Confronting the Disease of Climate Alarmism By James Reed

While there is much negative news and views about the climate change agenda, and the drive to world communism, under Agenda 2030, there are some positive signs that the Green movement, always a cover for globalist communism, is getting scrutiny, as reality bites. It was easy to philosophise about the end of fossil fuels, until the reality of fuel restrictions and shortages due to the Ukraine War, actually led to this.  Thus Germany, which has been up to its neck in Green ideology, is tearing down wind turbines for beautiful coal mines to be dug. Other European countries, such as Sweden, have been winding back environmental laws that restricted development, and fossil fuel consumption. Thus, a number of countries have now backed away from the ban of petrol and diesel cars within the next ten years, for the sensible reason that it is illogical to drive these supposedly “Green” cars, when the electricity that powers them comes from fossil fuels. The actual carbon produced from the replacement would be a net positive contribution to the carbon footprint.


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Dutch Famers Sacrificed on the Altar of Climate Change Fanaticism By Richard Miller (London)

The situation in the Netherlands is an indication of how vicious the globalist climate change agenda elites are. To deal with some supposed nitrogen problem allegedly produced by agriculture, needed to feed Europe and the world, the EU elites have pushed to buy out 3,000 farms at 120 percent of the land value. That alone is an impoverishing  deal, as land value does not account for the value of stock, machinery and infrastructure. As well, the government encouraged farmers to go big, so now many are in debt anyway. The revolt against this tyranny has led to the BBB party, Farmer-Citizen movement, which in the recent elections became the largest party in the upper house of parliament. We have yet to see how the globalists are going to respond to this, as things are at a stalemate at present. However, it is certainly a huge step forward and shows what can, and must be done across the world to deal with climate change tyranny.

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Predictions of AI Killing Fields: Former Google Executive By Brian Simpson

I know many conservatives do not care much for science, and I don't blame them,  but science and technology are turning our world upside down, and there is the potential to destroy us. But, never under-estimate the extent of original sin, and the destructiveness of the globalist ruling elites. Consequently, even if here are vast elements of exaggeration, it is vital to examine what these elites say. A failed agenda could still cause untold misery.

Hence, Mo Gawdat, who once held the position of chief business officer for Google’s clandestine research-and-development arm X,  sees the potential for AI to go the way of dystopic sci fi movies such as I, Robot, where the robots, under the direction of a central computer, turn on humanity. The central AI can “generate its own computer power and do installations itself through robotic arms.” “It does have the agency to create killing machines because humans are creating them so AI might use it to dictate an agenda like the movie ‘I, Robot’,” Gawdat said.

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Fightback Against the Global Pandemic Treaty By Chris Knight (Florida)

I understand from reading the  blog, as well as other Australian nationalist literature, that there is not much action in Australia in opposing the World Health Organization pandemic treaty. In the scheme of things, Australia is not likely to hold out, as both sides of the same coin in politics are true believers in the religion of Big Pharma, which dominates WHO. If America can oppose the treaty, and African nations, it will fall.

Now House Republicans have spoken out about the threat to national sovereignty posed by the treaty, at a recent public forum. “The World Health Organization pandemic treaty is very vague, it affects our sovereignty, and it could be exploited to tell Americans what kind of health care they need in the event of a global pandemic,” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said. Spot on observation.

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Just a “Serious Biocontainment Incident” that Killed Millions By Brian Simpson

The latest support for the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis  comes from a US Senate report that proposes that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had a “serious biocontainment incident” in September 2019. This is two months earlier than the once-accepted date of knowledge in the West of what came to be known as Covid-19. China knew of this, the report claims, but sought to hide the fact, thus enabling the virus to spread globally. The CCP did not even warn the World Health Organization of the existence of the virus until January 2020.  “Just as Beijing was denying the possibility that COVID-19 came from a lab on the world stage, it was warning its own officials of such risks and rolling out new measures to prevent lab accidents,” the report stated. Thus, with the mass movement of people, and the slowness in shutting borders, the virus spread.

This is yet more evidence of China’s responsibility for the pandemic, so called, even though US funding had no doubt gone to the lab. As the US has a hand in this disaster, and given the global fear of communist China, not much beyond talking and writing about this crime against humanity is going on. There was so much more evil  beyond even the origins story.

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How about Reparations for Whites? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The big thing at present in the US, and elsewhere, is reparations to Blacks today and then every coloured person, to divide up the wealth of America, and then  of the West. Already California’s reparations task force has approved recommendations for Black residents to receive $1.2 million each as compensation for slavery and racial discrimination. Some are pushing for a compound rate of reparations at 7,000 trillion dollars, which is more than all the wealth in the world! There is, as no details available about how such a scheme would work, and how much “black” one needs. The same issue is on the horizon in Australia with your Voice referendum, which you really must fight hard to defeat. Not just reparations, but a breakup of the entire country is on the agenda, with a separate Black homeland, funded of course by the tax payer.

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The Death Toll of Covid By Brian Simpson

As Mike Adams rightly argues, the Covid mandates were never about dealing in a rational, scientific fashion with a health issue, but rather were part of a depopulation agenda that is ongoing, as seen by the excess mortality seen across the world. With a loss of an estimated $ 1.8 trillion, the crushing of tens of thousands of small businesses, the only ones to prosper were Big Pharma, and Big Business, which should make one immediately suspicious that such a pre-established harmony would exist. As well, as of December 30, 2020, as Operation Warp Speed was being launched, total Covid deaths were still under two million. But, by late 2021, however, the number of deaths recorded nearly tripled, reaching 5,488,817, and by December of 2022, the official death count ballooned to 6,714,164. That is the official death toll, and is not counting the deaths from the vaxxes that do not get recorded, which are likely to be up to 41 to 100 times more that the official statistics due to a massive under-reporting of vaccine injuries, in general. It is a health disaster of epic proportions, that now is slowly being allowed to be forgotten, along with the millions of vaccine injured people, many of whom will never get adequate compensation.

“The official government covid protocols were all designed to KILL people, not save them, Adams says.


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Taiwan Doesn’t Want Semiconductor Factories Destroyed; Best let the Commos Have Them! By James Reed

It has been suggested that it may not be possible for the US to prevent the invasion of Taiwan. So, what is at stake here for the West? Clearly the advanced chip/ semiconductor factories are in the eyes of the communist Chinese. If these were blown up, it would not really matter greatly if Taiwan did fall. In fact, if here is any sanity still left in the West, building new factories in some safer place in Asia, even South Korea, or in South East Asia would be preferable to going all out on Taiwan. Naturally, the Taiwanese do not want the semiconductor factories destroyed. However, it is better that these factories are knocked out, than to let the communist Chinese have them, which would mean, game over for the world. I think the Americans may send a few missiles their way if things do end up pear-shaped. I certainly would.


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Hypersonic Missile Defence? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) is moving to up the ante on the issue of the development of hypersonic missiles, to play catch up to communist China, and Russia. It seems that both nations are way ahead of the US with these missiles. While the Russians in particular like to portray such missiles as unstoppable due to their hyper-sonic speed, it appears that while the Russian may have destroyed, or damaged a US patriot missile system with a hypersonic missile, some of these hypersonic missiles have been shot down.  So, they are not invincible even with existing defences. But, still, if those hypersonic missiles had had nukes on them, it would not matter much. Clearly, these missiles are game changers, and World War III will certainly involve more such missiles than planes, which have become much more vulnerable to the deadly technology of today.


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Elon Musk on the Racial Element of Crime By Chris Knight (Florida)

Elon Musk, whatever his real technocratic agenda, is certainly stirring the pot with his tweets, which seem to be driving the liberals crazy. If he keeps going on like this he may come to rival Donny Trump is the “upsetting the liberals stake.” In particular, just one tweet dealing with how the media ignores Black-on-White interracial crime, set the liberal media off once more, squawking that this is fuel for racists blah, blah. Yes, proving that Musk is right, since the media ignored the reality of the imbalance in the crime statistics, and focussed on the usual woke issue that the language is more important than the actual crimes committed.

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Ann Coulter: America as a Battered Women’s Shelter! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I like Ann Coulter’s writing, and always seek it out because it is so … what’s the word … gutsy! In writing about the American immigration crisis, she takes the Biden regime to task. Their aim is to build “lawful pathways” for any non-white who wants to come to America, to come as part of the Democrat’s Great Replacement. But, she says, these illegals are just that, illegals, and by definition invaders, as almost all do not fit the UN definition of a refugee as a displaced person. They seek to come to better themselves. And, most importantly, the America people do not want this, and have not been consulted about their replacement. Nor, have they been consulted about their country being turned into a universal hellhole. The same applies to other Western countries such as Europe and Australia.

As she says, America should not be a battered women’s shelter.

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Elon Musk Confronts Conspiracy Theories (Some are True) By James Reed

Elon Musk does well in interviews, always coming out on top of the liberal journalists who aim to nail him with woke attacks. He keeps cool under such attacks because his job is secure, being the world’s richest man, according to some, and he has at least enough security to thumb his nose at the liberals. Thus, during a CNBC interview, he bit the bullet and said that he would say what he likes even if it loses money.  Musk said, “I’ll say what I what to say, and if the consequences are losing money, so be it.” That’s the spirit.


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Red Meat Has Been Given a Raw Deal By Mrs Vera West

I have been defending red meat in the diet, since it is a major source of protein and nutrition, and of course, the meat industry is a major part of the farming industry. Meat is now under attack by the globalist elites on alleged carbon dioxide emission grounds, wrongly, we argue. But before that there was a health critique of meat, blaming meat for heart disease, stroke and cancer. It turns out that most of the scientific studies used to push this ideology, were observational studies, where the results could be due to other intervening factors acting. Perhaps meat eaters have less vegetables or smoke more? There are numerous factors that need to be controlled. As well, the type of meat is important, whether it has high degrees of preservatives, such a processed meat, or is it organic grass-fed lean juicy meat? According to scientists at scientists at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), “We found weak evidence of association between unprocessed red meat consumption and colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and ischemic heart disease. Moreover, we found no evidence of an association between unprocessed red meat and ischemic stroke or haemorrhagic stroke.”

If this is right, then it looks like “meat is back on the menu, boys”!

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The UK Migration Tidal Wave, to Swamp Us By Richard Miller (London)

It really is a Camp of the Saints immigration invasion here in the UK.  Earlier projections were that 56,000 illegals from Africa and the Middle East would come to the UK, and make their infinite demands, this year.  Now, the government is set to welcome in 1,000,000 economic migrants in this year alone.  This is being done with no consideration for the economic decline, rising crime, mainly from the diverse, and massive homelessness. While that is happening, thousands of illegals are being put up in luxurious hotels and motels, something that has occurred in the US, where veterans have been tossed out and replaced by migrants. It really is the Great Replacement, and it is happening fast, as the majority of these migrants are non-white. At this rate, the UK will be majority non-white long before the predicted time of 2060. We can expect institutions such as the monarchy to have been long dissolved before then, if nothing is done about immigration.

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Australia and a Fragile America By James Reed

Former NSW premier Bob Carr, someone I have seldom found myself in agreement with, has stated an inconvenient truth though, that our local ruling elites have yet to take to heart. There are clear limits to the protection that America can, and will, deliver to Australia. “I just think we Australians have been enormously gullible and optimistic about our American partner and we’ve got to start to factor in to our view of our future in this world the prospect that America could be more unpredictable and more unreliable,” he said. Certainly, if Trump becomes president Australia would be in a much better position than if Beijing Biden, who at that stage would be on life-support, is put in the presidential office. We are in very dangerous times, and there is not the public concern that there should be.

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China Rattles the Old Sabres By James Reed

Leading China critic, Gordon Chang notes that China is rapidly making war preparations, while the West is sitting on its hands: “China cannot stop talking about war and is fast making preparations for it. Chinese President Xi Jinping is implementing the largest military build-up since the Second World War; he is trying to sanctions-proof China; he is stockpiling grain and taking control of all agriculture; he is surveying America for nuclear weapons strikes; and, most ominously, he is mobilizing China's civilians for battle. China's military has, Cultural Revolution-style, launched a purge of officers opposed to war. The recent death sentence handed down to retired Air Force General Liu Yazhou, who had argued against an invasion of Taiwan, is of particular concern.”

But, he notes, the Biden administration has no sense of urgency in its preparations, and seems more concerned with depleting its stockpile of weapons to keep the corrupt Ukraine regime afloat. Biden is not called “Beijing Biden” for nothing. And,  that does not present Australia with a secure future since we could well find ourselves here standing alone.

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From the 15-Minute City, To No City at All By Richard Miller (London)

The latest gee whiz Big Thing of the climate change elites is the 15-miunte city, where by banning cars, one is supposed to be able to get around quicker, as supposedly there is less congestion. But, in many respects the concept when actually rolled out in some of its forms is totally absurd, not merely impractical, and tyrannical. For example, the city of Birmingham UK, a diverse little multicult is moving to this 15-minute city concept to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, cars are banned, and trees planted in the spaces that once were roads. But, as pointed out by Igor Chudov at his substack, there does not seem to be, from the plans, anyway of getting large vehicle access, such as fire tracks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles! It just seems to be not part of the plan at all. So, if there is a major fire, the whole place burns down, creating even more carbon dioxide emissions!

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The March of the Cyborg Soldiers By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There have been movies made about this; Universal Soldier (1992), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren is one example of the idea of making humans into enhanced entities using artificial intelligence and robotics. As documented by Dr Robert Malone, the US military is working on the concept, as is communist China. The aim is to have a human machine fusion by 2050. The aim is to produce visual advancements, physical improvements in strength and endurance, but most importantly, to have neural implants that will allow a computer system interface to exist.

Of course, the documents Dr Malone cites are already a bit dated, as the technocrats now seem to have moved more to trying to produce the singularity by at least 2050, so that the biology part of the cyborg equation will simply drop pout, with man being totally replaced by AI, and robotics. Sure, we normal people see this as crazy science fiction, but it is the vision of the technocrats, and they intend to realise it, whatever the costs.

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The Cost of Thief By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It is the shape of a society in social decay, although the ruling elites running the show think that it is being progressive. Numerous Democrat run cities in the US are facing an epidemic of shoplifting. Target recently announced that organised retail thief will result in $500 million more in stolen and lost merchandise this year compared with a year ago. Across the country the figure of loss from thief is a staggering 100 billion dollars a year. Retailers try to pass this cost onto consumers, but only so much can be done here given that some stores face ongoing systematic organised looting. Videos can be seen on YouTube of mobs suddenly descending upon stores, taking what they want, and having overwhelmed security guards by sheer numbers, just leave with trollies full of goods. Thus, Walmart has decided to shut 17 of its stores across nine states given the thief crisis, including a further plan to shut down half its Chicago stores, mostly located on the crime-ridden city’s south and west sides.

The liberals see this as poor people just getting their “reparations,” although we can assume that the same liberals would not want this in their backyard, or done to their personal stuff. The cause is go-soft policies on crime, done by Soros-backed District Attorneys, making it almost irresistible to not steal. It is yet another example of how woke leads to social decay.

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The Voice is All About Communism By James Reed

This has been said before, but a different “voice” about the Voice referendum is worth considering. Two expatriates from the former communist state of Albania have seen the Voice referendum as a movement for communism. Dr. Zekri Palushi said, making comparisons with Albania: “The class system was implemented in order to incite Albanian citizens to hate and fight against each other, and I must admit that the strategy worked very well for the Albanian Communist Party. Because in this way, they managed to keep the people divided while [the party] worked together further pushing their agenda,” he said. “That’s why we see The Voice not as a gesture of kindness but as a Marxist movement with specific goals that, if successful, will see the good Aboriginal people become the greatest losers.” The issue is that neo-Marxists, who have dominated the Aboriginal debate, have mastered the techniques of using guilt for manipulation, and they have their agenda that is not known to the ordinary Australian voters.

The message thus needs to be got out about the agenda of racial separatism, and the breakup of Australia.

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