The World of Cyber-Attacks Comes to Australia By Brian Simpson

According to the government, the Optus meltdown that led to much of the large cities grinding to a halt, was not due to hacking, but to a fault in the provider’s core network. That is vague, leading the fault undisclosed and the cause of the fault undiagnosed. Some experts say it may have been due to a software upgrade failure, Everyone is stirring away from the cyber-attack idea which it think is plausible. I note that in the extract from The Australian, below, which I will discuss, it is said: “Australia has been hit by a string of attacks, with Optus and Medibank in the firing line. Russian hackers accessed the health records and other personal information from almost 10 million Medibank customers.” That seems to imply the possibility of a cyber-attack, since a software upgrade is not an attack. And if the authorities could get away with not scaring us, wouldn’t they?

Along with this I note that the government is instigating a no-fault reporting system, where companies will be required to report cyber ransom demands. There has been a 45 percent increase in ransomware attacks in 2023, so this is an indication of he sheer extent of the problem:

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Optus has been Cyber Attacked Before By Brian Simpson

I have no evidence beyond a detective-like suspicion, but I would not be surprised to learn that the meltdown of Optus last week was in the end linked to a cyber-attack, which would include internal sabotage. Mere problems arising from software and other blah blahs, does not to my mind explain the extent of the problem, but, I am not an expert, at anything at all, really. However, Optus did have a cyber-attack in 2022, and it has just legally failed to keep secret a report on that. It would be interesting to see, if the report gets in the public domain, any clues that may be in it. The system is nervous about admitting to cyber-attacks as it scares people, as these attacks show that the IT system has feet of clay and is extremely vulnerable if the right nasties target it.

For example, the entire population of the US state of Maine has had their data stolen by on-line thieves. This arose as a ransomware attack that the authorities discovered on May 31 this year. It has impacted upon 1.3 million individuals. And, if it can happen there, it can happen here too.

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Cardiovascular Disasters Across the World and Australia By Brian Simpson

Dr Peter McCullough has given a concise summary of recent scientific papers documenting what he describes as a cardiovascular disaster regarding people having the Covid vaxxes. While there is still a strong culture of academic suppression regarding the deaths from the vaxxes, there are at least 284 clearly documents deaths from the Covid mRNA vaccines, which Covid vax critics regard as a drop the ocean. But, the criterion for a vaccine recall was less than 50 deaths in the past, a standard that has been ignored with the Covid vaxxes.


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Why are Young Aussies Dying at Unprecedented Levels? By Brian Simpson

Nation First has given a tremendous coverage to the elephant in the room issue that our parliament does not want to address, as to why young Australians are dying at a rate far beyond the norm. The main cause of these “sudden deaths” is cardiac arrest. A study is quoted from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne showed that out of 1,319 cases of people under 50 dying between mid-2019 and mid-2021, a quarter died from sudden cardiac arrest. That is something that was not observed prior to the Covid vax rollout. Cardiac arrest is now the leading cause of death of people under 50 in Australia. The health “experts” are denying a Covid vax link here, but there is indeed growing scientific evidence, not discussed in Australia, to implicate the vaxxes. This is reviewed in another article at the blog today.

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Cash is King: Optus Crash Shows the Dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency By James Reed

The media coverage last week of the Optus meltdown that left cities almost grinding to a halt, did not focus on the real problem here, not the odd bod not being able to get his coffee. The only real saviours were other networks still working, and cash. Malcolm Roberts has given a superb speech on this issue as illustrating the threat that removing cash and establishing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will bring.

The government’s Identification Verification Services Bill itself will make it irresistible for hackers due to the centralisation of data. As Roberts rightly notes: “If the government centralises the private data it collects from citizens, on-sells the records to the commercial market while simultaneously mandating the use of digitised personal records within the economy, it will be installing digital socialism. A digital prison no less. Government and its parasitic billionaire mates want to become the middlemen of all transactions between customers and businesses.”

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In One Dose: Billions of Genetic Impurities and Contaminants! By Brian Simpson

A preprint scientific study, geared for mainstream publication, reports that the research team examining the mRNA Covid vax has found foreign DNA, genetic material, in the vax; “loads of SV40 enhancer-promoter, ori, and virus spike in Pfizer are up to 186 billion copies per dose," one of the team, said. Cutting the technicalities, some of which are extracted below, the DNA is a contaminant and should not be present. It seems that it may have got into the vaccine by the use of bacteria to produce the mRNA spike protein. While using bacteria in pharmaceutical production is common, foreign DNA is supposed to get removed.

The concern is that the foreign DNA could get mistaken by the body as human DNA and get integrated into the cells, effectively meaning that spike proteins will be produced forever. As well, there are concerns of increased cancer risk. All this is the longer-term impact of the Covid vaxxes, which clearly shows that the Covid issue is not over, by a long shot.

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At a Time of a Rental and Housing Crisis, Chinese Buyers Come before Aussies! By James Reed

Here is yet another mainstream media report, which confirms the critique that we have been developing at the blog, of the surge in mass immigration impacting negatively upon both inflation and the rental and housing crisis. The impact of overseas buyers of lower-level housing creates a massive crisis for local Australians trying to get rent, or buy a first home, which now is a distant dream, leading to further accelerating declines in the white population. Thus, we may speak of mass immigration policy, which negatively impacts upon young Australians, as a genocidal policy.

However, taking a step back, it seems as well that the local elites are facing a few problems too in the luxury property market, as masses of rich Chinese buyers come to scoop up multimillion-dollar luxury properties across Australia. This is not a great problem compared to the impact that hundreds of thousands of overseas students are having, fuelled by the greed of our evil universities. In a way it is an irony, as while the local rich elites are not threatened with homelessness or to join the growing numbers in tent cities, at least they are paying more for their luxuries. And these elites are part of Big Australia, which is behind the present Great White Replacement immigration policy.

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Australia’s Income Decline Greatest in the Developed World By Paul Walker

At the blog, James Reed has done a great job, if I may say so, of documenting through reputable sources, the terrible impact that the Labor government’s mass migration, great White replacement policy, is having upon Australia’s rental and housing crisis. To support this, here is an extract from a summary of an article from the Fin Review, which says that Australia has the biggest decline in income in the developed world, because of surging mass immigration and rising mortgage rates. After-tax income for every Australian household has fallen by 5.1 per cent.

 According to ABC finance expert, Alan Kohler, record immigration is fuelling inflation and leading to Australia having higher interest rates. And AMP chief economist Shane Oliver said the present mass immigration, the largest in recent history, was financially hurting Australians:

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Behind the Green Paradox By Richard Miller (London)

The “Green paradox,” arises from the present drive in the West for zero net carbon emissions, as policies for carbon reduction in the future accelerate the very carbon-producing activates the Green elites would want to control, as firms hurry to extract as much carbon-producing resources as they can now before the Green reduction guillotine falls on their businesses.

Thus, according to a report by the fanatical climate change alarmist United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other research institutes, the fossil fuel production planned by countries for 2030 is set to more than double (110 per cent more), the level required by the UN to limit supposed global warming to 1.5o C. This makes the Paris Climate Accords redundant, as more coal will be produced and used until at least 2030, especially by communist China, who only gives lip service to Western climate change nonsense, while building new coal-fired power stations at a record rate. UNEP Director Inger Andersen said “Governments' plans to expand fossil fuel production are undermining the energy transition needed to achieve net zero emissions, creating economic risks and placing the future of humanity in question.”

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Technocracy: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars By James Reed

Technocracy is the science of social engineering, applied by ruling power elites to maintain and increase their power. As an example of a technocratic adventure, the Covid lockdowns and mandates are a recent highly visible case, where public policy was seemingly dictated by health officials, and globalist agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), but behind them was the power of Big Pharma, and the financial interests that control it.

Given the way the plan always comes together for the globalists, with only slight problems along the way that have to be dealt with, such as the failure of the Voice referendum, and the 2016 election of Donald Trump, one may wonder if there is any sort of written plan for the technocratic One World agenda. Here has been much written in a scattered literature, but the document, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979), which was discovered in 1986, gives an overview up to its alleged date of construction. It details a system of social control of the masses by the elites. A summary, and some historical background is given below.

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Bias for the Legacy Media By Brian Simpson

Any legislation pushed by the pro-censorship, woke Labor government here in Australia, needs to be subjected to intense scrutiny, as one can be sure there will always be some hidden tyranny in it. Thus, the idea floated now is to force smart TV manufacturers to have mainstream/legacy media and state funded outlets’ apps pre-installed on the devices. This is to openly give the mainstream media an advantage over alternative media, which is more likely to be critical of the government’s agendas, which is something quite predictable from the authoritarian Labor regime.

There will be a “manipulated search results for news stories.” As one critic puts it: “the consumer must first be offered the local TV services that provide news content, with priority given to any such local TV services that the consumer has previously accessed.”

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EU Parliament Agrees to Digital ID Censorship By Richard Miller (London)

The eID (European Digital Identity) regulation has been given provisional approval by the European parliament. With this in the bag, the EU Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton, has said that  CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) integration should now follow. That, of course, was what was behind this digital ID push in the first place.

Dutch EP member (MEP) Rob Roos, who opposed the legislation on the grounds of civil liberties and security issues, while seeing the current decision as very bad, said that as the parliament is yet to vote on the agreement, and is urging citizens to contact their MEPs, tell them they oppose the regulation and to vote against it.

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The Woke Cesspool of the UK By Richard Miller (London)

Rupa Subramanya, who is not white, has given an accurate depiction of modern woke, anti-white Britain. Thus, a white man with a working-class Scottish accent was heard to be critical of the take-over and Great Replacement of traditional British culture by Arabic. And for his pains the police arrested him on the charge of “racially aggravated offense,” a violation of the Public Order Act of 1986. Numerous cases like this have even led Suella Braverman, Britain’s home secretary, to say that the police have a double standard, ignoring the threats to public order recent protests have posed. And, the elephant in the room, is the grooming gang scandal whee UK police knew that white British children were being raped on an industrial scale of tens of thousands, but ignored this until it was publicly exposed, all to be politically correct and not dare stir up racism.

Mass immigration has indeed created a diverse, but nightmarish dystopia, far beyond Orwell’s 1984.

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Bill Gates: Digital Public Infrastructure by 2028 By James Reed

When Bill Gate releases a prediction, all gloomy for lovers of freedom, but exciting for One Worlders, we should pay attention. The UN plot to unleashed a global digital ID for 2030, is now beaten by Bill Gate’s campaign to accelerate this, to produce a global ID, without which one would not be able to participate in society, now by 2028, a mere five years to go.

Thus, we have a  push for Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI),  including “Digital IDs,” vaccine passports, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), championed by the globalist WEF, the UN, European Union, and Bill Gates among others. These measures are intended to effectively end democracy and liberal freedoms as we know them, just as was done in the trial run with the Covid mandates, which succeed beyond expectations for the globalist elites. The goal then is a full-blooded communist Chinese social credit; system, which will bring in  individual carbon footprint trackers, Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), and CBDC programmed to restrict purchases that the globalist do not want you to make, such as guns and ammunition.

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The Social Psychology of Climate Change Catastrophism By Brian Simpson

A. West in The Grip of Culture: The Social Psychology of Climate Change Catastrophism (2023), has developed in detail an argument that has later been made by Elon Musk, that climate change catastrophism is really a death cult. The death part is easy to establish, since that narrative is by definition, concerned with the doom of human civilisation unless radical measures are taken such as the replacement of fossil fuels and meat eating. But the cult or religious part requires more conceptual and empirical work, which is supplied by West in his book, summarised below. He goes into detail about survey data indicating direct links between climate alarmism and religious cults. But, there is a simpler approach.

My approach is more qualitative. I would maintain that the core elements of cults are blind devotion to the central tenants of the cult, the beliefs that define it, even to the point of committing acts of violence. This we see with climate change alarmism. But as well, as with any cult worth its poison Kool Aid, there is a doomsday belief, that the world is heading to disaster unless people start believing in the cult. Climate change alarmism fits this paradigm perfectly, and in this regard, Elon Musk was dead on the money.

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The Abortion Dilemma By Mrs Vera West

Michael Snyder has written about the abortion dilemma for American politics, that politicians taking strong pro-life stance, tend to lose. Even though over 60 million babies have been slaughtered in the United States since 1973, opinion poll after opinion poll has shown majority support for abortion. After the over-turning of Roe v Wade, the number of abortions went up. And in state elections, pro-life candidates have lost: “We won, the states voted— and voted and voted and voted — and we lost. Every time. It turns out (no matter what they tell pollsters or their neighbors) the people LOVE abortion. They want no restrictions. None. Not the tiniest little imposition. Montana voters rejected a law that would have merely require life-saving treatment be given to babies accidentally born alive during an abortion. That lost, 53% to 47%.”

In Australia, the abortion issue is not part of public angst like in America. Opinion polls allegedly show that 76 percent of Australians support abortion: Abortion is the big issue for the uber-liberal paradigm of human rightism, and it is the system’s answer to a promiscuous anti-Christian society. There is no strong political movement here to oppose this.

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Corporate Yes Voice Promoters Who Offered the Firm’s Money, Need to Personally Pay! By James Reed

A controversy has erupted when a shareholder of the Commonwealth Bank has written to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission regarding a donation to the Yes side of the Voice campaign of $ 2 million. At the annual general meeting, he asked the Commonwealth Bank chair, to name the “relevant section of Corporations Act that authorises the Board to make a political donation to the Voice's YES campaign.” There was no reply to this, as the angry shareholder’s microphone was cut!

Hopefully the matter will be pursued and the ASIC rules that there is no relevant section of the Act allowing the donation. Then, there is a precedence for other shareholders to go after other corporates who did the same thing. Next woke adventure they may all be a bit more cautious, before getting into woke over-load.

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Aussies Being Made Homeless: Blame Albo’s Runaway Migration Great Replacement By James Reed

Here is more depressing information on the housing/rental crisis in Australia. First, the latest Finder research has indicated that for Australians to buy a home they will need double the average full-time salary. The minimum household income required to front the mortgage for the average Australian house is $182,000, and those owning units need about $130,000. However, the average full-time salary is around $96,000 and not all of that can be spent on a mortgage, and there is a massive cost of living problem tossed in.

Second, there is the interest rate rise, so for example, borrowers with a $590,000 mortgage will be paying an extra $1345 a month compared to last year. This alone is crushing many families.

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The Great AstraZeneca Court Case By Richard Miller (London)

A UK High Court case is in progress over the adverse effects of the AstraZeneca Covid vax. The plaintiff IT engineer Jamie Scott suffered a brain haemorrhage the day after his first AstraZeneca jab, leaving him with permanent brain damage. He is partially blind. The case alleges that the dose was ineffective and claims of its efficacy “vastly overstated.”

The Daily Mail coverage is careful to push the line that the vax saved six million lives according to unnamed studies. But that claim is under debate as an exaggeration, since the mortality rate for Covid-19 is less than one percent for people who are not aged and/or immune-suppressed. And, it begs the question against the very item under discussion, namely the High Court case where this matter will need to be debated. The Covid vaxxes did not stop transmission of the Covid-19 virus, and nor did it prevent subsequent Covid infections.

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Electric Vehicles (EVs): Time to Pull the Plug By Chris Knight (Florida)

Gatestone has an excellent critique of the electric vehicle (EV) mania, from a US perceptive, but the material and arguments are relevant too for Australians, who in any case will be getting these electric monstrosities from overseas, particularly communist China. Vast sums of money are being invested for no good reason beyond the climate change alarmist view that fossil fuels are set to destroy the planet via runaway global warming. And the nation to benefit most from this fear campaign is communist China.

But still, consumer reality is biting, and both Ford and GM have faced problems unloading EVs on the public, who have gone quite sour on these woke vehicles. For example, Ford lost US $32,000 on every EV it sold in 2023. It is predicted that Ford will lose in 2023, US $ 4.5 billion on its EV products. Things are bad for GM too, as EV losses cut quarterly profits by US $ 1.5 billion. These are high, unsustainable losses, indicating market failure; that in general people are not interested in EVs

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