Woke Madness Unlimited: ANIMAL Privilege, Inequality and Intergenerational Wealth! By James Reed

In our crazy, politically correct world, academics need to keep out doing themselves. I got exhausted long ago reporting on the woke nonsense from the universities, having given them up as beyond saving, and thus I came to my present “close them all down” position. I once held some hope that STEM would escape the rot of the Humanities and so-called social sciences, but, as the recent example of privilege and inequality in the animal kingdom goes, I now give up on that too. I know that once the collapse comes, the natural order of things will return, just like water escaping from an unnatural dam.


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Steve Kirsch: Severe Reactions to the Covid Vaccines are Not Rare By Brian Simpson

Steve Kirsch has been doing original work, something which in a saner age academics should have done, to test the idea of the CDC that severe reactions to the Covid vaxxes are rare. To do this he basically conducted a survey, as an example that can be replicated following his same methodology, looking at 500 people randomly selected. Using statistical inference principles, which is what all social science research does, he inferred that at least 2 million Americans over 18 were injured by the Covid vaccine such that they are unable to hold a job!  Greater than 1 percent of vaccinated respondents reported they were so severely vaccine injured that they can’t hold a job, and greater than 1 percent reported that they believe their injuries have shortened their lives. All this shocking and directly in conflict with the bubble and squeak pushed by health authorities in the West. The survey desperately needs to be conducted in Australia as well.


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Metaverse: A Transhuman Digital Dystopia By James Reed

Charles Eisenstein puts the case that the recently celebrated AI universe of the metaverse, which will incorporate the internet of things and beyond, making essentially a virtual reality for people to work in, and live in, is the endgame of technological dystopias. For example, one thing being pushed is to reduce actual population levels, in the West of course, and amongst whites, by having “virtual families,” which are computer generated babies who grow up in real time. It is bad enough to have to use the internet typing out material let alone live through one’s computer! It shows the extreme level of alienation and dehumanisation that the technology cult has produced, but the seeds were sown with the computer games which overtook the minds of boys and young men. The techno-cult has been out of control for a long time, and now threatens to engulf and destroy all that used to be human. And, it is amazing how these radical programs simply get up and running.


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Pfizer; See No, Hear No, Feel No, Adverse Vax Events By Chris Knight (Florida)

An amazing article at Childrenshealthdefense.com, detailing how with the latest release of 80,000 pages of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine documents, that instances of participants who sustained severe adverse events during Phase 3 trials, including severe vax injuries, and for some, death. But, as documented below, the basic trend in the documents was to classifying almost all adverse events, including severe adverse events (SAEs), as being “not related” to the vaccine, so thath te vax comes out as safe as toast. The FDA had a duty of care to address this issue, but all were under pressure from Trump’s Operation Warp speed, to get an experimental vaccine out into the population. Trump does not get the criticism he deserves for all of this, and the buffoon is still singing the praises of Big pHARMa, and denying that there is any problem here.


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Oooops! Another Medical Mistake! By Mr Vera West

Doctor-caused disease is so common it even has a name of its own: iatrogenic disease. Dr Mercola at a now deleted post gives us insights into how big this problem is, using the US example, but it is much the same throughout the West. A 2011 Health Grades report, the incidence rate of medical harm occurring in the U.S. is estimated to be over 40,000 harmful and/or lethal errors daily. An estimated 250,000 Americans die from medical mistakes each year, which is about 1 in 10 patients. This makes iatrogenic disease it the third leading cause of death, with cancer and heart disease being numbers one and two. Thus, more people die from doctor’s mistakes, than by Covid, by a long shot, or is it jab?


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Climate Change Fibs and Cover-Ups By James Reed

A whole range of radical projects are being forced upon the general public from energy restrictions, to the attack on meat-eating and its replacement by insects, all in the name of “saving the planet.” Yet, how real is this climate change threat? Not very according to information which the climate change elites attempted to suppress. The World’s temperature has not risen for 15 years, and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is advancing ad hoc hypotheses to deal with it. But, the philosophy of Karl Popper of falsificationism should be applied, and the conclusion made that the climate change catastrophe hypothesis, used to justify the attack upon our standards of living, is not a scientific hypothesis, but pure politics in motion.  


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Harris to Lead Ministry of Truth, Eh, Lies By Charles Taylor (Florida)

In a far from surprise move, the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board, straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, will now be headed by Vice President Kamala Harris. Not much is known at present, including what the name will now be, but given Harris’ uncanny ability to foul up anything she is involved in, it may well be the kiss of death for this Orwellian organisation. Sweet child of irony.


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US Funding Bio-Research in China: Digging its Own Grave By Chris Knight (Florida)

Now it has been admitted that the US funded bio-research in China, some say bioweapons research. That being so, the US National Institute of Health is still funding bio-research in China, to the tune of $ 8.3 million since 2020, even though the Intelligence Community’s 2022 Annual Threat Assessment, stated that the CCP is one of the top threats to the United States. Covid king, Dr Fauci said that the funding cannot be turned off. U.S. federal agencies “had very productive peer-reviewed highly regarded research projects with our Chinese colleagues that have led to some major advances in biomedical research.”

“So I don’t think I’d be able to tell you that we are going to stop funding Chinese,” Fauci said, like a good CCP subject.

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Reconquest in Italy By Richard Miller (London)

The race riots in Italy, and the rest of Europe, a mere five years ago would have attracted media attention, but now this violent Great Replacement gets no attention. It is the summer of “cultural enrichment,” depending on how you define it. Sometimes a video says more than a thousand words:


WHO Chief Believes in Covid Lab Leak Hypothesis By Brian Simpson

It came as a surprise to me, given the past buddy relationship the World Health Organization has had with the CCP. But head of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has said about the issue of the origins of Covid-19, that “We do not yet have the answers as to where it came from or how it entered the human population. Understanding the origins of the virus is very important scientifically to prevent future epidemics and pandemics. But morally, we also owe it to all those who have suffered and died and their families. The longer it takes, the harder it becomes. We need to speed up and act with a sense of urgency.” But, WHO, in delaying the early investigation of Wuhan, allowed this to become a cold case, and only indirect evidence now seems available, unless here is some yet unknown breakthrough. Don’t expect the Wuhan origin of Covid as a bioweapon to ever be accepted by the Western establishments.


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Migration Replaces Us Quicker than Thought By James Reed

Francesco Billari has published recently a paper in Population and Development Review, challenging the idea that migration trends are slow. On the contrary, recent migration trends, especially mass movements of populations from the Ukraine, are now fast. "In general, we can conclude that the currently prevalent 'slow demography' perspective is misleading when applied as a general approach to the study of population change … By devoting more resources to gathering and analyzing data on population flows, scholars can contribute to our knowledge of demographic trends in a fast-changing population environment … At the same time, greater attention to the coevolution of socio-economic factors and demography can help policymakers to make more informed choices." While that may be informative for academic demographers, on the ground the real effects are that the Great Replacement is being fuelled by mass migration that will reduce once majority white populations to minority status in only a couple of decades, or less.


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People Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media, and Can You Blame Them! By James Reed

An annual Reuters study of 46 countries of people’s receptiveness of the mainstream media found that 38 percent were avoiding the coverage of various topics because after the Covid-19 onslaught the coverage had become repetitive and depressing. Around 43 percent of respondents thought that there was too much focus upon the Covid pandemic. Almost three in ten (29 percent) global respondents complained that the information they received was biased or untrustworthy. This is a good sign, since the mainstream media, and Big Pharma are owned by the same super-corporations, and work together for achieving their version of the New World Order, which is getting pretty old by now. Breaking the ties comes from turning off their mind waves.


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Canadian Covid Deaths, 80 Percent Fully Vaccinated By Brian Simpson

Who remembers the time when the health authorities were boldly proclaiming that the “lifesaving” Covid shots will prevent one getting Covid? Then, when the fully vaccinated got Covid, the line pushed was, well it could be worse if I was not vaccinated. And now, when people die, and in Canada for example, 80 percent of Covid deaths are in the fully vaccinated, it is, well, if they were not vaccinated, their deaths would be even more horrible!


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The Great Covid Freak-Out, a Media Creation By James Reed

Michael Betrus at Brownstone.org, which as produced outstanding social criticism of all aspects of the Covid plandemic, gives a detailed account of the role the media played in the US in creating Covid moral panic, and thus allowing the longest lockdowns in human history, for a virus which had a survival rate of greater than 99 percent for most healthy people who were not elderly. The same points can be made about the media in Australia who also created a climate of fear, vilified critics and thus encouraged people to be vaxxed and vaxxed some more. The situation now is that little critical material gets out from the mainstream, that there is no brave investigative journalism, and that most of the critical material comes from US sources, hence why there is a lot of US content here, as few Australian academic critics in STEM want to endanger their Big pHARMA research funding. And, the obvious point is that the media, and Big PHARMa  are owned by the same class of super-elites, so no wonder they protect their nest.


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SCOTUS Needs to Overturn Roe v. Wade ASAP By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Pro-abortion activists have protested outside the private residence of Supreme Court judge, Amy Coney Barrett, a little while after an armed California man was arrested at the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, seeking to murder him. The protests were peaceful, but still involved intimidation, the feminists being covered in blood and carrying dolls.
From what I see, the dolls, which are baby-like, either represent babies women would prefer to have exterminated, or unwanted pregnancies, or maybe just abortions, who knows. While they have a right to protest, clearly these protests outside SCOTUS private residents are meant to intimidate. Even if I was not strongly anti-abortion, this angers me so much that I am even more anti-abortion, if that is possible.


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Dr Clare Crag on the Pfizer Clinical Trials for Children By Mrs Vera West

We have quoted Covid critics who have been criticising the Pfizer trial data for children. Here is a brief video which summarises the issue, showing that the original data was flawed, so that there should not be vaccination of children, from their own data.


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The Cupboard is Bare By James Reed

As far as I am aware, this shortage has not yet hit Australia, but in the US, there as a baby food shortage, and now a tampon/lady’s hygiene product shortage. I know little about such things, having never married, but I expect it would be highly frustrating.  My hypothesis on the shortages, the death of livestock, and burning down of food processing plants, is that it is all done by the coordinated action of the elite’s agents, to soften up the population for the even more severe levels of chaos that they are set to unleash, for their end goal of the Great Reset New World Order.


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Nightmare: The Covid Grim Reaper Claims Youth in Troubled Sleep By Chris Knight (Florida)

Steve Kirsch comments upon the cases of fully vaxxed young people just dying in their sleep. Dying in one’s sleep is something which every old person usually wants. But, it was unheard of for young healthy people to just suddenly die in this way. There are many high-profile cases detailed below, but the numbers are growing, and thanks to the vax, what was once very rare has become a new normal.


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BNT162c(2): Self-Amplifying RNA (saRNA); the Next Horror By Brian Simpson

Just in case you thought the Dr Frankensteins could not top mRNA vaxxes, here comes the next invention, self-amplifying RNA, which as Dr Rose argues, will open a whole new bag of horrors. Big pHARMA can’t wait to get this into new vaxxes, and into deltoid muscles.


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Who, or What is Destroying Animal Life? By Richard Miller (London)

The US correspondents for the blog have reported on the tens of thousands of cattle that have died, the authorities say from the heat, and the heat is caused by climate change, of course. But, as has been argued, cows have experienced heat before, and do not die in a mass, as some cows are stronger than others. However, mass deaths have also been observed in birds in Spain, and these birds are quite capable of flight away from hot zones or seeking shade. Could it be that these animals are being killed to generate a new climate change hysteria? After Covid, that certainly seems to be the next Big Thing, now.


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