Anarcho-Tyranny USA Style By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Dissent Right thinker, the late Samuel Francis coined the term, “anarcho-tyranny,” to describe the situation he saw America and the West descending into. There would be social disintegration from below, at the local level with cities becoming cesspools of crime, gangs fighting it out with other gangs, massive drug problems, and mass migration of illegals, flooding and destroying communities. That is certainly occurring full speed in major cities across America and Europe, and it is a tossup whether the worse European cities, where, as in Sweden grenade warfare is common, is actually worse that what is seen in Chicago and Baltimore.

 But, along with this social disintegration the state itself doubles down, and becomes totalitarian,  selectively abandoning the rule of law. This is also observed in the US, with the January 6 protesters being dealt life sentences, but the 2020 Leftist/antifa protesters who burnt down property worth billions, getting mere slaps on the wrist. Worse, footage that Tucker Carlson showed indicated that federal agents led protesters into the Capitol building in a planned entrapment. And then we have New York prosecuting former president Trump on a change that was especially created to nail him, for a matter that the federal authorities had investigated, and dismissed. As well, we have the Biden administration declaring tht Trump supporters are fascists, and by implication, terrorists. They are hence white supremacists and the full power of the state must be used to destroy all of those millions. It is near Pol Pot stuff of communist madness.

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ChatGPT Use Goes Wrong in Court By Brian Simpson

This story shows the dangers in ChatGPT, for people mechanically relying on it. A New York lawyer prepared a case using ChatGPT, and it generated a brief that contained false cases and citations, pulled out of thin air! That lawyer trusted the computer. Fortunately, the court checked in the real world and found the errors, and the lawyer got a snack. The moral here is that there is a problem in how one knows that the ChatGPT output is actually reliable? How, and why, should one trust it? I don’t think one can given its present developments, so this is another reason to beware.

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Elon Musk Agrees, George Soros has Made the World a Gayer Place By James Reed

Here is an interesting post detailing how George Soros funded the campaign that put pressure upon corporations to go woke, especially on the trans agenda. What is of further interest is that Elon Musk saw the tweet, and replied in one word; “accurate”! But the big question is when will some billionaire start funding conservatives, the way Soros feeds the Left? Musk could do it if he wanted, he certainly has the loot.

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They Imprison (White) Heroes, Don’t They? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The saga of the arrest of ex-Marine Daniel Penny, white, who restrained a Black, Jordan Neely, who was threatening violence on a New York subway, has evolved into the George Floyd case of 2023. Neely died in police custody, and Penny is up on a murder change, presumably the neck restraint was yet another George Floyd moment, and even though he died with the police, Penny is charged with being responsible. I have yet to see exactly the causes of death, but be sure, just as the massive quantities of drugs in George Floyd did nothing, while the neck restraint did everything, Penny’s neck hold will be blamed. It seems in the modern anti-white racist state, ritual sacrifices must periodically be given to the gods of the Left. And white heroes, must, by definition, be put down. Best to have let Neely assault the subway passengers in this weird woke world.

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Censorship Australian Style By Mrs Vera West

Rebekah Barnett has been doing excellent investigative journalism about the Covid mandates and issues of social control. She details below how the Australian government secretly sought to censor Covid-related speech, that is criticism, that they did not approve of, and saw as damaging to their pro-vax Big Pharma-based agenda. “The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) surveilled Australians’ social media use, reporting 4,213 Covid-related social media posts to Big Tech platforms for removal or restriction up to 15 December 2022, documents obtained under Senator Antic’s FOI request show.” This does not surprise me in the slightest, given the strong-armed tactics the police used during suppression of the lockdown protests, while going soft on Left wing gatherings. While we may look at amazement at the tyranny we report of from Europe and the US, the same exists here, only it is less reported and the population here, much more apathetic and passive. After all, they returned the Western Australian and Victorian governments with stunning majorities, even after CCP-style lockdowns, that destroyed lives and small businesses.


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The Suffering of Modern Times By Chris Knight (Florida)

American Christian Thinker, Michael Snyder is very much a proponent of the idea that we are in end times, both civilisationally, and in theological terms. The physical manifestation of the coming end times, is the present collapse of everything. In his books and blogs, he has outlined this cultural, economic and physical collapse in great detail, and a sample is given below. Certainly, American cities have become crime-filled cesspools and it is getting worse, from Chicago to Baltimore. Gang gun fights fill the night air. There is infrastructure decline and rising homelessness, and tent cities. Streets are often littered with human faeces. The same points can be made about Europe, from the UK to Germany and Sweden. When I lived in Sydney and Melbourne, I saw places on the line to the US decline. Much of that is covered in blog pieces here. But joining the dots, I think Snyder has made a good case that it could very well be the case that Jesus may return. Even mentioning such a thing is liable to have one classified as a “religious nutter,” but the possibility should be contemplated. From my reading of the Bible, there is no reason to believe that this world and physical life is eternal, or even likely to last in the long term. It is not written that man, through technology, will become like God, and in fact, quite the opposite.

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Modernism, Leftism and Fascism By James Reed

Jeffrey Folks makes the case that modernism, the movement that began in the early 20th century, to break from the past and tradition, and embrace the new, is linked to fascism, communism; and other anti-democratic, authoritarian political systems. That is, of course, exactly the opposite of the mainstream Leftist narrative, which links modernism with the progressive good and human liberation. He is concerned with art in his argument, but that is instructive. Both modernists, such as say Dali, Picasso, Beckett and say John Cage in music, all sought to deconstruct the advanced Western civilisation which had been created by the 20th century. Postmodernist went even further, using relativism to undermine scientific rationality itself. And woke culture, which now has gone beyond even postmodernists such as Derrida and French “philosophers” goes even further still, with concrete reality, such as sexuality, no longer to be seen beyond the lenses of social construction. This irrationalism is parallel to movements such as Hitlerism, with the same rejection, and negation of fundamental categories. And, as well, this irrationalism seen clearly in the    fanaticism on a global scale with the Covid narrative, is tied very closely with corporate control, especially Big Pharma. And that is the essence of fascism, the fusion of state and corporations, as Mussolini held.

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The Myth of the All-Electric, Renewables Home By James Reed

The Greens and general climate change fanatics are dedicated to seeing an all-electric society, the electric coming entirely from renewables. The implausibility of this happening in a non-nuclear future, has been shown in many blog posts here. However, California, which prides itself in the pursuit of all things woke, and seeks to be at the forefront of the great environmental experiment, will be a test case, as the state has now mandated that all new homes built, beginning in 2030, must be all-electric. Goodbye natural gas ovens and heating. Other US states who are in the woke parade will follow suit.

The problem here is that this will inevitably fail. For a start, there is simply not enough electricity to do this, with electric resources already under stress in California, and this is before the demand increases exponentially. The facts and figures for those interested are detailed below. Worse of all, natural disasters, such as flood and fire, that occur regularly in California, let alone predicted earthquakes, could substantially damage the electric infrastructure, and without fossil fuel backups, which will presumably become illegal, people could face either freezing conditions in winter, or blistering heat in summer, with no energy relief. The aged and sick will suffer. Again, it is all another crazy Leftist environmentalist idea, leading us down the road to poverty and misery.

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The Left’s Will to Power By James Reed

Victor Davis Hanson continues his deconstruction of the modern Left, with his commentary on the real motivations of the Left. As we have covered in articles yesterday, the psychological evidence indicates that the Left are not motivated by  high morality, as they portray, but use woke causes in the will to power. Lower ground-feeders, such as academics, work in the system, and promote woke causes such as the trans agenda, as this is the big thing of the time. Thus, the politically correct standard now is to oppose second generation feminists, who were sure that the future was “female.” No, “female” is a socially constructed category, as seen in the sports debate. Just as races do not exist for specific purposes, but do for others, likewise now with gender, as an example, women can have penises. There is no consistent world view here but there does not have to be since, as Hanson argues in more detail, truth has been abandoned, in favour of whatever serves the Left’s interests.


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Men Have Lost the Battle of the Sexes … Now What? By Mrs Vera West


There are a number of articles from conservatives concluding that the so-called battle of the sexes has been won by women. Of course, feminists have proclaimed this for some time, an example being The End of Men and the Rise of Women by Hanna Rosin. For the feminist, this is but one step on the road to their utopia, which will only be complete when, I presume, men have been totally wiped out, socially at least.  After all, the rhetoric today is that we are still in a patriarchy, and that women are still oppressed. This line has been pushed with all seriousness even by female prime ministers and big capitalism leaders, so, it is propaganda, as these people having top positions, refute what they say, by their position.

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Rebel EU Members of Parliament Want National Dialogue on Covid Bioweapon By Richard Miller (London)

There are some signs of resistance. A group of EU members of Parliament are pushing for a national debate on all aspects of the Covid plandemic, including mRNA vax injuries. The group has been influenced by the 3rd International COVID Summit 2023, that concluded as many of us has, that the Covid plandemic was a product of a globalist cabal moving to establish technocratic transhuman control over human nature. Let us see where this goes, as the more opposition groups the better; more moving targets.

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Glued Up Climate Activists By James Reed

My favourite ex-academic, Eugyppius, although anonymous of course, gives his take on the self-gluing climate change maniacs. As a European, he focusses upon the crazies in Europe, especially Germany, such as Letzte Generation. He points out that while these young people are incoherent in philosophy, they are serving a purpose for the globalist agenda. As Eugyppius notes, they are funded by various globalists, as occurs in the UK. It is significant that these climate protests are tolerated by the authorities, with the police being very polite to them. In one protest, the UK police went out of their way to comfort the protesters who had glued themselves to the road, offering them water. But, only a little while ago, police were beating and pepper spraying Covid lockdown protesters. So, there is something immediately suspicious about it all. The climate activists are just the foot soldiers of the globalist organizations that use climate change as a means for global control, through fear and coercion, and force if necessary.

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Elites Warn of AI Dangers … While Working to Create Those Dangers! By Brian Simpson

I am finding one of these styles of reports almost every week now, as artificial intelligence gurus warn of the “existential” risks of AI, including the “risk of extinction.” This has been said so often now that I am, for one, numb to it. Now we have a group of leading experts,  including OpenAI boss Sam Altman, whose firm created ChatGPT, and the “Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton, who have put together a letter giving another warning: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war,” Elon Musk also said recently that there was a non-zero risk of a situation depicted in the Terminator movies happening, with controlling AI attempting to exterminate humanity.

Yet, while this all sounds noble, sounding their warning, most are working on some of the very tech that the doomsday scenarios depend upon. In my opinion, these guys are ultimately either insincere/ playacting, or deluded, but that goes with science in modernity. The endgame is still the same.

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Being a Leftist is a Mental Health Issue! By James Reed

Anyone who has much to do with Leftists, must have noticed that they seem to all be mentally unsound. That common observation is in fact backed by psychological research, as difficult as it must be to get it published given the stranglehold the Left now has on academia and its journals. But, a recent paper in the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology (abstract below) has uncovered that Leftism is linked to psychopathic tendencies and narcissism. That is extremely plausible, since authoritarian personalities, typically found in the Left, are narcissistic, which is needed to put their agendas into action. According to authors Ann Krispenz and Alex Bertrams, this Leftist narcissism, which they call the “dark-ego-vehicle principle,” is the real motivating force of Leftism: “According to this principle, individuals with dark personalities — such as high narcissistic and psychopathic traits — are attracted to certain forms of political and social activism which they can use as a vehicle to satisfy their own ego-focused needs instead of actually aiming at social justice and equality.” All the ranting about social justice and the like is just that, ranting. It is not serious, but is simply something of convenience to “provide them with opportunities for positive self-presentation and displays of moral superiority, to gain social status, to dominate others, and to engage in social conflicts and aggression to satisfy their need for thrill seeking.”

In short, Leftism is all about the will to power, today in the West, done by psychological manipulation, while in the past, it was done as old Mao said, down the barrel of a gun.

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Leftists are Not Progressives, but Degeneratives By James Reed

A good point has been made by Dissent Right social critic, Robert Spencer, that the description of the Left as “progressives,” is a mistaken use of terminology, and we should stop referring to them in that way. The term is value-laden, just like the term “gay,” which decades ago used to depict a general state of happiness, with nothing specific about sexuality. The term “progressive” is also value-laden, and has a positive implication, that by embracing Leftist ideology, one is making “progress,” and in this age, progress is good, right? But, it is this faith in the myth of inevitable progress, that lies behind much of the writings of Karl Marx, that there is a historical inevitability about capitalism failing, and the communist society arising, and this will be intrinsically good. But, history has shown that this has failed. The West, via cultural Marxism, is experimenting with this failed ideology once more, and disaster is happening, which will only intensify as the place falls apart, day by day, unless the Left are stopped.

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Senator Alex Antic on Fighting WHO's International Health Regulations By James Reed

Here is a reproduction of an email from Senator Alex Antic regarding opposing the WHO International Health Regulations, and pandemic treaty. Many of the journalists at the blog have shown that this is yet another globalist power grab, and a very serious one, that could lead to WHO directing governments in the next plandemic, academic. This is, given the CCP dominance of WHO, equivalent to being ruled by communist China, something a lot of people in Australia seem to want, since freedom is a burden; but most of us, would say No!! Compulsory vaccination could be on the agenda. There is a petition to sign, linked in the email.

“Earlier this year, I spoke about my concerns regarding the World Health Organisation proposed “Pandemic Treaty” and amendments to the International Health Regulations which are currently being negotiated. …

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Opposition Leader, Peter Dutton, Unloads on the Voice Referendum By James Reed

Peter Dutton has been making the excellent point that the onus is upon the Albo government to demonstrate how the Voice will actually improve the lives of Indigenous Australians, something that so far has not been done, and probably won’t be, I believe, since the whole thing is one more power grab, and a dangerous one at that. More importantly, since Indigenous Australians are only a small part of this country, the full details of what the Voice will involve are not being disclosed, and we all need to know this to make an intelligent vote at all.

 Albo says the role of the Voice will be purely advisory, but one does not need to change the constitution to do that, a simple Act of parliament is enough. So, the whole agenda is full of deception. The race discrimination commissioner, wants the debate to steer clear of the race question, as it may stir up “racism,” but the very Voice issue is grounded in race; a particular race of people will be given special rights that others do not have. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing, people will vote to decide, but it can hardly be reasonably denied that race is the core issue here.

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The End of the Nation State: Dr Robert Malone By James Reed

Dr Robert Malone has said that there is a herd of elephants in the room, and that what we think are autonomous nation states, in fact are not, and are already have been dissolved and put under the ultimate control of the globalist elite. Sure, day-to-day domestic issues are handled by the so-called elected government, but the real issues are decided by the Dark Lords of the New World Order. He illustrates this with the Covid plandemic, which brought it right out into the open. Across the West, with perhaps the only exception being to a limited degree, Sweden, governments engaged in psyops to force their slaves to take an experimental mRNA gene therapy, using lockdowns to soften them up, and dangling freedom in front of their noses, from the home detentions, with a dripping syringe in the other steel-gloved hand. As well the population was subjected to wearing mostly useless masks, a symbol of bondage, that have led to not only pollution in the environment, but microplastics in the lungs, of children too. "They lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them”: Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He could well be describing the election results of Victoria and Western Australia, which returned with stunning majorities the very governments that took away freedoms so badly that even American media was shocked. Vax us harder Big Brother!

Dr. Malone seems to think that the local elites are incapable of admitting that they got Covid wrong, but I think the story is a little different; they know full well that the vaxxes are potentially dangerous, but the governments had their orders from above, and obeyed. How else to explain the Australian Senate voting to not investigate the excess mortality issue? Something like this is the duty of a government, to get to the bottom of, and if it fails to do so, then something is rotten in the state of Denmark, or rather Australia: Hamlet, Act I, Scene 4.

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Prediction: Pension Age Will Ultimately be Set at 1,000 Years of Age, and Rising, Just to be Sure! By James Reed

Although the constitution prescribes pensions, the founding Fathers did not set out an age for getting it. Thus, to cut costs the trick now is to simply raise the age of getting the pension, which will be 67 years in July. However, studies allegedly show that to be “sustainable” the pension age will need to be raised to 70 years, but there is no fix decision yet when this will be done; sure, this is just testing the water. I suspect soon after the rise to 67 years, maybe a year, it will be up as a live issue. The libs will salivate at the idea.  Then, my guess is that given the Australian life expectancy is 83.94 years, they will want to reach that figure and beyond as soon as possible so that there are no pensions. No matter that money is wasted on mass migration, multicult madness and New World Order agenda; that is business as usual in what this place has become.

Thus, it will be, work until you die, only, there will be no jobs. Australia is truly now the unlucky country, as liberties have been allowed to be washed away. How about Aussies get some animal spirits and protest this pension scam as the French have, and are doing?

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US Congress Investigates WHO Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET) By Chris Knight (Florida)

While British conservative politicians are expressing concern about the World Health Organization pandemic treaty, the critical focus in the US Congress is upon the WHO Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET), and Congress is now investigating the significance of this. WHO advocates the use of “social listening surveillance systems” to identify “misinformation.”  It almost certainly has in mind controlling information relating to pandemics, as was seen during Covid, particularly criticisms of the vaccines.

It is well known that WHO has a cosy relationship with big Pharma; indeed, modern medicine is in many ways, just a branch of Big Pharma, not of overall health and fitness. The PRET document describes misinformation as a “health threat,” and refers to it as an “infodemic.” “Infodemic is the overabundance of information – accurate or not – which makes it difficult for individuals to adopt behaviors that will protect their health and the health of their families and communities. The infodemic can directly impact health, hamper the implementation of public health countermeasures and undermine trust and social cohesiveness.”

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