The Optus Meltdown Would be Nothing Compared to a Large Solar EMP Super Storm By Brian Simpson

One of the problems of a lack of knowledge of science in the general community is that not only can technocrats hoodwink the public, as was done with the Covid plandemic, but genuinely dangerous events may not get the attention that more trendy things like climate change does. As far as I am aware, the blog was the only site in Australia who mentioned the March 12, 2023 near-catastrophe of the largest solar storm to ever confront recent human civilisation. In the US, the American discussed the near miss that would have knocked us back to the Dark Ages:


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When the Goodies End, the Migrants Go By Charles Taylor (Florida)

A bit of news from the grim side. It seems that things are getting so bad in the US, that some cities are taking on a Mad Max like nature due to violent crime and economic collapse, as recently argued by Michael Snyder:


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The Woke Police By Richard Miller (London)

Former UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who is non-white has been sacked by the non-white British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, for her publication of an article in The London Times in which she criticized the police's handling of Palestinian marches, saying that the police ignored the Palestinians' law violations and referred to them as "marches of hate." She also wrote that the police discriminate against the Right wing, to which they are very tough, and the Left, to which they give a free hand. Much the same occurs in the US, as the Left were free to burn down the US over the George Floyd incident, but the peaceful January 6 protesters were treated with human rights violations. Below is an extract of a former police officer wo suffered through the woke nonsense that now characterises the police.


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Sex Fiends and Killers Allowed to Walk the Australian Streets By James Reed

It seems it is social justice for everyone except the long-suffering Australian community, who ultimately face the on-ground ramifications of feel-good legal decisions. Thus, the High Court of Australia has ruled that indefinite detention of illegals, who were effectively stateless and could not be deported, was illegal and they should be released into the Australian community. Rather than critiquing the High Court, the politicians are trying to find a solution to this, as there are sex offenders and murderers among those to be released. One particular individual has a record of attacking elderly ladies in their home.


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A Stay of Execution of Free Speech in Australia By James Reed

The Albanese Government’s Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023, has been halted for the moment, seemingly not because Albo and his socialist comrades have discovered the worth of the liberal value of free speech, but because they want the misinformation and disinformation law to include religious speech as well. While many conservatives are sitting back and seeing a temporary victory, an article in, entitled, Christians Beware, Labor’s ‘Religious Exemption’ makes Misinformation and Disinformation Bill More Dangerous,” the point is made that this will be a whitewash and only religious speech favouring Labor’s voters will be protected: 

“Which brings us to Labor’s plan to bribe the Bill’s passage into law by promising to ‘protect’ religious speech.

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Koala Sacrifices to the Pagan god of Wind Turbines By Paul Walker

According to Craig Kelly, the national director of the United Australia Party, the Labor government as a part of its zero net plan to deal with the supposed climate change crisis, “involves killing koalas that get in the way of their wind turbines by hitting the koalas with a hard, sharp blow to the base of the skulls to euthanize them.” Of course, it would be politically incorrect to shoot the poor fellows who might mistake a wind mill for a gum tree and climb to their doom, joining the fate of other creatures such as rare Australian bird life that get shredded by these Green monstrosities.


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Bill Gate’s Farmland Agenda By Charles Taylor (Florida)

A new book by Seamus Bruner, Controligarchs, details the utter hypocrisy of the 1 percenters who are moralising about matters such as the supposed climate change crisis, while living lives completely at variance with the ideals they push. And, most importantly, the ideologies such as concern about climate change and population growth, are covers for their own will to power. While advocating bug eating for us, the likes of Bill Gates indulges in feasts of red meat when meeting with fellow elites. While advocating the need to limit farms, Gates has bought up massive quantities of US farmland, to control the market of food production through trademarks, copyrights, and patents. With his own interests in artificial meat, it is hardly surprising that Gates pushes an agenda of the need for us plebs to stop eating natural meat. As I see it the farm buy-ups are just part of the program to eliminate conventional farming. If he is allowed to succeed.


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The Reserve Bank and the Ideology of Mass Immigration By Brian Simpson

The crusty Reserve Bank of Australia, has issued its latest report on monetary policy and the Australian economy. Household disposable income will continue to decrease until, they optimistically predict, around the middle of 2024. Inflation will remain at 4.5 per cent to the end of this year, and will not drop under 3 per cent until late 2025, so expect the cost-of-living crisis to continue as well.

But of interest to us is the Reserve Banks cautious stance on mass immigration, which they say is not impacting upon inflation, but both factors offset each other. Even the ABC report coughs at this one: “However, if increased population growth has not greatly affected wages growth, it is unclear how it is not adding to inflation, given observations elsewhere in the RBA's statement.

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Wind Farms and Access to Nuclear Missile Silos By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Last week there was a report from the UK that offshore wind farms were impacting upon Royal Airforce radar, creating blind spots that could be a military issue. Now there is a report from the US military that the expansion of windmills is raising a nuclear security issue, as these windmills spread across the country. The problem is that so many are being put up, under the manic drive to make society based upon renewable energy, so called, that it is becoming dangerous for helicopter crews to quickly swoop into the nuclear silo areas. Not only are there the physical blades to deal with, the towers often being around 200 metres high, but air turbulence is created which poses problems for flight crews. The US Air Force has estimated that 46 of its 450 underground silos are already “severely” encroached upon by these wind farms, which keep expanding.

There are new problems with so called renewable energy being revealed almost every week. A more thorough investigation of renewable energy should have been undertaken before even the first wind power tower was erected. But it is still not too late to undo this madness and return to fossil fuels.

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The Australian Rental Crisis Leading to More Share Housing and Homelessness By James Reed has made an undeniable case that Australia’s massive immigration intake, with 500,000 net immigrants in 2022-2023, is the main cause of the present housing/rental crisis. Rentals are at an all-time low, as migrants scoop up rentals. Locals are reduced to homelessness, and many such stories are covered almost daily in the mainstream press. The organisation National Shelter has reported that homelessness increased by 50 percent between 2020 and 2022, and there was a doubling of people living in “improvised homes, tents and rough sleeping.” There has also been a surge of demand for share housing, as people, along with the rental shortage, are feeling the pinch from the cost-of-living squeeze.

As with all of these reports I do, it is clear that mass public opposition must be made to the Labor government immigration policy, by mass protests. This is an even more difficult issue to fight than the Covid vaxxes given the way the population has been brainwashed about immigration since the end of World War II. Maybe things will change with the communist Chinese invasion of Taiwan, and a likely nuclear attack upon Pine Gap, as Professor Dibbs hypothesises.

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The Downside of Cashless By James Reed

It is good to see the, at least the bits not behind the pay wall, coming out and defending cash. They mention the Optus November 8 outage as one good reason to support a cash economy, but the lesser discussed issue is the fees associated with card transactions. Tap and go saves money for the banks, but while in the early days it was promised that there would be no fees, we now have surcharges for paying with a card, so the banks have once more double-dipped. These surcharges vary, but may be a high as a few percent on a transaction, a cost which does add up in this time of a cost-of-living crisis, and could total as much as hundreds of dollars per year.

We must resist the drive made by the globalist elite for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and the elimination of cash. It gives too much power, once more, to those who need less power, or none at all.

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The High Court of Australia Rules: Release Illegals Held in Indefinite Detention By James Reed

Here is a story for those who have a starry-eyed view of the Australian legal system. The High Court has ruled that illegals held in indefinite detention must be released into the community, even an illegal who raped a 10-year-old boy! People like him are stateless, and cannot be deported. The High Court over-ruled Australia’s immigration laws that had been in effect since 1992, along supposed international law demands.

And, the legal fees for this will be paid for by you, the tax payer.

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Transgenders Now Can be Baptised in the Catholic Church! By Peter West

It is a sign of the times. According to the Vatican, transgender people can now be baptised in the Catholic Church, provided doing so does not cause “confusion,” or scandal. In my reading I did not find out exactly how “confusion” is avoided, especially if the non-binary identifying person wants to be a god parent, but does not identify as either traditional male or female, but some alternative gender. There is discretion on the part of the priest to refuse, if there is “a danger of scandal, undue legitimisation or disorientation in the educational sphere of the church community." Well, if so, expect law suits.


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The Communist Chinese Quiet Invasion By James Reed

I came across an article on the net from a leading US law enforcement journal raising concerns about the observation of numbers of military age male Chinese entering the US as “refugees.” “So far in fiscal year 2023, U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered nearly 40,000 Chinese nationals on both the southern and northern borders, far surpassing the approximately 23,500 and 27,800 encountered in fiscal years 2021 and 2022, respectively.

In July, more than 6,000 crossed the border, just two months after the COVID-19 rule that allowed for expelling illegal migrants quickly—known as Title 42—expired.”


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Canada: From Multicultural Utopia to a Balkanised Grievance Factory By Chris Knight (Florida)

To deal with the massive division between French and English culture in Canada, the policy of multiculturalism was adopted so that both the French and English languages would be used. But, with mass non-white, non-Western immigration, the multicultural policy was generalised. As Tasha Kheiriddin, who is non-white, notes, this diversity, pushed to the extreme, has led to the loss of national identity, and the destruction of the very things which led migrants to Canada in the first place.


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There is No Real Consensus on Climate Change By James Reed

The claims made by the globalist elites, such as the UN and World Economic Forum, is that 99 percent of climate scientists support the idea of a climate change emergency, caused by human industrial and agricultural activities. But this proposal of a near universal consensus has been challenged in a paper by a group of Israeli scientists, “Ninety-Nine Percent? Re-Examining the Consensus on the Anthropogenic Contribution to Climate Change,” Climate 2023, 11(11), 215. This journal, by the way, is not a fringe publication, but is one of the leading climate science papers. And the consensus claim is widely used in the political sphere to close debate on the issue of whether or not global warming is occurring. Hence the results of the critique are important for the public policy debates.


The paper goes back and examines the paper by Lynas et al., which allegedly established the 99 percent consensus figure. The critics show that the examination of the 3,000 abstracts by the Lynas et al. team is flawed, as they assume that papers that take no position on the climate change hypothesis, actually support it, which is an invalid assumption. The conclusion is: “No claim for consensus can be made from the data presented in Lynas et al.” And apart from this, just as with the Covid vax deaths and adverse effects issue, papers critical of the establishment line are difficult to place in journals, as even if critical papers were passed in peer review and published, Left wing activists would protest and intimidate the journal editors until the papers were retracted.

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A Spirited Defence of Free Speech By James Reed

Jonathan Sumption is a former Justice of the Supreme Court, and a British medieval historian. He has given a defence of free speech along the lines of the classic liberalism of John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty (1859), where free speech was a necessary condition of individual freedom. If an individual did not have the right to dissent from the mainstream, then his/her individualism would be diminished. Thus, for Mill, if only one individual held to a certain position, it still would be necessary to defend that freedom as there was no certainty that the mob was right.


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So Much for Global Warming: West Antarctica Temperature Falls Over Past Two Decades! By James Reed

The climate change fanatics have made a big song and dance about alleged rising temperatures in west Antarctica, as leading to tipping points where ice melts, raising sea levels to dangerous heights. However, the problem here is that west Antarctica is not warming but cooling.  A recent paper in the mainstream journal of the American Meteorological Society, has thrown a spanner, or is it ice cube in the works? Beginning in the early 1990s, temperatures fell by 0.93°C each decade from 1999-2018, a total of 2°C  over the 20 years. In spring temperature fell by 1.84°C every decade between 1999-2018, and in winter, the fall was 1.19°C, which is very significant indeed.


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Deadly from the Beginning: The Covid Vax By Brian Simpson

The truth about the Covid vaxxes is slowly getting out, as the sands of time slip down the hour glass, and more people than ever “die suddenly.” Thus, new analysis of the original Pfizer clinical trial data has revealed that sudden deaths were twice as high in the vaxxed group, than they were in the placebo group, those having no vax at all. The data, which has been kept strictly secured had been released as part of a Texas law suit. Researchers at the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) looked beyond the standard view that harms would be uncovered after 28 days, and look a longer term of 60 days, which revealed the sudden death incidence. However, that is not all recently noted on the Covid vax threat front


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Banks Becoming Big Brother on Woke Climate Change Hysteria By Richard Miller (London)

This is happening in woke Britain, so do not be surprised to see the same thing soon in Australia. NatWest bank has been policing climate change hysteria and the associated oppression, with a “Carbon Footprint Tracker” on its mobile app. This uses transaction data of its customers and then makes suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint. In turn this is done by an analysis based on their shopping habits. Thus, suggestions have been made to customers to stop drinking dairy milk, not to buy new items such as clothing, share car journeys, wash clothes in cold water and turn off tumble dryers and heaters. Vegetarianism is actively promoted.

So far, all of this is advisory, but we can see where this will go with Central Bank Digital Currencies, where customers who act contrary to the carbon mania will simply be debanked. 

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