What Next Will European Police Have? Trained Attack Tigers? By Richard Miller (London)

This one is particularly nasty viewing, and has bad optics for the Covid police, as they set an Alsatian dog upon a Covid protester. Apparently, the cops were too weak to subdue him themselves, even with all their weapons. After this, some comments on the British cops recent politically correct dealings with the eternal rape gangs.


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Lead Article: Dr Robert Malone on Mass Formation Psychosis By Chris Knight (Florida)

Covid mandate critic, Dr Robert Malone was banned by the twits at Twitter. He then appeared on the Joe Rogan show, and the segment went viral, with millions more watching it than would have read anything he wrote on the pathetic twitter.  No doubt about it, sometimes the mainstream media can’t help shoot itself in the foot. And, Dr Malone calling out the present craziness of the Covid society, mass formation psychosis, also led to attacks in  the mainstream media, which in turn will peak the curiosity of more millions about the Covid plandemic. So, a good start to the year. The highlights of the interview are below, but it is worth having a cup of tea and some nice cream biscuits to dunk in it, and sit back and enjoy. I like Joe Rogen’s style, with super casual opp. shop clothes, tats, and huge unnecessary headphones, next to a brick wall. He is certainly doing good work exposing the Covid plandemic.  


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The Great Divorce By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Z Man, whoever he is, uses a phrase I have thrown around in relation to secession, the breakup of nations, the “great divorce.” But he gives a spin to it rather differently, namely that society is now divided between the insane and the sane, all cut along the lines of the Covid plandemic. People have gone crazy over events such as not seeing someone wear a mask, but the deeper social psychosis is at the system level, with the lockdowns and police brutality, right down to the denial of medical services. This is planned socio-cultural collapse in action. The elites think that they will control the forces now being unleashed, but I doubt it; it will at the end of the day eat them too.


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The Epidemiological Relevance of Covid-19 Vaccinated Individuals is Increasing … You Don’t Say? By Brian Simpson

The mainstream Covid narrative of a “pandemic of the unvaxxed” is fading somewhat with the herd of elephants in the room, of the vaxxed to the hilt, now falling into Covid purgatory. This relevance of the Covid infected vaccinated is now even recognised in academic journals. So here is one for ready reference if the topic comes up with your unfriendly neighbour GP, who in good medical ethics fashion, may be more concerned about your vax status than treating the illness you present with, just like my former GP. Santa has his little helpers, but Big pHARMa has his grunters too.


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Covid in the Land of the Penguins By James “Iceman” Reed

So how did Covid occur among almost two thirds of those brave, freezing souls at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station in Antarctica? Everyone was fully vaxxed to the hilt, and all precautions were taken? My hypothesis is that it is the blasted penguins doing it, waddling around in the freezing weather and getting all sorts of infections, and then spreading it to humans. Well, it makes as much sense as the bat soup hypothesis of Covid’s origin, that swam long enough for the CCP to cover all the tracks from the Wuhan lab release. Who says that crime does not pay?


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This is No Virus; It is Organised Crime! By Brian Simpson

Dr David Martin, interviewed by Stew Peters, says clearly that the Covid plandemic is planned genocide, pure and simple. We have covered all of this at the blog, but Dr Martin says it very clearly without technicalities. He says in no uncertain terms that it is a criminal process, and needs to be responded to as such.


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Animal Studies and Covid Omicron: It is a Pussy Cat, Not a Lion! By Brian Simpson

Covid Omicron, with a name like a bad dude from a Transformers’ movie, is causing the present wave of panic and hysteria among the chattering and drug administering class. However, animal studies indicate that while the virus is highly transmissible, it is by far the weakest variant of Covid we have seen. Some are even daring to suggest that since the virus is ripping through the population, people will get it, get over it and end the Covid freak out. Oh, shock, horror, hospitals might still get overwhelmed, ICU wards stressed out. Well, isn’t about time that it was suggested that empty building be converted to ICU units, rather than destroy entire economies? Why, in war zones, operations are performed in tents. Yes, I watched the TV show, MASH!


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World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines” By Mrs Vera West

The World Council for Health has called for an immediate stop to the covid vaccines, which they see as a dangerous experiment. There document appears below.


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The Neo-Feudalism of Bill Gates By James Reed

Children’s health Defense has done another great job of exposure, something the mainstream media should do if it was not owned by those needing exposure. Bill Gates has figure in the Covid plandemic quite substantially, even though he is no medical scientist. He has championed global lockdowns that have destroyed small businesses, but which have enriched the big players. A dangerous food insecurity has arisen from the downturn in the global economy, killing 10,000 African children every month. But ironically, Gates has moved to buy up farm land, he being no farmer. So, what is going on here, and what is his game plan, as the plandemic has already increased his wealth by $ 20 billion? What next?


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The Mathematics of Covid Vax Safety, Or, Lack of It By Brian Simpson

Statistician Mathew Crawford has written a number of articles, showing that the CDC and other public health agencies have taken steps to intentionally hide safety signals in relation to the Covid vaccines, to get them into people’s arms. Crawford examines a methodological  tool used by the CDC called a “proportional reporting ratio” (PRR), assesses one vaccine against another — comparing “the proportion of a specific AE [adverse event] following a specific vaccine versus the proportion of the same AE following receipt of another vaccine.” But there are problems here: “[O]ne vaccine that kills and cripples 20 or 50 or 1,000 times as much as a very safe vaccine will show the same PRR … and no safety signal will be identified by the CDC. By design … [E]ven if I take a cell … and plug in some enormous number like 1500, there is still no safety signal as per CDC definitions.” Crawford believes that the PRR function is designed to “establish an illusion of safety” and provide “a reason to ignore the true signs of danger.”


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Pathological Priming and Paradoxical Immune Enhancement Phenomenon By Brian Simpson

Evidence of the harms of the mRNA Covid vaxxes seems to be coming every day now. One such issue is “pathological priming,” or Covid vax disease enhancement, due to exposure to the pathogen’s proteins via the vax, which primes the body to autoimmunity.  Every protein in the SARS-CoV-2 has at least one epitope that matches human proteins elsewhere in the human body and around one-third of the epitopes in SARS-CoV-2 virus that match human proteins also match immune system proteins. It has been observed that The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Briefing Document on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine already had indications that pathological priming could arise, particularly in older people. Pathological priming explains how the vaccinated are still getting covid, when a vaccine is supposed to give “immunity.”


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The Two Corporations Who Own the World By James Reed

I did not know exactly how bad the centralised control of the money power was until reading a now deleted piece by Dr Mercola, preserved below for your holiday reading pleasure. Big pHARMa and most of the mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard. Dr Mercola details the extent of their ownership, and the surprising number of companies controlled by these entities. Not much is known about who owns them. He mentions that the world’s richest families with wealth accumulated since the beginning of the industrial revolution are behind it. So, the task ahead will be to investigate who these creatures are. They do not seem to like the light of exposure, so that is the first thing to do. Certainly they are higher up the order than Soros and Bill Gates, who are no doubt intermediate players, being highly visible.


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Have Spike Protein, Will Travel By Brian Simpson

Evidence has emerged that the mRNA spike protein, that is produced by the body’s cells as part of the gene therapy that the mRNA vaccines are, does not stay at the injection site, but migrates around the body, lodging in various organs including the brain. “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario. “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.” Thus, it is no wonder that we are seeing the stunning level of deaths and adverse effects.


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China Got Away with Covid Due to Corruption of the West By James Reed

Frank Schell, a business strategy consultant and former senior vice president of the First National Bank of Chicago, gives a frank answer about how China got away with the Covid-19 lab release, most probably intentional. Sure, the US was involved in setting up the Wuhan lab, and promoting gain-of-function research, this has been shown by released emails, documented in earlier blog posts. But China got away with the actual lab release because so many elites in the West are simply in the pocket of the CCP. They would, and do, sell out their country for big brown bags of money from the CCP. That is what se are up against, the treason from within, that runs right through the decadent and decaying West.


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mRNA Covid Vaccines Reprograms both Adaptive and Innate Immune Responses By Brian Simpson

A scientific paper has appeared presenting evidence that the mRNA vaccines reprogram both the adaptive and innate immune systems, resulting in immune system dysfunction. The biochemistry of this is a bit complicated for summary in a few sentences, but thanks to Children’s Health Defense.org, and Dr Jessica Rose, we have a lively and readable account below. It is but one more piece of evidence of the harms of the mRNA vaccines.


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Door-to-Door Covid Mandate Tyranny By Chris Knight (Florida)

This year, 2022, seems like it will involve an intensification of the totalitarian measures of the Covid state. The latest, seen in New York and parts of Europe is door-to-door enforcement of the Covid mandates, with Austria leading the wave there, but New York not far behind, with agents arresting those who do not haver the jab, the sign of the Beast, in New York City.


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Taking on the Father of the Covid Vax By Charles Taylor

First it was Infowars.org, now Natural News.com, who are criticising Trump, who is constantly proclaiming that he is father of the Covid vaccines, and that the vaxxes are some sort of health food. As Trump has said, normally it would have taken five to 12 years to get an experimental vaccine, actually, a gene therapy up, or in,  but corners were cut, big time. He rejects the idea that there is any evidence of adverse effects, and is the most over-the-top promoter of vaccines. What makes me suspicious is that in the years before his presidency he said that vaccines caused autism. So, why the change? My hypothesis is that he became controlled opposition, and his present position is a continuation of that.


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The Spanish Flu Vaccine Conspiracy By James Reed

Was the Spanish flu ended by the magic vaccines? Or, as proposed below, was the vaccine really the cause? I do not know, but being of a conspiratorial mind-set, I found the speculations fascinating, irresistible. Of course, no health advice is offered to anyone who time travels to 1918 and catches the Spanish flu. Actually, it is thought by some to have come from China.  Funny that sounds familiar. Where else have we heard that recently?


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US Nurses Speaking Out on Covid Vax-Caused Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes By Mrs Vera West

We are seeing brave health workers, a minority of course, coming forward, blowing strongly their whistles about the cover-ups occurring in the hospitals with Covid vaccine injuries, even deaths. US nurses are doing this at the risk of being sacked by corrupt officials who care only about protecting their rackets. Medicine ceased long ago to be about much else other than profit for Big pHARMa.


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The Relentless March of Cultural Marxism By James Reed

Conservatives may not be aware of how extensive the march of cultural Marxism has been, with the major institutions of Western societies now almost completely dominated by this ideology. The universities are a notable example, with conservatives long being driven out. Thus, the young are subjected to endless brainwashing in all subjects now, even in STEM. The long march through the institutions is now complete. As so much evil comes from the universities, I have long proposed that they be shut down totally and higher education be restructured along the lines of various decentralised schools and guilds, such as doctors training in teaching hospitals, lawyers in law societies, sciences in science schools. The Arts and humanities can be funded by George Soros, and be located in areas such as nuclear waste dumps.


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