Were Direct Energy Weapons Used to Cause the Hawaii Maui Fires? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Rita Cook, freelance writer, has explored the question of whether Direct Energy Weapons were used as part of a conspiratorial land grab in Maui, Hawaii. This has been mentioned at various Dissent Right sites such as Infowars.com, but as speculation; supposedly blue things did not burn, which is very odd indeed.  She says that it is odd that the area is sealed off now, with large walls constructed. It is something out of a zombie apocalypse movie. As well, there are reports of witnesses seeing lasers ignite grass lands, but this is hearsay, with the witnesses keeping their heads down.


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The UN Cybercrime Treaty By James Reed

One thing is clear, anything the UN is involved in turns bad, given its agenda for the creation of a one world government, and the lust for power. Thus, the UN cybercrime treaty should be a way of controlling cybercrime, such as digital criminal activities like ransomware, denial-of-service attacks, and the exploitation of children online,  if it was anything at all.

However, it has evolved into a battle between the US on the one hand, and Russia and communist China and Iran on the other. Russia, China and Iran want to extend the scope of the concept of cybercrime: “You could end up in a situation where a treaty intended to boost global cooperation on cybercrime becomes a means for authoritarian states to surveil their populations, access and share personal data of their citizens, and criminalize online content and behaviors they don’t like,” said Megan Roberts, interim managing director of the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative at the German Marshall Fund think tank.”

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Heading the Argentina Way By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Students of cultural decline need to carefully study the case of Argentina. In the early part of the 20th century, this was a booming country, that was heading to equal many countries in Europe in terms of standards of living. It certainly was economically and culturally far ahead of much of South America. Then the great, and disastrous experiments with socialism and its variants occurred throughout the world, and now we come to Argentina today, after these experiments.

 As described by a local, below the place has already undergone partial social collapse in many regions, with massive crime, inflation is above 100 percent, one of the highest in the world, and 40 percent of the population living in poverty. Home invasions are common, sometimes with gangs barricading entire buildings and looting and raping their way through. And, strict gun control, done by socialist governments, leaves ordinary people at the mercy of the gangs.

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The Fall of Ancient Rome and the Collapse of America By Chris Knight (Florida)

There have often been comparisons made between modern America’s decline and the fall of Rome, with Internationalman.com, giving an interesting take. The parallels are mass immigration of “barbarians’ (as the Romans called them) or more kind, people who are ethnically and culturally distinct, spiralling taxation, unsustainable welfare, imperial overshoot from military adventures, and general cultural decline.

What occurred in ancient Rome, was that cultural decadence was produced by too much abundance, as argued by Lewis Mumford in his book, The City in History (1961). It was a case of the great quote by author G. Michael Hopf, that “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” The quote, from a sums up a pervasive cyclical vision of history, and the West is a part of this, not immune from the same forces.

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Covid Mandates Return to New York By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is another piece of the emerging Covid plandemic 2.0, coming from New York, one of the sources of inanity and insanity in America. The Labor Day weekend has been and gone, but New York health officials advised, but did not strictly mandate, people to wear masks, to reduce the transmission of the new Covid viruses. This assumes that the cheap blue surgical masks actually work to stop transmission, which has been shown to be false, but this belief never dies among health officials, for what else have they to offer from their impoverished health tool kit?


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Big Trouble in Big China By James Reed

While much of the mainstream media, especially from the Left, which falls all over communist China, sees China as inevitably becoming number one economically and militarily, and ruling the world in a Chinese communist New World Order, there are a few problems on the way to this dystopia. China’s economy, once thought by those Leftoids to have unstoppable growth, is in fact slowing down.

One big problem for world emperor Xi, master of all men  -- no, sorry, I confused him with Genghis Khan -- is youth unemployment. The last published figures put this at 20.5 percent, but as this was embarrassing to Xi, and he had no real solution to it, the figures are now no longer published, which is how a communist state works.

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The Sexual Abuse of British Sikh Women for 50 Years By Richard Miller (London)

We were aware of the UK police covering up, or turning a blind eye, to the rape and grooming of thousands of White British children by predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs, and not acting because of political correctness:


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Now They Want to Declare Trump Guilty Without Even a Trial! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

One of the numerous trials Donald Trump faces is a fraud case in New York. Attorney General Letitia James claims that “Donald Trump falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars to unjustly enrich himself and to cheat the system,” reaping “incredible financial benefits” in the process.” Even the mainstream media, as extracted below, raises some doubts about who was actually harmed by these actions even if true. The tax payers claim the state of New York. To this Trump says that haggling over valuations is just part of real estate, and value is in the eye of the beholder.

But what is incredible is that the Attorney General is seeking summary judgment, where no trial occurs at all and Trump is just declared guilty! Normally summary judgments are things that defendants get, and the rule of law, of being innocent until proven guilty would be a presumption against summary judgment. We don’t know if this will occur, but if it does, Trump will certainly appeal to a higher court. It shows the level of hatred that the liberal elites have for anyone rocking their boat to the slightest degree. And, it is a lesson for us all in all jurisdictions, of what we face. A financial reformer, or vax critic,  would also be subjected to this treatment, of violation of basic rights and more.

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Burning Man, Not Burning Down, but, Washed Away! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The Burning Man gathering simulated the apocalyptic world view, with people dressed like they are part of a Mad Max movie, with a Leftist, New Age flavour. Set in the Nevada desert, it was thought that rain would not come in the harsh Nevada desert. But, suddenly the skies opened up, and about six months rain fell in a day, making the whole area mush. Some say that this might be divine intervention, but I do not believe tht we should speculate about such matters; it shows lack of humbleness and compassion even for Leftoids, who know not what they do. Or, at least most of them.

Now 70,000 people are stuck in the mud, locked in place, with a shortage of supplies like water. One woman saw people starting to restore to Lord of the Flies, with theft. One person has died, or been killed; details are murky.  That is not surprising. But the point is that the gathering is mainly of rich Leftoids, with sex, drugs and Satanism, with entrance not being cheap, thousands of dollars. As YouTubers have noted, this is as sample of what could come if breakdown occurs, for even Leftoids will resort to such behaviour as socialism goes out the window, or is it, get’s stuck in the mud?

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Russia’s Doomsday Missile Ready for Doomsday! By Richard Miller (London)

While the ruling elites have us busy opposing their globalist agendas, such as the Voice in Australia and climate change tyranny, everywhere, the world still itches ever-closer to the possibility of nuclear war. Russia has now put its so-called Satan II, or Sarmat, super nuke, into combat duty. The missile had teething problems, always a possibility for something so dramatic. The new missile has a payload of 10 tons, carrying up to 15 nuclear missiles, and has a maximum range of 11,800 miles, meaning that it can reach any place on Earth. And, it is destructive enough to destroy a region the size of France! Putin has said that using hypersonics, it can evade any missile defence of NATO. We would not want to try and see if that is true.


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Time for a Reality Check on So-Called Climate Change By Ken Grundy

Dear Editor


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Retired Judge, Henry Litton’s Letter to the Prime Minister, Opposing the Voice By James Reed

Retired judge Henry Litton has written the below open letter to the Prime Minster, opposing on sound legal grounds, the Voice. It is another good piece of material to get around, because while analytically profound, the argument is both clear and readable for ordinary voters. He makes all the good points about the referendum being divisive, and contrary to liberal democratic principles of reserving sovereignty to the people as a whole and not some sector of the population, such as Aboriginals.


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If One Voice Falls Another Will Take its Place By James Reed

There is some great news, and some predictable news. The great news is that the NO side is now in the majority, with the latest Newspoll showing that the YES side has 38 percent support, while the NO has 53 percent. But, we should not be complacent about this, as corporate Australia and Big Tech intend to throw tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, into the election to turn this around. And, it could happen, so we must fight on even harder now, just as in a foot race, the leader does not slacken off just because he is ahead. The enemy must be soundly defeated.

And, predictably enough, the Leader of the Opposition, Peter Dutton, said he will hold another referendum if the Voice fails, to make sure Aboriginal recognition gets in the Constitution. How about when we win the Voice, we lobby to get Dutton tossed out as leader?

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The Voice and the Treaty: Rita Panahi By James Reed

While PM Albo denies it, being an inconvenient truth now, the Voice is intrinsically intertwined with a treaty. Previously at the blog, written documentation was given, but Rita Panahi, opinionist, has put together a compilation of talking heads showing that the treaty is what the Voice is all about. It means the loss off Australian sovereignty, and socialist globalist PM Albo is only too happy to surrender Australia. Malcolm Roberts, who does fantastic work has the link to see and get around:


Spike Proteins, Not Diamonds May be Forever By Brian Simpson

Early in the Covid plandemic, the health authorities proclaimed that the mRNA Covid vax stayed in the injection site and did not migrate to organs in the body. This was refuted by biodistribution studies requested by the Japanese government, that showed that the mRNA spike proteins did in fact travel to organs such as the heart, brain and ovaries. The Australian health authorities were pretty quiet on this issue. Still, since the early biodistribution studies, other research has found that not only do the spike proteins travel all over the body, but they remain in the body for a considerable length of time.


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Haiti: Few Covid Deaths; Little Vaccination By Chris Knight (Florida)

Sometimes extreme poverty can be a protective measure against the madness and excesses of Western Big Pharma-dominated medicine. Thus, Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world had few people vaccinated, as the nation could not afford the vaccine, and their health authorities became concerned when reports of adverse effects, such as heart inflammation, myocarditis, became known. Only 254 people, mostly the elderly, died supposedly from Covid over the entire plandemic. This is a death rate of 22 per one million people compared to the United States rate of 1,800 per one million people.

Thus, Haiti, and most of sub-Saharan Africa, where poverty prevented the extensive vaccination mainly seen in the West, and where lockdowns and masks were non-existent, did far better than the soft, brainwashed West. In other words, Covid was really a social, or rather, medical construction. If, and when Covid plandemic 2.0 comes to Australia from the present mania in New York, keep the example of Haiti handy.

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The Sadness of the Postmodern World By James Reed

The Canadian evolutionary behavioural scientist Dr. Gad Saad has published a book entitled, The Saad Truth about Happiness. The book tackles one of the oldest philosophical problems, of what constitutes the good life and human happiness. Where the contemporary world differs from the world of ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who saw human happiness encompassing various elements of flourishing, as key aspects of that nature, such as intellectual fulfilment are satisfied, is that in the postmodern wasteland, such a nature is denied. Thus, the differences between males and females are rejected, and indeed, the concepts of a man and a woman become purely relative; hence the difficulties the radicals have in saying exactly what a woman is. The secure anchoring in human essence that Aristotle saw, is denied by those, and they dominate the world, those who champion the gender agender and transgenderism.

Conservatives have been found to be happier than liberals, because conservatives have a foundation of values, which those of the Left deny, where everything is open to deconstruction and destruction. Conservatives who are religious are the happiness of all, as they see that there is something beyond this world that gives ultimate meaning and sense to the buzzing confusion of present-day reality. Secular liberals, just live, and die. Sad, as Trump would say.

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World Economic Forum Wants More Stick, Less Carrot By Richard Miller (London)

The globalist elites of the World Economic Forum have been recommending that governments get deadly serious on the so-called climate change issue, and start using the stick, penalties imposed by law, over the carrot, mere incentives, to reach the mythical state of net zero emissions. Thus, in the UK, there is a move now for new criminal offences to be created to deal with people who do not obey the new energy laws. London already has fines for vehicles found to exceed permissible emission levels of 12.5 pounds per offence, which is crippling many poor people who need a car for work and survival. This law is so draconian that people are flooding to buy old cars which have been given an exception under the London laws, and it is now difficult to get such cars, even at a high price.

But, things will not stop there. Under the new energy proposals, people who violate the regulations to reduce their energy consumption could face up to a year in prison and fines of up to £15,000! This is going to make it almost impossible for poor British families to heat their homes during the bitter cold of British winters. But the elites do not care if such people die; all that matters is their agenda.

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Voice Will Create Division: “Shepparton News” By Ken Grundy

Before we think about changing the Constitution, we should acknowledge that all constitutions are the sets of rules by which parliament, or even the local sporting club, will operate its business. They involve the procedures to be followed when conducting business. The rules are not the appropriate place to recognise the founders of the local sporting club, or for recognising nationally the people living in Australia before it was even called Australia. The proposed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice will instantly create division because it will favour that group over and above the rest of us. We are all recognised as Australians and hence have our “voice” to parliament. It is actioned by our member of parliament. That is the job of the MP! If the present funding directed toward the A&TSI people is not reaching the target then it is due for thorough overhaul. Importantly, this can be achieved without any special voice to parliament.

 I agree with Louis Cook (News, Monday, August 28). Do not tamper with our Constitution. Vote No!

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Makarrata Demands as Proposed by the National Aboriginal Conference By Brian Simpson

The Aboriginal treaty agenda is not new, and was discussed by the Commonwealth Parliament back in 1983, and enthusiastically endorsed:

THE PARLIAMENT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA TWO HUNDRED YEARS LATER ... Report by the Senate Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs on the Feasibility of a Compact or 'Makarrata! between the Commonwealth and Aboriginal People:

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