They are Nervous of Robert Kennedy Jr By Chris Knight (Florida)

It was unexpected. The Democrats were sure that there would be no populist Democrat candidate coming up, who was a vax critic, and also opposed to globalism and open borders. Then there was Robert Kennedy Jr. To be sure, he comes from the Left, but old school Leftism, which was not connected to woke globalism, but concerned with the welfare of workers. I suppose if you put a gun to my head, I would accept living under this sort of Leftism, one that was not hostile to free enterprise. And Kennedy according to establishment opinion polls, which we know are false news, is going well, taking 20 percent of Democrat support, such is the poverty of Biden. Hopefully he will run as an independent if not the Democrat candidate, drawing away Democrat votes. He would have served his purpose.

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Chinese Communists Saw Coronaviruses as Bioweapons By James Reed

The conclusion that Covid-19 is a bioweapon has been made by many Covid vax critics in the West, but it is instructive to observe that back in 2015, 18 Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers in a  2015 document titled “The Unnatural Origins of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons,”made the observation that coronaviruses would make excellent bioweapons against enemies of the CCP. There is substantial evidence of two propositions which are prima facie difficult to reconcile. First, Covid almost certainly was released from the Wuhan Institute of virology, and the CCP knew of this, and acted so as to allow the virus to spread to the West. Second, the US had financed to some degree the research that involved gain-of-function leading to the Covid-19 virus. Could it be that the US was keen to advance bioweapons knowledge, even at the price of allowing a future enemy to get the same weapon, much like it allows its IP to be stolen by the masses of immigrant workers? And, could it be that the CCP saw golden opportunity to continue its already undeclared war against America, and the West?

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Lies about Forever Chemicals By Mrs Vera West

The truth eventually comes out about things, much like water finding its way through box gutters, no matter how much bitumen rubber is plastered on it. Forever chemicals per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances simply known as PFAS, have been used for decades in a wide range of consumer products, from packaging to even toilet paper. The name “forever chemicals” refers to the fact that these chemicals take a very long time, even in terms of human life, to break down. And by now, traces of these chemicals are everywhere, including, in all of us.

However, it has been known from 1961, that these chemicals, as used in Teflon frypans, increased the size of the livers of rats. The information was suppressed. As well, various other forever chemicals had killed animals with a single exposure. Employees were found to produce children with birth defects, but the corporations producing the chemicals were silent once more. Law suits have begun, and will continue, but there is a clear pattern seen here, as exists with he mRNA vaxxes; that the pursuit of profit leads to a neglect of moral and legal responsibility. In the end, with the failure of governments, it is left to the lawyers and court to sort it out.

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Repeated Covid Vaxxes Weaken the Immune System By Brian Simpson

This has been said by the Covid vax critics that the Covid vaxxes weaken the immune system. Now, that claim has been verified by a new scientific paper published in the journal Vaccines in May, 2023. It was found that the Covid mRNA vaxxes produce antibodies known as IgG4, which was supposed to have a protective effect, actually made the immune system more susceptible to Covid infections. And, this in turn weakened the immune system, making people more vulnerable to conditions such as cancer.  Clearly the paper establishes that the main stream narrative that the Covid vaxxes are safe and effective is refuted.

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The Rogue FBI By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The evidence continues to grow showing that the FBI has become a KGB style police force, acting to serve the interests of the Democrat regime, while persecuting conservative opponents. That is now not just Trump MAGA types, but Christians, and anyone opposing abortion and the trans agenda, in their gunsights. Specifically, the Durham report into the conduct of the FBI regarding its politicised investigation of Donald Trump, the so-called Russiagate inquiry, showed that the FBI had become corrupted. "Durham's lengthy and "sobering" report concluded the FBI had no proper basis to launch the controversial 2016 election inquiry, which soon transformed into special counsel Robert Mueller’s sprawling investigation. The report also revealed the lack of clear evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, pointed to the Russian links behind British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier, and concluded that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign played an outsize role in pushing such collusion claims to the media and the FBI."

“The extent of the FBI’s bias and reckless disregard for the truth, which Special Counsel Durham laid out in painstaking detail, is nothing short of scandalous,” (Rep)  Jim Jordan wrote to Attorney General Garland. “The FBI has tried to dismiss the report’s findings by claiming to have ‘already implemented dozens of corrective actions’ to prevent similar misconduct in the future. The FBI’s window dressing is not enough.”

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Problems with Sucralose, the Artificial Sweetener By Mrs Vera West

I almost passed over this one, thinking it was too “sciencey,” and not of general interest. But the story stayed with me. I began to look at all of the diet food I had, being a diabetic. I was amazed to find that the non-sugar sweetener in most things such as protein powder, even soups, was sucralose. However, research is indicating that the artificial sweetener sucralose is genotoxic, meaning that it has an effect of breaking up DNA. Researchers subjected human blood and gut tissues to the chemical and found DNA breakdown. And there was a negative effect upon the gut tissue: "When we exposed sucralose and sucralose-6-acetate to gut epithelial tissues—the tissue that lines your gut wall—we found that both chemicals cause 'leaky gut.' Basically, they make the wall of the gut more permeable. The chemicals damage the 'tight junctions,' or interfaces, where cells in the gut wall connect to each other.

"A leaky gut is problematic, because it means that things that would normally be flushed out of the body in feces are instead leaking out of the gut and being absorbed into the bloodstream."

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Lockdown Conspiracy, UK Style, as in Australia By Richard Miller (London)

It is surprising that this material is getting out, given the great Covid conspiracy. But we have seen in both the US and Australia, how the governments conspired, literally with Big Tech, to censor Covid vax critics. Now, evidence has been published indicating that the same thing occurred here in the UK, with the Counter-Disinformation Unit (CDU), supposedly set up to deal with domestic threats, being used to deal with Covid vax critics and critics of the lockdowns. The unit secretly worked with social media companies to squash dissent, and remove posts that the government thought was in any way problematic to them.


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No Plane Flights for the French Peasants; Private Jets, No Worries! By Richard Miller (London)

This is how the elites are playing the climate change game, passing the entire burden of reductions onto the lower classes. The elites of the likes of Bill Gates freely fly private jets to talkfests about how meat and farms need to be eliminated. Now we have the case from France, of the ordinary people being excluded from making plane trips if the trip is less than 2.5 hours, and there is a train. However, the masters of the universe are still free to make unlimited private jet flights. It certainly gives he game away.

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Dr David Martin on Covid-19 as a Bioweapon By Brian Simpson

Dr David Martin is a highly confident and forceful speaker, and he gave an expected presentation to the participants at the European Parliament International Covid Summit III. He argued referring to intellectual property material and patents, that Covid-19 was not a novel species hopping virus, but rather the product of decades long research by the US and other countries. He sees the US as being at the forefront of coronavirus research, but China was interested as well, keen enough to permit US-financed coronavirus research to be conducted at the Wuhan Institute of virology. And, from there the rest is history. Dr Martin does not discuss whether the Covid-19 virus escaped from the lab, or was deliberately released, but at this late date, it probably does not matter greatly, as with the US up to its neck in this sort of research, and according to the Russians, in the Ukraine as well, the truth will not be coming out for some time, if at all.  It is another 9/11.

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Autism and Vaccines By Mrs Vera West

One thing the vaccine establishment are keen on defending, to the death, metaphorically if necessary, as the hill to die upon, is that vaccines do not cause autism. The big vax/autism controversy involved Dr Andrew Wakefield who published a paper alleging a link between various vaccines and autism. That ignited a controversy, where Wakefield became a medical heretic, with all the fringe disadvantages, such as persecution and cancellation, as only the medical technocracy can. He responded to the war waged upon on him in his book, Callous Disregard (2011), which answers his critics.

Now, Covid vax critic Steve Kirsch is turning his attention to the broader question of the safety of vaccines other than the Covid mRNA ones. He asks the simple question, that if vaccines did not trigger autism, then “the number of times a parent notices autistic behaviour BEFORE a wellness visit where a vaccine is given should be comparable to the number of times AFTER the visit.” Surprisingly enough, there have been no scientific studies addressing this question, but Kirsch has conducted a survey where it was found that in a sample of 273 responses to the target question, 58 parents reported first seeing autistic behaviours within a month AFTER a vaccine appointment, and zero parents reported first seeing autistic behaviours within a month BEFORE a vaccine appointment.

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No, It is Not Women in the Legal Profession which is the Problem, but the Left! By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

The position has been discussed at some Dissent sites, that women in the workplace are a disaster, causing havoc. To support this outlandish claim, a New York City case involving an all-female legal team and their client who sued a high-end gym Equinox, is cited. The case involved the plaintiff, a Black woman, who was late 47 times for work in only 10 months. She was sacked, and sued on the grounds that the sacking was racially motivated. The plaintiff was awarded $11.25 million.

The argument below goes that this award came primary because of feminism in the law; naturally I am opposed to feminism in all its often weird shapes and forms, so my attention was focussed. Now, I agree that feminism overload could be one factor, but it is more likely in the present woke environment that an all-male set of lawyers, and court and jury in New York, would deliver much the same verdict; witness the absurd judgment against Donald Trump in the rape case that is not a rape case, but is, anyway. That jury had six men and three women.  The wider issue is the undue influence of the Left, which is a much wider issue than feminism. As well, while the plaintiff had representation by an all-female legal team, the jury was not all female. So, while I am anti-feminist, I think it is a bit over-the-top to conclude from stories like he above, that women are destroying the legal profession; the legal profession is doing a fine job on its own, destroying itself! As always, the real evil is the Left, which really does dominate the legal professions across the West, from America to Australia.

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Chinese Communist Children Taught to Hate the West! By James Reed

No race vilification legislation there; a video has documented how Chinese children, under the ideology of supreme emperor Xi, are taught to hate the US, Japan, and the West. It is instructive to watch. I noted one very overweight young communist saying that he hated America so much that he got nose bleeds! I think it could be high blood pressure, and the lad needs go get it checked out by a communist doctor if he wants to grow up to “kill, kill, and kill some more.” Otherwise a nice lad, if he could just get over the fervour to kill us all.

Anti-White Apartheid as South Africa Collapses By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This article is relevant to Chris Knight’s piece, “The Collapse of America,” discussing the crisis of competency. This is the thesis that the present mania for diversity over quality is leading to the breakdown of institutions. Now, at present there is only indirect evidence for this, but we do have a full-blown test case in South Africa, where the white Boers decided to give the country to the ANC.  Thus, there has been a movement from a situation of relative social stability with injustices that could over time have been sorted out and made right by natural social evolution (apartheid would have dissolved in due course with globalisation), to majority Black government by the ANC, where South Africa is multiracial.  And what there is now is a plan of white genocide, as seen in the farm killings, exploding anti-white racial crime, and leading activists saying that they support killing whites; there is even a song about this; links below to substantiate this. (Trump at one point was going to investigate this.) And apartheid is now back, with whites and Indians with race quotas for water use with licenses for businesses, specifically targeting White and Indian business owners. This is obviously to force whites out of the country.


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US Target Targets White American Women to Join the Fight Against Systematics Racism, Blah, blah By Charles Taylor (Florida)

With the white race fast becoming a racial minority in America, a fate also waiting for the UK and Australia, corporations are adjusting for the shifting demographics. Take Target for example, which is “on target,” which should have a familiar ring to readers of After going through the controversy about trans products, the backlash, and all the threats of violence if said products are not returned made by some unknown group, the latest issue is a Target Corporate diversity executive demanding that white women to callout transgressions in attacking the alleged systematic racism of America. Is that the same systematic racism that gives high-paying positions to people to callout supposed racism? We assume so. And as for the shifting demographics, the major changes in America are not with the Black population, but Asian and Hispanics, so she is barking up the wrong tree so to speak. You Aussies would say “gum tree.”

And, wouldn’t it be a better use of resources to tackle the massive problem of shop lifting? Who is doing most of that by the way? Better get white women Karen’s onto that one, when they stop ringing the police:

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Is the Voice Getting Hoarse? By James Reed

A Newspoll, which used the actual indigenous Voice referendum question, has found that 46 percent of voters surveyed said that they would vote in favour of the Voice referendum, 43 percent would vote no, and 11 percent were undecided. This is still an early tend, but a good one for us of the no camp, as it indicates that the Voice can be chipped away at, and destroyed. What we have is a highly biased Left-wing media pushing the yes case, but at the end of the day, this is reaching the usual audience who would vote for anything woke, anyway.

The idea is to win over the majority of states, so New South Wales and Victoria are probably going to be hard to turn. Even then, the referendum would fail. So, everyone, keep getting the no case out at the grassroots. Simply ask: if this was really such a good idea, then it would have been put in by parliament decades ago. Why the radical proposal of changing the constitution? Sow the seeds of doubt, because these seeds are real.

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Robert Kennedy Jr Fights the WHO By James Reed

Unlike Trump, who despite being booed from his usually fanatical supporters when he goes into a rave about the vax, and how he is father of it, via the criminal Operation Warp Speed, tht fast racked the experimental mRNA gene therapy, Robert Kennedy Jr has been a founding vaccination critic from way back. Running now as a Democrat candidate for the presidency, he has not backed away from the major challenge facing us this year, of the World Health Organization drive for global health control through the pandemic treaty. As “health” is now broadly defined, this puts nations on a slippery slope of losing national sovereignty, which is of course the grand plan.

He is campaigning to stop the treaty, and has a petition going to push this opposition.  “The world we will leave our children depends on us pushing back on the WHO global governance agenda. We cannot overstate the importance of resisting this ultimate consolidation of power into a few sinister hands who do not have our health and best interests at heart,” the campaign description reads.

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Descent into a New Dark Age By Charles Taylor (Florida)

A good article from a new blog I discovered, The Burning, which brings to my mind, an oil rig on fire, with little hope of stopping the blaze: “The US government is on a “burning platform” of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon.” The article makes the comparison between the West, especially America of today and the Roman Empire, with respect to their falls. Rome faced numerous problems undermining it, including mass immigration and the threat of barbarian invaders, military over-expansion, and cultural collapse from the undermining of the social glue that holds societies together. The article shows that Rome had it good compared to what passes as normal today.

For example, Rome did not attack manhood, and womanhood, and junk the nuclear family, and these things continued even after the fall/collapse, in a greatly reduced and impoverished population. But, the deconstruction and abandonment of all tradition is now business as usual for our New Class intellectuals.  The Roman philosophers at the time, still continued the conversation of humanity, even as things were falling apart around them, while our so-called thinkers, mainly from the Left, celebrate the decline and fall, the end of the West, which they see as a god thing, in favour of the new god, communist China rising. Somehow, they think that they can benefit when the tree that they are perched in and sawing down, falls upon them too.

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The Monster Meat from the Lab By Mrs Vera West

The globalist elites such as Bill Gates have a vested interest in attacking real meat production in favour of their lab created meat, having investments in the area. But, the claim that this is somehow helping the environment must be subjected to intense scrutiny, one such critical examination coming from the University of California, Davis, where the carbon footprint of lab produced meat was measured. This was found to be 25 times worse than standard farm-produced meat: “Our findings suggest that cultured meat is not inherently better for the environment than conventional beef. It’s not a panacea,” said corresponding author Edward Spang, an associate professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology. “It’s possible we could reduce its environmental impact in the future, but it will require significant technical advancement to simultaneously increase the performance and decrease the cost of the cell culture media.”

This result will probably become accepted by the elite, as lab meat may only be a stop gap, to keep the sheeple under control while farms are closed down and real meat becomes unavailable, or crushingly expensive. We peasants will be left with the choice for protein, of bugs, or to starve, and be sure the elites want us to starve. 

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Well to the Woke “Lord of the Rings”! By James Reed

It was bound to happen after the woke TV series of The Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power (2022-), which most Tolkien fans hated. Now we have a new collectible card featuring Aragorn as a Black, quite contrary to the original work. It is all part of the diversity Great Replacement trend, seen right across the decadent culture of the West today. Why, I remember actually enjoying watching Walt Disney on a Sunday night in the 1960s, with no gender agenda at all,  but that world has been washed away.

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Why do the Irish Elites Want to Kill All the Cows? Climate Change Hysteria of Course By Richard Miller (London)

What we have seen in the Netherlands looks like being repeated now in Ireland, under its woke government, in pursuit of climate change hysteria. Dairy farmers are going to be paid to cull 200,000 cows so that Ireland can reach the globalist-imposed emission targets. These targets are set to be met by 2025, so the program is as radical as that of the Netherlands. But while the culling figure of 200,00 cows was thrown around, other sources say that the real agenda is to get rid of 740,000 cows, which will end the Irish dairy industry. The government sees no problem here. Milk for the deluxe coffees of the elites will presumably come from overseas, at an even greater ecological cost.


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