Power Prices Will Not Fall Under Green Regime By James Reed

As in the UK, as reported at the blog by our London correspondent, Richard Miller, the Green ideology has made energy much more expensive in Australia, and it seems that it will take years for electricity prices to go down, meaning, they will never go down to pre-pandemic levels, even in energy-rich Australia. Labor, pursuing the same climate change illusion as the Greens, wants to triple the amount of renewable energy flowing into the grid by 2030, but energy leaders have said that Australia will not be able to build enough renewable energy to replace coal. Alinta chief executive Jeff Dimery has said: “Snowy 2.0 is delayed, VNI West is coming in 2031, three years after Yallourn comes out. The whole transition is not lining up. We are so far off track.”

Off track indeed. Moving away from coal, rather than developing technologies to make coal use cleaner, has been a fatal mistake, that will lead to Australia facing the severe energy crisis of Europe, while communist china is free to build two coal power stations a week.

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Go Woke, Go Broke! By James Reed

For some time corporations have been pursuing a Left wing social justice agenda. This occurred to a limited extent in the late 1960s and 1970s, with probably the entertainment industry leading the way. In recent times the number of companies supporting ever-more radical Left causes has grown, with Black Lives Matter scooping heaps of cream, and more recently the transgender agenda being taken up by companies such as Bud Light beer, Target, and the North Face. Consumers have voted with their credit cards, and various companies got a rude awakening, when sales fell, and profits plunged.

It seems that consumers will no longer put up with being told what to believe, and having ideologies rammed down their throats, so to speak. This shows the vulnerability of companies, who at the end of the day, if they ignore the central tenet of a business, to make a profit, will make a loss, and eventually go bust. It is the gentle joy of natural selection.

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Immigration Invasion to Eclipse 9/11 By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Technocracy critic, Patrick Wood cuts to the chase in his assessment of the open US border, which is seemingly allowing military age Chinese to enter the country; talk about a nation digging its own grave, for how many of these are PLA and CCP? Surely the majority, and their refugee status, as displaced people with no home, is highly questionable. Yet, as Wood notes, what is happening with the influx of illegals, in the case of New York, is to create a time bomb. The Democrat immigration mad authorities have forced hotels to take in the illegals, so that now 50 percent of hotels are full of illegals, all expenses paid by the tax payer, of course. There have been many stories of hotel rooms being trashed, but Wood thinks this is just the beginning of a much bigger crisis, that will dwarf 9/11. Certainly, if PLA agents have entered by the hundreds, if not thousands (we do not get the figures), the chances of terrorism to make 9/11 look small, have radically increased. It is national suicide; war begins from within.


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Dame Jacinda Ardern Covid Mandate Champion! By Bruce Bennett

My fellow journalists at Alor.org, and I only contribute on New Zealand issues, as a former Kiwi, have covered a mass of material indicating that the Covid lockdowns were a failure. That applies to New Zealand as well, where the prime minister at the time, Jacinda Ardern, went into totalitarian over drive. She took away basic constitutional and civil liberty rights from citizens, and laughed about it; the videos are still available. There were the vaccinated, who had rights, and the unvaccinated, who would be forced, metaphorically, to wear sack cloth and ashes: 2 Samuel 3:31. Chilling stuff at the time, and still disturbing.

Now, after her resignation as prime minister, her new PM, Chris Hipkins, who was her Health Minister, has awarded Ardern a Damehood, for “leading the country through the Covid pandemic.” Yes, but did she? At present in 2023, the excess mortality rate of New Zealanders is about 25 percent above the mean, and all admit that the cause is not the Covid infection itself. In fact, the cause is unknown, since the new theology across the West, among the mainstream, is that the vaxxes are “safe and effective,” as Ardern told us so frequently.

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The Silence of the Cardinals in the Face of Evil By Peter West

Leading Catholic philosopher, Dr. Joseph Siefert, has issued a warning of a possible collapse of the Catholic Church in many countries, although this will ultimately be defeated by the forces of good, as “the truth itself has told us that the gates of hell will not ever prevail against the Church.” So true. However, in the short term there will be much misery to many, due to the undermining influence of Pope Francis; that has been the way of history.

The errors are not just based upon political doctrine, such as mass immigration, but the failure to defend more moral truths, especially relating to sexuality and the gender agenda, which the present Pope is incredibly soft on. In particular, Dr Siefert is critical of the Catholic cardinals, who with a few exceptions have not stood up to the theological undermining that has occurred with this Pope. They have surrendered to the shadows of the times.

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Global Digital Vaccine Passports By Richard Miller (London)

The movement to a New World Order, based around health is advancing, fast. Already the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union have announced collaboration on global vaccine passports. According to a WHO press release: “In June 2023, WHO will take up the European Union (EU) system of digital COVID-19 certification to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats, including pandemics”  “This is the first building block of the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) that will develop a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all.” The “EU Digital COVID Certificate” is  a model to establish a global digital health certificate, and it will be global, coming to Australia too, unless it is stopped in its tracks before May 2024.

The movement to the New World Order is taking place at a breathtaking pace; it is the endgame for globalism or, individual freedom, the stakes are that high. 

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The Experts Say: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Worry By James Reed

It basically comes down to this: the mainstream media is playing a narrative on most things, except climate change, of optimism, especially the economy. No, there is not a recession or going to be one, as businesses are not laying off workers, and consumers are spending like there is no tomorrow. No, it is not true, there are mass layoffs, workers are being displaced. As Michael Snyder notes, the mainstream has the same optimism that was expressed back in 2008 with the Global Financial Crisis, which few predicted. It was the financial pessimists that got that one right, never taken in by the false optimism which is essential to keep the neurotic investors keeping on keeping on, and not panicking and freaking out, causing the very thing that they want to prevent. But the real test is at the street level, where across the West, particularly America, but also in Australia, the homeless are growing in number, often living on the streets in tent cities. Meanwhile governments, in hock to Big Business squeeze the population even more with Great Replacement immigration.


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The Coming UFO False Flag By Brian Simpson

A former US intelligence operative has gone public and claimed that the Deep State has in its possession crashed extra-terrestrial space craft. There are no photos released, we are not given any information other than the word of the operative. There has been a lot of teasers given this year about UFO stuff. None of it has any solid basis as far as I can see. The idea tht there are crashed spaceships, even drones seem absurd for if the aliens could get here, or their drones, the they would do a much better job of flying round. And, as in the movie Predator, the vehicles would almost certainly be rigged to explode even if they did crash.


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Early Action: Opportunities for the Voice By James Reed

I received an email, I get many, with the claim that a document, actually a sheet of paper, was left in a restaurant, detailing the wider agenda of the voice. Naturally, I have a doubting mind, and would suppose that the conspirators would be careful what hey leave around. But, then there is Hunter Bide and his famous laptop. Apparently there is a website with all the gritty photos from the laptop there, but my stomach is too weak to view it. But, I digress. Here are the contents of the alleged note, with identification removed until I can verify specifics. I can see the Voice third chamber of parliament going for all this and beyond.


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The Western Australian Aboriginal Heritage Act; Shape of Things to Come with the Voice Referendum By Bob Farmer, Dairy Farmer

The Western Australian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 Statutory Guidelines comes into effect on 1 July 2023, as does the Act. It is a foretaste of what is to come with the Voice Referendum, if it succeeds. Farmers who fought the Act said that it is the greatest threat to private property since Native Title.


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What is a Woman? An Adult Human Female By Mrs Vera West

Matt Walsh’s documentary, What is a Woman? which carefully deals with the trans issues, has been available for free viewing, which I undertook. It is gripping stuff, never preaching and although coming from a Christian conservative position, gives plenty of time for the Left to give their case. He interviews woke professors, and people on the cutting edge of the debate. None of them really honestly answer his question, choosing to attack the question as “essentialist,” and transphobic. But, Walsh is not phased and shows what scammers most of the academics are. It is amazing how the young Gen Z people have swallowed everything the Left have produced with no critical awareness. They seem incapable of it, just as people were once scared of falling off the alleged flat earth. All are cultural relativists, rejecting the idea of objective truth, except, the truth of conservatives, is not permitted. Running through it all is a strong form of totalitarian conformity, which is alarming. But, conservatives need to see this to view what they are up against.

Near the end Walsh interviews conservative psychologist Jordan Petersen, and asks him, what is a woman. Confidently Peterson says, marry one and find out, a witty answer. So, Walsh goes home and asks his wife, what a woman is. She is cooking a massive meal for their large family, and she says “an adult human female.” The she asks her husband to get a lip off a jar. He does, and walks off screen. A nice touch that brought tears to my old eyes. And Elon Musk seemed to have liked it as well.

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Communist Chinese Prepare for Star Wars By James Reed

The communist Chinese have a clear objective of dominating space, not merely for commercia reasons, but for military conquest; as usual there is a dual-purpose aspect to most of their technological developments. This seen in China’s anti-satellite programs, which are geared to destroying US and private Western satellites. The communists even have one satellite with a grappling hook, designed to capture, and destroy what they define as enemy satellites. It is estimated that 84 percent of communist China’s space launches are military in scope, showing that space is just another frontier in which China intends to battle for world supremacy. Sleepers in the West have been warned; star wars is here, right now in the face of US cultural and political decline.


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The Existential Threat of Woke By Chris Knight (Florida)

Trump has said that the idea of woke is vague, and no-one knows what it means. On this he is surely wrong, as those promoting this neo-Marxist ideology know exactly what they are doing. But, by contrast, Trump’s competitor, Ron DeSantis has said that woke is an existential threat and “basically a war on the truth,” and “it’s about putting merit and achievement behind identity politics.” “As that has infected institutions, and it has corrupted institutions. So, you’ve got to be willing to fight the woke, we’ve done that in Florida, and we proudly consider ourselves the state where woke goes to die.”

That as I see it, is definitely a point to DeSantis over Trump.

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Gen Z Abandoning Freedom, or an Alarming Lot of Them, Abandoning an Alarming Lot of Freedom By James Reed

The survey is based upon a US population, and unfortunately here is Australia we do not get such newsworthy surveys done, but according to the conservative Cato Institute, 29 percent of Gen Z, people aged from 18 to 29, were in favour of the government installing surveillance cameras in every household to reduce domestic violence, abuse, and other illegal activities.  For Millennials, 20 percent of the cohort between the ages of 30 and 44 also supports such surveillance. However, for people 45 years and older, the support for 1984-style surveillance is only 6 percent.

This is definitely a worry, as it shows that the younger generations have been brainwashed to love the prison tht the totalitarians are so ready to impose upon them. And, with a declining white population, support for total surveillance gets deeper still: 33 percent of Black Americans would support in-home government surveillance, as would 25 percent of Hispanics. There is no indication of these numbers decreasing.

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Taking War Planes Out of Moth Balls; Cleaning Out the Moths Too! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is a clear sign of the drums of war being beaten, and hard. The Pentagon, same name as the Satanic symbol, are taking out of mothballs thousands of military aircraft, including F-16s, C-130 transport planes, AWACS aircraft, and much more. The aircraft are being sent to the Philippines and Europe ready for the double-banger wars against Russia and China. 

The point made by Mike Adams, in the extract below, is that not only will US cities become nuclear targets, but the mainland of the US will be under-protected by spreading military hardware so thin. As well, as Australia will be drawn into the conflicts, Australia’s multicult cities will also become nuclear targets from both the communist Chinese and Russia. Are your politicians thinking about that, or are energies being taken up with woke causes, like the Voice referendum?

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The Failure of Lockdowns By Brian Simpson

The Institute of Economic Affairs, has published a comprehensive discussion of the evidence relating to the lockdowns, whether they worked and were effective. The book length report, Did Lockdowns Work? The Verdict on Covid Restrictions, by J. Herby et al., conducted a meta-analysis, a type of method of averaging over studies to draw a general conclusion, involving 19,646 studies. It was concluded that “lockdowns were a failed promise. They had negligible health effects but disastrous economic, social and political costs to society. Most likely lockdowns represent the biggest policy mistake in modern times.” All of the lockdown policies did little to reduce Covid mortality, and contributed harm in themselves. At present the ruling elites are handing out awards to each other about what a jolly good job hey did during the Covid freak-out, but it is all smoke and mirrors. 


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They Shoot Informants, Don’t They? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) has claimed that the FBI fears that if they reveal the identity of an informant who claims that President Joe Biden was involved in a $ 5 million bribery scam, the informant would be killed. Said informant was one of the FBI’s “most highly credible human sources,” and one who was paid a “substantial amount of money” by the pretty much corrupt organization, so who knows? While the details of the story are interesting, what mainstream media sources are not asking, such as the New York Post.com, is who exactly will order the informant to be killed? Let me think, who might have an interest in doing an “Epstein” here? This is the real underbelly of politics, the bottomline.


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Will Vlad Press that Little Red Button? By Richard Miller (London)

A friend often speaks of Putin pushing that little red button, but launching he nukes does not work like that, it involves giving commands to generals to do the dirty work. Just imagine one devise that could do this; oops, drop it, apocalypse now. And after the blowing up of the Kakhovka Dam, with the West blaming Russia, and Russia blaming the Ukraine, the war has intensified. Ukraine president Zelensky, described the bombing as “an environmental bomb of mass destruction,” so there will be consequences, perhaps more drone strikes into Russia.  

At some point a trigger will be squeezed and Russia will take the nuclear option, as Retired US Brigadier General Kevin Ryan has argued in detail. He sees the war as pretty much a stalemate, and Putin is likely to become more desperate over time, and in the end, the only way Russia can meet escalation with escalation is by introducing nuclear weapons.” Indeed, it is surprising that nukes have not been used yet.

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The Harms to Hundreds of Millions of People By Mrs Vera West

Hundreds of millions of people have been harmed by the Covid pandemic response, according to a research paper by Dr Kevin Bardosh of the University of Washington, published in the preprint SSRN.com. The paper examines 600 studies over 10 categories: health, economy, income, food security, education, lifestyle, intimate relationships, community, environment and governance. In all of these categories, the pandemic mandates di more harm than good, and as the case of the communist Chinese lockdowns proved, were ultimately ineffective at preventing the disease spreading after the lockdowns ceased. Instead, small businesses were often destroyed, and young children have suffered speech difficulties from manic mask wearing.

If all of this must not be left to go unaccounted for, and the general public who largely accepted the lies of governments and Big Pharma, need to be awaken to the crimes that have been done to them in heir sleep. Sleepers must awake!

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Pandemic of the VACCINATED! By Brian Simpson

We have covered the discovery that the more Covid vaxxes one gets, the weaker the immune subsystem becomes. Add to that now the close claim that the more Covid vaxxes one has, the greater the chance one has of catching Covid! The research has now been published in the April 19 2023 edition of Open Forum Infectious Diseases. The two claims conclusively destroy the government mantra that the vaccines are both safe and effective. Actually, that was refuted by he evolution of Omicron, where the multi-vaxxed came down with it, to their astonishment.


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