Beijing Albo and the Communist Chinese Sonar Attack Upon the Australian Navy By James Reed

The Albo government waited until after the conclusion of APEC to let the public know that divers with the Royal Australian Navy suffered injuries after being attacked by sonic pulses from a communist Chinese warship. This attack occurred of the coast of Japan on November 14, before the PM Albo left to attend APEC. This was done in international waters. If the sides were reversed and Australia did this to the Chinese, I expect that it would be seen as an act of war. Wars have started for less.

As Malcolm Roberts rightly points out, it is about time our political leaders started protecting Australian interests, rather than bowing to communist China, in cringing, embarrassing acts of appeasement, which emperor Xi would simply laugh at.

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Britain’s Quest for National Extinction By Richard Miller (London)

John Derbyshire, now an American, but born in Britain, reports quite accurately on the state of my depressing homeland, Britain. There is nothing particularly new which I have not covered in my blogs; the open border situation, the social welfare system laid out for illegals, the tide of woke. Things like the police championing anti-white racism, are not discussed, but one can only write so much about this misery before one’s brain fogs over. So, here is his summary on the end of Britain. It is not as if we have not been warned, warned since the “rivers of blood” speech by Enoch Powell, April 20, 1968: “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood'.”

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Anti-Socialist Javier Milei Now President of Argentina! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Socialists almost destroyed what was once the richest country in South America, Argentina, and they have still been at work, with the government of now former President Alberto Fernández, producing “unprecedented economic crisis, fuelling skyrocketing inflation, joblessness, and social anxiety,” in short, social chaos. In this environment the colourful Javier Milei, a libertarian freedom candidate arrived on the scene, and as the clear underdog, look on the giants and cut them down to size. That is an intentional metaphor as Milei often did campaign promotions where he waved around a moving chain saw, somewhat dangerously, cutting things up. It made an impression.

Hopefully, his election will be part of a new wave across the planet of freedom candidates. We expect Milei to pull out of the World Health Organization for starters. If he is sincere he will begin the pushback against the UN and World Health Organization agendas on health and digital identity. It will be a good start, hopefully joined by a return of Donald Trump in 2024, who may this time do something against the globalists. 

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The Tearless Dictatorship, Tears By Chris Knight (Florida)

While freedom movement types cite freely 1984 by George Orwell, which probably few of them have read, a lesser know dystopian fiction is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World written in 1932. Huxley speculated about future tyrannies, and he saw the threat of technocracy being primarily. People may not be controlled by the iron fist as in 1984, but by the syringe, drugs and brainwashing.


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The Target is on Gun Control Once More By John Steele

The push is on to establish a National Firearms Register, following the tragic murder of two police officers. For the legacy media it seems that if such a register existed, where police in any Australian state could access via the tap of a few computer keys, all the firearms details about any firearms owner in any state, terrible crimes like this would be prevented. That point is delusional, as while such a register, to cost a cool $ 200 million plus, would give information, that X owns a firearm, so what? How exactly would that help, since surely police tactics would assume that any suspect was armed anyway?

I note in particular the spin given in the article: “three religious extremists, none of whom were ­legally allowed to possess the ­arsenal of high-powered weapons and stockpile of ammunition they had hoarded on the remote property, more than 300km west of Brisbane. Shooter Nathaniel Train’s Queensland gun licence had been suspended four months earlier, and his brother, Gareth Train, and Gareth’s wife, Stacey Train, were not licensed to own or shoot firearms at all.” So, the criminals were not in lawful possession of firearms. Well, shouldn’t police had removed the guns from them sooner, taking all precautions of course, that is going fully armed to the premises, with plenty of backup officers? Nothing wrong with that, it is just sound situational awareness.

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Tik Tok for TikTok By Charles Taylor (Florida)

TikTok, the communist Chinese social media spy site, tried an experiment where they wanted to see if social media influencers could get impressionable Western youth to come out in support for terrorist Osama bin Laden. It worked like a charm, with piles of youth giving the thumbs up to bin Laden’s 2002 “Letter to America,” supposedly written by him.

The case for banning TikTok is not a free speech issue. TikTok has no interest in promoting free speech in the West on any topic of concern, and censors anything critical of the CCP and Emperor Xi. It promotes the degenerate dumbing down of culture, while China’s own TikTok, Douyin, has none of this, which gives the game away. Furthermore, the social media site is a spying device, and it is well known that people in defence and national security must not open this site on their computers. It is thus a danger, and should be banned.

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The Australian Middle Class: Soon to be a Museum Exhibit By James Reed

The mainstream Sydney Morning Herald has reported on the coming death of the Australian middle class, something we knew was happening. The cost of living crisis is eroding middle class incomes and dreams as well, with the housing crisis, fuelled by mass immigration, making the ideal of a quarter acre block home, a memory.  The quarter acre block home was once a symbol of the Australian dream, something hard work could deliver; but that is no more.

As the article says: “If wage growth kept up with the growth our property sector has seen over the last 40 years, the average Australian would be on an income of $162,000. The dream of home ownership, a quintessential aspect of middle-class life, has become an increasingly elusive goal.”

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Will We Descend into Covid Tyranny 2.0? By Brian Simpson

There have been claims on the internet at various substack, that first the mask introduction in South Australian hospitals, and yesterday, masks reintroduced in Western Australian hospitals, could mark the beginning of the return of wider Covid mandates. I personally think this is drawing a long bow at the moment, but anything is possible, and we need to keep hyper-vigilant and watch how things are played out. My guess is that the health technocrats are eagerly waiting for a much more severe virus (Bill Gates has told us that this virus is coming, due to natural evolution, of course), which will no doubt have to be released from some bioweapons lab, just in time to allow election fraud to defeat Donald Trump once more. Unless, of course, the corrupt legal system with its kangaroo courts succeeds in nailing him, which is highly likely.

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The Long and Winding Painful Road Ahead for Australian Workers By James Reed

While the prime minister has been crowing about a supposed 55,000 jobs created, the Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force release figures have indicated that unemployment has risen by 3.7 percent. The youth unemployment rate rose in October, to 9.2 percent, the highest it has been since late 2021. Economists are predicting a further slow down in the economy, so expect the unemployment figures to get even worse. Wages were given a kick in the guts during the Covid plandemic and it is anyone’s guess how long they will take to recover., my now go-to site for seeing the economic plight of Australia, sums it up: “It is going to be a long and painful road ahead for Australian workers.”


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Zero Net’s Battery is Flat? By James Reed

There seems to be a growing public opposition to the Labor government’s zero net program, a program that will have radical impacts upon the Australian standard of living. The ordinary people like us are facing a cost-of-living crisis, with rising energy costs and inflation affecting everything, and worrying about long-term hypothetical events like climate change is a luxury few people who are not members of the elite classes can afford. But, while there may be this public discontent, it has not yet fused into a coherent political movement, just as there is public angst about housing and mass immigration, but so far, no organised street opposition.


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The Covid Lockdowns Not Superior to Swedish Approach: Oxford University Study By Richard Miller (London)

This is relevant since it is by no means the end of the use of pandemics by the elites to aid of achieving their New World Order, and overall, opposition to all aspects of the Covid plandemic was not adequate to prevent the terrible damage that was done to people’s lives and small business. The Oxford University study has shown that the Covid lockdowns were not more effective at controlling the Covid outbreak than approaches such as in Sweden, which did not involve any lockdowns at all. The modelling showed that allowing individuals to modify their own behaviour, using measures such as minimising contacts and social distancing, were just as effective as lockdowns and face masks. However, the Oxford team did not reject the top-down authoritarian approach, which they did see as reducing deaths, only that it was via trade-offs, equal to the decentralised individualistic approach. To my mind, as the authoritarian approach involved steam-rolling individual liberty, it must therefore be rejected as a public health failure.


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The Return to Masks By Mrs Vera West

People in the eastern states of Australia may not have heard this news item, so it is worth mentioning it here: some South Australian hospitals have returned to mask wearing because of some supposed new run of Covid. All staff and visitors must wear a mask. So, expect this to be followed in our states at some point.

This manic mask policy is done as a knee-jerk reaction, ignoring the scientific papers and reviews in recent times showing that mask wearing is ineffective at controlling the Covid virus, and because people do not use masks properly, which need to be replaced frequently, they may be concentrating the virus. In any case, this story is a reminder that Covid has not gone away, it being too useful to the elites. And we have been warned by none other than Mr. Vaccine himself, Bill Gates, that a new pandemic is only a matter of time, and this one will have real teeth.

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The United Nations and Bill Gates’ 50-in-5 Scheme to Impose “Digital Public Infrastructure By Chris Knight (Florida)

The UN, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum, among other globalists, have a 50-in-5 plan, to produce Digital Public Infrastructure,” including digital ID, digital currency, and digital wallets, within five years in 50 major developed countries. From that base it will be easy to get all of the planet on-board with the scheme, which carries forward the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR) of World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab.

The goal is nothing short of transforming human nature and identity itself, to fuse biology and the digital world. Freedom, privacy and traditional human values will, by definition disappear, when humans as we know them, are transformed in the transhumanist agenda.

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Good Buy, Australia! By James Reed

Something that used to be only discussed at the blog, and by, now is getting exposure in the mainstream media. Wealthy Chinese are flying in and buying up posh Australian real estate, right across the country, but especially in Melbourne. The story is below.

For most of us, that probably is not as significant as the lower-level buy ups of property that ordinary Australians are competing for, but it does show an attitude. Australia has been led by its elites, both Labor and Liberal, into the “sell off” the farm attitude, lacking national pride and any sense of identity, being deracinated to oblivion.  These sorts of land buy ups do not occur in much of South East Asia, and one would certainly not be able to do this in communist China. Yet, it is part of what remains of Australian culture, and is a form of cultural and national suicide.

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Journey to the End of the Night … of the Rich By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This is just a human-interest type of story, but it stuck in my mind. Dr Naomi Wolf was once part of the New York New Class, but by criticising the Covid mandates and exposing the dangers of the Covid vaxxes, she effectively got ex-communicated from these people. But now, as the dust has settled from the Covid plandemic, until the next scamdemic comes, she relates her recent visit to the nests of the wealthy liberal elites whom she used to rub shoulders with. She describes them as aged and burnt out, and failures, as the city of New York has descended into a hellscape of violence, and over-population due to mass migration. She seems to pity these elites.

It is an interesting piece, and as Christians we should not be in any way seeking vengeance for the role the elites played in destroying people’s lives and the economy of small businesses, only justice. But I think Dr Wolf was seeing only a limited view of the elites, being primarily the chattering class of intellectuals. I doubt very much if the corporates, like the Bill Gates of the world, would be in burn-out mode. If anything, Gates seems more enthusiastic than ever to push ahead creating, with the UN, a technocratic dystopia. Still, it is an interesting read to see what goes on behind the doors of the mansions of the rich.

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Microplastics and Climate Change By James Reed

When I saw an article about microplastics and climate change, two of the Left’s big things, my initial guess was, microplastics are playing a part in climate change, a bad part. And I was on the track, as supposed evidence indicates that microplastics are getting into the atmosphere and impacting upon cloud formation. Clouds are the wild card in climate research, as while some may trap heat, clouds also radiate heat back into space. Probably clouds have an over-all net cooling effect, but one is hard-pressed to get a clear answer on this one, so we can be sure that something shonky is going on.


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Melbourne Becomes “Hellbourne” from Mass Migration By James Reed has continued its fine critique of Australia’s socially disastrous mass immigration program, a program of national suicide, with a focus upon development in Melbourne as one example.  The manic construction of CBD buildings is no doubt making pots of money for the greedy corporates, but it does nothing to solve the housing crisis that the Albo government’s mass immigration program has created.


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Surviving Being a Desk Jockey: Exercise is the Key! By Mrs Vera West

I have seen worrying news items in the health domain, where the ill-health effects of long-term sitting have been equated to be as bad, if not worse, than cigarette smoking. And, some articles have said that exercise will not counter the cardiovascular effects. If that was true it would be very bad news, as most people today are bound to desks for work. But now there is an alternative view.


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Socialist PM Beijing Albo Does Not Call Xi a Dictator By James Reed

After meeting with communist China’s dictator, Xi, Biden said one true thing, that Xi was a dictator. Switch now to the Australian scene and when the prime minister was asked the same question, he was evasive as someone who might be talking to a traffic cop: “We have different political systems. Australia has one political system, China has a different political system from Australia. It’s not a democratic state with elections, with multi-party democracies like Australia is,” he said. When asked to draw the logical conclusion the PM refused and moved on.

This is someone from the Left, the Left being committed to China worship, who is bowing to Xi and is not even willing to call a spade a dictator. Yet another good reason for a leadership challenge against him; it would not change much except the new faces would be different for a while in the dark game of musical chairs of politics.

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Judicial Activism and the High Court: Augusto Zimmermann By Ian Wilson LL.B

Professor Augusto Zimmermann in a recent edition of, comments on the judicial activism of Australia’s High Court, by means of agreeing with constitutional law Professor James Allan. Professor Allan has previously argued in a law journal that the High Court of Australia since its inception has been centralist and eroding of state’s rights. But it began a path of political correctness, or woke, as it is now called, probably around the time of the Mabo decision, and has never looked back.


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