California’s Paedo Delight Bill By Charles Taylor

     We can see where this one is going.

“California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child if the sex offender is within ten years of the age of the victim. The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). According to SB 145, the legislation “would exempt from mandatory registration” as a sex offender “a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.” The measure would allow a judge to decide if an adult who engages in oral or anal sex with a child must register as a sex offender if that person is within ten years of the age of the victim. In January 2019, the San Francisco Examiner reported on the introduction of the bill by State Sen. Scott Wiener (D), who claimed the current law, which states oral and anal sex between an adult within ten years of the age of a willing minor requires the adult to be registered as a sex offender, discriminates against LGBT individuals. The bill would put an end to “blatant discrimination against young LGBT people engaged in consensual activity,” Wiener said: This bill is about treating everyone equally under the law. Discrimination against LGBT people is simply not the California way. These laws were put in place during a more conservative and anti-LGBT time in California’s history. They have ruined people’s lives and made it harder for them to get jobs, secure housing, and live productive lives. It is time we update these laws and treat everyone equally. Currently in California, judges may decide whether adults who have “penile-vaginal intercourse” with minors close to their age must register as a sex offender. Wiener said the current law targets LGBT individuals because they do not engage in penile-vaginal intercourse. “This is such horrific homophobia,” Wiener said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s irrational, and it ruins people’s lives.” The Chronicle‘s report stated that, in 1975, California decriminalized oral and anal sex between consenting adults, but adults who engaged in these practices with minors were treated as sex offenders. In a tweet, Wiener urged his followers to read an Associated Press “fact check” story about the controversial bill that minimizes its impact with the headline, “Bill Would Not Legalize Pedophilia in California.” “The bill is the subject of a massive misinformation campaign by MAGA/QAnon,” Wiener posted.”

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Oscars Go Woke, and Hopefully Broke By Chris Knight

     Well, the Oscars are now going to the next level with over-the-top diversity requirements, and I am glad. The sooner Hollywood sinks into the mud, the better it will be for society.

“In the latest step in its ongoing effort to boost diversity both within its own ranks and across the film industry, on Tuesday the film academy announced new representation standards for films to be eligible to compete for best picture. Developed over the past few months by a special task force as part of the organization’s Academy Aperture 2025 initiative, the standards encompass both representation onscreen — in the types of stories being told and the actors involved — as well as behind the scenes in the makeup of the crew and in the inclusivity of the companies involved. To be eligible for best picture, a film must meet at least two standards across four categories: “Onscreen Representation, Themes and Narratives,” “Creative Leadership and Project Team,” “Industry Access and Opportunities” and “Audience Development.” Within each category are a variety of criteria involving the inclusion of people in underrepresented groups, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and those with cognitive or physical disabilities. (Other Oscar categories will not be held to these same standards, but the contenders for best picture typically filter down to other feature-length categories.) Previously, the only standards to qualify for best picture involved a film’s running time (over 40 minutes) and specifics about how, where and when it’s screened in a public venue. The new standards will not go into effect until the 96th Oscars in 2024. But at a time of racial reckoning both for Hollywood and the nation as a whole, the academy believes the requirements provide a road map for how the industry can ensure that at least those films that compete for its highest honor reflect the diversity of the moviegoing audience and the wider world. “The aperture must widen to reflect our diverse global population in both the creation of motion pictures and in the audiences who connect with them,” Academy President David Rubin and Chief Executive Dawn Hudson said in a joint statement. “The Academy is committed to playing a vital role in helping make this a reality. We believe these inclusion standards will be a catalyst for long-lasting, essential change in our industry.” The new standards were developed by a task force headed by academy governors DeVon Franklin and Jim Gianopulos, using a template inspired by the British Film Institute Diversity Standards that govern eligibility in some categories of the BAFTAs and in consultation with the Producers Guild of America.”

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Father’s Day … In These Coviddy Times By Neddie Kelly

     Here is the story that you have been waiting for, to put a smile on your face, on Father’s Day too, and showing that even in these giddy coviddy times, life goes on, in all its amazement, against the utter horror of Covid-19:

“A transgender father who has just given birth to a baby has made medical history twice, but not for the reason you’d expect. Maaike, from Queensland, contracted COVID-19 from his partner when he was nine months pregnant. When he gave birth to his baby in March, he was the first Western person to have a child with COVID-19. Maaike was also the first person who didn’t need medical assistance during the COVID birth — coronavirus has since been found to give difficulties during pregnancies and labour. “My partner birthed his baby while in quarantine, making medical history as the first birth to COVID-positive parents outside of China, and the first unassisted COVID birth in the world,” Maaike’s partner of two years, Holly Zwalf, wrote in an article for The Sunday Mail. Maaike, a 43-year-old from regional Queensland, transitioned to a man but was still able to birth his “miracle” baby. He is a father-of-two, and has given birth to both kids. However, for this pregnancy he was impregnated through an anonymous donor. His partner Ms Zwalf also has a child of her own. “We were always going to be the unconventional family in the birthing ward, but we never anticipated quite how much of a stir we would cause,” Ms Zwalf wrote. Ms Zwalf returned from the UK in late February and had unknowingly brought the coronavirus with her. Still in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms Zwalf was just the 15th case in Queensland. They were sent off to a quarantine in hospital, separated during this time. Ms Zwalf took her child while Maaike did the same, and all the while heavily pregnant. To make matters more complicated, the transgender dad also has cystic fibrosis. He required a multidisciplinary team of medical experts to ensure the safe delivery of the child back in March. However, in a world-first, he required no medical assistance during the birth. Maaike stopped taking hormones during the pregnancy and was able to “chest feed” after the baby was born. The family’s record-breaking birth is now the focus of research by the Infectious Diseases Department at the Sunshine Coast University.”

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Leftist Feminists Silent on China’s Genocide By James Reed

     I have found very little criticism by Australian feminists on China’s program of genocide against the Uyghur. But, if someone has the slightest transgression against feminist standards here, then the sky falls down upon them. The reason is that China, being non-white communist, is identified as all-good, while our own race and culture are intrinsically evil, even though races do not exist, unless they conveniently must for the purposes of punishment, white of course.

“An unnamed Uyghur woman who claims to have worked as a gynecologist in Xinjiang, the Chinese province that Uyghur people are native to, told the U.K.’s ITV News in an interview broadcast Wednesday that she personally sterilized women, forced them to abort children, killed infants, and tore out wombs. The woman, currently a refugee in Turkey, now works as an apparently clandestine doctor in Istanbul helping other Uyghur refugees by finding contraceptive devices they may have unknowingly had implanted and helping them assess the damage Chinese doctors may have done to their reproductive systems. The Uyghur people are an ethnic Turkic people native to East Turkestan, their name for Xinjiang province, China’s westernmost and largest region. China has waged a campaign many call genocide against them for years, escalating aggression in the past decade by forcing as many as 3 million Uyghurs and other ethnic Turkic people into concentration camps, where survivors say they endured torture, slavery, rape, and some were fitted for live organ harvesting. Chinese Communist Party officials have also bulldozed historic Uyghur sites like mosques and cemeteries or outfitted others with banners and murals praising communism. In one particularly egregious incident, the Communist Party replaced a storied Uyghur mosque with a public toilet.

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Is Ms Obama a Transgender? By Charles Taylor

     There are a lot of rumours that have gone on for years that Michelle Obama was born a biological man, mainly because some photos show a … eh … man bump. A clothes malfunction? Maybe, maybe not. Just listen to the video by this Black guy who is an expert about such things, even giving estimates in inches. Viewer discretion recommended, but it is seldom we get to review anything so hilarious.

“Anybody can switch and become a Black woman or Black man at any time they want to, thanks to gender fluid social justice and trans-everything Leftist logic. So maybe we should all declare we’re Black women, just like Michael “Michelle” Obama did, and then we’ll all be entitled to reparations, if and when they ever come. You can even use gender fluidity to steal your way to the top in politics. It’s easy, you see, because allegedly, Michelle Obama was born a biological man named Michael LaVaughn Robinson, then he changed his name to Michelle at 12 years old, so he could be a “princess” who rides ponies and who likes boys. It was a confusing, difficult time for Michael, but according to him, his parents were quite supportive. First came surgery, then came marriage, and along came surrogate kids in their baby carriage.

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Rapist Biden By Mrs Vera West

     There has not been much on Joe Biden’s rapist past, probably not now though, as the mind decline effects it, doesn’t it? So, he is harmless now, right?

“Actress-activist Rose McGowan ripped into the Clintons and Joe Biden Friday night with an anguished tweet about their “evil.” “I was raped by a TOP Democratic donor. Hillary Clinton shut down NBC’s exposé of HW [Harvey Weinstein] with one call from her spokesperson. I strongly believe Joe Biden is a rapist. [The] DNC  [Democrat National Convention] had Bill Clinton, serial abuser of young women (Epstein & others) speak,” McGowan tweeted, adding: “You want me to be pro-Dem? I know more than you will ever know about their evil. You can hide behind your convenient morality. I won’t” McGowan has publicly accused disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of raping her in 1997. The far-left New York Times confirmed Weinstein paid her a $100,000 settlement, which she alleges was hush money. What McGowan is referring to is the fact that Weinstein was much more than a mogul and Oscar-winning producer. For decades, he was not only a major Democrat donor but an entrée into even more left-wing Hollywood money through his vast connections. Weinstein was also a close personal friend of both the Clintons and Obamas. Former first lady Michelle Obama described Weinstein as a “wonderful human being” and “good friend” in 2013. Weinstein had not yet been charged or convicted of rape. That would come a few years later. But at the time he had a notorious reputation as a toxic bully. But his checks cleared.

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The Problem of White Women By Mrs Vera West

     Being an old woman, I can talk about this issue, no holds bar, without any of the problems the boys would have. There is a problem with white women, especially the young ones. The protests about climate change with the wagging school kids had at least 66 + per cent females. Most were white. The same sort of statistics can be found with all politically correct protests on race and immigration. The climate change issue has attracted women because the real focus is upon the alleged effects upon coloured people in the Third World, not the environment as such. That explains why there has ben no criticism of China by Greta Thunberg for example. It is all social justice, which white women love, taking the place of children.

     Readers need to have a look at the photos of the young female protesters who just like the European support of refugees is completely over the top. This small article then asks why this is. One good response is given by this vDare article:

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In the End, Primal Manhood Decides It By John Steele

     Another article to get the testosterone surging. I note with excitement, the forthcoming boxing match between super-strongmen Eddie Hall and Halfthor (The Mountain), to settle differences, real and stage-showed. But, that battle of the strongest men on the planet pales compared to the battle of the rich, where Elon Musk challenges Johhny Depp to a cage match, presumably Mixed Martial Arts.

“The ongoing libel case that continues to explore whether or not Johnny Depp is a "wife beater" - as he was referred to a newspaper - also continues to inadvertently explore whether or not Elon Musk had an affair with Johnny Depp's then wife, Amber Heard. The court case continues to yield wonderful revelations. The latest is that the amorphous Musk apparently wanted to challenge Depp to a cage fight at one point. “If Johnny wants a cage fight, just let me know,” Musk said told the New York Times this weekend, while being interviewed about his love life and the ongoing case. The (more than likely idle) threat was brought on after the NY Times read back text messages to Musk where Depp reportedly referred to Musk as "Mollusk" and threatened to cut off the Tesla CEO's genitals. To up the ante in the case, there have also been rumors circulating that Musk had a threesome with Heard and her friend Cara Delevingne in Depp's house. Musk continues to deny that it ever happened. “We did not have the threesome, you know. So I think people think these things are generally more salacious than they are,” he told the Times. Musk insists his relationship with Heard didn't start until she split from Depp. He also reportedly offered Heard security officers that would protect her after she told Musk she wanted to get a restraining order against Depp. “For [Heard and Depp], I would just recommend that they bury the hatchet and move on,” Musk said, trying to move on from the situation and focus on his current relationship. The story then went on to talk about Musk's relationship with Grimes, who it refers to as "a hybrid of a fairy, a witch and a cyborg", making her "pretty much Mr. Musk's dream girl".”

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At Least 500,000 Rapes and Counting By Mrs Vera West

     The rapes of tens of thousands of white British girls and children should be seen as one of the greatest crimes of the post-World War II era, but, since it directly refutes the mantra that immigration is of infinite benefit, it is side-lined by the establishment. If there are riots over the death of one Black man, then it is amazing that something like this unspeakable evil is ignored by a people who have allowed their nation’s  children to be, as one book puts it, “easy meat”:

“Ella Hill is a survivor of a Rotherham Muslim rape gang. Recently she was interviewed on Triggernometry, a British interview and discussion program run by two comedians, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. During the interview, she revealed that Muslim rape gangs may have sexually abused as many as 500,000 non-Muslim girls over the last forty years. The victims were particularly white girls, but there have been many other victims as well, such as Sikh girls. This is unbelievable. It is a national scandal which politicians still fail to mention. Many argue that the number of victims abused by Muslim rape gangs actually exceeds one million, but even if Ella Hill is correct and there have been only half a million victims, that is bad enough. Many more survivors of these “grooming gangs” are now speaking out. Their cases are unbelievable, as they explain how the Muslim gangs tortured and intimidated young non-Muslim girls. The UK Home office has still failed to publish its report on the “grooming gangs.” Its reason for keeping the report under wraps most likely involve the fact that the rape gangs were made up of the wrong perpetrators, and targeted the wrong victims, for the mainstream narrative. Furthermore, Ella also emphasised the fact that when she was abused by the Muslim rape gang, authorities and police did not even care in the slightest, because they feared being called ‘racist’ for doing their job. The scandals that have been exposed in numerous cities are horrific. The failure of the police is horrendous. Another survivor, Sammy Woodhouse, stated that when she was raped by Muslims, the police arrested her while she was in bed with the rapist, instead of arresting the rapist. That is how shocking this rape jihad is.”

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Anatomy and Political Correctness By Mrs Vera West

     It had to happen: now there is a move to remove the names of body parts, even diseases, named after males, because, males are bad, bad, bad …  well, at least white males. But it is problem:  if anything was named after Black males, since then we have the race pc ideology going up against the feminist one, and it seems that race trumps sex, it all falls in a heap. So, feminists, beware! Carefully choose your targets!

“Human body parts named after “men, kings and gods” have been deemed irrelevant and misogynistic by some Australian doctors who no longer seek to salute the ideas of dead, male anatomists. A specialist obstetrician in the state of Queensland, gynaecologist and anatomy lecturer, Dr Kristin Small, is urging her students to drop gender bias and what she calls irrelevant and misogynistic medical language. She believes the terms invoke the jaded beliefs of older generations and wants more practical and descriptive terms for body parts. “I think we have a personal choice to decolonise our language and these historical terms will fade out,” Dr Small told the Brisbane Courier Mail. Dr Small makes sure her students still know the accepted, older terms for exam purposes but maintains there are always alternatives for the “dead man’s name.” Council member for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Dr Nisha Khot, is another teaching trainee doctors to look at alternative terminology. The newspaper reports she also wants to defeat a patriarchal history of medical definition which reinforces the fact women are not represented in most of the 700 parts of the body named after people. “The young trainee doctors are mostly keen to learn the more relevant language and are often shocked when they hear the origins of some medical terms,” she said. The word “hysterectomy” originated from a time when women were treated for female hysteria by removing the uterus. Surgical instruments and tactics are also named after men, such as the Pfannensteil incision, which was named after a man who published a paper on incisions in 1900. The Achilles tendon, the tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone, is named after the mythological Greek warrior, Achilles. Dr Small lamented much of the female reproductive system is named “after dead dudes” and inhibits her desire to subvert the patriarchy in a modern, practical way.”

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Rape and Racism By Mrs Vera West

     I have often asked why feminists were not defending the UK children who were raped by the grooming gangs. The reason is made starkly clear in this article cited below by Raymond Ibrahim, that if the victim is white, even if a child, then the Left does not regard their lives as mattering. It is as simple as that.

“An increasingly popular idea is that whenever races clash, only minorities can be victims. The notion is hardly limited to the recent riots in America. Elements of such thinking often appear in other contexts. British women, for instance, including rape victims who drew attention to "Asian" (Pakistani and South Asian) sex grooming gangs, are also being attacked by the "woke" establishment. Earlier this month in the UK, Sarah Champion, a Labor politician and MP for Rotherham (the epicenter of sex grooming), was accused of "fanning the flames of racial hatred" and "acting like a neo-fascist murderer." Her crime? She had dared to assert that "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls." The same elements accusing Champion of being a "murderer" also characterized the UK's anti-extremism program, Prevent, as being "built upon a foundation of Islamophobia and racism." A few weeks earlier, an article titled, "I was raped by Rotherham grooming gang—now I still face racist abuse online," appeared. In it, a British woman (alias, "Ella") revealed that her Muslim rapists called her "a white whore, a white b***h," during the more than 100 times she was raped in her youth by the Pakistani grooming gang. "We need to understand racially and religiously aggravated crime if we are going to prevent it and protect people from it and if we are going to prosecute correctly for it," she said in a recent interview. "Prevention, protection and prosecution—all of them are being hindered because we are neglecting to properly address the religious and racist aspects of grooming gang crimes.... It's telling them that it's OK to hate white people." Ella's attempts to highlight the "religious and racist aspects" of her and many other girls' similar abuse led only to "a lot of abuse from far-left extremists, and radical feminist academics," she said. Such groups "go online and they try to resist anyone they consider to be a Nazi, racist, fascist or white supremacist". "They don't care about anti-white racism, because they appear to believe that it doesn't exist. They have tried to floor me and criticise me continually and this has been going on for a couple of months. They tried to shut me down, shut me up ... I've never experienced such hate online in my life. They accuse me of 'advocating for white paedophiles' and being a 'sinister demonic entity.'”

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Skyscrapers are Toxic Masculinity! By Mrs Vera West

     This one took me by surprise, but once my shock died down, I tried to think of it from a Leftist point of view, mixed with mind-numbing feminism, and it kind of made illogical sense. After all, anything elongated can be taken to be a detested phallic symbol, like trees, and even skyscrapers:

“Glass ceilings and phallic towers. Mean streets and dark alleys. Road names and statues of men. From the physical to the metaphorical, the city is filled with reminders of masculine power. And yet we rarely talk of the urban landscape as an active participant in gender inequality. A building, no matter how phallic, isn’t actually misogynist, is it? Surely a skyscraper isn’t responsible for sexual harassment, the wage gap, or even the glass ceiling, whether it has a literal one up top or not? That said, our built environments can still reflect patterns of gender-based discrimination. To imagine the city and its structures as neutral places where complicated human social relations are staged is to ignore the simple fact that people built these places. As the feminist geographer Jane Darke has said: “Our cities are patriarchy written in stone, brick, glass and concrete.” In other words, cities reflect the norms of the societies that build them. And sexism is a deep-rooted norm. As far back as 1977, an American poet and professor of architecture named Dolores Hayden wrote an article with the explosive headline “Skyscraper seduction, skyscraper rape”. Hayden tore into the male power fantasies embodied in this celebrated urban form. The office tower, she wrote, is one more addition “to the procession of phallic monuments in history – including poles, obelisks, spires, columns and watchtowers”, where architects un-ironically use the language of “base, shaft and tip” while drawing upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating light into the night sky.

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Changing Gender in Ireland, Easy As Falling Off a Log By Mrs Vera West

     Ireland … it was such a pretty green country. However, it is now getting better known for its transgender program for minors, which is not minor:

“The Irish minister for children, disability, equality, and integration has said he supports proposals to make it easier for children in Ireland under the age of 16 to “change their gender,” after the government confirmed that it will introduce such laws for 16- and 17-year-olds. The Irish government, which is currently a coalition between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and the Green Party, released its Programme for Government last month, which pledged to “[r]emove the need for a person aged 16 and 17 years to have two specialist reports before they can apply for legal gender recognition.” The Programme for Government document, entitled “Our Shared Future,” also promises to “deliver a framework for the development of National Gender Clinics and Multidisciplinary Teams for children and adults” and to “examine arrangements for children under 16.” Roderic O’Gorman, the new minister for children, disability, equality, and integration, said earlier this week that experts had proposed making it easier for children under 16 to “change gender.” “Right now, if they want to initiate a gender change, they have to get kind of high-level medical consultants to actually sign off on that. Whereas the recommendation is to make that easier to allow a GP basically to sign off to say yes,” O’Gorman said. “In an area like this, you should be led by expert advice,” he added. Irish journalist John McGuirk has pointed out that the so-called “expert advice” which O’Gorman referred to actually came from a review group made up of a number of trans activists. “There was one Doctor on the review group — and she is a doctor of law, not a doctor of medicine. The review group did contain, however, four representatives from NGOs that advocate for trans rights,” McGuirk writes. “How can this be said to be ‘expert advice’? It is only expert if one is seeking experts in trans rights activism, and not expertise in children’s medicine or psychology,” he continues. “This review panel did not contain one single psychologist, one single gender specialist, or one single GP. There’s a lone nurse on it, but with respect to nurses, they’re not qualified in gender issues in children.” O’Gorman has been the focus of scrutiny on social media in the past week after a picture of him emerged at a 2018 Dublin “Pride” parade with prominent U.K. LGBT activist Peter Tatchell. A number of journalists and social media users wanted the new children’s minister to state publicly that he condemns pedophila in light of Tatchell’s 1997 letter to The Guardian in which he said “not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.” Earlier this week, O’Gorman said the 2018 Dublin “Pride” parade was “the first and only time” he has met Tatchell. “I had no idea about the letter. Had I read it straight before the march I probably would have re-considered [taking a photo with him]. I absolutely don’t share his views on those points,” he said in a statement on Monday.”

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The Future of White Women and the Left By Mrs Vera West

     It is well known, and part of mainstream sociology, that women in the West tend to vote for liberal left causes; just witness the images of “refugees welcome,” by eager young zoomers, full of political correctness, and no similar street protests by feminists at all about the predator rapes of children, covered up for so long by the UK, and European establishment. And, like this, the future of white women, who are supporting the present US revolt, will be one of danger:

“The Left can’t hide its contempt for white women. “White women are lucky that we are just calling them Karens,” Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah said in a since-deleted tweet. “And not calling for revenge.” Miss Attiah, who is black, blamed white women for “the 1921 Tulsa massacre,” the “murder of Emmett Till,” and the “exclusion of black women from feminist movements.” She was also angry that “53% of white women vot[ed] for Trump.” Miss Attiah didn’t back down in the face of criticism: “I’m just saying. Be happy we are calling for equality. And not actual revenge.” She eventually deleted her tweets, but she didn’t recant. In a follow-up, she promoted the “Karen” meme because it shows “how everyday white women uphold white supremacy through violence, aggression, and the weaponizing of their gender.” The Washington Post editor is not alone. The Karen meme, which ridicules white women for upholding standards, is popular. Time published an article last week that praised the abuse of “Karens” because it lays bare the “violent history of white womanhood.” Teen Vogue published a piece attacking white women for upholding “white supremacy.” Bloomberg produced a video this week that demanded “White Women Privilege” be dismantled. The Left heaps scorn on white women, even though they are increasingly the Left’s most devoted foot soldiers. Compared to 2014, 38 percent more white women think police killings are part of a broader problem rather than isolated incidents. This explains why most whites have a favorable view of Black Lives Matter. White women are common at many BLM protests. White women with college degrees favor Joe Biden over Donald Trump by 39 percent. Younger white women hold more liberal views on race, immigration, and social issues than young white men. If white women are loyal to the left but the left scorns them, they are in an abusive relationship. Here is a mental health organization’s description, of an abusive relation. As you go down its checklist, it all fits:

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Women Do Not Have Vaginas? What?! By Mrs Vera West

     Now there is even more madness from the gender agenda theatre of the absurd. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but here is more, if the reader can stomach it:

“In the latest edition of its “Transgender Safer Sex” guide, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a powerful and well-funded LGBTQ activist group, has changed the definition of the type of person who has female sex organs to only include biological males who “have had bottom surgery” to install fake vaginas. In other words, biological females no longer even have vaginas, according to the HRC. Only biological males pretending to be women have vaginas, the group now claims, and this is only true when biological males have their penises surgically removed and replaced with artificial “front holes” that supposedly resemble real vaginas. While the definition of “vagina” in previous iterations of HRC’s Transgender Safer Sex guide at least made a nod to natural female biology, this latest guide completely eliminates women from the picture and assigns their natural-born bodily characteristics exclusively to … transgenders. Now, the word “vagina” is used to “talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery” – and nothing else. Biological women, on the other hand, have “front holes,” not vaginas, according to the guide. As for the definition of a penis – or what the HRC guide crudely calls a “d*ck” – this word is used to describe “external genitals.” D*cks, the guide goes on to explain, “come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders.”

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Sad Clown World By Mrs Vera West

     It gets weirder by the moment, the insane gender agenda. What would people back in the 1960s have thought if they could see all of this stuff now? Would they have fought a bit harder, or just continued to apathetically hide in consumer land?

“The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) effectively erased biological facts in its latest “Transgender Safer Sex” guide, redefining basic body parts and assigning “vagina” as a term used to describe the genitals of biological males who “have had bottom surgery.” The HRC, in a “safer sex guide for transgender and gender expansive people,” redefined basic biological body parts under the guise of inclusivity, effectively stripping females of their own biology and assigning it to biological males. The group’s blunt guide provided a list of words and provided its own definitions — definitions that do not coincide with biological fact. For instance, HRC defined “vagina” as a word used to “talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery.” Yet, the HRC refused to use the same term for biological women, assigning them the term “front hole.” Similarly, HRC also redefined male genitalia, proclaiming that it could “belong to people of all genders.”

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Shocking: Transgender Ideology “Corrosive” By Mrs Vera West

     This was so shocking in this day and age, that I had to look away from the screen, cover my eyes, go have a cup of tea, then brace myself. Here it is, more of all of the transgender news fit to print:

“The mainstreaming of transgender ideology has had a “corrosive impact” on British society and has had a negative influence on the wellbeing of children, a study from think tank Civitas has found. The former director of the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Kent, Dr Joanna Williams, wrote in her report The Corrosive Impact of Transgender Ideology that transgenderism has moved from a “niche” concern to a main political focal point over the past two decades as a result of the British establishment coalescing “behind the demands of a tiny transgender community”. “Previously authoritative institutions now lack confidence in their own ability to lead and look to the transgender community as a victimised group that can act as a source of moral authority. However, this, in turn, erodes sex-based rights and undermines child protection,” Dr Williams wrote. “People in positions of power within the realms of media, education, academia, police, social work, medicine, law, and local and national government have been prepared to coalesce behind the demands of a tiny transgender community,” she added. The report called for the government to ban the prescription of puberty blockers for children under the age of 18, to prohibit the study of transgender claims that contradict biological realities, and to ban schools from allowing students to ‘socially transition’ at school without the permission of parents.”

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Why Progressives Hate Masculinity By John Steele

     Another good video by Bull Hansen, sitting back with a steaming hot cup of coffee in the Nordic forest, pondering why the Left hates masculinity. And his answer is because traditional masculinity is the antithesis of what they represent, a positive force to their negative, creative rather than their nihilistic destruction. Nothing we have not said before, but to see someone talk about this in a relaxed fashion, while most of us are battle fatigued and pretty edgy, is refreshing, like a hot coffee on a miserably cold day.

Kicking the Habit: Now a Lesbian Jesus! By Mrs Vera West

     Outrageous, but that is a sign of the times. A lesbian Jesus? I kid thee not:

“Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to demand the blocking of the upcoming film Habit in which Paris Jackson reportedly plays the role of a “lesbian Jesus.” The petition on calls on Warner Bros and other distributors to reject this “blasphemous Hollywood film” that sees Jackson play the role of Jesus alongside model and actress Bella Thorne, who plays a woman with a Jesus fetish pretending to be a nun in order to hide from the criminal drug world. It also claims Jesus is depicted as a “lesbian woman,” although this has yet to be confirmed by producers. The petition reads: A new blasphemous Hollywood film is predicted to come out soon depicting Jesus as a lesbian woman. The film ‘Habit’ stars Paris Jackson who plays the role of ‘lesbian Jesus. Distributors haven’t picked it up as of yet, so let’s please spread awareness and wake people up to the Christianophobic garbage that is spread nowadays, but is somehow accepted and praised by society. A separate petition set up by One Million Moms, a subsidiary of the conservative American Family Association, has also received tens of thousands of signatures. In their argument, organizers make the point Hollywood studios would never allow a film mocking Islam and the Prophet Muhammed in such a manner. “This sacrilegious movie Habit mocks Christianity and ridicules people of faith,” the petition states. “Elevated Films represents the US rights to the project. Elevated Films has obviously gone too far. The company would never, in a million years, produce a film that defamed Muhammad in a similar fashion.” According to one of the film’s producers, Donovan Leitch, music will also play an important role in the film. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Leitch admitted to having “intentionally stacked the film with rock stars and will have a very rocking soundtrack.” Jackson, who is the daughter of the legendary pop star Michael Jackson, has had a relatively limited acting career so far. The 22-year-old’s main credits include appearances in several episodes of the musical drama series Star as well as a leading role in the crime comedy film Gringo.”

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The Sport of Rape of White Women in Europe By Mrs Vera West

     The only way to make sense of this is that a civilisation has given up on itself and is happy to allow its women and children to be raped, wanting to be cancelled.

“According to statistics released by police in the German capital of Berlin, the city saw 210 rapes between March and July, an average of two rape cases per day. The State Police criminal investigation unit, known in Germany as the Kripo, said that cases of serious rape in Berlin are surging, and of the 210 cases reported between March and July at least 50 of the victims were children below the age of 16. The Kripo also say that around half of the suspects in the rape cases come from a foreign background — far higher than the migrant population of Berlin, which amounts to around 29.9 per cent of the city’s total residents, Focus reports. Marcel Luthe, a member of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), commented on the statistics, saying: “The far disproportionate proportion of foreign suspects shows that the causes urgently need to be clarified and discussed transparently. And then effective crime prevention must be pursued.”

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