French Feminist Faces Criminal Charges for Mere “Misgendering” By Mrs Vera West

This is how far woke has gone. First, it was the attack upon those discussing racial relations, and defending white people. Now, some decades down the track, long after the feminist revolution, feminists who say that women exist as separate biological entities are not only cancelled, but for the New World Order crime of “misgendering,” face criminal prosecution in Europe. In France, leading feminist author, Dora Moutot faces just that with a possible jail sentence. She merely called a trans woman, a man. It is a woke world, all the way down.


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Covid Mandates for Schools Once More! By Brian Simpson

It’s back! You did not think it would go away did you? The Covid mandates raised their hydra head once more in Sydney public schools this week, and even one university campus has brought back the good old masks, that have been shown to contaminate the lungs with microplastics, and are useless, as numerous studies, such as the major Cochrane review have shown. No matter, the schools have closed, and remote learning is supposed to go on, which will just be more time for students to be on their mobile phones and social media, unsupervised. This shows that nothing has changed, and the system will be ready to go back into viral freak-out mode once more if Covid numbers climb, or the next big viral thing makes a dramatic entrance.

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That Divisive Voice, Racializing Everything. By James Reed

The latest from Peter Dutton, who I found out is Opposition Leader and not just a nice bald-headed guy, has given his strongest critique of the Voice  referendum, saying that if the Voice is established, it will result in a range of radical things, from preventing a defence base from being established, to having what John Howard called the black arm band view of Australian history being taught in schools. Even finalising budgets will be difficult, maybe impossible. It would also put race at the centre of al activities, and thus fundamentally change Australian culture. Good to hear the truth coming out; I said this early in the debate that the Voice rulers will dictate by wokeness all policy in Australia, and our weak  mice in parliament will not stand up to it, for fear of being called “racist” by regimes like communist China, when they take time out from industrial scale organ harvesting to morally condemn us:,known%20as%20forced%20organ%20harvesting.

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The Migrant Criminals of Belgium By Richard Miller (London)

Well, I suppose one cannot deny that this enriches the culture. According to data from the Belgium government, and you know that you can trust that, one in four criminal convictions are foreign nationals. But the foreign born constitute only 13 percent of the population. According to Flemish nationalist party’s Barbara Pas, “This means that foreign nationals are considerably overrepresented: while they make up ‘only’ 13 per cent of the population, their share in the crime statistics is more than twice as high.”

And, that is quite an achievement! 

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Whoa! UFOs, Here We Come! By Brian Simpson

I like doing these UFO articles as there is always a good technical point to raise against everything that is canvassed. Dr Garry Nolan of Stanford University has said that extra-terrestrial intelligence has visited earth and humans are working on reverse engineering crashed alien space craft. As to the response that if these aliens are so smart how come their space ships crash so much, like drunk drivers, Dr Nolan says that these are drones. But that does not answer the question as the drones should be immune to crashing, as much as they supposedly do.

Yes, people see weird things in the sky, and these are weird craft, but come from Earth, and are no doubt humanly devised experimental craft.  As I see it, there is simply no point for some sort of super-advanced civilisation to visit Earth, if they exist at all, which I very much doubt from a Christian perspective, but that’s just my opinion. But, it would make a good book for, and there is a lot of popular nonsense on this.

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The Harms of Net-Zero Targets By James Reed

Net zero is the big Thing in Australia with the Greens, and Labor, and probably most of the Libs, who are dissolving into these Leftist/globalist policies, having long ago, if ever, embraced true conservativism, let alone, traditionalism. There are few decisive blows delivered to the climate change mania by Australian politicians, outside of One Nation. As for critics in industry and banking, not much there. But in Italy, one of the top central bankers, Paolo Angelini, deputy governor at the Bank of Italy, said in a recent interview, that moving too fast on the climate change agenda, with a focus upon long-term goals could destabilise economies, and the lending policies of banks. It is a basic “tragedy of the commons” situation, where what is possible for one firm or individual would not succeed for society as a whole: “If one bank drops a heavy emitter — say, a major oil company — in favour of lower emission-producing companies — say, a firm in the services sector, such as Big Tech — that is fine,” Angelini said. “But if every financial intermediary adopts this strategy there will be problems, at least as long as people keep using cars and want to keep warm in winter and cool in the summer. If everybody divests from high-emitting sectors there will be a problem because if the economy does not adjust at the same time, things could blow up unless a miracle happens in terms of new technology.”

It is clear that the road to ruin, is paved with climate change policies.

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Suffocating from Microplastics By Mrs Vera West

A study has found that microplastics are everywhere now, including in our lungs.  There has been a rapid growth of this pollution due to our friend the masks that became the religious symbol of the Covid cult. This is ironic, since the masks did little to prevent transmission of the virus, and according to some, became contaminated quickly, acting as a reservoir for viruses. The issue not discussed in the exploratory material extracted below is what health effects this microplastic pollution will bring. My hypothesis is that down the track we are going to see an epidemic of lung cancer, since the plastic particles are so small that they are not coughed up, and as in the case of asbestos, that is how lung cancers may get kick started.

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Rethinking Alzheimer’s By Mrs Vera West

We do not offer medical advice here, only information for education purpose. Alzheimer’s Disease scares many older people, as there is no cure for it, and it is truly frightening to contemplate one slowly mentally disintegrating. Tehre are YouTube videos about the country singer Glen Campbell going down like this, struggling to get out one final concert, not being able to remember the lyrics to his famous songs.

That being so, the mainstream view is that Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by amyloid plaques. There have been numerous drugs devised to deal with this, but everything has failed. However, there is some alternative thinking that the amyloid plaques are an effect and not a cause, and that the real cause are pathogens, the plaques being a response to the infection. That could be a good working hypothesis as a Nobel Prize was given for the discovery that the bacteria Helicobacter pylori was causally related to duodenal and gastric ulcers, gastric cancer, and gastric mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma. The big question is what is actually the bug responsible for this, or could ther be multiple causes?

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For the Woke, Waking Up Early is White Supremacist, Blah, Blah By James Reed

Anthony Bernardi, who writes about social justice and cooking, a good mix, has given me my theatre of the absurd article for the week, that getting up early is white supremacist! The weird argument, if we can call it an argument, extracted below, seems to be, that getting up early smacks of hard work and slavery, so racism wah, wah. Never mind that South East Asians and South American peasant farmers are usually up at the crack of dawn, as are most cultures where use of electricity is limited. It is unclear what this woker, my term, and a nice one wants; the diverse to sleep in everyday? What about early risers?


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The Voice is Getting Laryngitis! By James Reed

Cracks are already beginning to appear in the Yes campaign for the Voice referendum. Over the past few months support for the Yes vote for the Voice has dropped from 58 percent to now 53 percent, with 39 percent in opposition. As well there are indications that some former Yes states are shifting to the No side, with the No in front in Queensland and South Australia. The referendum requires the majority of voters in the majority of states, so even if woke multicults like Victoria and New South Wales go for it, it can still be defeated. It really is the battle for Australian freedom and sovereignty, and the Voice will divide Australia like never before, leading no doubt to the breakup of Australia, with likely reparations,  as are being seen floated in the US. Win this war at the grass roots by convincing all the people you know to go No!

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Anti-Russian AI to Control the Web By James Reed

The Biden regime is in full war propaganda mode, naturally enough, being at war with Russia through a proxy. The regime claims to have AI that can search the internet for “Russian misinformation,” no doubt for surveillance of those in the West with Russian sympathies, or who are opposing the Ukraine offensive. These are the same people who backed he Hillary Clinton fuelled campaign that President Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, which was debunked by the Durham Report. No doubt, it does not matter if the material sought is actually Russian misinformation of not, as added censorship and control of free speech is the goal of the present Western ruling elites.


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Supreme Court Justice Slams Covid Emergency Powers By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is some good news on the Covid mandate front, perhaps more symbolic than actually delivering justice. US Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch has attacked the emergency powers invoked during the Covid plandemic, saying: "Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country." "The concentration of power in the hands of so few may be efficient and sometimes popular. But it does not tend toward sound government," Gorsuch wrote. "However wise one person or his advisors may be, that is no substitute for the wisdom of the whole of the American people that can be tapped in the legislative process." Gorsuch slammed government-imposed vaccine mandates, lockdowns, church and school closures, and the utter hypocrisy and double standard of allowing casinos to still be open, as if here would be no spread from them.

This seems to be he first time that a high-ranking judge has spoken out about the mandates, and it is a good sign because it could indicate tht the tide is turning.

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Police Tasered 95 Year-Old Dementia Lady on Walking Frame, in Nursing Home: Was this a Threat to National Security? By Mrs Vera West

New South Wales now has its own version of the George Floyd-style police brutality case. Only the person is white and aged, so there will be no street protests here. The story involves a 95-year-old lady suffering from dementia, in a nursing home, on a walking frame. She got agitated and grabbed, I would imagine slowly, a steak knife. Nursing staff rang the police, because it must have been too difficult to quietly talk to her, or offer her an ice-cream (she drops the knife to take it), or just take the knife out of her hand. But police had the answer, and tasered her.   And now this poor lady is receiving end-of-life care in Cooma district hospital, after being critically injured when she hit the floor after being tasered. It is a deeply disturbing story.

If this lady dies, will there be charges laid against the officer, or is this the last we hear of this? The story made me both sad, and angry. I dread going into a nursing home, and hope the good Lord sees fit to take me before that time. At my age, it may not be long, but I have lived a full life.

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Safe and Effective? Maybe Not By Brian Simpson

I saw this post from, reporting on the deaths from the Big pHarma drug, Vioxx, a painkiller that was used to treat arthritis pain. The drug was recalled, but may have killed up to half a million people, according to some reports. What is significant is that the drug prior to recall was promoted as “safe and effective,” just as the Covid vaxxes were. Safe and effective, right up until it is not! In fact, there is no case of drugs not being promoted in this way, even the over 1,000 drugs that have been recalled in the last decade. A healthy caution is very much needed regarding everything Big Pharma says and does.

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What People Have Become By Chris Knight (Florida)

My wife Abigail saw this one, and said “what have people become.” If the surveys can be trusted, it seems that a majority of respondents supported Canada’s medical assistance in dying regime. Worse, a large minority of people supported assisted suicide for homelessness and poverty. That puts society on the road, or slippery slope, to murdering any dissent, or people stepping out of line, such as anti-vaxxers. Think of it like this; who would have thought Canda would be at this door, say 50 years ago? And, in another 50 years? Anything is possible.

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Confronting the Disease of Climate Alarmism By James Reed

While there is much negative news and views about the climate change agenda, and the drive to world communism, under Agenda 2030, there are some positive signs that the Green movement, always a cover for globalist communism, is getting scrutiny, as reality bites. It was easy to philosophise about the end of fossil fuels, until the reality of fuel restrictions and shortages due to the Ukraine War, actually led to this.  Thus Germany, which has been up to its neck in Green ideology, is tearing down wind turbines for beautiful coal mines to be dug. Other European countries, such as Sweden, have been winding back environmental laws that restricted development, and fossil fuel consumption. Thus, a number of countries have now backed away from the ban of petrol and diesel cars within the next ten years, for the sensible reason that it is illogical to drive these supposedly “Green” cars, when the electricity that powers them comes from fossil fuels. The actual carbon produced from the replacement would be a net positive contribution to the carbon footprint.


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Dutch Famers Sacrificed on the Altar of Climate Change Fanaticism By Richard Miller (London)

The situation in the Netherlands is an indication of how vicious the globalist climate change agenda elites are. To deal with some supposed nitrogen problem allegedly produced by agriculture, needed to feed Europe and the world, the EU elites have pushed to buy out 3,000 farms at 120 percent of the land value. That alone is an impoverishing  deal, as land value does not account for the value of stock, machinery and infrastructure. As well, the government encouraged farmers to go big, so now many are in debt anyway. The revolt against this tyranny has led to the BBB party, Farmer-Citizen movement, which in the recent elections became the largest party in the upper house of parliament. We have yet to see how the globalists are going to respond to this, as things are at a stalemate at present. However, it is certainly a huge step forward and shows what can, and must be done across the world to deal with climate change tyranny.

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Predictions of AI Killing Fields: Former Google Executive By Brian Simpson

I know many conservatives do not care much for science, and I don't blame them,  but science and technology are turning our world upside down, and there is the potential to destroy us. But, never under-estimate the extent of original sin, and the destructiveness of the globalist ruling elites. Consequently, even if here are vast elements of exaggeration, it is vital to examine what these elites say. A failed agenda could still cause untold misery.

Hence, Mo Gawdat, who once held the position of chief business officer for Google’s clandestine research-and-development arm X,  sees the potential for AI to go the way of dystopic sci fi movies such as I, Robot, where the robots, under the direction of a central computer, turn on humanity. The central AI can “generate its own computer power and do installations itself through robotic arms.” “It does have the agency to create killing machines because humans are creating them so AI might use it to dictate an agenda like the movie ‘I, Robot’,” Gawdat said.

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Fightback Against the Global Pandemic Treaty By Chris Knight (Florida)

I understand from reading the  blog, as well as other Australian nationalist literature, that there is not much action in Australia in opposing the World Health Organization pandemic treaty. In the scheme of things, Australia is not likely to hold out, as both sides of the same coin in politics are true believers in the religion of Big Pharma, which dominates WHO. If America can oppose the treaty, and African nations, it will fall.

Now House Republicans have spoken out about the threat to national sovereignty posed by the treaty, at a recent public forum. “The World Health Organization pandemic treaty is very vague, it affects our sovereignty, and it could be exploited to tell Americans what kind of health care they need in the event of a global pandemic,” Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said. Spot on observation.

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Just a “Serious Biocontainment Incident” that Killed Millions By Brian Simpson

The latest support for the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis  comes from a US Senate report that proposes that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had a “serious biocontainment incident” in September 2019. This is two months earlier than the once-accepted date of knowledge in the West of what came to be known as Covid-19. China knew of this, the report claims, but sought to hide the fact, thus enabling the virus to spread globally. The CCP did not even warn the World Health Organization of the existence of the virus until January 2020.  “Just as Beijing was denying the possibility that COVID-19 came from a lab on the world stage, it was warning its own officials of such risks and rolling out new measures to prevent lab accidents,” the report stated. Thus, with the mass movement of people, and the slowness in shutting borders, the virus spread.

This is yet more evidence of China’s responsibility for the pandemic, so called, even though US funding had no doubt gone to the lab. As the US has a hand in this disaster, and given the global fear of communist China, not much beyond talking and writing about this crime against humanity is going on. There was so much more evil  beyond even the origins story.

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