Nations are Supporting the WHO Power Grab By Richard Miller (London)

The 76th Annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, is underway now. Under discussion is the controversial pandemic treaty. Sympathetic observers have pointed out that this global pact, surrendering sovereignty over “public health emergencies” to the WHO, has been universally endorsed: “There was no dissent registered by any nation thus far at the World Health Assembly 2023 to either the proposed 300 amendments nor to the global pandemic treaty.”  “It is a unified voice of support for passage of the amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty,” said one observer.

This is bad news, as it will mean tht the treaty issue will need to be battled on the home front if it is to be defeated before the signing in May 2024. Time is ticking on.

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Former Googler: The Existential Risks of AI By Brian Simpson

It is work to keep track of the AI gurus who are warning of an “existential” threat of AI, with the existential idea commonly floated. The most recent warning, at the time of writing, comes from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who defines an existential threat as involving the mass death of people. “There are scenarios not today, but reasonably soon, where these systems will be able to find zero-day exploits in cyber issues, or discover new kinds of biology. Now, this is fiction today, but its reasoning is likely to be true. And when that happens, we want to be ready to know how to make sure these things are not misused by evil people.” Perhaps what he has in mind here is that new deadly viruses could be devised by AI programs, which while not directly used by the AI itself, could be at the hands of terrorists, or nations supporting terrorism against the West.

How exactly this could be stopped is far from clear, as the possibility of large-scale bioterrorism is an existential threat even now, not just by terrorists, but from lab leaks from primarily American and Chinese labs.

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The Voice and Racism: A Judge Gets it Off His Chest By James Reed

A Supreme Court judge in sending an email to Nationals MP Pat Conaghan, has raised issues about the separation of powers. The email was critical of a speech the MP gave, which addressed the issue of those criticising the No side as denying historical atrocities, and this was “disgusting,” paternalistic and racist. Well, is it racist, say? As I see it, the issue of historical atrocities has nothing to do with the Voice. It is hard to see how the Voice could alter the past, but I suppose that the same situation being seen in America now, of reparations, will be made. In any case, one could take the line that the Voice is unjustified via constitutional change, and even support reparations, on an independent basis. Of course, I reject both, but that is just a thought experiment. So, from a logical point of view, the Voice issue is distinct from the other issues that the judge associated with it.

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The World Health Organization a Terrorist Organization: Mislav Kolakuši By Richard Miller (London)

A very good reason for not surrendering national sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) was recently given by Croatian Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakuši, who said the WHO was a terrorist organisation. A strong criticism indeed, but the assessment was based upon the lies and deceptions of WHO during the Covid plandemic, especially given the strong influence that communist China had upon it, including giving China a clear run in the early stages of the plandemic. Thus, signing a pandemic treaty with WHO will be an act of national suicide: “The World Health Organization wants all countries to sign an agreement on handing over the authority to declare a pandemic, procure vaccines, and drugs. It will be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel. They know all about drugs for sure.”

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Are Doctors a Health Hazard? By Mrs Vera West

Dr Vernon Coleman has many books discussing the field of medicine that doctors don’t like, iatrogenic disorders, caused by doctor mistakes, misdiagnosis and negligence. In Australia around 27,000 deaths each year are associated with iatrogenic harm, but it is likely to be the tip of the iceberg, since many deaths caused by mistaken drug prescriptions, may not show up as such, as with the cancers and diseases that are missed, leading to death.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra recently spoke on the Joe Rogan show, and condemned the influence that Big Pharma has upon the medical profession, and research. “The greater the financial interest in a given field, the less likely the research findings are to be true,” Dr. Malhotra said. This means that there is a lack of quality control with doctors, and indeed the entire system: “Those with the responsibility to uphold scientific integrity – academic institutions, doctors, medical journals – collude with industry for financial gain,” he said.

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The Covid Vax Injured Strike Back! By Brian Simpson

Good news for all of us concerned about the neglected issue of justice for the Covid vax injured. Class action lawsuits are taking place in a number of jurisdictions. We have covered previously the Australian case, which is similar to the US and European ones. In all jurisdictions, Big Pharma was careful to get governments to sign agreements, and pass laws giving indemnity and tort protection, so it is a challenge to legally address them. Governments though are not protected, and did in fact make such decisions. The greatest villain here is Donald Trump who in his egomaniac fashion endorsed Operation Warp Speed, that fast tracked the experimental gene therapies. Yet, Trump seldom gets criticism, mainly because the alternative of Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton 2.0 are too horrible to contemplate.

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Illegal Immigrants Must Leave France: Minister By Richard Miller (London)

This is interesting, showing how bad the immigration threat is in France. Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister for Finance, has said that the country must force illegal migrants in the country to leave. He has warned the immigration-mad Macron government to take the illegal threat seriously, and act now, and be “firm”: “Firmness does not mean that we will do things contrary to European law or the Constitution,” he said, according to a report by Le Figaro “Firmness means: a foreigner in an irregular situation must leave, a foreigner must speak French if he wants to come to France.” This comes as there has been a surge in asylum claims to rival the illegals invasion of 2015/2016; the country is set to be flooded once more, and the Left are excited.

Talk is cheap, and it is doubtful that Macron will do anything about his beloved illegals who bring him the subtle joys of diversity.

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The CCP Hacking War By Brian Simpson

There are some Dissent Right writers who promote the idea that the US is the great enemy, not communist China, which is a peaceful country, devoid of woke. Such a view is absurd, and clearly indicates that these writers are in the pocket of the CCP. However bad America is, it does not follow that communist China is a friend. In fact, there is an enormous literature documenting the tyranny of the CCP; Death by China (2011) by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry is now dated, but nothing discussed has got better, only worse. Indeed, China is in open warfare mode, at present launching cyberattacks upon all Western countries each day, including Australia. That is, our trading partner is happy to sink and destroy us.


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Whites as Villains By James Reed

Raymond Ibrahim has put his finger on the evils of woke that is strangling the West. The strategy has been the old divide and conquer one, where segments of the non-white population, and white elites, are made to hate whites and for some want to kill them, and indeed kill them. As he shows, one of the central ploys made in this propaganda war is to push the line that whites are intrinsically evil, racist and colonialist. It is odd, because if whites are really like this, then faced with that woke backlash, they would doubled-down even harder, and anything else, but that is occurring. Ibrahim notes that in terms of history, whites colonised because they could. If Africans had the advanced technology of the time, they would have done the same. This is seen in Ibrahim’s other writings, where he shows that the Atlantic slave trade would not have been possible without Nigerian Blacks working to capture slaves for the slave traders, something that gets some mention even in the mainstream press.

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The Cultural Revolution of the Left By James Reed

Victor Davis Hanson details, in an American context the cultural  revolution that America has taken. This, of course, began in the 1960s with civil rights, that half a century or more later has morphed into Critical Race Theory, and the push for reparations for Blacks. As another example, the sexual liberation movements that gave us feminism, and homosexualism, now delivers transgenderism, which devours old-style feminism. Yet it was just the start of the rule of the Left. Institutions that were once thought to be “untouchable,” including the FBI, CIA and the US Department of Justice, have been shown by the Durham report, to have interfered in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. FBI officials destroyed evidence in the Hillary Clinton investigation, then closed it once Trump was booted out of office. The FBI  acted to promote the notion that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation, which has been shown to have an impact upon the 2020 election. And, above all of this, the Biden administration has declared war upon Trump supporters, as seen in Biden’s speeches, denouncing them as fascists, as well as the violation of human rights to the January 6 prisoners, done to serve as an example. Democrat DAs let violent criminals out, with minimal penalty, while whites exercising their basic right to self-defence get nailed with the full power of the law at the disposal of these corrupt ruling elites. One wonders how long it will be before things really snap.

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The Mythology of Climate “Science” By James Reed

Alex Epstein, author of Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas – Not Less, (2022), as part of his comprehensive defence of fossil fuels as essential to maintaining civilised order, also has critiqued contemporary climate “science,” which has been used as the main political weapon against fossil fuel use. He argues that the people, academics, environmentalists and would-be scientists, pushing this agenda, which he shows is groundless, need to be taken to task for delivering us to such an uncertain energy future, as Europe has found out this year with fossil fuel restrictions for Ukraine war. And while the environmentalists write articles and books condemning the oil and gas industry for financing studies questioning some aspects of the climate change scam, as noted in the extract below, in the main, the fossil fuel industry has thrown in the towel and is accepting the global warming narrative. They have the resources to fight it, but seem to have become climate fatigued. It is a worrying sign, because while there are doubts about all aspects of the so-called climate change crisis, there is no doubt that renewables cannot fuel any modern society, and if renewables fall, so does civilisation.

Of course, that is exactly what the Left in the West want, since they have given communist China an open field to use what fossil fuels they need to achieve world domination.

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Crazed Left-Wing Professors and Machetes Don’t Mix! By James Reed

Across the West we are hearing many stories about Left wing activists, losing it, and having violent tantrums, some of which turn deadly. We saw plenty of this in the Saint George Floyd protests, burning down America in 2020, under Trump’s watch. But more recently this culture of violent critique is being enacted by academics from the Left. The latest is Shellyne Rodriguez, an art professor, who took up a machete to a New York Post reporter and photographer, having held the machete to the reporter’s neck when he knocked on her door. It shows the left’s mind at work, even the university trained, for all that is worth. e

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The White Supremacist Psyop with Just a Guy Named Sai Varshith Kandula! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The media was pretty excited with news that a white supremacist has crashed his hired truck into the White House. The photo shoots had a Nazi flag, all nice and conveniently laid out on the ground. However, once the dust had settled, it was revealed that the so-called terrorist, had no weapons or explosives in the van, and his name was Sai Varshith Kandula, and his skin colour was definitely not white. Thus, it seems that for these psyops, the Deep State must be getting short of whites to play the required role. It is one unexpected consequence of Replacement level migration.

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Vanity Fair Getting a Fair Bit of Vanity Over DeSantis/Musk By Chris Knight (Florida)

Ron DeSantis has announced his campaign to run as president of the United States in a link up with Elon Musk, but they had a few technical hitches getting going. But, more was to come, as the Left-wing media went into a meltdown, as only they can. The top example was a piece in Vanity Fair by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which compared Elon Musk to the head of the Ku Klux Klan. Why? Presumably because so-called “hate speech,” has increased in Twitter since Musk took over, which Musk has refuted many times. But, of course, Musk has done many things which have infuriated the Left, including criticisms of the sacred vaxxes re adverse effects, claiming that pronouns suck, thus implicitly criticising the gender agenda, and moving Tesla's headquarters to Texas after the state banned abortion. None of these are hanging offences, even in the Left-saturated culture of today, merely expressions of a conservative sentiment. But, the system does not like even token expressions of this from the rich and powerful, who should know their place.   

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Globalism Undermines National Sovereignty By James Reed

Dissent Right journalist Ben Bartee has a long, academic style essay at his site on the ills of globalism. In particular, he makes the case in scholarly detail, that globalism undermines national sovereignty. That claim is basically axiomatic to us writing Dissent Right journalism, which does not really get to the footnote stage. Still, for students, the article may be of interest.

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600,000 Dead a Year from Covid Jabs in US Alone! By Chris Knight (Florida)

A top US insurance analyst, Josh Stirling, has studied the death rate from the Covid vaxxes, using government data, including from the UK. He found that the Covid vaxxed have a 26 percent higher mortality than the unvaxxed. “Worst of all – the people who only took one dose of the vaccine have an approximately 145 percent worse mortality rate,” Stirling said. “If you were to take these numbers and apply them to the United States, that ends up being something like 600,000 excess deaths per year.” That is not surprising, as others such as Steve Kirsch have come up with high death tolls like this, and it is possible to an under-estimation, since many Covid-vax deaths are not going to show up on any official statistics, given that doctors, being servants of Big Pharma, are loath to report anything putting the sacred vax in a bad light.

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DeSantis Against the Deep State By Charles Taylor

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has launched his campaign to become president of the United States, which was certain to happen. I will cover the meltdown which the mainstream media had in another article. Here, what is of interest in reporting is the governor’s talk with radio host Glenn Beck. "On day one we'll be spitting nails," said DeSantis, meaning that he intended to do what Trump did not even touch, although Trump did speak of “draining the swamp.” DeSantis outlined that he would have mass sackings of the elites populating the Deep state bureaucracy, and replace them with patriots from around the country. He did not specify what organisations would be deconstructed, but surely the FBI and Justice Department would be high on the list. He is likely to tackle the education system as well, continuing his fight against Critical Race Theory.

This is a noble task, one which will absorb all of DeSantis’ energies. If successful it will be a big help to Australia too, with the same battles. But the Deepers will not like this, or go gently into the night of unemployment, so Ron best have a good, trusted team watch his back … and front.

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The Slaves of Australia By James Reed

Modern slavery in Australia? The recently released, and latest, Global Slavery Index, found 50 million people worldwide now live in modern slavery, which is a increase of 10 million more than the study of  five years previously. About one in four modern slaves globally are in forced prostitution, with 80 per cent of them women or girls. Forced labour accounts for 86 percent of slaves. The Sydney Morning Herald, extracts below, has a good summary of this.

In Australia, there is estimated to be 41,000 slaves. These are primarily migrant labourers, often on work visas, in agriculture, meat processing, construction, domestic work, hospitality and cleaning services. But, the sex industry is the most blatant, with many girls being held to repay “debts” that keep increasing over time, becoming migrants in the first place via deception, and/or to pay family debts. These girls are usually “locked” into the brothels, with limited freedom of movement.

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WHO’s Surveillance Systems to Detect “Misinformation” By James Reed

Here is more reason, quite predictable in fact, to fear and oppose the forthcoming World Health Organization pandemic treaty. The pandemic prevention initiative, the Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET), recommends using “social listening surveillance systems” to identify “misinformation.” The aim of PRET is to “guide countries in pandemic planning” and work to “incorporate the latest tools and approaches for shared learning and collective action established during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Misinformation has been defined as a health threat, seen as an infodemic: ““Infodemic is the overabundance of information – accurate or not – which makes it difficult for individuals to adopt behaviors that will protect their health and the health of their families and communities. The infodemic can directly impact health, hamper the implementation of public health countermeasures and undermine trust and social cohesiveness.”

Reading between the lines, it seems clear that the World Health Organization will be conducting surveillance of much Dissent Right discourse, which would not normally be seen as health-related, including, no doubt, all issues on the globalist agenda, such as immigration.

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Exploding UK Excess Deaths By Richard Miller (London)

The mainstream UK media are reporting on tens of thousands of people dying, with no explanation. According to data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), between May and December 2022, there were 32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales, not including Covid-related deaths. Excess deaths have as the number 1 cause of “ill-defined conditions.” In England, this was 36.9 percent above the five-year average, and in Wales, it was 30.4 percent above average. There has been no discussion of the possible role of the Covid jabs in all of this, as is seen right across the West, Big Pharma has so much power and influence, including investments in the mainstream media, that negative commentaries are rare. The interesting question is, if this excess mortality continues, year after year, will the ice be ultimately broken?

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