A Mighty Strange Coincidence! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is amazing how coincidences occur regarding the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking operation. Thus, US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan for allegedly reaping financial benefits from Jeffrey Epstein's sex-trafficking operation. Then three days later she was sacked for doing this. Just a coincidence of course; nothing to see here.


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Are the Vaccines Fuelling New Covid Variants? Ask the Mainstream Media Now! By Brian Simpson

It may be something of a turning point, as an article appeared in The Australian, reprinted from The Wall Street Journal, asked if, just maybe, the Covid vaxxes are fuelling new Covid variants. The article states that “Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB and could be fuelling the virus’s rapid evolution.” The present variants escape antibodies supposedly produced by prior vaccination. Many Covid critics had argued for some time, that a “leaky” vaccine, that did not prevent transmission would be an evolutionary hot-spot for genetic mutations, and that view now seems to be confirmed.


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The Power of Pfizer By Chris Knight (Florida)

I came across this excellent paper on the power of Pfizer in its dealings with governments over the Covid vax issue. The paper is not from a vax critical position itself, but deals with the “bullying” tactics used by Pfizer with governments to get “dream” contracts signed, and protected by confidentiality. For example, neither Pfizer nor the U.S. government can make “any public announcement concerning the existence, subject matter or terms of this Agreement, the transactions contemplated by it, or the relationship between the Pfizer and the Government hereunder, without the prior written consent of the other.” Apart from the protection against all liability for injuries, and death, this clause alone should have sent alarm bells ringing. But, the public got no indication of what was being negotiated. It is enough to make one … sick!


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The Shape of Covid Vax Tragedies to Come By Brian Simpson

Today is a reflective day on the shape of Covid vax tragedies to come. One other article at the blog today covers the issue of heart damages facing all people getting the jabs. Not everyone will be seriously injured but a Swiss paper showed that a protein associated with heart damage, not normally circulating in the blood, was found in the blood of the vaxxed.


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One in Four Think That They Knew Someone Who Died from the Covid Vaxxes By Chris Knight (Florida)

This is one indication of how much damage the Covid vaxxes are doing. A Rasmussen report found that 28 percent of adults said they personally know someone whose death was caused by side effects of Covid  vaxxes. These are just ordinary people from a random sample, so the results are deeply disturbing. It is perhaps no wonder then, that over 48 percent of people are concerned about the safety of the Covid vaxxes, whether vaxxed or not. Given that the system has engaged in the greatest propaganda drive in human history to promote these jabs, it shows the level of threat that humanity is facing, and will face further in the future.               


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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter By Brian Simpson

Here is one reason why the ordinary people need to have at least a faint awareness of the “science” as it could mean life or death, or illness. Research from Switzerland has found that the mRNA covid-19 vaccines damage the hearts of ALL vaccine recipients, to varying degrees. It was found that there were elevated troponin levels in all vaccinated people. Troponin is a special protein found in the heart, and in people with no heart damage it normally does not enter the blood stream. The presence of this protein indicates heart injury.

It was found that 2.8 percent of people examined had subclinical myocarditis, dangerous heart inflammation. While the mainstream Covid narrative blames Covid infections rather than the vax, there is a case against this, with Australia as a test example: “However, expert group HART (Health Advisory and Recovery Team) has pointed to Australia as a “control group” on this question. HART notes that even though Australia had not had significant Covid (only 30,000 reported infections and 910 deaths) prior to mid-2021, it still saw a trend in excess non-Covid deaths beginning in June 2021. HART notes that Australia “did not have prior Covid as a reason for seeing this rise in mortality and hospital pressure from spring 2021”. Instead, “the results from this control group indicate that the cause of this rise in deaths, particularly in young people, must be something in common with Australia, Europe and the USA”.

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“Yellowstone”: A Conservative Masterpiece! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Mackubin Owens, “‘Yellowstone: A ‘Conservative Fantasy’,” has given a critique of perhaps the only conservative TV show, Yellowstone. This is a modern day Western, dealing with the struggles of the Dutton family to maintain their vast ranch from all sorts of threats, mainly the developers. The patriarch, John Dutton is tough, if not ruthless, in fighting for his family ranch. He places honour and old school virtues above profit, so he runs counter to the corrupt values of today. He is not afraid of a physical fight if needed, and he has his strong man, the loyal Rip Wheeler, to help fight his battles. He is very much a development of the John Wayne man.  The actual Dutton family is more divided, and hence a source of on-going problems for John Dutton.

Owens thinks that John Dutton eschews conservative values, as he places family above general interests. Apparently, Owen thinks conservativism is about universal interests, when in fact, a concern with the particular was a founding idea of conservativism. Owen seems to be more along liberal lines, where the family and particular interests are put behind support of the universal. That is not how non-Anglo-Saxon groups, like the Chinse operate, so why should Anglo Saxons, when such a philosophy has been an extended form of racial suicide for their ethno-racial group? John Dutton shows us the way to go, family, manhood and honour.

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AstraZeneca has Problems, Too By Brian Simpson

Much critical attention by Covid critics, have been focussed upon the mRNA vaxxes, such as Pfizer’s. But the more conventional viral injection vax, such as from AstraZeneca, has been revealed as spreading DNA through the body, such as the lungs, liver and spleen. The vax still instructs human cells to make mRNA spike proteins as well. However, in the UK this vax was found to cause blood clots, and fell from the market.


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Death and the Covid Jabs By Chris Knight (Florida)

Dr John Campbell, who was apparently pro-Covid vax, came out in December 2022, that safety issues meant that the Covid vaxxes should be halted by the UK authorities. The risks of the Covid vaxxes now outweigh the benefits, with the Covid vaxxed now dying in greater numbers than the unvaxxed, and most Covid deaths are occurring in the vaxxed and boosted. As Dr Mercola summarises: “If the COVID jabs were beneficial, you'd expect excess mortality to drop, yet that's not what we're seeing. We're also not seeing mass death from COVID. The only clear factor that might account for these discrepancies is mass injection with an experimental gene transfer technology.”


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The Internet of Things: The Next Big Hack! By Brian Simpson

The technocrats are besides themselves with the creation of the internet of things, which is the use of 5G wireless technology to connect everything which can be connected. So, one in London could control things in one’s home in say, the fridge temperature. More importantly one’s heart pacemaker and medical devise can also be controlled. But, where leaps like this occur, there are always problems. One is that hacking, which can be rapidly expanded with these new technological developments. According to Mario Greco, the group CEO of giant insurer Zurich Insurance Group, as reported in The Financial Times, December 26 2022, cyber security is far behind hacking prowess, and so if hackers seriously set out to disrupt life, they would succeed.


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CCP Bioweapons By James Reed

Clare M. Lopez, has given a concise overview of communist China’s bioweapon’s research. In fact, most countries have some sort of bioweapon’s programs, and it has been said by Russia, for what it is worth, that the Ukraine was a key centre for US bioweapon’s research which was too controversial to do on US home soil. Communist China took over Japan’s World War II Unit 731 in Manchuria, and worked with the USSR to further it. Of course, the revolution in genetics, begun with Watson and Crick in 1952, has led to genetic engineering and now gene editing. Gain-of-function research is now possible at a level previously unthought of. All sorts of hyper-dangerous creations are now possible. With the extreme secrecy, we do not know what is being done in these labs. We do not even know what might be done in undisclosed labs, perhaps in literal underground research facilities. It is a good guess to think that the CCP has created many such labs.  


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Dr Andrew Huff on the Great Wuhan Covid Conspiracy By James Reed

Dr Andrew Huff, a former insider and former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, which was associated with the funding of corona virus research as the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has a book forthcoming, entitled The Truth about Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History. That is really saying something, as so much of the system is founded upon lies. And, surely the Covid plandemic is one great lie, if not the greatest. Dr Huff saw corruption at first hand in  EcoHealth Alliance, and was pleased to leave left his senior scientist and vice president role. He sets out to explain why the US was funding CCP bioweapons research, which was apparently a CIA ploy to gain inside information about communist Chinese bioweapons development. It is far from clear how this would work, and what exactly would be gained. I suspect that there is even more to the real story than covered by Dr Huff, but like 9/11, you can be sure that this is now a “cold case,” and crucial evidence has just disappeared. Whatever the true story, it is clear that the US had a crucial involvement in the covid-19 plandemic, which is why Trump was shutdown so rapidly, and made to conform with the vax rollout with Operation Warp Speed.


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Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Greenhouse Gasses: Our Friends! By James Reed

Scientist Douglas J. Cotton, is one of a number of scientists who are beginning a systematic challenge of climate change dogmas. One of the key planks of present-day climate change hysteria is that greenhouse gasses, so called, such as carbon dioxide and methane, and nitrogen as well, are harmful because of their warming effects, raising the average global temperature. Dr Cotton, in a paper referenced below, shows that the warming effects of such gasses are mythical, given the thermodynamics (heat-nature) of the open climate system, which is dynamic, and not like a classical closed system like a fish bowl. He believes that scientists such as him, chipping away at these dogmas will bring the climate change hysterical system down by 2025, but here I think he vastly under-estimates how much political millage the elites get from this, which goes far being Covid. As some critics have noted, climate change hysteria is a way of deconstructing Western civilisation, and that is the real agenda.


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Better Put Off that Planned Haiti Holiday! Here Comes Another Failed State! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

At present Haiti has rolled into becoming a failed state, with the last 10 senators in the disintegrated parliament now leaving. There is a malnutrition crisis as food production is plummeting given the economic chaos. Gang violence is everywhere, and essentially gangs now rule the country, and engage in bloody battles for territory. Rape has become a political weapon. This situation is an indication of how societies are not immune to falling off the edge into social chaos. It is a sober lesson for the West, heading down the same track.


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The Silence of the Supposed Guardians of Freedom By Chris Knight (Florida)

US lawyer Michael Lesher, has commented on how in the US all the organisations that were supposed to safe guard freedom and liberty, failed to respond to the massive violation of fundamental human rights that occurred with the Covid mandates. The lockdowns, which would be hard to justify even if Covid was the Black Death 2.0, were imposed upon the masses with no debate, and no mercy.  This observation should be of interest to all, as the US, unlike the UK and Australia, has a reputation for defending freedom and upholding liberty. But, alas, no longer is this is true. Tyranny now moves its dark hand all over the West. We now live in a surveillance society, which was fast-tracked via Covid, although it was on track anyway.


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The World Health Organization’s New World Health Order By Brian Simpson

This is a worry because there is little discussion of the issue of the World Health Organization’s power grab by the resistance. Trial Site does a good job of summarising the present state of play. What is rolling ahead is the creation of a supranational legal authority which will decide what accounts for constituting a “pandemic,” and the policies that will follow. Given the massive influence the CCP has over WHO, we can see our fate reflected in that of communist China, especially regarding lockdowns, which is now standard operating procedure. The WHO aims to have the power to enforce mandatory vaccinations in the coming plandemics, no doubt enriching beyond measure Big Pharma. These proposals could be stopped by international action, particularly from the US, but that is unlikely under the Democrat’s regime. Hopefully African nations will short circuit it all, being less brainwashed than places like Australia.


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Climate Fanaticism and the Destruction of Modern Civilisation By James Reed

Physicist Dr. Wallace Manheimer, has recently published work challenging the theoretical foundations, if it can be called that, of the present climate change hysteria. Usually critics dance around the edges, lacking a grounding in theoretical and experimental physics, but Dr Manheimer zeroes in on key assumption, completely unjustified by organisations like the UN IPCC. He sets out to show, by first principles, that carbon dioxide cannot be the warming agent that the climate change lobby supposes, as the Earth system is not like some (thermodynamically) closed room, but is dynamic and ever-changing. As well so-called renewables are highly unreliable, compared to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. He fears that the present mania for renewables against fossil fuels will lead to mass starvation and the collapse of civilisation. The madness has to be stopped, and I think it will, but as usual much damage will be done.  


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The Profitable Cult of Climate Change By James Reed

If the corporate elites, like Bill Gates, who are now born-again environmentalists, were really serious, they could do much to reduce the dreaded carbon emissions. Bill Gates could easily prevent the clearing of rainforests with financing of alternative industries for people in the Amazon and Borneo. The use of careful burning could reduce forest fires in California and Australia, but the environmentalists will not allow it, so each year there is devastating bushfire damage, doing more damage. And if environmentalists were really serious about reducing emissions, the they would be open about the enormous emissions needed to set up and maintain the renewable energy infrastructure, and would examine nuclear.  But, none of these things are done.

The conjectured reason for this paradox, is that for the corporates, climate change represents a new area to make a dollar, even though some industries, such as the fossil fuel industries, will suffer. The corporates are not a totally unified force. But for the woke, the beat goes on. Thus, for the Left, environmentalism channels the powerful emotions that lead young people to embrace socialism, giving the young the equivalent of a religion. There are all the ingredients, with sin, being producing carbon dioxide, the devil, being the West and white people, and redemption, being Green socialism. It is all as dangerous as it can get, but conservatives are not fully aware of how deep this all goes.

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Mate With Short People to Save the Planet!!!!! By James Reed

The New York Times has featured another weird piece dealing with climate change, this time taking the spin that people should breed with shorter people to save the planet, as shorter people use less resources, and are more conservation minded! I could not find any empirical evidence for these sorts of claims, and a moments reflection would reveal them as nonsense. Who has not seen short fat people; they are everywhere? Also, everywhere are tall thin people. But really, I was disappointed, as I was expecting the anti-natalist line of not having children at all, but that has been said many times, and probably would not be read. Oh, close down all mainstream hardcopy print media, like the New York Times to save on resources as well!


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Is Exercise Racist? By John Steele

I came across this interesting Counter-Currents article discussing a mainstream article called “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness.”  I did not read the original, getting all the information that I could take from this article. So, physical culture has been promoted in the past by white supremacists. Well, so was algebra and calculus, so should these studies be rejected too? It is something of an industry now for academics from the Left to drag up this sort of material. But, really, why should we care? After all, these are the same sorts of people defending obesity, saying that even a “healthy” body is racist. When everything is “racist,” nothing really is any more, as words get drained of meaning.


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