Stabbed Bishop Backs Elon Musk, By Paul Walker

The stabbing of Sydney bishop, Mar Mari Emanuel, by a radical Islam terrorist, as classified by the police and security forces, has led to the immigration-insane Albo government moving to censor the video of the stabbing on all social media posts. It really looks bad for the open door's immigration program. All have done so except Elon musk with X, who have temporarily taken the video down pending the court case. The Albo govern is legally requiring a global censorship. Thus, the issue goes to the Federal court of Australia to decide whether little old Australia can censor the world. Of course, countries will ignore what an Australian court decides if inconvenient, and it is hard to see what they could do against a country like Russia, who will as a matter of principle, will not be told what to do by a country that they could obliterate in a few minutes.

As well, although I do not go there, the video is alive and well on the dark web. Honestly, if drug deals and crimes can be plotted on the dark web, can a simple stabbing be censored? Hardly, I think. If one wants to find the video, it is there.

In any case, the victim of the terrorist attack, Mar Mari Emanuel, has come out in support of the stabbing video not being censored. That will feature as part of the evidence in the Federal Court case scheduled for May 10, 2024. There the legality of the Australian government's over-reach will be examined. I hope Musk's lawyers soundly defeat the Albo government, which they deserve in plenty for their present totalitarian laws.

"The bishop attacked in the western Sydney church stabbing supports Elon Musk's stance, advocating for the video of the incident to stay online.

Bishop Mar Mari Emanuel has thrown his support behind X boss Elon Musk as the Australian government pressures the social media owner to censor the global platform.

Despite X geo-blocking the videos in Australia, the bishop has slammed censorship actions by Australia's eSafety Commissioner, urging Musk to keep the video online.

"He's strongly of the view that the material should be available," as revealed by X lawyer Marcus Hoyne during a Federal Court hearing.

The development unfolds as X ramps up its legal battle, enlisting the expertise of top Sydney barrister Bret Walker, SC, to challenge the eSafety commission's controversial ruling.

Hoyne, representing X, disclosed ongoing discussions with Walker regarding the representation of the social media platform in the upcoming court hearing, scheduled for May 10.

Federal Court Justice Geoffrey Kennett has scheduled the hearing to address the dispute over the removal of videos depicting the western Sydney church stabbing.

Marcus Hoyne highlighted the potentially prolonged nature of the proceedings, stressing the global ramifications of the Australian government's attempt to control online content.

Despite a temporary order mandating X to remove video links of the incident, extended until the final hearing, the platform remains steadfast in contesting the ruling, citing concerns over jurisdictional overreach and freedom of expression."



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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