If You Get Hit by a Car and Die, You May Be Recorded as a COVID-19

Original Article: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/april/08/if-you-get-hit-by-a-car-and-die-you-may-be-recorded-as-a-covid-19-death/

The Pandemic Panic and Immigration Propaganda By Chris Knight

    Just like the move to keep up gun banning, during these crazy times, the immigration lobby here in the US have not stopped, and are using the coronavirus crisis as a tool for their immigration agenda. The arguments are comic, if the issue was not so deadly:

“Pro-migration advocates say the nation will lose up to 200,000 crucial workers in the coronavirus fight if President Donald Trump does not reverse his opposition to the 2012 Deferred Amnesty for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty given to roughly 750,000 younger illegals. But the dramatic claim is undermined by rival studies that show few DACA migrants work in the healthcare sector and that many more American healthcare professionals can be pulled off the sidelines to help suppress the dangerous epidemic. “DACA recipients simply do not comprise large a share of workers, and that is certainly true in a huge sector of the economy like health care,” says an April 7 study by the Center for Immigration Studies. “The best augment for legalizing DACA recipients is that they came [to the United States] at young ages, not that they play a big role in fighting the epidemic,” author Steve Camarota wrote to Breitbart News. U.S. healthcare employers are disregarding many sidelined American professionals and qualified legal immigrants who can be mobilized in an emergency, according to an April 2020 report by a pro-migration group, the Migration Policy Institute:

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Do You Want Super Powers Too? The New Biophysics and the Quantum Rabbit Hole By Brian Simpson

     I have been given a photocopy of chapter 3 of a new book, Regenerate: Unlocking Your Bodies Radical Resilience through the New Biology, by Sayer Ji:

“Modern medicine and human health are at a critical crossroads, and the truth is that you and not your genes are in the driver's seat. You are the one who gets to make informed decisions on how you use and nourish the evolutionary miracle that is your body. Combining analysis of cutting-edge scientific findings with our deepest ancestral wisdom and health-promoting practices, Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, offers a time-tested program to help prevent and manage the most common health afflictions of our day-cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic syndrome. Antiquated thinking and scientific dogma have long obstructed our understanding of our innate untapped potential for self-regeneration and radical healing. But the New Biology explains why biological time is not a downward spiral and how chronic illness is not inevitable when you implement nature's resiliency tools.

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From the Coronavirus Back to the Climate Agenda By James Reed

    Yes, the new class are at it 24/7. You would have thought that the coronavirus freak-out would have scattered them, especially the climate change mob, but not a chance:

“Several climate alarmists, including celebrities, members of the media, and politicians, are using the deadly coronavirus pandemic to further their climate change agenda. A report by Steven Milloy released by the Heartland Institute on Tuesday, titled Never Waste A Crisis: Climate Alarmism Surfs Coronavirus, highlighted how certain activists are using the crisis to advance their agenda. Included in the report were 60 tweets from a “wide variety of climate alarmists” who have used the crisis to further their climate agenda. Milloy strategically ranked the tweets, giving certain honors to the “top ten,” which included comments from CBS News, Sky News’s Ed Conway, Democratic Socialists of America, Greta Thunberg, and Socialist Party USA. Ranked first in the report was a tweet from CBS Los Angeles, which claimed the coronavirus led to “lower levels of pollution around the world.” The outlet also reported that some have been “seeing dolphins” due to better clarity. “Here we are amid an actual and grave health and economic crisis… and all climate communists can think about is how to exploit global suffering to push their twisted climate hoax,” Milloy said in a statement. The report went on to include Ed Conway’s remarks on the coronavirus as it relates to climate change and concluded that Conway determined that the “coronavirus will kill climate skeptics.” Democracy for America was also highlighted in the report for its tweet promoting the Green New Deal, saying the United States can certainly afford the socialist-backed deal if it can afford a $2 trillion stimulus package for the American people. Similar to Democracy for America, the far-left Democratic Socialists of America was ranked fourth in the report for a tweet the group shared that promoted the Green New Deal amid the coronavirus pandemic. “The coronavirus pandemic makes what we’ve already known clear: we need a Green New Deal to stop climate change, provide desperately needed jobs, and halt future mass pandemics,” the group wrote on March 18.

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Brazil and Guns By John Steele

     Across the West, the power elites are moving to restrict gun ownership and purchase of ammunition, fearing that when things move to the social chaos level, if people had a means of self-defence, then they would not be slaughtered by the roaming ferals, the love children of the Left.

“San Francisco supervisors are weighing what they believe to be a “health threat” tied to the “panic buying” of guns and ammunition. A resolution–File No. 200349–before the supervisors begins: “Resolution urging county health officials from the six Bay Area counties, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara to evaluate the public health threat of panic buying weapons and to warn Americans of the danger of panic buying weapons.” A summary of the resolution states, “Urging County Health Officials to Assess Public Health Impacts from Panic Buying Weapons.” The text of the resolution is full of claims such as, “Multiple studies have concluded that where there are more guns, there are more gun deaths and more guns do not stop more crimes” and “More guns in homes during these precarious times compounds the risks of death and serious injury likely to further increase our hospital loads.” No links to the “multiple studies” or other means of substantiation of the claims are included in the body of resolution. Ironically, the resolution also suggests that the panic buying of guns and ammunition is “NRA induced.” Yet here again, they offer no substantiation of the claim.

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Gun Banners Capitalise on Coronavirus Freak-Out By Charles Taylor

     Aussies, you need to beware of what your corrupt political class are getting up to while attention is diverted to the coronaviral freak-out “panicdemic.” Pushing through gun control legislation is but one of their dark, evil tricks:

“While the majority of the country has been laser-focused on the coronavirus, stocking up on decades worth of toilet paper, and mass purchasing Clorox wipes, the United States House of Representative wrote a bill that will ban “assault weapons.” Representative Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, introduced H.R. 5717 on January 30, which would, among other items, ban the purchasing and possession of assault weapons, according to USA Today. Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., introduced in February the Senate version of the bill, S.3254.  Not long after, the coronavirus hype was all over mainstream media burying the news of this draconian legislation. The legislation introduced a variety of reforms with the intent to “end the epidemic of gun violence and build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws and supporting gun violence research, intervention, and prevention initiatives.” It would require state law enforcement authorities to be notified when a background check is denied and mandate the attorney general to issue an annual report to Congress detailing the number of background check denials. It would also necessitate all firearm owners to obtain a federal firearms owner’s license, although purchases made before the enactment of the bill are exempt. And the bill, as correctly stated by the Military Arms Channel, would make it illegal “to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.” –USA Today
The bill defines a semiautomatic assault weapon as any firearm with the capability to “accept a detachable magazine” and either a pistol grip, forward grip, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, threaded barrel or a folding, telescoping or detachable stock.

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Justice at Last for Cardinal Pell By Ian Wilson LL.B

     At last something else to make the news other than that blasted coronavirus, which is giving me the pips. Finally, the High Court of Australia has quashed Cardinal Pell’s previous conviction for allegedly sexually abusing two teenage choirboys. The High court did not engage in high theory, but went back to look at the evidence. Was it reasonable to suppose that the accused could abuse two boys, while he was fully robed, in a matter of minutes? No, it was held.

“The High Court’s 44-page unanimous judgment amounts to a primer for the judiciary, particularly in Victoria, on how criminal justice is supposed to work. That primer was needed: if an innocent man can be jailed without a proper basis in law, nobody is safe. The pain for Victoria does not end there. Pell’s tormentors in the media will need to re-examine the way they engaged in years of character assassination that has left them looking foolish. The state government cannot escape the fallout. Victoria should join NSW by allowing high-profile criminal matters to be heard by a judge alone — without the assistance of a potentially biased jury. The worst aspect of this case is that Victorian legislation meant the Pell jury was denied the full story about the man who claimed to have been assaulted by the cardinal. Relevant evidence about the complainant was kept from the jury by virtue of legislation that was put in place with the clear intention of protecting those who claim to be victims of sexual assault. The Pell jury was never told that the complainant had a history of psychological problems that required treatment. Nor were they told that Pell’s legal team was rebuffed in court — in the absence of the jury — when they attempted to gain access to records showing the extent of this man’s psychological problems.

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More on 5 G and the Coronavirus By Brian Simpson

     I have been looking into material linking the coronavirus and 5 G technology, because, well I am a technophobe and Luddite. How about this one for a connection?

“Is 5G to partially blame for coronavirus deaths? Can 5G cause the blood that’s circulating in your body to be unable to carry oxygen? What’s especially horrifying about the critical care of coronavirus patients is that they aren’t suffering from “viral pneumonia,” but rather from an inability to absorb or carry oxygen in the blood. This has been confirmed by NYC ICU emergency physician Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who has released several videos detailing how coronavirus is not a kind of viral pneumonia. “We’re treating the wrong disease,” he says. And the ventilators are damaging the lungs of patients. He explains: COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen. What this emergency room physician makes clear is that coronavirus patients are dying from oxygen deprivation, not a classic scenario of viral pneumonia. The patients’ lungs work fine, in other words, and the ventilators are actually damaging their lungs by forcing excessive pressure into them.”

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Now Why Would Old George’s Funded Group Want to Do That? By Chris Knight

     There is no doubt about it, the globalists are romping ahead with their agenda. Tell me why anyone concerned about preserving social order would want to empty prisons, a pet thing of the Left, who want the coloured prison class to turn on the capitalists, and the normies, hence bringing the glorious Marxist revolution, and power of life and death, supposedly  to them:

“The Brennan Center for Justice, which is heavily financed by George Soros, has submitted a letter to the governors of all fifty states urging them to use executive action to “release as many people as possible from incarceration” due to coronavirus fears “provided they do not pose serious public safety threats.” The letter cited concern that the U.S. prison population could face greater risk of illness and death than the general public due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. nnan Center for Justice, located at NYU School of Law, is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants. While the Brennan Center’s recommendations for clemency and sentence reduction are expansive, the progressive group is not alone in advocating for such reprieve. Advocates, criminal attorneys and family members of those incarcerated have urged the harder hit states to release older prisoners and those who at higher risk for coronavirus complications due to underlying health conditions. California already began fast tracking the release of about 3,500 inmates serving sentences for nonviolent crimes and who are also due to be paroled within 60 days. The New York Post reported that thousands of state and federal inmates are using coronavirus fears to push for early release, with their attorneys citing underlying health conditions. “Everyone from killers, drug traffickers and gang members to mobsters, fraudsters and accused rapists are making a bid to get out of the clink,” the New York Post reported. U.S. Attorney General William Barr expedited a directive to release certain inmates to home confinement if they are at high risk for coronavirus, with focus on federal inmates in Connecticut, Louisiana and Ohio. Eligibility under Barr’s directive would be determined by age, vulnerability to coronavirus, prison conduct, whether they have a re-entry plan and whether the inmates would be a danger to their communities.

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Climate Change and the Evolution of Birds By James Reed

     Here is yet another reason why I believe that climate change, even if it was occurring, is nothing to worry about; it is helping birds evolve in intelligence, and that just has to be a good thing, because from my experience, given the way birds poop on everything and everybody, they sorely need more birdy IQ points:

“Climate change is forcing birds to find new and 'extraordinary' ways to survive including using bread to bait fish and dropping mussels on rocks to break the shell. Researchers from McGill University, Montreal studied data on more than 8,600 bird species to look at changes in their feeding and hunting techniques over time. They found that the changing climate has caused some notable alterations including evidence of birds using boats and even trains as a hunting platform. Birds have also been seen opening packets of sugar on cafe terraces in their bid to counter the loss of habitat from global warming and human urban development. First author, Dr Simon Ducatez, an evolutionary biologist, said species that learn tricks to cope with challenging circumstances are less vulnerable to extinction. 'We long suspected this relationship between innovation and survival must exist, but now we have been able to verify it quantitatively. 'We have also been able to verify the greater the number of innovations described for a species, the greater the probability its populations are stable or increasing.' Ducatez and his team analysed data on over 8,600 bird species - including more than 3,800 novel feeding techniques spanning nearly 60 years. The observations from bird watchers in the UK show significant changes in the behaviour of some of the more successful bird species. One strand of observations revealed that 'great egrets have been seen using a piece of bread or insects as fishing bait,' Ducatez said. 'This is a fascinating behaviour also occasionally observed in other herons and some gulls,' the expert in biology discovered from studying the observations. It is believed they got the idea by watching anglers do similar things by chucking bread into the water, or using maggots or worms on their their hooks to tempt fish. 'A peregrine falcon even used a train to attack birds as they were flushed by its passage through the forest,' said Ducatez. 'Another was observed using fishing vessels as platform for hunting petrels at sea, a food source otherwise unavailable.' The peregrine falcon is the world's fastest animal, capable of dive bombing at more than 200mph. Dr Ducatez said: 'Great cormorants have been watched timing their fishing strategy with the movement of commercial ferries at a wharf. 'They use the strong currents generated by the propellers to catch confused fish.' All these examples were captured around Britain, but the phenomenon of altered avian activity stretches to every country.”

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The “Obsolete Scum of White Australia” By Peter Bennett

     It is good to know what the multicult lobby thinks of us:

“Embattled NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane has warned “the obsolete scum of white Australia” has re-emerged, attacked Australia’s “mainstream media” as anti-Chinese and praised Beijing’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis in a February essay that mirrors Chinese state propaganda. The revelation of Mr Moselmane’s February 5 opinion piece for the East China Normal University comes with the upper house MP already facing intense criticism - including from his own party- for separate comments he made praising Chinese President Xi Jinping. In his February opinion piece, Mr Moselmane endorses the much-maligned praise by the World Health Organisation of “measures adopted by China... to stop the virus from spreading”. “At the same time, the Australian government was hesitant, lacked direction, and responded slowly and confusingly," he wrote. But in his February piece, Mr Moselmane savages Australia’s “mainstream media” for having “publicly played racist cards, offending and insulting many Australian citizens, especially Chinese residents” in actions that “further deepened the already great suffering of the victim”. “Today, the obsolete scum of 'white Australia' is once again flooding, and the theory of yellow fever has once again surfaced,” he wrote.

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Our Noble Friend, China By Peter Ewer

     What did Chinese companies in Australia do in the leadup to the coronavirus outbreak? Why, they bought up all our preventative medical supplies, such as masks!

“A report by the Australian edition of 60 Minutes on Sunday quoted an anonymous employee of a Chinese-owned property management company called Greenland who said the company bought up “tonnes of gloves, masks, gowns, sanitizer, and other vital medical supplies” and sent them to China in January and February. Other Chinese-owned companies in Australia, and around the world, reportedly encouraged staffers to stockpile as much medical equipment as they could so the firms could ship the materials to China in the last days before the pandemic spread across the world.”

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Climate Change and the Coronavirus By James Reed

     Is there a link between the climate change agenda, and the coronavirus pandemic social controls? Here below an article gives one hint, with the globalist World Economic Forum claiming that there will be a flow-on effect from the social control measures that the public will be trained to put up with, translating into climate change action:

“While we are reeling in the shock of what is happening around us and coming to terms with our new reality, we could seize this moment as a unique window of opportunity to re-build our society and economy as we want it. With scientists warning we have 10 years left to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, this could offer an opportunity to fix the climate crisis before it's too late. A number of shifts brought on by the COVID-19 emergency lay the groundwork for the transformation required. Here are five actions we should take. We have known about the risk of a global pandemic for years: just see Bill Gates declare during a 2015 Ted Talk that “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it is most likely to be a highly infectious virus… We should be concerned. But in fact we can build a really good response system.” Yet it took an unfolding disaster to prompt governments, businesses and individuals to act at the scale required. Climate change similarly poses a major threat to human lives and urgently requires a comprehensive response. A study published in the medical journal the Lancet predicts 500,000 adult deaths caused by climate change by 2050. If the pandemic teaches us to acknowledge our vulnerability to high-impact shocks such as pandemics and climate-related disasters, we will be infinitely better placed to prepare for them.

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Remember, We are All In This Together!

Cartoon by my STOP THE PRESSES associate and colleague, Ron Avery of Sequin, Texas....

The Death of Pentti Linkola By Brian Simpson

     The Right-wing environmentalist Pentti Linkola of Finland died on April 54, 2020. He expounded many things which we as a conservative Christian movement would disagree with, but what is interesting is that like his US counterpart, the late Garrett Hardin, he was strongly anti-immigration and anti-globalism. Unlike our Greenies, or most of them, he practiced what he preached, and worked tirelessly to save local forests which cannot be all bad, as this gives home to cuddly creatures, like grizzly bears, and nice doggies like European timber wolves. What is interesting about him is that he escaped the intellectual death sentence usually delivered to those who say what he said. Maybe even quoting things he said would be illegal here in Australia; I don’t know. In any case, the sheer guts and daring of the man probably made him the national treasure to otherwise pelvically politically correct Finland.  In Australia, a similar thinker would simply be destroyed by our thug class of self-righteous new class chatterers.

“It is not very difficult to understand why the Dissident Right appreciated Linkola. He criticized modernization, humanism, and globalism in a way that was charming even in its most extreme and provocative forms. Like many luminous figures of all eras, Linkola was a son of an impoverished upper-class family, and his hatred towards the vulgarity of the modern age stemmed from his family background. He was no politician and had no mass movement behind him, so he was immune to all forms of political correctness. Unlike most other thinkers of the Green Movement, he always recognized the ecologically and culturally disastrous effects of mass immigration. He said to the author Eero Alén: ”Helsinki has become a Negro city. Everywhere you go, you see Negroes. That kind of Helsinki is no true Helsinki for me.” Linkola did not consider the nation a value as such, but his thinking did have some nationalist elements. In his book Unelmat paremmasta maailmasta (Dreams of a Better World, 1971) he wrote:

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The Virtual End of Globalisation! Ha! Ha! Told You So, New Class Elites! By James Reed

     Greg Sheridan, who by his photo appears to have eternal youth, has lost faith in globalisation, previously losing faith in multiculturalism.  Well, the disease critique of globalism was made by various writers over the past 20 years or more (Garrett Hardin etc., The Social Contract guys etc.), so the arguments have been out there for a long time, and until now, ignored by the chattering class. Anyway, welcome aboard Greg, to the good ship, nationalism. I hope you don’t mind my smell, I don’t wash too much being dirt poor from globalisation, but we are now all in the life boats together, so let’s cuddle up against the coming winter chill of converging catastrophes, detailed by the late Guillaume Faye (1949-2019) in his book, Convergence of Catastrophes:

“The thesis of this book is a terrifying one: our present global civilisation will collapse within twenty years, and it is too late to stop it. We shall regress to a 'New Middle Ages' akin to the fall of the Roman Empire, only much more destructive. For the first time in the whole of human history, certain 'dramatic lines', giant crises and catastrophes of immense proportions - already tangible - have emerged. They are converging and will most likely reach their zenith by 2020. Up to that time, as we have already been witnessing, their effects will continue to get worse, until a breaking point is reached. Guillaume Faye rigorously examines these escalating crises one by one: environmental damage and climate change; the breakdown of a speculative and debt-ridden globalist economy; the return of global epidemics; the depletion of fossil fuels and of agricultural and fishing resources; the rise of mass immigration, terrorism and nuclear proliferation; the worsening of the rupture between Islam and the West; and the dramatic explosion of a population of the elderly in the wealthy countries - all of it leading to an unprecedented worldwide economic recession, an increase in localised and possibly large-scale armed conflicts...and perhaps worse. Still, Faye reminds us, we should not give in to pessimism: what we are experiencing is not an apocalypse, but a metamorphosis of humanity. We might have reached the end of what the Hindu traditions refer to as the Kali Yuga, the 'age of iron' marked by materialism and selfishness, but those who survive the catastrophe and chaos will perhaps build a new and better humanity.”

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Treating Us Like Cattle … What Next? By James Reed

     This first happened in the US, and is here now in Oz I believe. I will check this out a bit later and correct the article if necessary, but a security bloke with a huge gut told me that this was coming when I was in the supermarket on Friday. (Yes, just got back to the computer from both supermarkets, and there are barricades of goods at the front blocking the entrance in part. Will there be barbed wire used in the future, or is this just paranoid delusions on my part?)  It is only a matter of time before shopping becomes impossible, due to supply lines running out, and one has to live on Mars Bars from vending machines, which seem to be infinite, so I guess we won’t starve. Oh well, death by diabetes is better than being shot, which is occurring in some parts of the world, like the heaven of diversity, South Africa:

“The police and army have, at times, acted with thuggish abandon in their attempts to enforce the three-week-long lockdown, humiliating, beating, and even shooting civilians on the streets of the commercial capital, Johannesburg, and elsewhere. There has been confusion about some of the regulations, clumsy messaging and U-turns from some of the country's less impressive ministers. Above all, there has been the struggle to impose social distancing and effective hygiene in South Africa's poorest, most crowded neighbourhoods, where many fear the virus could yet wreak havoc.”

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Mindless Globalism By James Reed

      What a sucker, deracinated cucked philosophy neo-liberalist globalism is, and the coronavirus pandemic has certainly shown that. Thus, mad globalist, and false nationalist, Trump, knew that there was a problem, when China began locking itself down, but he still did not close the border, being a mad globalist pro-immigration fanatic, just like the Democrats, - witness his kowtowing speech to India. It would have been possible to avoid the economic pain that is coming if cuck Trump could have had some nationalistic manhood and did what the Chinese did. Instead, he still kept open borders with China, until it was too late, consequently economically dooming the US economy, and the rest of the West, including Australia:

“Around half a million Chinese people, some of them infected with coronavirus, entered America from December to February at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, new figures show. The numbers, which were obtained from Commerce Department and U.S. Customs and Border Protection records, were compiled by ABC News. They show that in the three-month period when coronavirus was raging across China, 759,493 people entered the U.S. from China. This number included 228,000 Americans who were returning home, meaning that roughly half a million were Chinese citizens or people living in China who were visiting the U.S. for tourism, business or to see family. This number of people were pouring into the U.S. while the World Health Organization was simultaneously insisting that no country should enforce any kind of border controls to stop the spread of the virus. President Donald Trump restricted travel from China from February 2nd onwards, but that was too little too late because the outbreak (which was subsequently covered up by China for two months) had started in Wuhan in November, according to Johns Hopkins University. According to Dr. Vinayak Kumar, an internal medicine resident at the Mayo Clinic, out of the total figure arriving in the U.S. from China, “a large number might have been infected at the time of travel.” The numbers illustrate “how globalized our world has become,” he added. However, infectious disease specialist Dr. Simone Wildes suggested that the virus outbreak was the price of globalization and that Americans would just have to get used to it. “It shows that globalization is here, and we have to be better prepared to deal with the impact this will have on all our lives in so many ways,” he said. The data also shows that “From December, January and February on travelers entering the U.S. from eight of the hardest-hit countries: 343,402 arrived from Italy, 418,848 from Spain and about 1.9 million more came from Britain.”

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Pets and Covid-19? Brian Simpson

     Do you like my use of Spanish in the title which some may have thought was a typo? No, I have decided to learn Spanish to possibly migrate to South America, when Australia collapses, and have learnt one word today. I know nothing about the place, but I like the southernmost area, Tierra del Fuego (“Land of Fire”), which I imagine will be at least warmer than Melbourne, and less windy.   But, that raises a problem about what to do with my private zoo of pet tigers, especially now that the poor kitties could get AIDS, sorry, wrong pandemic, coronavirus:

“Last month, Dr. Fauci insisted at a White House task force press briefing that there was no evidence that pets were vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. Then scientists in Belgium and Hong Kong confirmed that they had found pet cats owned by people infected with the virus that had somehow caught it, as evidence was detected in their urine. At least pet dog has also been infected. As CNN so aptly points out, the "weak positives" produced in tests of these animals haven't offered any reason for scientists to suspect that these animals could infect humans - only that these pets could be infected by humans, as humans were once, in turn, infected by animals. No article that we've seen in the mainstream US press has offered a detailed explanation for the scientific community's reasoning in thinking that these tests suggest that pets can't infect humans. But while CNN and others have reveled in mocking alarmists who believed in this Internet 'conspiracy theory', they neglected to explain that there are two critical reasons for this: the first being that dogs and cats infected in past coronavirus outbreaks (namely, the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003) have shown that the strains they typically pick up don't cause respiratory problems. Have we confirmed the same is true for the novel coronavirus? No.

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Ozone to the Rescue? By Brian Simpson

     Hey, how good would it be if ozone, a chemical hated by the Greenies, turns out to be a game changer in this pandemic business?

•    “One of the most important factors in healing is oxygen. Ozone helps improve oxygen delivery in your body by causing more oxygen to be released by hemoglobin and improving red blood cell flexibility, allowing the red blood cells to travel through small capillaries better
•    Ozone also improves ATP production, increases key antioxidants and nitric oxide, which improves blood circulation, and modulates the immune system, increasing certain cytokines that reduce inflammation and decreasing certain cytokines that increase inflammation
•    Even though ozone dissipates quickly, it creates a whole host of downstream metabolites — messenger molecules — that may kill pathogens and upregulate your immune system, and they last for days
•    Ozone therapy can be done at home and include rectal, vaginal and ear insufflation, along with drinking ozone water; ozone saunas can be done too
•    The coronavirus is a lipid-coated virus, and if you disrupt that lipid coat, you reduce or eliminate its infectivity. Ozone attacks lipids, and viruses cannot repair that damage. Thus, ozone may effectively destroy the virus.”

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