The Arrogance of the New Conquistadors by Paul Walker

Turkey’s leader Tayyip Erdogan has been snarling that Europeans “will not walk safely on the streets” if his ministers are not permitted to campaign in Europe to expand his powers. The exact words of his threat, which once would be taken as an act of war, were: 

“If you continue to behave like this, tomorrow in no part of the world, no European, no Westerner will be able to take steps on the street safely and peacefully.”

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Section 18 C: We have Not Seen Anything Yet by James Reed

The Australian has been busy, busy, busy, proclaiming that Mal Turnbull is on a “crusade for free speech.” The Australian, March 22, 2017, p. 1. Turnbull has proposed that section 18 C will retain the offences of  “intimidate,” but abolish “insult,” “humiliate” and “offend,” and have a raided bar standard of “harass.” The standard of the reasonable member of the Australian community would now be added.  What this means, in effect is that nothing much will change. The court will simply redefine their terms and it will be multicult business as usual keeping the dying Anglo-Australians under control.

I note that The Australian, March 22, 2017, p1, says that Senator Nick Xenophon was an “immediate barrier to the reform plan, signalling he could accept changes to how complaints are handled by the Australian Human Rights commission but would oppose the most sweeping alterations to the race-hate laws.” I am not surprised. Ask yourself why he is opposing these very lukewarm changes. Got the answer? South Australians need to toss this guy out of office when he next comes up for re-election.

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The Parable of the Skittles by Charles Taylor

During the election, Donald Trump Jr upset the libtard applecart by comparing Syrian refugees to a bowl of skittles (a lolly): if three in the bowl were poisoned clearly you wouldn’t take any if you had no way of finding the bad ones.

The Australian, March 23, 2017, p. 1, reports that over 500 Iraqi and Syrian refuges in the past year have been refused entry because their names were on an international security watch list, and at least 30 of them were on ASIO’s national security terrorism watch list, and an unnamed number of others having adverse national security profiles. All are capable of Lindt café style sieges and attacks like that seen in Paris in 2015. The illegal guns are coming into the country and the criminals and terrorists are well armed. Wasn’t banning guns for ordinary people a great idea, that is, if you want a population of ducks ready for duck season.

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Does John Howard “Cherish Western Civilisation”? by James Reed

The Australia, March 14, 2017, p1, had a masthead, “John Howard: why it’s time to cherish Western civilisation.” There was an article by him on page 12 praising the Ramsay Centre, which I suppose, is better than nothing.

But, the question in my mind is how can the likes of Howard be seen as supporters of Western civilisation? In my opinion,  their economic rationalism was undermining of the basic social capital of the institutions comprising Western civilisation. Howard did nothing to deal with section 18 C, or fight for free speech. He began a massive Asian migration program that began the displacement of elite jobs once held by European Australians, well documented in Dr Peter Wilkinson’s book, The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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Sometimes the Chattering Class are Just Plain Stupid by Mrs Vera West

Actress Scarlett Johansson did a sketch on Saturday Night Live, the show that pushes libtard trash: If you look at the coverage of this on the false news mainstream sites, you will see this satire portrayed as brilliant. It is nothing of the sort, and needs to be torn up. So, to start, here is Breitbart’s description.

“Johansson, who hosted the NBC comedy show for the fifth time Saturday night, is pictured in the sketch walking into a room filled with gold fixtures and where champagne is being served to party guests. Every man knows her name. Every woman knows her face,” a commercial voice-over plays over the ad. “When she walks into a room, all eyes are on her. She’s Ivanka. And a woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own. A scent made just for her. Because she’s beautiful. She’s powerful. She’s… Complicit,” the ad continues...

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Camille Paglia Rips the Heart Out of PC Feminism by Mrs Vera West

You have to love Camille Paglia, for being all so right at least 50 percent of the time. She is back in the headlines after her attack on transgenderism:, and her defence of masculinity and masculine virtues:, with her new book, Free Women Free Men; Sex, Gender, Feminism, (Pantheon, 2017).

For our purposes, what is useful is her attack on anti-male feminists. In particular, she says that men should have the same rights as women, and today they don’t:

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Hi. My Name is River and I have a Drinking Problem! by Uncle Len, Who is Not So Crazy After All

What! In an act of environmental political correctness, the New Zealand government has given personhood status to the Whanganui river, which the Maori regard as sacred: The river thus has the same rights as someone like Uncle Len, also thought to be a person. Actually, the river will have more rights than me, because as the eternally dispossessed Anglo, my only real right is to die.

Your guess is as good as mine where this will all lead, and probably your guess is better than mine, because I don’t know where it will lead, beyond there being even more madness down the track, until the world just can’t take any more and just blows up. No, that won’t happen. What will happen, projecting all of this onwards, is that the Western tradition will be dismantled. Too bad for anyone wanting to eat.

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Holy War and the Weapons Just Flow in by John Steel

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has warned that Europe is headed for “wars of religion”: I, for one, feel that such wars are already here.
Although there has been mention of this at this site, the claim needs to be read against the massive arsenal of weapons that was intercepted in Spain, including thousands of assault rifles, machine guns, grenades, howitzers and anti-aircraft guns: The weapons were intended for criminals and terrorists. Here is a photograph of what came into Europe on one particular day:
Clearly, the smuggling of this many arms into any country is an open declaration of war. It is plain to see, and we have been told. That is, if experience is not enough.

In November 2015, Islamic terrorists armed with assault rifles, in gun-controlled Paris killed 130 people. Imagine what will be done with even heavier firepower.
It is perhaps not surprising that the elites across the world are getting into survivalism big time, to the extent of purchasing underground doomsday bunkers:;
The rich can certainly see the writing (in blood) on the wall.

Why it is a Good Idea to be Friends with Russia by John Steele

The neo-conmen and “Dumocrats” have been itching for war with Russia, something that they hoped Hillary Clinton would have given them. It was never even a remotely sensible military option, since Russia has been developing new age weapons, such as a tidal weapon or nuclear drone, that can burrow into the sea floor, and be activated at some point, causing a massive tidal wave:

While the US under Obama has been concerned about transgenderism and bathrooms, the manly warrior Russians have been developing, well, manly weapons that are not politically correct. The Russians are moving into the Star Wars realm, with plasma and Tesla Haarp weapons, and probably much more. You don’t really want to fight these guys.
Thus, the idea recently put forward by Ann Coulter, to make Russia a sister country, a friend and not an enemy, makes a lot of sense: If Trump can do this, he may head off World War 4 and the end of human civilisation.

Integration/Multicult Nonsense by James Reed

In the Politics, Book V, Aristotle said: “Another cause of revolution is differences of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit. A state is not the growth of a day. Hence the reception of strangers, in colonies either at a time of their foundation or afterwards has generally produced revolution.”
Such wisdom has not been part of Australian politics, obsessed as it is, with globalism and manic growth capitalism since the beginning.

Whenever there is public concern about mass immigration and multiculturalism, the power elites roll out the old “they will integrate” mantra, as they have been doing since 1947, when all this really got going.

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Is Trump a Winner, or a Loser? by Charles Taylor

How badly did the chattering class wanted to get a copy of Trump’s tax returns during the election to show that he minimised taxes, just like the Clintons? Now it has happened and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed it all in a program. Unfortunately for the Left, it was revealed that Trump actually paid more, not less, tax than Obama, with Trump paying an effective tax rate of 24.5 percent and Obama, 19 percent:

Revealing a private citizen’s tax records, illegally obtained, is a federal offence. Trump could go after her, but he seems too weak to fight back against his enemies. I think that his continuous displays of weakness will over the months lead to the public deserting him in support. Rather than being a winner, as he says he always is, he is fast looking like a loser, that the Left can whip as they see fit, breaking the law with no fear of punishment from a president who has yet to prove himself. Would-be “gangsta” rappers can even threaten to make his wife into their prostitute, and he does nothing.

Fear the Lawyer Class by Ian Wilson LL.B

In the US a federal District Court judge has considered ordering President Trump to double the 50,000 refugee inflow to the United States: This was held even though each new immigrant is subsidized at about US $ 1,600 per year for decades.

As well, according to a Center for Immigration Studies report, by S. A. Camarota (et al.), Mapping Immigration’s Impact on Public Schools (March 2017), at, migration is absorbing US school resources and overcrowding classrooms, with a near-term meltdown of the school system, on the agenda.

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Social Construction on the Nose by Brian Simpson

Race, we are told, is a social construction, with no foundation in biology. We should see this as pc rubbish, since the same is now said about sex and gender. Surprisingly enough, it is not said about physical things such as alleged climatic change, which is oh so real and threatening for the Left. Surely, it too, must be a social construct, and therefore, not real, an illusion of society. Society is a god that for the radical Left magically creates the universe. Such a stupid philosophy for spoilt baby boomers.

Nevertheless, real science still struggles to produce research that shows the falseness of the Leftoid position. For example, a recent paper, A. Zaidi (et al.), “Investigating the Case of Human Nose Shape and Climate Adaptation,” PLoS Genetics, March 16, 2017, has confirmed the “Thomson Nose rule” (,  that people in cold climates, such as northern Europe have longer tighter noses to humidify and warm air, while this is not needed in Africa, hence wider nostrils to cool air. Although this feature has been said to be purely random, due to genetic drift, these researchers refuted this claim by showing that the statistical variation could not be accounted for by chance alone.
Socially construct that!

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Letter to The Editor

To The Australian
Liberal senator James Paterson describes ‘Holocaust deniers’ as ‘serious wrongdoers’ who should not be able to ‘avoid liability’ under a reformed section 18C (‘Reform 18C now or risk losing it’, 17/3). I wonder why this defender of free speech is unwilling to extend it to dissident historians, irrespective of how right or wrong they may be. Indeed, I wonder why he does not use the truer term ‘Holocaust revisionists’ and on what grounds he declares them to be wrongdoers.

An inadequately discussed aspect of the current free speech controversy is the position under present or reformed legislation of revisionist historians. The principle of free speech demands that no particular religious, political, historical or scientific view be peculiarly privileged as a result of special pleading.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

Letter to The Editor

To The Age
Your latest report on the struggle for the return to Australians of unequivocally free speech on race (‘Senate to kill changes in race hate law’, 21/3) seems to indicate that the necessary significant reform of the Racial Discrimination Act will be largely or wholly stymied not by principled argument but by the desire of a majority of MPs to avoid ‘alienating ethnic communities’ - that is, to achieve electoral advantage.

There is an old saying: ‘Unhappy is the land that has no heroes.’ It seems that here, as in overseas nations such as Germany, France and Canada, honourable dissidents on controversies involving race are likely to be publicly pilloried, with their self-sacrifice needed to awaken the whole community eventually to the vital need of free speech to maintain political freedom for all.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic

The Corporates Command: There Shall be Gay Marriage because it is Good for Business by Mrs Vera West

If this one does not make one angry, and for a nanosecond think that maybe Karl Marx was right (relax, just joking), what would? Here is the headline: “Sparks Fly as Chiefs Tell PM ‘Marriage Equality Good for Business, So Do It,” The Australian, March 16, 2017, p. 1.
Big business thinks that marriage equality will be good for business producing a stronger economy.

As far as I am aware, there is no independent scientific evidence of this. It is certainly not true for countries such as China, and much of South East Asia, but political correctness has long come to be the ruling religion of our power elites, uniting them with the Left. Coopers Brewery faced a boycott of its products before capitulating and joining Marriage Equality Australia: The Australian, March 16, 2017, p. 6. Corporate bullying is the way things are  done here now:

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A Failure of Nationalist Populism? From the Dutch Election to Wars of Religion by Paul Walker

It was not as good as we had dared to hope; it was not as bad as we feared. Such was the Dutch election, which the mainstream globalist-mad media have been claiming as a victory for globalism. However, Geert Wilders, the frosted-haired anti-immigration champion should have been more cautious, not playing into the Establishment hands by predicting that his party would win government.

There is a major problem of democracy which has been well discussed in the literature; an example is Alain de Benoist The Problem of Democracy, (Arktos, 2011). Democracy to work effectively requires a strong communitarian spirit and a homogeneous society, which has ceased to exist. This is not only through immigration – well seen in the Dutch elections with the voting in Mosques – but also with the division in all Western societies between a globalist elite, and their Leftoid servants, and a minority of Traditional people. It is fast reaching a point where there cannot be functioning democracies because of this radical polarisation, and civil war, the Yugoslavianisation of the West, becomes the measure of the day:

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Shutting Down Free Speech on the Campuses by John Steele

Those criticising elements of the tyrannical political correct regime on university campuses, if not silenced by race-hate laws, are usually viciously attacked by rabid Leftoids. This has been going on since the 1960s, with Jensen and the IQ debate, and seen most recently with the attacks on race theorist Charles Murray at Vermont’s Middlebury College, where masked Leftoids put one of Murray’s associates in hospital with a neck injury.

Now I realize that the standing philosophy of we Christians is turning the other cheek and loving your enemies. I suggest that it may be in the interests of survival for those Christians moving into the public battlefield to conduct rigorous bodybuilding, especially neck exercises so that one will be better able to turn one’s cheek and take brutal neck wrenching. Here is one good site: Physical strength is important to enable a pacifist to endure humiliation and beatings and still reach the moral high ground with a pulse.

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Sexual Confusion in a Time of Civil War by Peter West

Sweden – a nation plunging from one crisis to the next. Apart from the ongoing societal breakdown produced by out-of-control immigration, it is now reported that the number of children wanting to become the opposite sex is doubling each year:

In 2016, there were 197 young people and children as young as six years, wanting to become the opposite sex, which is 100 percent increase over the last few years. The elites say that this indicates a greater openness in Swedish society, but surely, Sweden is so open that its guts are now falling out! See:;
Healthcare resources are already at crisis point in Sweden because of refugees alone. The elite, in wanting to do musical chairs with gender, will push resources right over the cliff. There will not be enough doctors to perform emergency war surgery:

Jihad in the Classroom by Peter West

I am glad that I am old and soon not to be, so that I will not have to face the future that is fast coming towards us.
In schools in Sydney’s southwest, students as young as Year 5 are making threats to peer students to get them to read the Koran. Staff have been bullied by Islamic students and these staff are receiving counselling.

One female teacher received death threats to her family from her Year 5 and 6 students, students about 10 or 11 years of age. They also threatened to behead her: She had previously been physically abused by Islamic students, who pushed her into a corner and marched around her chanting the Koran: Well, they don’t call the place “Punchbowl” for nothing.

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