Goldman Sachs Equity on the AI Threat By Brian Simpson

I have been covering the possibility of an emerging threat to humanity by generative artificial intelligence, generally citing insiders who fear the direction that things are going. So far this has been individuals, but now Goldman Sachs equity research division has issued a study. It predicts that “AI will lead one-third of a billion layoffs (at least) in the US and Europe. Think of it as the robotization of the service sector.

Specifically, according to Jan Hatzius, "using data on occupational tasks in both the US and Europe, we find that roughly two-thirds of current jobs are exposed to some degree of AI automation, and that generative AI could substitute up to one-fourth of current work. Extrapolating our estimates globally suggests that generative AI could expose the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs to automation" as up to "two thirds of occupations could be partially automated by AI." That means the end of work for these people, as there will be fierce competition for any jobs not displaced by AI, as long as such jobs last.

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A Communist Chinese Backdoor via TikTok By James Reed

People are right to be highly suspicious of TikTok, which US authorities say has direct connections to the CCP. Now it has been revealed, according to allegations in a lawsuit, that ByteDance allowed a Chinese Communist Party unit to censor content and access data. ByteDance even built a "backdoor channel" to enable CCP access to US user data, the suit alleges. Banning TikTok is not a free speech issue; it is a national security one, as information seems to be freely given to the CCP.


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Climate Change Death Cult Targets Agriculture By James Reed

The climate change cult means business; yes, harm to business if it is agriculture. While we have seen much of this “close down the farms movement” in Europe, especially the Netherlands, the same seems to be kicking over as well in the United States. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, has said that control of agriculture is essential for the climate change agenda, to end global warming. Supposedly, agricultural production accounts for 33 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which to Kerry’s mind makes it a first priority. This is a problem though, as he recognised since the world’s population is growing, albeit at a decreasing rate, so the demand for food, and hence more agriculture, will increase as well. Lip service is given to improving efficiency, but that is just a fallacy as the Netherlands farms are highly efficient but are on the globalist agenda to be closed down.


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Dr David Barton: The Voice Referendum is about Power By James Reed

Most calls for Aboriginal self-determination, if not a return to tribal law and life, are made by Left-wing white fella academics and card-carrying communists, something noted early in the debate by Geoff McDonald in Red Over Black (1982), but a point made more recently by Dr David Barton regarding the Voice Referendum. Dr Barton notes that this past life has now gone as completely as say medieval life has gone for Europeans, to be replaced by a woke social construction, devised by the New Class intellectuals:


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Covid Vaxxes Could Cause Long-Term Brain Damage By Mrs Vera West

A recent peer-reviewed article in the European Journal of Medical Research has discussed the issue of the numerous adverse effects the Covid 19 vaccines may have on the human nervous system. These effects include cerebrovascular disorders including cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, transient ischemic attack, intracerebral haemorrhage, ischemic stroke, and demyelinating disorders including transverse myelitis, the first manifestation of MS, and neuromyelitis optica, to name but a few. Don’t worry, I had to look most of these up and it is bad. The article states that in various cases, these effects can be fatal. It appears that women are more affected by neurological adverse effects from the vaxxes than men, because women induce a stronger immune response against foreign antigens. It seems then that the mainstream scientific community is at long last publishing on the herd of elephants in the room regarding the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaxxes. But, to continue the animal metaphors, the horses have long ago bolted.

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Women and the University’s Decline By Mrs Vera West and James Reed

Human biodiversity writer, Lance Welton, has been addressing the issue of the relationship between the decline of the liberal university, and the rise of women in positions of power within it, for some years. He recently returned to his theme, that the rise of women has played a large part in the fall of the universities, discussing a study by social psychologists at the State University of New York “The Value Gap: How Gender, Generation, Personality, and Politics Shape the Values of American University Students,” by Zachary Rausch et al., Journal of Open Inquiry in the Behavioral Sciences, 2023. The paper reported on a “value discrepancy” existing among 574 American university students by examining “the prioritization of five different academic values (academic freedom, advancing knowledge, academic rigor, social justice, and emotional well-being).” They also investigated how “gender, generation, personality, major, and conservatism predict each academic value.” The researchers  compared Gen Z subjects to 126 Millennials and some older people. It was found that Gen Z valued social justice goals over values such as truth. And, women were even more woke than men: “Gender demographics on college campuses have been reversed over the past sixty years. … Males dominated college campuses in the 1960s with a ratio of 1.6 male to 1 female undergraduate students, inverting, as of 2003, to become a ratio of 1.3 women to every 1 male undergraduate. … The change in gender demographics within colleges is significant, as gender has been linked to differences in personality traits, value orientation, and conservatism. … For example, men tend to be less liberal than women … men score lower on agreeableness and openness … and men have higher scores on emotional stability.”


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The Climate Change War on the West By James Reed

A Mid-Western doctor, always having something worth reading, has lamented at the way the globalist corporate elites have invaded, and taken over the environmental movement, or what used to be known as conservation. This has been done by down-playing real issues of pollution, such as persistent organic pollutants, and oestrogenic plastics, and elevating carbon dioxide as the villain of all villains. Now, as almost all of the dire predictions about global warming have failed to be confirmed, instead of admitting fault as good science should, a doubling down has occurred. On this point he agrees with Robert F. Kennedy who recently said: “The climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all of these big Mega billionaires the same way that COVID was exploited. To use it as an excuse to clamp down — top down totalitarian controls on society and to then to give us engineering solutions. And if you look closely as it turns out, the guys who are promoting those engineering solutions are the people who own the IPs, the patents for those solutions. It’s being used…

…They’ve given climate chaos a bad name because people now see that it’s just another crisis that’s being used to strip mine the wealth of the poor and to enrich billionaires.”

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The Vaccine Cult By Chris Knight

Here is a collection of film clips where the elites say that those unvaccinated against Covid, are the problem, spreading the disease and threatening the vaccinated. It is all past material, but it shows the fanaticism of these elites from government, the health sector and media. It really was a form of mass psychosis, since these chatters also held that the vaccines made one, as one doctor put it to me “a super-hero,” immune to Covid. But, as things played out it turned out that the multiple vaxxed were getting Covid more frequently than the unvaxxed, who by the time of Omicron, had natural immunity. However, there has been no retraction or apology by any of them, for any of this.


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The Globalist Strategy of Collapse By Chris Knight (Florida)

It seems that the coming collapse is all around us, and one can see this at a street level here in many parts of America; I get to travel in my paid job, and I have seen most of the things summarised below. What is obvious is uncontrolled crime in the Democrat run states, and regions. This is not restricted to major crimes against the person, but has expanded with go-soft measures to protect criminals, who are a “special” class to property crimes, such as shop stealing. I have seen many supermarket stores, with wall-to-wall lockups of even basic items such as tin meat, sweets, biscuits, breakfast cereal. As hard times are here, and inflation is killing the ordinary people, let alone those on welfare, stealing basics has become common. People need to eat before, say, using the latest cell phone. Homelessness is not dealt with as a social problem needing fixing, but instead, tent cities are allowed to grow like cancers on the landscape. This is not to degrade the homeless, many of whom have been made homeless by the globalist policies. All in all, there is a sense of deep cultural decline sweeping over many US places, which in turn are coming to resemble post-apocalyptic ruins.

And, this decay is part of a globalist plan, to collapse society, and level it, so that it can be rebuilt according to some demonic plan; if people do not resist as if their existence depended upon it. It does as this is the endgame now.

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The Woke Globalist Attack Upon Christianity By James Reed

We watch the US and Europe to see where the globalists will be taking us next; no longer can we be insular, since now the attack is fully global, and there is nowhere to hide any more. Christians are persecuted in many places in the Third world, such as Africa, such as the Congo. In a speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council's 23rd session in May 2013, then-Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations in GenevaSilvano Maria Tomasi claimed that "an estimate of more than 100,000 Christians are violently killed because of some relation to their faith every year."


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The Victorian Covid Cases By Brian Simpson

Talk about generosity! The Victorian government is offering $ 5 million dollars to settle a class action regarding nine public housing towers that were locked down in 2020. The 3,000 residents were detained without notice in the residences, did not have fresh air, exercise, and deprived of medicines and adequate/ suitable food.

The offer to settle of $ 5 million is in my opinion an insult. I would argue that each deprived person should be awarded at a minimum of $ 5 million, for a fundamental violation of human rights, given that the facts are correct. But, the Victorian people returned the same government to power which did this, so I guess, that is just how it goes in the Covid state.

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The Southern Border Welcome Wagon By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Down south, Mexico way, 1,500 troopers have been sent by the Biden administration, as Title 42 has expired, and the flood of illegals becomes a super-storm. But, according to a Border Control informant, the troopers are being sent, not to control the border, but to help the illegals into the US. This is the Great Replacement in action, not only a racial one, but a replacement of voters too. Electoral fraud, done to perfection is simply not enough for this most evil of governments.

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The FBI: It Needs to be Closed Down By Chris Knight (Florida)

This one relates to the present controversy over the question of the corruption of President Joe Biden. The story goes that the FBI has refused to give US Congress an informant file alleging that President Biden took bribes while he was vice president; surely something of national interest.  The file is not classified. And, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued a legally binding subpoena last week requiring the FBI to turn over the file. But, the FBI has ignored this.

This, by definition makes the FBI an outlaw organisation, itself breaking the law. Clearly, with numerous other civil rights violations this secret police force in service of the globalists have committed, the whole thing needs to be closed down.

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Lab Grown Meat: More Carbon than Real Meat! By James Reed

The push for lab grown meat is being made on the grounds that real meat has an unacceptably high carbon footprint. However, the globalists such as Bill Gates, who push this line, and who have financial interests in such lab grown meat, never give their scientific proof that lab grown meat is “ecologically sustainable,” to use their buzz word.


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The Goodies the Biden Crime Family Received By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Material on the Biden crime family continues to pile up, but most, not all, of the mainstream media still protect their boy, Joe. Documents that the House oversight committee has, reveal that the Biden family received over $ 10 million from business deals in China and Romania, based upon influence peddling, the majority of companies formed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. Most of the details summarised below relate to Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, but Emma-Jo Morris’s and Miranda Devine in examining  the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” revealed that Joe Biden was intimately involved in Hunter’s businesses, appearing to get a ten percent stake in a company formed with officials at the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party. If that does not raise national security issues, nothing does, but the Democrats allow it to occur, also being corrupt.


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Ann Coulter on How the West Ends By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It must be apocalyptic Saturday, the weekend bringing out the inner sense of doom of dissent social critics, across the globe. Thus, Queen Ann Coulter has penned a piece now doing the rounds, on the US race situation, in the light, or is it shadow, of the drive to have reparations of billions for African Americans today, who while never slaves themselves, may have had a distant relative who was a slave, back centuries ago. Note that this is race-based, biased towards Black, when a large number of slaves in America were white indentured labour, who at the time were treated just as bad as actual Black slaves. But, that is an inconvenient truth, forgotten as the race narrative serves well the present globalist regime, in its Great Replacement agenda. Taking down the white race will leave no-one to oppose their quest for global totalitarianism.


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African Climatologist Attacks Climate Geoengineering By James Reed

Chukwumerije Okereke, an African climatologist, has strongly criticised proposals to geo-engineer the climate, to supposedly deal with the climate crisis. The professor does believe in climate change, but sees some so-called “solutions” as worse than the alleged initial problem, which we, of course, do not believe exists at all. These solar engineering technologies, which are surprisingly cheap, and could be implemented, aim to reflect sunlight back from the Earth, such as putting sulphur chemicals in the stratosphere. He points out that the technologies on a global scale are by definition unproven, and using the actual practice as an experiment is scientifically irrational. Africa’s climate is already somewhat chaotic, and it is possible that an interference with the present influx of solar radiation could have kick-on chaotic, unpredictable effects, endangering the lives of over a billion people.

It is a high cost to pay for conducting yet another grand experiment; the world should have had enough after Covid. Another take on this is that  global elites actually do not care about the possible death toll, adding this venture to the depopulation agenda.

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George Christensen: Soros Wants to Wipe Us Out! By James Reed

George Soros, speaking last month at the Munich Security conference, said that climate change was an existential threat to humanity, something that is fairly commonly said by the intellectual chattering class and World Economic Forum globalists today.  His “solution’ was to engage in geo-engineering to lower atmospheric temperature by reflecting back solar radiation into space. In my next article today, I refer to an African climatologist who sees this as a disaster in the waiting for Africa. As noted below, George Christensen pulls no punches, saying that a widespread use of these technologies could generate climatic instabilities, leading to global famines and the death of the bulk of humanity. Christensen sees this as a deliberate agenda of the globalists, a point of view which I think definitely has merit for consideration.

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From Californian Insanity to the Voice Referendum By James Reed

In California, the maddest state of the US, a reparations panel has concluded that racial justice requires every Black citizen be paid $ 1.2 million to address past wrongs, presumably even if the ancestors of Blacks were Black slaver owners themselves. Oh yes, see: L. Koger, Black Slave Owners (2011). This is in a state which never had slavery at all. Anyway, that is the way of woke not reason. And "California has an annual budget of about $237 billion, but economists on the panel said reparations could cost the state more than $800 billion." When the masses of American Blacks move to California, the state will be bankrupt, which is great.

Now, it is early days yet, but if the Voice Referendum is successful, given the California precedent, we can bet that a reparations drive will kick in in Australia too. This needs to be discussed now.

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The Mythology of Carbon Dioxide By James Reed

The emperor is certainly naked on this one. Scientific studies of temperature changes over thousands of years, not the relatively short periods that is used in the climate change predictions of doom, show that between 8,000 – 5,000 years ago, the global average temperature was 2 C warmer than now, but then dropped 2.5 C over the next 3,000 years. So, temperatures go up and down, according to natural variation.

And, according to research by K. Skrable et al., published in Health Physics, February 2022, present day carbon dioxide produced by industrialism is only a small part of the global carbon footprint: “After 1750 and the onset of the industrial revolution, the anthropogenic fossil component and the non-fossil component in the total atmospheric CO2 concentration, C(t), began to increase. Despite the lack of knowledge of these two components, claims that all or most of the increase in C(t) since 1800 has been due to the anthropogenic fossil component have continued since they began in 1960 with “Keeling Curve: Increase in CO2 from burning fossil fuel.” Data and plots of annual anthropogenic fossil CO2 emissions and concentrations, C(t), published by the Energy Information Administration, are expanded in this paper. Additions include annual mean values in 1750 through 2018 of the 14C specific activity, concentrations of the two components, and their changes from values in 1750. The specific activity of 14C in the atmosphere gets reduced by a dilution effect when fossil CO2, which is devoid of 14C, enters the atmosphere. We have used the results of this effect to quantify the two components. All results covering the period from 1750 through 2018 are listed in a table and plotted in figures. These results negate claims that the increase in C(t) since 1800 has been dominated by the increase of the anthropogenic fossil component. We determined that in 2018, atmospheric anthropogenic fossil CO2 represented 23% of the total emissions since 1750 with the remaining 77% in the exchange reservoirs. Our results show that the percentage of the total CO2 due to the use of fossil fuels from 1750 to 2018 increased from 0% in 1750 to 12% in 2018, much too low to be the cause of global warming.”

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