Will the Real Dole Bludgers Please Lay Down? By James Reed

I was just about to write my reply to these Leftoid university types who were celebrating the death of the Queen, calling her a “bludger,” when the ultimate refutation came up in my news feed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There was concern that there might be a falloff on money generated by the Royals for Britain, as the Queen, heading the Royal family generated billions for Britain in tourism, while what do the socialists give us? Why, not even a “happy” communist society, just millions of dead in their revolutions.


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Children Who Had Covid and were Then Vaccinated, were Much More Likely to get Reinfected than Their Peers Who Also had Covid, and were NOT Vaccinated By Brian Simpson

It seems that much of the alarmist claims made by Covid vax critics is coming true, unfortunately. One such claim was that the vax would distort natural immunity, leading to a type of canalisation effect, where the immune system became primed to deal with particular spike proteins, while variants escaped through the net. A recently published article in the leading medical journal in terms of impact factors, the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that children who had Covid and were then vaccinated, were much more likely to get reinfected than their peers who also had Covid, and were not vaccinated, so vaccination made them much more susceptible to reinfections. The mechanism at work here is not yet known, but it is possible that the Covid vax actually erodes the capacities of the immune system to deal with all diseases, which would explain the dramatic rise in cancers. Over to our mate Igor:


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The Sudden Death of Athletes By Mrs Vera West

At other posts my colleagues have discussed the death toll, and adverse effects of the Covid vaxxes, especially the 1,000 percent increase in some cancers which has been observed. Along with this, as reported many times here, is the phenomenon of the collapse of athletes. These are really the canaries  in the coal mine of the vax world, being the fitest people in society, and young, and have not been observed to have collapsed and died like this in such numbers before the vax rollout, with more athletes dying like this than occurred in total from 1966 to the vax rollout. The mainstream medical profession offers a variety of explanations, including the normality of such deaths, that everyone is open to heart attacks. True, but the issue is that an overwhelming statistically significant number of young athlete deaths have occurred since the vax rollout, and the principle of scientific parsimony in explanations dictates a common cause, and none suggest themselves except the vax.


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Skyrocketing Cancers … the Vax By Chris Knight (Florida)

This is another elephant in the room issue, much like the excess mortality observed across the West, and the collapse of young people with heart attacks, never seen in such numbers before the vax. According to some Covid critics, cancer rates have increased by1,000 percent after the Covid vax rollout. Jonathan Landsman blames the mRNA vax: ““These spike proteins are spreading and infecting all the cells in the body. This is allowing those infections to attach to the outside of the cell, and then inject themselves inside the cell, causing organ damage and severe illness … and is especially increasing the risk of advanced-stage cancers.” The  spike proteins do not stay at the injection site in the deltoid muscle, ,but migrate around the body, as early biodistribution studies, requested from Pfizer by the Japanese government showed.


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Big Tech Turning Kids Trans By Abigail Knight (Florida)

Here is an interesting story from The American Conservative.com, my go-to blog, dealing with how Big Tech has pushed and politicised transgenderism, confusing youths who are at a stage where hey are easily confused. Unlike in the past, youth have only known a digital world, which defines existence for them. Thus, the power that this media can exercise is very strong. And, the real question is what is behind it all, why not just not promote anything in particular. Clearly a purpose is being served, the same purpose once served by feminism, which has now achieved all it can.    


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The Bad Times are A ‘Coming By James Reed

We all have been reporting on the bad times to come, not to roll in pessimism, but to adequately deal with what is coming. If there was a plan to murder you in your sleep say, tomorrow night at 3 am, presumably one would take preventive action. Likewise, with the warnings of impending doom. Here is another take on this by The American Conservative.com. The prediction below is that the coming chaos will come in the next few months, based upon alleged insider knowledge.  Stockpile food, water, medical supplies, toilet paper, and everything else that you think might be impacted by runaway inflation, or from the shortages generated by war. Even putting away from big tins of olive oil, rice, lentils and dry goods, not all that expensive would be a great help. The most important thing though is to get your spiritual house in order, as there is a chance that many of us will not survive the hardships to come, so it is best to sort our one’s spiritual issues now, rather than wake up in an even hotter place. Oh, I am an old school hell fire and brimstone kind of Christian, not a lily weak liberal.


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What is the Difference Between Electric Cars and Vege Burgers? By James Reed

It is a good question, since electric cars are for the climate New Class what artificial meat are for the same chatters. Both are devised to serve an ideological purpose rather than solve any particular problem. Thus, while both are promoted to somehow reduce the carbon foot print, they do not. There are costs behind each of them, making both impractical which are being seen now with the recharging problem for electric cars in woke California, where people are failing to be able to adequately recharge.


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Biden Silent on Democrat Kill Trumpers, Threat By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Apart from the FBI raids, which have been given the A-Okay by the Biden administration, we have Democrat senators calling for a need to “kill and confront” Donald Trump and his MAGA supporters. The comments came from Senator Tim Ryan, and was ambiguous enough to hide behind. But, it is clear that the rhetoric could incite violence, given that less inflammatory remarks led to one Leftist crazy seeking to kill a Supreme Court judge. Dangerous times are ahead, given the level of mental instability in many Leftists.


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Britons Want the Monarchy! By Richard Miller (London)

More good new! I know that there is a report at the blog by one of the Aussie writers on the poll showing that 60 percent want the monarchy to remain. The good thing is that even more people in Briton support the monarchy, 64 percent in fact. Although there is an aggressive republican movement here, led by raging Leftists, they will have to keep working away if they want to undermine this most noble of institutions. After all, with the US coverage, who wants to become like those guys?


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A War on the Population: Tucker Carlson By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Tucker Carlson has been on fire lately, tackling all of the hard questions, and really getting up the regime’s nose. He comes to the point in a program by saying what we have concluded, that civilisation as we knew it is being dismantled by the globalist elites, so that the world can be reconstructed as they want. Their plans are radical, taking in transhumanism, were most of us will become useless eaters, supposedly to be disposed of, or allowed to perish via food shortages, or engineered disease. In the US, there is a plan to allow the criminals to roam free, not needing bail, like something out of the TV shows, The Purge.


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Even the Pillow Guy was Not Safe from Deep State By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Now the FBI has gone after the pillow fellow, Mike Lindell, seizing his phone. Again, it is all part of a politically weaponised police force being used to target individuals the present tyrannical regime deems problematic. In reply, today, good old Mike is suing the FBI. Apparently like most people, he has everything on his phone. This is putting all of one’s eggs in the same basket, and is not a sensible strategy in a time of war. Maybe keep passwords on something else that the creeps can not access. Money and valuables used to be buried in river banks, hence the name “banks.”


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Australians Want King Charles to Long Reign Over Us By James Reed

Good news! Good news! While the Republican press delights in quoting bs surveys showing that an Australian republic is inevitable, here comes a survey to contradict this. A recent Roy Morgan found that 60 per cent of people want to remain in the monarchy which is an increase of five per cent since the last such poll in November 2021. Again, I say: long live the King!


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Human Cyborgs Cometh: Dark Fate By Brian Simpson

Dr Mercola has given an outline of one disturbing trend from the transhumanism agenda, that of creating human cyborgs. This has been seen in Hollywood movies, the universal soldier theme, and taken to the limit in the Terminator movies. It seems that communist China, Russia, and now the United States, are well down the road of making these monsters, that will make the conventional soldier, redundant. Add to the enhancements, there will be psychological changes, mind control devices, with chips implanted in the brain. The National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative was implemented by false President Biden’s Executive Order on September 12, 2022, which puts biotech as a national priority to achieve certain unspecified objectives.


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The High Tech Surveillance State: From China to a Street Near You By James Reed

Here are some informative extracts from an interview with Maya Wang of Human Rights Watch, an organisation, which among other things, keeps a critical eye on China’s social credit and high tech surveillance state measures. She points out that the tyrannical strategies employed by the Western authorities, including those of Victoria, were perfected by the CCP. At this moment Xi is again pursuing a zero Covid policy which has lock downed once again, with according to some estimates, up to 400 million people subjected to some form of lockdown. This is said by the CCP to prevent China facing the Covid collapse that the West is allegedly experiencing. The last lockdown failed to achieve zero Covid, and so will fail again.


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Useless Eaters: World Economic Forum By James Reed

Ben Bartee, an independent Bangkok-based American journalist, whom I am following, who looks like an early bloomer into a James Reed type, rips into the World Economic Forum idea that you and me are, well, useless eaters, who have no place in their supposed coming dystopia. Naturally, anyone who has a grain od self-preservation must therefore oppose these monsters. Ben suggests, along with political action, and getting the message out, building parallel societies able to cope with the planned collapse that they are already well advanced in promoting. Being off grid, if possible, would be excellent. At least, grow as much of your own food as possible.


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Google’s War on Privacy By James Reed

One of the greatest threats to freedom comes from something most of us use daily, but should not: Google. As detailed by Dr Mercola in a now deleted post, Google constantly manipulates public opinion through its search engine, even, some speculate, altering the course of elections, shifting some 15 million votes in the 2020 US election. Of course, there is the outright censorship of vital issues such as the Hunter Biden laptop, which never got serious attention due to algorithmic censorship. Clearly, this entity has become both too powerful, monopolistic, and political and needs to be broken up. People though need to wise up and use other search engines, as detailed below.


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Crashing Life Expectancy By Chris Knight (Florida)

Life expectancy in the United States in 2019, before Covid was, on average for all ethnicities, 79 years, but by the end of 2021, a year into the Covid vax rollout, life expectancy had dropped by three years to 76 years. According to a National Institutes of Health paper; “An estimated 936,911 excess deaths occurred during 2020 and 2021, of which 171,168 (18.3%) were not assigned to COVID-19 on death certificates as an underlying cause of death ...

The proportion of excess deaths assigned to COVID-19 was lower in 2020 (76.3%) than in 2021 (87.0%), suggesting that a larger fraction of excess deaths was assigned to COVID-19 later in the pandemic. However, in rural areas and in the Southeast and Southwest a large share of excess deaths was still not assigned to COVID-19 during 2021 ...

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China’s Crime of the Century By James Reed

Dr. Yan Li-Meng who has intimate knowledge of what went on in Wuhan, has gone on the Zelenko Report on Brighteon TV, to tell that Covid-19 was deliberately engineered and released by the CCP as a bioweapon, designed to destroy the West, or at least begin the softening up process. She believes that SARS-CoV-2 was a test run by china for using bioweapons, much deadlier against the populations of the West in the coming World War III. There will certainly be no shortage of a fifth column in the West, including the Left-wing traitors who will only be too happy to see their homelands destroyed for their CCP masters.


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From Great Reset to Global Force Majeure By James Reed

Mike Adams details the forces that the Democrats are unleashing to produce chaos before the November mid-term elections, that will cause panic in the sheeple and somehow get them to embrace Biden, no matter what zombie state he is in, perhaps even if he dies and serves as a stuffed president. The latest piece of planed chaos is a comprehensive rail strike that will impact more upon America than it would even in Australia, given more goods in the US are transported by rail than road. This will add to already existing supply crisis issues. The idea, no doubt is to prepare the people for a three-way war with both Russia and China, which will almost certainly annihilate the West. As Adams argues, it is difficult to see how a slide intro the use of nukes can be avoided, which will be the game changer the globalist elites have not adequately bracketed into their equations.


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The Threat of Climate Change Policy By James Reed

Regardless of the climate change debate, the real issue is climate change policies, and the inconsistency of the elites in applying them. Thus, while advocating the banning of meat, those elites, such as the Hollywood and Big Tech sects have been seen boarding their private jets, far more polluting than any meat eating, which is itself totally open to debate. But, beyond this, there is no real coherent methodological principle governing the climate change policies we see. All are targeted at the little people, not the elites. It is you and me that has to make the massive changes needed. This discrimination shows the main problem behind it all.


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