Protesters to Get Thousands of Dollars! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Hundreds of protesters who were arrested by New York City police are set to get $ 21,500 each. The protests occurred after the death of George Floyd. Now I can see the political imbalance here, that January 6 protesters are still rotting in jail facing torture and abuse, and Covid protesters were treated with violence too by police, there has been no parallel justice for them. Still, even though these primarily Leftists are contrary to my politics, their claims are most likely justified, since the police boxed them in then laid into them with batons, completely as unjustified as was done to the Covid lockdown protesters. On this one point I can see the problem with the police here in America, but this culture is obsessed with the police and military which is not aiding drastically needed reform. Australia, I think, has a healthier scepticism about the boys and girls in blue, or paramilitary black.

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Everyone Line Up (in Canada) for Money for Trans Surgery! By Chris Knight (Florida)

Canada is the place to be if one is “transitioning.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has rejigged the Public Service Health Care Plan so that federal employees can access up to $75,000 of taxpayer loot for transgender surgery, including such mundane things as voice feminisation and breast augmentation. And, given anti-discrimination ideology, the money would also go to people going the other way, from “women,” whatever that now means, to “men,” whatever that now means. But since it is all a social construction, I don’t see why something physical like surgery is needed, since one can just wave a wand of sociology all over it, and bingo, socially constructed gender categories. Oh, but no $ 75,000. I guess that is important.

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George Christensen: The Global Depopulation Plan By James Reed

We have written extensively about the global depopulation agenda of the globalist elites, dealing with both the Covid plandemic and climate change. And, great minds think alike, as George Christensen gives essentially the same take. The interest here, is that what we have said is being proposed by others. And, George is not the only one writing about this depopulation agenda today:

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Steve Kirsch Asks: Is it Too Hard? By Brian Simpson

Covid vax critic, Steve Kirsch has asked health authorities across the world to make vaccine/death data available. He is usually ignored, but when governments respond, it is proclaimed that they are just too busy, and under-resourced to dig out the requested information. One wonders what they are doing with all the time on their hands? Oh, oppressing us, I suppose! It is a common complaint. But, really the main reason is, that they simply do not want to hand out any ammunition for critics.

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The Internet of Things Will Take a Stroll … with Your Car! By Brian Simpson

Ford Motor Company has filed a US patent for the technology to allow autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles which could potentially repossess themselves if their owners miss lease or loan payments! This presupposes fully self-driving cars, with a “mind” of their own, but that is rapidly coming, certainly with advances in AI. The demon cars will disable air conditioning, radio, GPS, and cruise control to irritate the driver, if a payment is missed. Or, like the standard electric car, I suppose the vehicle could simply self-destruct, like the tapes, and then USB reader, in the old Mission Impossible TV show. Just joking, I think.

I imagine it will be one more reason not to have a car.

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Where are All the Billions of Dollars Being Fed into the Ukraine Going? By Richard Miller (London)

First, it is a task to find out how much money has been thrown at the Ukraine; $ 112 billion from the US alone in 2022 is a starting figure, let alone billions more to come after Joe Biden’s visit, and untold billions from the rest of the West. So, it is a legitimate question as to where all this money has gone. Life Site has an article by Frank Wright, running to ground the enormous corruption and money laundering that has occurred. Indeed, the scams have been so great that scores of Ukrainian officials who had been tickling the till, have been removed from office. But the bigger fish have swum on. Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov was voted by the Ukrainian parliament to be removed from office, but the case against him has now “disappeared.” And Zelensky, it seems, has shut down the anti-corruption drive. So, only the small fish were caught.

That is all interesting, but the key question is why the West is going all-out to defend the most corrupt country in Europe? The idea that Putin will move on the rest of Europe, is possible, but is hardly prevented by expending all resources on the Ukraine, which could be solved in 24 hours as Trump said. The present US rulers definitely have something to hide, and want remaining hidden in that land.

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The Dangers of Elon Musk’s AI Agenda By Brian Simpson

While Elon Musk is somewhat celebrated among conservatives and the Dissent Right, for bringing back some degree of free speech to Twitter, one needs to look at his entire agenda, which is transhumanism, the replacement of humans, and is fully technocratic. Point in case is his latest news piece, saying that his future AI humanoid robots will one day outnumber humans. Taken literally that means billions of the things. The effects of AI upon human employment now are a concern, but humanoid robots are explicitly designed to replace humans. If so, then what happens to all of those workers who are displaced, and replaced? The globalist elites generally consider anyone other than their class as useless eaters, so the temptation for releasing a really deadly super-virus, may become irresistible.

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Heresies Irish Style By Richard Miller (London)

Here is one sadder example of the internal rot within the mainstream church. A Catholic priest invites a Muslim muezzin (chanter) into the church to chant is "the way of the Lord." This happened in 2020, at St. Patrick's parish in the County Mayo town of Ballyhaunis, which does have a mosque whether the Muslim person could go. The idea here is presumably based upon synodality, which according to The Holy See's International Theological Commission, is  "the specific modus vivendi et operandi of the Church, the People of God, which reveals and gives substance to her being as communion when all her members journey together, gather in assembly and take an active part in her evangelising mission". Synodality also "refers to the involvement and participation of the whole People of God in the life and mission of the Church". As well the Church's Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity notes that the term synodality "[b]roadly [...] refers to the active participation of all the faithful in the life and mission of the Church". Nothing here would justify giving preaching space to people of non-Christian religions. Why this occurs, is the same reason why traditional institutions are being undermined everywhere; the Great Replacement, not only of people, but cultures.

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The Sin of Secularism and Christian Abandonment By Chris Knight (Florida)

The grim statistics indicate that in the US, there is something of a mass exodus of people abandoning Christianity, known as “nonverts.” Indeed, according to the Pew Research Center, Christians will be a minority of Americans by 2070 if current trends continue. This is initially shocking to Christian Americans like me, as we mechanically think of America as a Christian country. But, look at Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2021 43.9 percent of the population were Christians and no religion, 38.9 percent. There has been a steady decline in the number of people claiming to be Christians, falling from a high of 96 percent in 1911.

Thus, the trend of secularisation is widespread and deep seated. It is certainly one of the things the Left, inspired by the fierce atheism of communist Marx, has relentless pursued. But, unlike many issues we face, on this one I think that this needs to be left in God’s hand. Certainly, He is not going to see His Church destroyed. And at the end of the day, just looking around at out modern Sodom and Gomorrah: Genesis 19: 1-28, we can expect a Judgment.

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Chaos in South Africa, as Lights Out By Eric Ruger (Johannesburg)

The mainstream media headlines outside of South Africa go along the lines of South Africa being on the precipice of collapse, and facing civil war, in the context of the blackouts. I am not sure that civil war adequately describes the chaos of what things are like when the power goes out, but the US has seen some aspects of this, as crime surges, and the looters come out in force. Police cannot cope, or do not want to cope, and I imagine that when things get to the collapse stage, of total grid failure, if police do not have their wages, they will be looting as well. The US and Australia has advised its citizens in South Africa to stock up on food and water to last several days, but I think more than that is needed. While there is speculation on YouTube about what social collapse will be like, South Africa under the ANC is a living illustration of what to expect under an extreme Leftist regime, one which is doing everything the World Economic Forum and UN wants, and more.

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Miscarriage Rates in the United States are a Shocker Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

According to a preprint study, “COVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function,” by James Thorp et al., the Covid vaxxes are, compared to other vaccines, such as the influenza vaccines, associated with a significant increase in adverse events for women and human fertility. These include, but are not limited, to menstrual abnormalities, miscarriage, foetal chromosomal abnormalities, foetal malformation, foetal cystic hygroma, foetal cardiac disorders, foetal arrhythmias, foetal cardiac arrest, foetal vascular malfunction, foetal growth abnormalities, foetal abnormal surveillance, foetal placental thrombosis, low amniotic fluid, preeclampsia, premature delivery, preterm premature rupture of membrane, foetal death/stillbirth, and premature baby death.  Getting down to numbers, the Covid-19 mRNA vaxxes produce a 57-fold increase in miscarriages, a 38-fold increase in still birth rates, and a 1200-fold increase in menstrual abnormalities, based on data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database. Nothing like this has ever been observed from any other vaccine, and the extent of injuries is more wide-reaching.

The really big, unanswered question is about the longer-term effects upon human fertility, especially upon unborn female foetuses. Humanity has not faced an issue that could be as grave as this.

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When Parents Disagree about Vaccination of their Children, Who Should Win? By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

Steve Kirsch explains that there is an interesting court test case, where in a family with an unvaxxed child, the father does not want to vaccinate, but the mother does. While one would in the recent past have expected that the court would have taken judicial notice of the pro-vax opinions of the Covid health establishment, this has not occurred, fortunately for the father, and the child. The case is therefore set to be heard on its merits, which will involve assessment of the Covid vax injuries issues. Kirsch is optimistic and thinks that the father will win. That may be so, it all depends upon the jurisdiction now. From what I have seen from afar looking at places like Victoria, Australia, I would not give the father much of a chance there. I mean to say, a woman who is unvaxxed for medical reasons can be denied a heart transplant!

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Professor Norman Fenton on the Safety of the Covid Vax for Pregnant Women By Mrs Vera West

Professor Norman Fenton, of Queen Mary University of London, is a professor of mathematics and computer science. He has been a sharp critic of many of the statistical errors, or deceptions, made by the Covid elite during the plandemic. And, he has not been cancelled yet, which is a good thing. Hence, he is able to wade in on the issue of the safety of the Covid vax during pregnancy.

Professor Fenton makes the point that there is no need at all for women to get the vax at all during pregnancy, as statistically, risks are minimal. And, Pfizer itself had supplied enough information by June 2021 for regulators to know that pregnant women should not be vaccinated. He details methodological flaws in studies that allegedly showed that the vaxxes were safe, these using pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy.  Pfizer’s own trial showed that there was statistically significant harm to pregnant women in the early stages, especially a problem of stillbirths. That issue is dramatically illustrated by stillbirths in highly vaccinated places like Singapore, covered in another article at the blog.

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France Steps Back from Covid Vax Frenzy By Richard Miller (London)

With Australia turning up the heat to get its convicts (sorry, British colonial humour) to be jabbed a fifth time, Australians may like to know that not every country is doubling down on the vaxxes. Some are prepared to let go a little bit, and move on, maybe a few steps. Like France, in a fashion. The French National Authority for Health now recommends the bivalent Omicron booster of the mRNA vax for persons deemed at risk, from the elderly to the immunocompromised. However, the vaccine is seen by this authority as having poor vaccine durability, and is not recommended for the general healthy population. So, a degree of sanity has prevailed. But, I think, not so by the Australian authorities, at least from where I can see them, from Britain. To paraphrase Star Wars, their faith is strong in the Covid cult.

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Digital Currency: Tracking Everything By James Reed

This has happened in the US, and you can bet your bottom dollar, that bottom dollars will soon be gone, in the fast-approaching central bank digital currencies. Cash will only be found in museums, if the Dark Lords of the New World Order get their way, and getting their way is what they specialise in. In the US Biden, who is really just a means of signing documents put before him that he does not read, or care much about, signed Executive Order 14067. This means that every dime spent can in principle be tracked by the central bank, be it even a gift for a birthday. Of course, these minor transactions so not interest the New World Order Big Brother financial scrutineers; what they are interested in are purchases of guns and ammo, and also food and survival supplies, so when the time is right, they will know which houses of innocent citizens to illegally raid. Why, they even raid the home of a former president, so on-one is safe in the New World Order police state.

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Stillbirths Almost Double in Fully Vaxxed Singapore By Mrs Vera West

If there was a genuine problem with adverse effects from the Covid vaxxes, which there is,  Singapore would be the place to look, as this socially compliant nation was one of the most highly mRNA vaxxed places on Earth. And, what is being seen, just with respect to only the factors of human fertility, is an almost doubling of still births. There were 73 stillbirths in 2019, 78 in 2020, 78 in 2021, and an incredible 133 in 2022. This was not due to a rise in births; on the contrary, births fell 10 percent in the final three quarters of 2022, and fell 15 percent in December 2022.

Thus, stillbirths doubled from April to December even as live births fell. This should be making headlines around the world, but the silence is deafening, since, first, the Covid brainwashed do not compute information contrary to their world view, and even if they did, this is something that Big Pharma would not want discussed in homes at meal time.

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mRNA Vaccines Shown to Cause Fatal Brain and Heart Damage By Richard Miller (London)

A study by German scientists has appeared in the high-ranking peer reviewed journal, Vaccines, showing that the mRNA shots can lead to fatal brain and heart damage. The researchers were able to exclude the actual infection of Covid-19 as a cause. A Parkinson’s disease patient, 76-year-old German man died three weeks after receiving his third Covid-19 shot; the man’s first Covid shot came from Oxford/AstraZeneca, but his two subsequent shots were both made by Pfizer. He had not previously been infected by Covid-19. An autopsy was performed at the family’s request, where it was found that the mRNA vaccinations, not Covid-19 infection itself, has caused the fatal heart failure. There was also acute brain damage unrelated to his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. Spike proteins were found  in the frontal lobe of the brain, and other sections of the brain. There was no nucleocapsid protein present, as would indicate a natural Covid infection, so the spike proteins were from the vax.

This case shows that the mRNA spike protein can pass through the blood/brain barrier, something that was denied by the mainstream Covid narrative.

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The Heartlessness of the Vax Establishment By Mrs Vera West

I have mentioned the case of the Melbourne mother who was denied a heart transplant because, for medical reasons, she was not vaccinated. I have been thinking more about this and now critique the reasons for refusal. As detailed below, the key reason is that the patient could get Covid, if unvaccinated, and die, and lose the organ.

Well, assume that is so. Then there is no reason why the person could not consent to donating the organ back if she dies; musical chairs. But the assumption here is that the vax will prevent someone from getting Covid in the first place, and almost every vaxxed to the hilt person has got Covid anyway. So, the argument made by the Victorian health authorities is just fallacious, and outrightly mean.

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Away back in the good old days

    when men could find a job;

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Natural Immunity, a Conspiracy No More By Chris Knight (Florida)

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D. gives a concise summary of how natural immunity was once regarded, not so long ago as a conspiracy, but now is accepted as existing, and is arguably superior to the Covid vaxxes. But, back in the day, far-left Mother Jones described it thus, “Anti-vaxxers have a dangerous theory called ‘natural immunity.’ Now it’s going mainstream.” But, they are not saying that now. However, the refusal to accept the very existence of natural immunity during the Covid vax rollout was made not on any scientific grounds, but purely to keep up the profits of Big Pharma. Until an early Israeli study showing the more robust protection delivered by natural immunity, the claim that the vax was the only option, was pushed, people lost their jobs, and it was all propaganda. If it is true now that natural immunity is effective, then it was true then.

I had Covid, and just like every other flu I had, suffered through it. It was unpleasant, but was not the worst flu I had in my life. And, I got natural immunity. When Omicron came, it did nothing, not even a cough, and I was in close contact with someone infected.

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