The Voice: Is it Ethical Non-Indigenous People Get to Decide on the Voice? Is it OK for One Group to have Rights Others Don’t? By James Reed

When I saw this piece at the liberal/Left The, I thought I could predict the response that would be made by Paul Formosa, Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, and Co-Director of the Macquire University Ethics & Agency Research Centre, Macquarie University. So, let’s go with his response to the first question, should the Australian people decide what rights the Indigenous people get.


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The Push for Electric Cars: Another Green Disaster By Richard Miller (London)

The UK is racing ahead with electric car mania, fed by the climate change hysterics. Despite the prime minister’s reassurances, the Transport Secretary is running the show, and the zero-emission vehicle mandate, will require 22 percent of cars sold by manufacturers to be electric from 2024, and by 2030, the quota will gradually rise to 80 percent. Carmakers who cannot reach the annual targets must either, purchase credits from rivals, sell more electric vehicles in future years or pay a fine of £15,000 per car.

All this is proceeding without a clear plan as to how these electric cars are going to be recharged each day, given that the grid is already under stress. Probably that is the plan, not to save the British society, but to sink it, so the New World Order can rebuild things, their way. And the UK is very much the globalist test case on transport, and be sure these policies will be dumped upon Australia.

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Booing Welcome to Country, Goes a Bit Too Far! By James Reed

I like Sam Newman, former Geelong AFL star, a great footballer in his time. Newman has always been controversial, which goes with his media persona. The latest is that he suggested booing Welcome to Country ceremonies. Now I hate these cultural versions of the Great Replacement as much as the next dissent Righter, but the booing is going to be inflammatory, and is likely to set the other side off, and who knows where it could lead? As always, the best approach is a polite refusal to cooperate in the woke ritual. We, the dispossessed majority, now minority need to be like Mahatma Gandhi.

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The Pope: No European Migration Crisis By Peter West

As expected, the woke Pope has proclaimed that there is no European migration crisis. In fact, the Pope wants open borders migration for Europe, urging political leaders to open their ports to migrants. "May we let ourselves be moved by the stories of so many of our unfortunate brothers and sisters who have the right both to emigrate and not to emigrate, and not become closed in indifference," Francis said. "In the face of the terrible scourge of the exploitation of human beings, the solution is not to reject but to ensure, according to the possibilities of each, an ample number of legal and regular entrances."

The Pope has never interacted with the victims of migrant crime, and operates in a world view where the West has infinite resources to go around, and must be shared. But, as always, my challenge to him is to start this communist process with the Vatican billions, accumulated over the centuries, and once all that is gone, and he is living on the street, maybe we will listen to him:

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Monkey Deaths via Musk’s Neuralink; Humans Next? By Brian Simpson

I did not see this reported in the lamestream Australian media, but it is worth thinking about. Elon musk, despite lip service being made to the dangers of runaway artificial intelligence and the emerging technocratic dystopia, is part of the process. His Neuralink, aims to put chips inside the human brain, for interfacing, and to eventually result in a transhuman. But, as has been reported by the IT mag,, Neuralink has some explaining to do with its primate studies, where primates had their brain chips. As many as a dozen of Neuralink’s primate subjects had to be euthanized. Musk claims that the primates were close to death, but the sources dispute this. It seems the primates did die, or were injured from the brain implants. Yet, it is full speed ahead on this research aiming for human trials soon:

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I Expect You to be Woke, Ms Bond! By James Reed

We started to see woke come into the James Bond movies with Daniel Craig, but the latest Bond books are a whole new deal. A white Bond has been replaced by a Black, gay disabled 004. I mean, this is the world of secret agents and it makes no more sense to have a disabled field agent, that a disabled SAS operative. I Googled it but could find no such reference. Oh, and a Pakistani Muslim 009; well that could be useful in that part of the world, but surely such an agent would stand out anywhere else, maybe attract attention? But rationality has gone, and the Bond books are now to be woke all the way down the line.

Maybe so, but, go woke, go broke. I don’t know any Bond fans who will be reading this nonsense; certainly not Jeff Costello:

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Just What are They Putting in the Stuff? By Brian Simpson

I receive numerous emails from all the leading Covid vax critics, and usually address the most important ones in articles at the blog. I get one from a medical scientist who does research on the contents of the mRNA vaxxes, and is convinced that nano-particles and structures are in the vaxxes. I have not reported on this, because I have not found any scientist to verify it, which is not surprising given my personal limits, and the way scientists are either completely sold out, or keeping their heads down,

Nevertheless, American scientists Kevin McKernan and Phillip Buckhaults, found high levels of DNA contamination in the mRNA shots:

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Has Bill Gates Abandoned the Climate Change Doomsday Narrative? By James Reed

This is worth reporting on, since we have hammered Bill Gates at the blog, on almost everything. A article claims that Gates is backstepping from the climate change doomsday position he has championed for a number of years, including in his book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster (2021). In a recent talk he said "No temperate country is going to become uninhabitable." As well, Gates indicates a change of strategy: "If you try to do climate brute force, you will get people who say, 'I like climate but I don't want to bear that cost and reduce my standard of living." 

Does this show that the writing is on the wall for these climate elites, and Gates is jumping ship? That would be nice, but it seems that he is reworking his strategy, from the former, full-on attack, to something subtler. What he has said is still consistent with his other objective, never denied, of geoengineering the climate, and perhaps he and the climate elites will move down that way rather than the more brutal political path of banning meat etc. We will see. And, just because Gates said it at a meeting does not commit him to it. Many things are said; fewer things are true.

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US Air Force General Says War with China by 2025 By James Reed

US four-star general, Mike Minihan, early in 2023 sent a memo to his officers earlier in the year predicting that the US would be at war with communist China by 2025. At the time this prediction was derided in the press, mainly the Leftist press, which is most of it. The memo read in part: “My gut tells me we will fight in 2025. [Chinese President Xi Jinping] secured his third term and set his war council in October 2022. Taiwan’s presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a reason. United States’ presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a distracted America. Xi’s team, reason, and opportunity are all aligned for 2025,” But, General Minihan still held to his prediction, and is urging the US and its allies to get ready. War is coming, and it will turn most people’s worlds upside down.

Thus, with warnings from the communist enemy, we should start to prepare. With so many things, made in China, including medicines, even machine parts, it would be wise to start preparing now, or at least, think it through under the Minihan scenario.

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Toxic Feminism; Weapon of the Globalists By Mrs Vera West

The Russell Brand saga is of both political and philosophical significance. Brand, who is largely a Leftists, and very much into the culture of sex, drugs and rock and roll, has in recent times been a strong critic of the Covid vaxxes and mandates. He is one of the few Leftists to oppose Big Pharma, Dr Naomi Wolf being another notable figure, but she is deeply religious.

After the rape allegations were made, and these are so far allegations, no charges have been made, Brand was demonetarised by YouTube, and even came under attack by the British parliament, which was previously unheard of for mere allegations. What happened to the principle of innocent until proven guilty? The same thing is seen in the US with the lawfare attacks on President Trump, which even blind Freddy can see is just to prevent him running or destroy the campaign.

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National Farmers’ Federation Bringing Out Caroline van der Plas, Founder and Leader of the Farmer-Citizen Movement in the Netherlands By Bob Farmer

It is good to see that the National Farmers’ Federation is bringing to Australia, Caroline van der Plas, founder and leader of the Farmer-Citizen Movement in the Netherlands, to speak at the National Farmers’ Federation National Conference in Canberra on October 26-27. She organised mass protests for the Dutch farmers to oppose the insane cutbacks of Dutch farms due to a supposed need to reduce nitrogen, for the climate change hoax. The same policies are likely to be put in place in Australia in some shape or form, so we too, need to start preparing now for mass protests, as these policies get put in quick.

Farmers are under attack across the West from the globalist use of the climate change agenda, and it must be strongly opposed.

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UK Passes its On-Line Censorship Bill By Richard Miller (London)

The UK has passed its on-line censorship bill, the Online Safety Bill, which is set to rival the EU censorship legislation for the attack upon free speech. While the Bill looked like it would help in dealing with the protection of young internet users, it undertakes a massive over-stretch, forcing platforms to also restrict “misinformation,” which is broadly defined, and easily could include harmful content, but also legitimated political content, which will naturally be conservative thought. And, worse of all, privacy on-line seems to be gone, with user content and messages being scanned to seek out problematic content. Welcome to the police state.

The new Act will certainly be used as a weapon of political oppression, and this the way of the UK, today.

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Claim: White People Have No Culture! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The claim that white people have no culture is often made by radical Leftists of the multicult camp. Along with that, as detailed in one such case below, is the notion that what culture they have is stolen, say from Africans. But if whites have no culture, then it is inconsistent to then say that what culture they have is stolen. To be consistent, there must be some culture.

 We know, and the evidence is a good as anything in the world, that the modern world was largely created by whites. Sure, Asia is moving rapidly now, but would any of this have happened without the industrial revolution in England, first, and the earlier emergence of capitalism, which with the later scientific revolution produced modernity? I think not. A good book examining this is Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950 (2003)  by the political scientist Charles Murray.

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The Global Food Crisis By Chris Knight (Florida)

It is ironic that while the latest UN talkfest regarding Agenda 2030, and the Sustainable Development goals, which have the clearly stated objectives of eliminating world poverty, and hunger, and ensuring the health of all, were proclaimed before lavish meals, a global food crisis, caused by the same policies of the globalists, has led to hundreds of millions of people facing hunger.


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Josephine Cashman: A Voice Against the Voice and UN By James Reed

I have come across another interesting voice against the Voice referendum, lawyer Josephine Cashman, who has an excellent website clearly spelling out the UN involvement in the Voice and other activities in Australia, and who are the main players in this. While we have covered these bases at the blog, her website is, how should I put it, a level stronger than critics like yours truly. I give a quote that made me smile, in a grim kind of way, about the “parasitic entities.” This a website worth checking on.




Acclaimed Prosecutor, PM advisor, victim advocate 20yrs+ turned whistleblower: I UN-covered a plot to use indigenous rights as a device to asset-strip the west.

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Nations Fight Back Against the UN Draft Political Declaration By James Reed

Among all the things going down with the UN globalists ate present is the Draft Political Declaration relating to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development goals. This is detailed here:


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Ed Dowd and Dr Naomi Wolf on the Excess Mortality Crisis, and the Health Crisis of the Century By Richard Miller (London)

It takes some real bad news for former Leftist, Dr Naomi Wolf to get disorientated in an interview, but the news given by Ed Dowd, formerly a hedge fund manager at BlackRock, now founder of Phinance Technologies, did just that. Dowd’s research team found that adjusted cardiovascular excess deaths in the UK show a 13 percent increase above normal trend line in 2020, 30 percent in 2021 and forty-four percent in 2022. This explosion began after the Covid vax rollout began, and was not an observed trend before. Without going into the statistics, these events are too improbable to arise by chance. According to Dowd: “These signals are so large that there has to be a reason why. My thesis and your thesis is that it is the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines…and this is an enormous coverup. We are seeing signals like this across all different databases all the time.”

The problem goes across the West, as the report shows: “We also have this confirmed by the US disability data which in June shot up by a million. Why are we seeing a re-acceleration in disabilities? Up a million in one month. In July it came down a tad but shot back up in August. I am getting anxious about these trends accelerating.”

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Turbo-Charged Cancers By Brian Simpson

The Covid aftermath is on-going, since the mRNA vaxxes, not just for the new variants of Covid, but for other diseases, are still forthcoming. One of the adverse effects being seen now are aggressive, so-called “turbo-charged” cancers. Covid vax critics had previously reported on this, but now there is attention being devoted to the phenomenon by other mainstream medical researchers.


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Communist China Threatens to Nuke Japan! By James Reed

What can I say that I have not said before/ Communist China has threatened to nuke Japan if Japan aids Taiwan. This is from a CCP video: “We will use nuclear bombs first. We will use nuclear bombs continuously. We will do this until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time,” the video said.

“When we liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force – even if it only deploys one soldier, one plane or one ship – we will not only return fire but also wage full-scale war against Japan itself.”

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The Cost of the Voice will be Staggering By James Reed

Here is a tweet from Sarah Games MLC on the cost of the state South Australian voice, and the cost is …staggering … with just salaries being perhaps $ 11, 500, 000. That is just one aspect of administration in one state. No-one has given any figure of what the Voice will cost federally, for the country as a whole. If the treaty and reparations are added, it will be countless billions.


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