Dr Tuomas Malinen: The European Crisis Worsens By Richard Miller (London)

Here is a good update on the European economic crisis drawing upon the thoughts of economist Dr Tuomas Malinen, who sees the situation as much grimmer than his colleagues are reporting. Steel mills and other industries are shutting down because of the energy crisis, which is predicted to get worse. And, there is a banking crisis, generated by heavy, and dangerous leverage. Many industries are on the verge of collapse. “I am telling you people that the situation in #Europe is much worse than many understand,” Malinen tweeted in a four-part thread.

“We are essentially on the brink of another banking crisis, a collapse of our industrial base and households, and thus on the brink of the collapse of our economies.”

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The Dark Fate of Electric Car Batteries: Greenie Graveyards By James Reed

I have covered the issue of the problem of batteries in electric cars. The Epoche Times has done a fantastic job detailing the utterly frightening things that can go wrong. I did not know that it was so difficult to put out lithium fires that are somehow self-sustaining. Even if this is a rare event, there will still be an alarming number of dangerous fire events occurring in the hypothetical electric car future. Give me fossil fuels any day. Oh … what about the batteries after they have died?


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The Descent into Anarchy By Charles Taylor (Florida)

We have covered numerous incidents where federal law agencies, the FBI in particular have acted contrary to the rule of law. More details of bad doings follow below to bring people up to speed. But, what is the significance of this? “We are spiralling to anarchy, and we have to take the politics out of the positions by people of power within our legislative and executive branch,” attorney Sandra Spurgeon, told The Epoch Times. She and others see the breakdown of public confidence in those charged to uphold the rule of law as eroding the civil foundations of US society. That is not hard to comprehend, when false President Joe Biden has defined Trump voters, around half of America as fascists who must be dealt with. Given what the US does to other countries, it is not at all surprising, and tells of the tyranny to come.


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Lights Out for Europe, as a New Dark Age Descends By Richard Miller (London)

The Ukraine War, with Russian energy restrictions, soon to be cessation, is producing devastating effects here in Europe, with industry being the first to be hard hit. It will have kick on effects upon the production of everything, including food and medicine. But the real threat to families will be the coming dark, freezing winter, predicted to be one of the coldest for some time. Surviving such cold, which people in Australia never experience, will be impossible without fuel. Forests are being cut down. This is all a product of the insane environmentalist idea of moving away from local fossil fuels, as if Russian one’s are somehow cleaner. We are set to learn a hard lesson in reality, the only real ecology.


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FBI Smothers Mike Lindell’s Phone in Their Brand of “Pillow”! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This news item is a bit late to mention, but is still relevant. Thing is, although Mike Lindell, Trump supporter, had his phone taken by the FBI, we have heard nothing. Lindell has not been arrested. Nor, does he seem to have had his phone returned. Sure is police state stuff!


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Dr Robert Malone: Neither Safe, Nor Effective By Brian Simpson

Dr Robert Malone has given this update on the harms of the Covid vaxxes. As this is an over-view of research it would be laborious to summarise everything, but for the time-pressed, the take-home message is that the academic literature is beginning to publish material outlining that many of the fear that the internet Covid critics wrote about early in the plandemic, now are being seen to be coming true. We await to see if the full depopulation thesis is confirmed. We definitely will know, and the world will convulse on its axis.


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FBI as a Rogue Organisation By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There have been numerous articles detailing how the FBI is engaging in essentially state “terrorism” against Trumpers and conservatives. Yet, this tyranny is not a recent thing. For example, the FBI was involved in putting Igor Danchenko, an alleged spy for the Russian government, on the payroll as a “national security” cover. The idea was to produce disinformation to frame President Trump for colluding with Russia. If there ever was a reason for closing down the FBI, this is it.


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Charging Electric Cars at Night May Crash the Grid By James Reed

This is but another problem with the fanatic Green/environmental drive to have electric cars to somehow deal with the white guilt of living in an affluent society. Electric cars are said to be the answer to personal transport in the climate change world. The only problem is that such cars, plugged in overnight, would collapse the grid. And, that is not “sustainable,” at all. Thus, electric cars are but a feel-good response, to a non-problem, and we will find that out the hard way, allowing so much power to the Left and Greens.


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mRNA Covid Vax in Breast Milk By Mrs Vera West

We have been following the latest material on mRNA spike proteins in breast milk. But, is this a problem? Wouldn’t the vax establishment be over-joyed given that these true-believers see the Covid vaxxes as the best things since sliced bread? But, these are the same vaccine fanatics who denied that the mRNA spike proteins migrated away from the deltoid injection site. And, as Dr Naomi Wolf has put the case that the initial trials did show a danger to pregnant women. So, who know where this one will go.


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mRNA is Forever By Chris Knight (Florida)

We should be alarmed. Not only is evidence of the harms of the mRNA vaxxes appearing in the academic literature, but this is being ignored by the establishment. Instead, the mRNA platform is going to become the template for future vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, all being fast tracked without the decades plus testing and studies to ensure safety. Hence, I cannot see anything else for an objectively rational person to be, other than sceptical of all future vaccines as a methodological principle. You will have to shoot me dead to vax my cold body!


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mRNA Spike Protein Alters DNA Within Six Hours! By Brian Simpson

We covered the first news of the mRNA spike proteins being detected in organs, far away from the deltoid injection site, such as the ovaries, and even passing into breast milk. Now, months down the track we know that the mRNA vaxxes can alter your DNA. The latest is that his can be done in under six hours! That else will be next?


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Who Dunnit? Nord Stream Attack By Richard Miller (London)

There is an interesting divide over who did the job on the Nord stream. One YouTuber, who is pretty much a critic of the system on a lot of things, is firmly of the belief that the Ruskies did it. The comments section under the vid got heaps of negatives. He got a bit hot under the collar and said that the same people who think that 9/11 was an inside job are saying the same now. And, you know something – on this he is right. It does smack of a US Deep State job, as the Ruskies would only need to turn off the tap, not waste the explosives. And, why would they want to hide anything, since they are threatening nuclear war anyway? The Us said previously that they did not want the pipeline, and what tyrants don’t want, tyrants blow up. It will give the Ruskies the perfect excuse to cyber-attack the US, or destroy internet cables and satellites, so WWIII can get fully kinetic. Do the eschatological neo cons really think that they are going to heaven after wiping out civilisation?


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Putin: to Nuke or Face Political Oblivion: That is the Question By James Reed

Let’s get today’s blog off to a bang. Maybe a nuclear one that could lead to billions of dead, according to some views, but dare I say, contrarians like me, think, perhaps not. Anyway, if it happens we will know. Well, maybe not. In an On the Beach scenario, we in Oz may not know what happened in the hot seat of the northern hemisphere. In any case, as Brandon Weichert argues, Putin may not have any option left to save his regime but being the ultimate strongman and pressing that little red button. We will see.


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The Great Climate Crisis Lie By James Reed

Norman Rogers gives a great exposition of the climate lie.
what is interesting is that he has come from an environmentalist background, and lost faith. These personal stories remind me of the tales of people getting out of cults; it could be that environmentalism is the most dangerous of cults of all time.


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They All Fall Down: Turn Head, then Collapse By James Reed

I saw this video on Infowars.com, of people turning their heads, looking behind themselves, anxiously, then collapsing. Is it fake, or is there something new to worry about, “Mad Turn Around Disease”? Or, is the vax continuing its black magic sorcery?


Beijingo Joe Biden’s Sixth Sense By Chris Knight

In the Bruce Willis movie The Sixth Sense, the little kid says to Bruce: "I see dead people." It seems that old Joe Bejingo Biden may think he sees dead people to. No, that is not quite right. He looks for dead people, but cannot see them. For example, old Joe went off script, and wanted to recognize Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana. He asked if she was in the audience. Problem … she died on August 3, 2022, and Biden had known about this, having made a comment previously. So, no, he forgot, as senile folk often do. Fortunately, all presidential decisions are made for him, so we are in Deep State hands, and deep trouble.


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Vaxxed, then Drops Dead …But Everyone Told to Keep Quiet By Dr Abigail Knight (Florida)

As the title says, a poor woman got the Covid vax at a pharmacy, then she drops dead, minutes later. Everyone is keeping quiet about it. Things like this are becoming common, but one did not hear about such things before the vax.


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Pooh to Peer Review - Again By Professor X

Peer review is the thing in academia; publishing outside of the network of self-supporting dog-sniffing academics does not yield the needed points to stay in the sheltered work sop, sorry, shop, of the universities. So, the manure is poured out, and it is not even the sort of material to make the garden grow. More likely it will kill it off, with its internal corruption.


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Ben Bartee on the Green Police By James Reed

Journalist Ben Bartee covers the issue of the emergence of the police state in the West. The main difference now, compared to the USSR, is that ideologies such as environmentalism are used as the cover, whereas in the past, it just open power. Under the Biden administration we have seen the FBI, for example, being rolled out as a secret police force, targeting conservatives. It is likely to be coming to other countries as well, as the Covid plandemic was a trial run for this.


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Genetically Modified Mossies as Flying Syringes By Mrs Vera West

Here is a solution to a problem that must have kept Bill Gates awake at night, if such a computer-based cyborg needs sleep, maybe down time. Now it seems, genetically modified mosquitoes can vaccinate humans. This was done using a vaccine against malaria. That done, I suppose the next plandemic will involve sending out the little blitters to pump mRNA into everyone. Best buy up mossie nets and insect repellent!


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