“Diversity is our Greatest Strength” … Sure By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Oh, the Left will say, what is the big deal … it is just a case of cultural misunderstanding. Of course it is.


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Reflections on the Revolution in Canada By Chris Knight (Florida)

Truckers are staging one of the largest protests ever seen, with 50,000 or more trucks and 1.4 million people moving on the parliament in Ottawa to oppose the Covid mandates. This is happening now, and is not reported by the mainstream media, as expected. But, let’s see where this leads, as alterative media will cover how this pans out.


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Mainstream Media Confession Time: “The New York Times” Admits, Unvaccinated Individuals Who Previously Contracted the Virus “had lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone” By Chris Knight

Yes, the home of the mainstream media, and received Covid narrative, The New York Times, has admitted that unvaccinated individuals who previously contracted the virus “had lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone.” This naturally runs counter to the Biden administration, and indeed the received position by Australian health technocrats that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” How could that be?


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mRNA Covid Vax Poison! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Dr. Michael Palmer, an associate professor of biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, makes no bones about it: the mRNA vaccines are technologies designed to poison people. The mechanisms for doing this include disruption to mitochondrial respiration which  can cause mutation and genetic damage, and immunosuppression. The human body has a dose limit to genetic damage by mRNA vaccines: “What that means is the total lifetime dose of these messenger RNA vaccines that you can tolerate before you die is limited,” he said. “We don’t know the exact amount, because there is simply not enough experimental data.”


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Covid Rides Again? NeoCov By Brian Simpson

I remember the golden days when Omicron was first reported, and look where that led, namely, to an extension of the Covid plandemic, even through Omicron was mild, but highly infectious. We have probably all  had it by now, with natural immunity. But, the new kid on the street, well, not on the street yet, but it probably  will be, is called, “NeoCoV,” and has yet to be given a Greek letter, it is so shiny and new. Not much is known about it yet, except it is thought to escape present vaccines. Is anyone keeping track of all the vaccines needed? Surely Pfizer will come up with one vaccine to rule them all. Or, people will have to take aa vaccine plus endless boosters for every variant. That makes good immunological sense.


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Targeting Joe Rogan By Charles Taylor (Florida)

First it was ageing boomer singer Neil Young who wanted Joe Rogan banned for daring to host the ever-sceptical Covid critic, Dr Robert Malone, in a now viral section about the virus. Of course, many of the chattering class did the same. Then there was the US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, also wanting Big Tech to censor information which he considers “misinformation,” as his side apparently has the “best science available.” Anyone who has followed the Covid thing, from the Wuhan lab leak being regarded as a conspiracy, through to today, when it is emerging that it is a pandemic of the vaccinated, and where the mainstream deny that anyone has died from the vaxxes, knows that this is nonsense. “Best science,” does not have a stable reference.


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Whites Have to Act to Defend Their Racial Rights By Charles Taylor (Florida)

 “Let the Whites Be Racist, Too,” Jim Goad at Counter-Currents.com, puts the case for racial “equality,” but not as the ruling elites now define it. He makes the entirely logical case that Whites, just like all other races, should have the right to defend the interests of their racial group. If there is racial identity for some groups, it would be philosophically arbitrary to deny it to Whites, as that would single out Whites as a distinct group, with distinct properties (i.e. no rights like Blacks) which is inconsistent with the initial proposition that Whites have no interests, or exist. As well, the thesis of eternal guilt does not hold up to empirical scrutiny, such as the claim that only Whites were involved in the slave trade, as an article at the Alor.org blog discussed yesterday, on the Islamic slavery of Whites.  


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Ghost World: The Endgame of the Covid Plandemic By Brian Simpson

I have not yet listened to all of Mike Adam’s take on the ramifications of the mass Covid vaccination of the planet, but will do so today. I listened to the audio of chapter one of the book, which was gripping, and hard to get one’s head around. The key point is that vast numbers of people are going to either die outright or get very sick from the vaccines. Adams does not have any mathematical models of this die off scenario, and no other Covid critics do either. The guess is based upon the implications of the adverse effects already being seem, from heart issues, to immune system decline, to possible fertility issues. One figure is that one third of the vaccinated go down. Even if this figure is way off, which hopefully it is, civilisation as we know it could crash, and may do regardless of vaccine effects. Fortunately, the presentation prepares us for this worst-case scenario.


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Here Comes Pfizer’s Whiz Bang New Omicron Vax … Just When the Horse has Bolted! By James Reed

Pfizer, as it promised, is coming up with a new vaccine to allegedly deal with Omicron. Some reports say it should be in veins in March 2022. You know, everything vax is fast tracked at warp speed nowadays. The issue is that Omicron has already spread across countries, and is looking like tapering off. Many people will have natural immunity. But that will not stop the system from demanding that everyone get a jab, or six. The meaning of life is …vaccination!


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Former White House Physician Thinks Biden Crackers! (Me, Too!)By Charles Taylor (Florida)

If Trump made even one of the brain freeze mistakes that Biden makes daily, the calls for impeachment would have been irresistible. The corrupt mainstream legacy media gives Biden a free pass, as he is useful as a Deep State meat puppet to sign any piece of paper that they put before him. He has been recorded saying that he does not know what he is signing. And, now with even more obvious senile moments, a former White House physician has demanded that Biden take cognitive tests.

Of course, if he did, the tests would be done by those who beam commands into his head, so it is certain that he would pass with flying colours. He could probably pass a mathematics advanced integration and analysis course this way, without knowing any of the math.

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The Fate of the Unvaxxed in Quebec By Chris Knight (Florida)

Pity the unvaxxed in Quebec, Canada. There, they may, masked up, enter the big box stores, but only to buy food and medicines. Nothing else, such as a TV set, or a computer. Watch dog employees track their every move. Oppression, big time. How this is supposed to deal with Omicron is a mystery, since it is not spread from the purchase of TV sets and the like!


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“Fight Club” Gets the CCP Treatment! By John Steele

The 1999 film Fight Club is a masculine classic, one of the few such movies, and not one to be seen again in woke culture.  It involves a group of men, led by Tyler Durden, who regain masculinity by engaging in one-one unarmed fights against each other. The cult grows, men regain testosterone, and eventually go onto bigger and better things, blowing up financial institutions. The last scene of the movie has the buildings imploding. But, the CCP version for communist China, removes this attack upon the state, and has a written take saying that all of the men were captured, and Tyler sent to a mental institution, for re-education, the CCP way. All that was missing was organ harvesting, but that is just taken as given in CCP land.


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Naomi Wolf Warns of the Nazification of Public Discourse By James Reed

Naomi Wolf has emerged as a major critic of the Covid mandates and the vaccine fetish, which she sees as biofascism, “totalitarian reality” and the “Nazification” of public discourse.” Many would agree, but what makes her different is that she is a leading feminist, from the Left. Thus, given how the Left have supported anything which smacks of authoritarianism, she must have lost more than a few friends. In fact, she says that her former friends are insane! And speaking of insanity, she has said that Biden is clearly cognitively impaired. All that from a Democrat!


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The Coming Black Planet? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The prediction, based upon business as usual, is for a quarter of the people in the world to be African by 2050. As whites would almost certainly have long disappeared from the planet by then, given present trends, perhaps only small pockets being left to die out, China, the ruler of all, with a falling population, will need to take in most of this population, enjoying the richness and energy that only diversity brings. China will be a part of mother Africa. As one multiculturalist I know used to say: “It will be wonderful!”


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White Slavery By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Simon Webb’s The Forgotten Slave Trade, is given an excellent review by Spencer J. Quinn, over at Counter-Currents.com. White slavery, involving Islam’s centuries-long trade in white slaves, was much more comprehensive, and horrific than the historically more recent Black slavery. Yet white slavery is not mentioned in the slave narrative, being an inconvenient truth, given the Islam connection. The politically correct white genocidal system aims to keep whites ideologically oppressed with guilt about Black slavery, so as to not resist the Great White Replacement. Hence the importance of factual books which shatter the woke narrative.


“Simon Webb
The Forgotten Slave Trade: The White European Slaves of Islam
Yorkshire/Philadelphia: Pen & Sword Books, 2020

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Pandemics Without End: WHO By Brian Simpson

Just when one thought it was safe to put one’s head above the trench, having had monthly mRNA jabs, wearing 16 masks at once, and keeping a social distance of 1.5 kilometres from everyone, the World Health Organization tells us that Covid was just the first of the pandemics to come, and that bigger and nastier things are on the way. Sure, they would know, wouldn’t they?


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Covid Vaccines and the Menstrual Cycle: Reproduction Crash? By Mrs Vera West

A peer-reviewed study in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology concluded that the Covid vaxxes led to a variation of the menstrual cycle by one day, seen with both doses. However, there are clinical reports of some women having variations of up to eight days, or skipping a period altogether. There are many reports of other menstrual effects, such as increased period pain, and heaviness of flow, and clotting. These all require investigation into what effects this will have upon human fertility, since the entire next generation of human reproducers care going to be impacted. Could this lead to a reproduction crash?


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The Failure of the Covid Shots By Brian Simpson

Dr Mercola in a now deleted post, details the dramatic failure of the Covid vaxxes. The UK data shows that Covid infection rates in the U.K. are higher among the “fully vaccinated” in all adult cohorts, than the unvaccinated, and infection rates are rising faster among the fully vaxxed than in unvaccinated cohorts of all ages. And regarding the Omicron infection, Covid case rates are also lower among the unvaccinated than among the single-, double- and triple-vaccinated. Logically, the vaccine mandates have failed, as have the vaccines.


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China Joins in Russia/Ukraine Free for All By James Reed

For those of us concerned about the unfolding of World War III in real time, this development is not good, at least if one is in the school that holds that nuclear annihilation is a bad thing. You know, in postmodernism, everything must be qualified. It looks like Russia is coordinating with China, so that when the Ukraine conflict goes kinetic, China will attack Taiwan. It is one of the wages of having a senile puppet president. At least it is going to take our minds off of Covid.


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Vaccine Induced Myocarditis By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Epoch Times.com has published a comprehensive essay on the threat of post-vaccine myocarditis, where the highest-risk population is young males.

The individual risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis in young males between the ages of 18 and 24 is approximately 1 in 2,000, according to a recent study by top physician Dr. Katie A. Sharff. One million administrations of the vaccine in this age group would result in  500 cases of heart inflammation in young males who were otherwise at near-zero risk of Covid. It defies belief, the absurdity of this.

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