The Corporate Fascist State By James Reed

Benito Mussolini (1885-1945), Italian fascist leader said: "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." On this account, most governments in the West are fascist, including Australia. While lip service is given to “democracy,” those who get their way with governments are the corporates, including Big Pharma. The Covid plandemic clearly showed this, with Big pharma influencing health technocrats, who in turn offered policies to governments, such as lockdowns, to soften up people for mass consumption of the vax.

And when the vaccines were available, the government and its health authorities became little more than travelling salespersons for the vax. Respect for time-honoured medical principles such as autonomy and freedom of choice of medical treatment went out the window in the frantic push for the vax. And now, as the dust has settled, governments are not facing responsibility regarding injuries. Big Pharma was permitted to have indemnities in its contracts, kept largely confidential, and given a dream deal. It is free from legal liability whatever injuries ultimately arise. If that is not fascism, nothing is.

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The Weakened Immune Systems of Jabbed Children By Brian Simpson

Here is one more problem with the Covid vaxxes, given to children, who are generally a low risk group, not needing a Covid vax at all, even assuming that the vax worked. The Pfizer mRNA vax has been shown in a recent study to weaken children’s’ immune response to non-Covid bacteria and viruses, and the fall in immune response occurred within weeks after the jab, and lasted for at least six months. This was the time of the duration of the study, so the decline could well be much longer.

The conclusion of the production of a long-term immune deficiency was not clearly stated in the paper, but is an implication that various researchers deduced from it, as the authors merely said that the immune response was altered, but the data showed otherwise. Perhaps the paper would not have been published if it was too blunt, with too much vaccine reality  for modern medicine.

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White Fertility is Bad; Migrant Births, Good By Richard Miller (London)

World Economic Forum Adviser Professor Sarah Harper, has said that the UK population collapse (which I note, is mainly of the white British population), is good, as the high-income, high-consuming countries of the world reducing the
number of children that they're having, will reduce consumption, and hence the carbon footprint. It is just the sort of woke thing a university professor today would say. But, the system is not content to just allow that to happen, and uses mass immigration to beef up the numbers. The migrants instantly consume at the same or greater levels than locals, so absolutely nothing is achieved. Of course, the Great Replacement goes on as usual, which is the raison d'etre of immigration.

“U.K. Population Collapse “Good for the Planet”, WEF Adviser Prof Sarah
Harper Explains


Remember how depopulation was called a right-wing conspiracy theory?
Things have changed, and 'population collapse', which can no longer be
denied, is now good for us!

The Telegraph picked the perfect messenger to communicate the new way we
should think about population declines. A high-level WEF adviser tells us:

Oxford Professor Sarah Harper is a very important person. The Telegraph
article listing her credentials forgot to mention that she serves on the
Global Agenda Council on Ageing Societies of the World Economic Forum.

Prof Harper is thrilled about recent declines in fertility:

Prof Harper told the Telegraph: “I think it's a good thing that the
high-income, high-consuming countries of the world are reducing the
number of children that they're having. I'm quite positive about that.”

The academic said declining fertility in rich countries would help to
address the “general overconsumption that we have at the moment”, which
has a negative impact on the planet.

Most importantly, declines in births will bring about reductions in CO2
emissions from wealthy nations, Prof Harper points out:

Research has found that wealthy nations tend to have much larger carbon
footprints than poorer countries, as rich people can afford to buy more
goods, travel more and do other activities that generate emissions.

Carbon emissions from high-income countries were 29 times larger than
low-income countries on a per capita basis in 2020, World Bank figures show.

Population Declines or Population Replacement?

Here's the strange part: If the leadership of the World Economic Forum
wanted to reduce emissions from wealthy countries, I could understand
how they would hope that population reductions would lead to a decline
in economic output. Aside from moral implications, it is simple math
that fewer people means fewer cars on the road, less food consumed and
so on.

However, something entirely different is going on! While the population
of local-born natives is no longer reproducing at the levels needed to
maintain the population, new immigration picks up. It accounts for a
larger and larger share of births!

While the number of births in Britain is declining, the share of
children born to parents who immigrated from outside Britain has hit a
record high.

Almost one in three children born last year were delivered by mothers
born outside of the U.K. The number of births by women born outside the
U.K. rose 3,600 year-on-year to account for 30.3% of all births. The
previous peak was 29.3% in 2020.

When including the father, more than one in three children born last
year had at least one foreign-born parent. In London, the figure was two

This development is inconsistent with wanting to reduce the populations
of high-consumption countries. It seems self-defeating to celebrate
birth reductions while simultaneously amping up the arrivals of new
immigrants who work hard to live well, consume a lot, have many children
and realise the 'British dream'.


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The Great Climate Change Deception By James Reed

It has long been suspected that the leading mainstream science journals have an agenda on climate change, to promote the alarmist position while claiming up front to be scientifically objective and neural. But, this has been put to the test and shown not to be true.


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The Voice Referendum Debate in the Streets By James Reed

Here is an interesting human-interest story for the NO side on the Voice referendum. It involves a confrontation between an Aboriginal man, who supported NO, and some whites who were campaigning for the YES side, with a table at a supermarket in the far north NSW town of Mullumbimby. I am not exactly sure of what the Aboriginal man’s view is, but it seems to be something along the lines that the YES position is offensive to his tribe, as being an ancient people in this land, recognition in a constitution is somewhat offensive. I don’t agree, but accept the point. He also has the good sense to see how the New Class ethnic/race elites are behind this, what he calls coconuts, black/brown on the outside but white inside.


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Lockdowns Worse than Useless (In Fact, Detrimental) By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There have been, at this date various reports and academic articles giving a cost benefit analysis of the Covid mandate lockdowns, concluding that the costs exceeded the benefits. However, a brief article in the US Washington, one of the few mainstream papers to publish Covid criticisms, up to a point, concludes that the lockdowns were for nothing, of no benefit whatsoever, and were instigated due to fear and panic. The case mentioned is Sweden that did not lockdown, or destroy its economy, but did not have a high Covid infection rate relative to the other Nordic countries, and relative to the West. And that is the article, brief, but with a solid message. It could have been added that China’s oppressive lockdowns, where people were welded inside factories, and locked in apartments, many suiciding, others just dying, ended up in social revolt and did not stop the spread either. The SARS CoV-2 virus is airborne, so it will spread through the air currents, and even in lockdowns, could pass from an infected individual, to infect another through an open window or air vent. One would need to have air tanks, or stop breathing.     


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The Australian Drug Regulator, the TGA does Not Know how Many Covid Vax Injured There Are By Brian Simpson

Dissent journalist Rebekah Barnett, has pointed out in her Dystopian Down Under substack, that Australia's drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), does not how many of the adverse events reported to its database are actually caused by the Covid vaxxes. Although they claim to assess every claim for causality, information is limited. Hence, all reports are assigned a category of “possible.” As detailed below, it seems that that is about all the information the TGA is willing to give out. Clearly, the organisation needs Spring cleaning. In particular, as Barnett shows below, the TGA having a business funding level of 96 percent, according to one estimate, is a definite problem.

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Clouds Over the Climate Change Catastrophe Models By Brian Simpson


Professor John Clauser, 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics winner, in the highly complicate field of quantum mechanics, the physics of subatomic matter, really upset the mainstream climate change catastrophe narrative by denying that there is any such thing. He then rejected the radical policies which are being pushed by the globalist elites, such as banning fossil fuels, meat, fossil-fuelled cars and other net zero policies. As far as the system could, it cancelled him, but a big name at the top of the tree of science is hard to ignore.

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Japanese Researchers: Covid Variants are “Unnatural” (Lab Creations) … What Comes Now? By Brian Simpson

Atsushi Tanaka and Takayuki Miyazawa, “Unnatural Evolutionary Processes of SAR-CoV-2 Variants and Possibility of Deliberate Natural Selection,” have set out the case that more recent variants of Covid, such as Omicron, are likely to be lab creations, since the molecular structure and order of mutations is not something to be expected in nature. There was argument in the past that the original alpha version of Covid was a product of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but the new hypothesis, while consistent with the original Covid origin scenario, raises new issues not discussed in the scientific paper, which is primarily concerned with a study of the mutations.

It raises the possibility that variants of Covid are not being generated by natural evolution, but are continuously being released from the bioweapons labs. If this is so, then nothing would prevent a release of a new Covid variant just in time for the US election to repeat the events of 2020. It is possible that this variant may be a more serious one, since a larger proportion of the population are sick of he Covid business, and it will take bodies in the street, as in 1918, to scare them into submission.

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China on the War Path By James Reed

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping has instructed its army to "prepare for war" and "fight and win" it. The use of nuclear weapons is likely to be on the agenda, argues China critic Gordon Chang, for Xi has now replaced the past leadership of China's Rocket Force, in control of the nation's 400 nuclear warheads. According to Chang: "Xi sacked Rocket Force commander, Li Yuchao, and its political commissar, Xu Zhongbo. Neither has been seen in public since. Li's deputy, Liu Guangbin, has also disappeared, along with Zhang Zhenzhong, a former deputy. At about the same time, Wu Guohua, deputy commander of the Rocket Force, reportedly took his own life in early July." Thus, a new set of leaders will streamline any nuclear commands with no hesitation at all to fire on command.

The flashpoint is set to be Taiwan. Already the CCP's Eastern Theater Command has established a Joint Operations Command Center, responsible for coordinating all phases of an  invasion of Taiwan. Armoured vehicles have been moved to the coastal province of Guangdong, ready for this invasion. With China's economy getting worse, and the likelihood of unrest developing, Xi is set to move sooner rather than later, almost certainly before the possible re-election of Donald Trump in November 2024. He will want to take military action while the compromised Beijing Biden regime is still in power. CCP agents have already entered the country by the thousands, ready for infrastructure sabotage, as will occur in Australia as well, due to the suicidally  insane immigration policies of both countries.

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The Cancer Explosion By Mrs (Dr) Abigail Knight (Florida)

The authorities are admitting that there is a cancer explosion occurring now, seen not only in the United States, but across jurisdictions in the West. What is new is that there has been a radical increase of cancer in young people. A recent paper in the British Medical Journal BMJ Oncology, found a 79 percent increase in cancers in people under 50 from 1990. The cause, the paper hypothesised, was due to red meat, alcohol and high salt intakes.

While that is in part true, those three factors have been in the modern population for decades, and it is an assumption that the relatively recent surge must therefore be due to these causes. What is not analysed is the phenomenon of turbo-charged cancers, also mainly in the young. These cancers are often sudden developments and super-aggressive, quickly leading to death. Dr Paul Marik deals with this problem in numerous presentations, and he hypotheses that it is the vax at work:

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Zero Net Means Freezing to Death for Global Warming Mania! By Richard Miller (London)

Britain has been transformed into the sort of dystopia depicted by George Orwell in 1984, rather quickly, with the framework being kick-started by the Covid mandates. Now the big thing is net zero carbon emissions, which dominates all aspects of British life; it is the new religion of the New Class. Many thought that there would be some New Age Green goddess worship, but that seems now to have been passed over for this purely secular mania.


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Study: Covid Vaccines Make the Vaccinated More Susceptible to Getting Covid Infected By Brian Simpson

This seems to be a slight advance in the opening of medical research to the problems of the Covid Vaxxes. The Lancet, a leading establishment medical journal has published a study showing that based upon a population study in Qatar, of 899,441 cases and 10,709,791 controls for previous infections, 796,255 cases and 9,126,914 controls for primary vaccination and 568,661 cases and 5,342,301 controls for boosters, that both natural immunity and vaccine immunity waned over time. However, vaccine immunity declined rapidly, and in fact, went into negative values. This probably indicates immune imprinting, that the immune system had become primed for a certain specific spike protein, and when a slightly different mutation was present, did not respond. Hence, the vaccinated became more susceptible to Covid infection.

Of course, rather than make the logical conclusion that this was an intrinsic problem with the vaxxes, the authors doubled down and recommended even more boosters. They did not say how this imprinting problem would be solved by giving more of the same thing causing it.

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Dr Frankensteins Make Human Embryo with No Sperm or Egg By Mrs Vera West

These Dr Frankenstein developments keep getting worse, and now something of a Rubicon has been crossed in transhumanism. Scientists have reported that they have grown a human style embryo without using either a sperm or a human female egg. The experiment did not go beyond that development level, but the potential was here for this to continue, perhaps to create a new being, one with no human parents at all. Next thing will be humans coming off a production line. That is, of course real agenda behind these sorts of experiments, that escape present ethics and legal requirements. Who can deny that in the light of such developments, that ignoring the runaway science is a good thing?

The scientists say that this will enable them to study human development in more detail so all matter of wonderful things, to help women prevent miscarriages, to cure cancer and the like. Only thing is, we seldom, if ever see these things delivered. instead, we see the next stage of a global technocracy established.

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Masks are Back in the US, So Aussies Beware! By Chris Knight (Florida)

We have covered the ill-effects of masks, as discussed by Dr Robert Malone, but here is an update on the emerging mask mandates in the United States. It has happened quicker this time than in plandemic 1.0, since the precedence has been set, so all of this can just be rolled out. The maskers never went away, but simply took a brief rest, and now are getting back to business as usual.

First it was US federal agencies, which was first outed by, then the media denied this as just conspiracy theory. But, then the conspiracy theory became true. Now universities and schools have moved to the mask agenda and social distancing, the later of which never truly went away. It is spreading across the country like wildfire, much like the wildfires that devastated Hawaii, and with an even more sinister agenda. Australia needs to prepare for what is coming as Covid testing will be next, with PCR tests set to generate masses of false positives, and then it will be lockdowns once more, all the way up to the US 2024 election, which is primed to be stolen once more.

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Archbishop Viganò: Globalism is “Satanic” By Peter West

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, stands in sharp contrast to the present Pope, for whereas the Pope champions globalism, and is happy to rub shoulders with the World Economic Forum mob, Archbishop Viganò correctly depicts globalism as Satanic, and thus to be fought. The globalist ideal of a one world government primes the human race for “the political rise of the Antichrist,” he has said.

He has on many occasions compared the corruption of civil society by globalist attack, as directly parallel to the present attacks the Catholic Church is experiencing at all levels. As he put it: “In short, we are governed by a high command of usurers and speculators, from Bill Gates, who invests in large farms right on the eve of the food emergency, or in vaccines just before the outbreak of the pandemic, to George Soros, who speculates on the fluctuations of currencies and government bonds and along with Hunter Biden finances a biolaboratory in Ukraine.”

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Banning the Jab in Florida … Australia? By Chris Knight (Florida)

A brief note to show it can be done, even though I am well aware that the path to banning the Covid vax will be difficult in Australia, which has been one of the most compliant countries to the vax mandates on Earth. At least in Florida some progress to ban the jab has been made, with Indian River County becoming the 10th county Republican Party in Florida to pass the “Ban the Jab” resolution.


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The Health Risks of Face Masks By Mrs Vera West

Dr Robert Malone notes that the face mask mania has returned to the United States, with numerous schools now requiring students to wear all day, N95 face masks. I remember how students in my day, mainly boys, hated wearing ties because they were uncomfortable. How much more so the face mask! And there is a good reason why these things are so uncomfortable; not only are the masks full of forever chemicals, and plastics that go into young bodies, remaining there until death, but the masks elevate carbon dioxide levels, which in the long term, can have serious health effects. And, we are dealing with children here, who will have to endure whatever illnesses masks cause for the long term. It is surprising there have not been more mask law suits, but maybe the time for this has come.


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UK to Jail Those Who Defy Dark New god Net Zero By Richard Miller (London)

New UK legislation has crept through the dusty halls of parliament, net zero measures contained in the Energy Bill. The new measures will impose penalties upon those who violate the energy restriction requirements. That is, “non-compliance with a requirement imposed by or under energy performance regulations,” face imprisonment for up to a year and fines of up to £15,000! Even supplying false information about energy consumption will lead to fines.


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Marxist/Gender Identity Ideologies Now Part of Australian Early Childhood Courses By Mrs Vera West

One of the reasons for keeping a close eye on the cultural develops of the United States, is that this culture, and its woke politics has a tremendous impact upon Australian society, usually for the worst, nowadays. It was once said that what happens in the US happens five years later in Australia, but with globalisation and information technology, things are now pretty much instant.


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