Shocking: Transgender Ideology “Corrosive” By Mrs Vera West

     This was so shocking in this day and age, that I had to look away from the screen, cover my eyes, go have a cup of tea, then brace myself. Here it is, more of all of the transgender news fit to print:

“The mainstreaming of transgender ideology has had a “corrosive impact” on British society and has had a negative influence on the wellbeing of children, a study from think tank Civitas has found. The former director of the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Kent, Dr Joanna Williams, wrote in her report The Corrosive Impact of Transgender Ideology that transgenderism has moved from a “niche” concern to a main political focal point over the past two decades as a result of the British establishment coalescing “behind the demands of a tiny transgender community”. “Previously authoritative institutions now lack confidence in their own ability to lead and look to the transgender community as a victimised group that can act as a source of moral authority. However, this, in turn, erodes sex-based rights and undermines child protection,” Dr Williams wrote. “People in positions of power within the realms of media, education, academia, police, social work, medicine, law, and local and national government have been prepared to coalesce behind the demands of a tiny transgender community,” she added. The report called for the government to ban the prescription of puberty blockers for children under the age of 18, to prohibit the study of transgender claims that contradict biological realities, and to ban schools from allowing students to ‘socially transition’ at school without the permission of parents.”

     Where will this go? Probably nowhere as the agenda today is so powerful it is hard to see anything in the short term winding it down, any more than feminism. One thing leads to another, and before to long, there is no road back home. Think of a wooden house infested for years by white ants. In the end nothing much can be salvaged and it has to be pulled down and rebuilt from the ground up.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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