Beauty usually goes with goodness, not always, but more often than not. This is the so-called science of physiognomy, said by the liberal/multicults to be discredited.

     No so, argues Edward Dutton in How to Judge People by What They Look Like, (Kindle, 2018). I intend to buy the book on Kindle as it is cheaper, but unfortunately I spent today’s budget on a dental bill (wisdom tooth extraction: now I have no “wisdom”) which sunk me, so I must rely upon the review at, which is always accurate on these matters: 

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