Malcolm Roberts Delivers Pauline Hanson’s Suppressed Speech By Paul Walker

Pauline Hanson was set to deliver a speech to the Senate criticising the Welcome to Country propaganda. But, as she had also attacked the Greens for their apologist stance towards Islamic terrorism, she had her right to speak in the chamber temporarily revoked. But her colleague Malcolm Roberts was here to carry the charge on. The great speech is reproduced below.

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Jacqui Lambie on the Communist Chinese Adventures of Albo By Ken Grundy

Here are the contents of an email Jacqui Lambie sent me, deconstructing the PM’s great China visit, 50 years after Gough went to see Chairman Mao. She has got a re-election fund going, and does good work and is worth supporting.


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Biologist: Human Embryos are Not Blobs of Cells By Mrs Vera West

Christians and most conservatives know this well, but contrary to liberal feminism, human embryos are not “blobs” of cells. The “blobs” idea has been promoted recently as the latest devaluing exercise in favour of abortion, to remove, seemingly, the logical sting that comes from the slaughter of a being with mortal value. Of course, also profiting from abortion is the medical industry, which benefits from foetal cells for lab experiments. The use of embryonic stem cells (ESC) is a notable example.

So, the “blob” idea has its economic background as well. As noted below in an article from, little benefit has come from ESC research, and much cost: “What does it gain us if we trade the humanity of our fellows for the promise of future medical benefits? Ethical principles are often blunted when a cold utilitarian calculus takes priority over recognizing and respecting this humanity. Slavery, abortion and unethical human experimentation are all enabled by these propagandistic efforts at dehumanization.” 

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The Mainstream Media were in on the Massacres By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It seems that mainstream journalists will stoop as low as they can go for a sensational story or photo shoot. Photo journalists were part of the Hamas forces who launched the October 7, 2023 attacks upon Israel. Major news organisations used their material. So, these photo journalists would necessarily have had prior knowledge of the attacks, but stood by recording the slaughter. It puts news in a whole new light where the recorders become part of the act, creating the events. Weird times indeed.     


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An Off-Grid Homesteader Concludes Modern Society Cannot Function on “Renewable” Energy Alone By James Reed

Here is a human-interest story, but one with as wider moral, regarding the so-called renewable energy mania. A homesteader wanted to live off grid on a farm on the coast in Victoria. Privatisation of the power grid led to an insecure power supply, so the family decided to go fully off grid. They detail their journey in the extract below, but the relevant point is that the family while having a top-class solar and wind system, still found that they needed backup fossil-fuelled generators for overcast days with no wind. And, as is seldom mentioned by renewable energy advocates, the components of the renewable energy systems, frequently break down and in any case have to be replaced in 10-25 years. It is concluded as a lesson for the wider society:

“Extrapolating from our renewable energy experience, anyone who thinks that a modern society can function with a power grid that runs on just solar and wind power without fossil fuel or nuclear backup that’s able to immediately provide up to 100% of power needs on cloudy, still days and dark, windless nights, is totally deluded! 

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Wind Turbines: A National Security Threat! By Richard Miller (London)

Here is something that Aussies should consider, an issue which has arisen here in the UK regarding wind turbines, at least offshore wind farms. It has been found that the wind turbine blades interfere with radar signals. UK fighter pilots knew this for some time and would in training exercises fly into wind farm areas knowing that the blades’ rotation would interfere with radar detection.

Now the UK air force is seeing a problem here with the growing number of these wind farms, as Russian ships had been observed mapping communication and power cables in the North Sea earlier this year. It is likely that the growth of offshore wind farms is set to be a security threat.

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The Banksters Behind Australia’s Zero Net Scam By James Reed

Joanna Nova, who has done great work exposing the climate change scam, recently drew our attention to the elephant in the room of the net zero mania. The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) has urged the Albo government to get a moving on with its emission reduction schemes. The group is not purely Australian, as it has USD $30 trillion in assets, while the aggregate GDP of both Australia and New Zealand is only USD $2 trillion. So, this group represents the globalists, with Vanguard and BlackRock making up over 50 percent of the share.

As Jo sees it, this is a gigantic scam which has some sort of climate concern only as a cover: “Are the foreign bankers using the threat of withdrawing investments in order to bully more subsidies out of patsy Australian taxpayers and hapless Australian electricity consumers? They could feed the “profits” back to their own retirement funds overseas, while they boost wind and solar manufacturers in China, say, to get more favours with President Xi — the possibilities are endless. One arm of a supergiant fund can rake in the money created through predatory behaviour in another arm.” Yes, that is exactly the agenda here.

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Are Christian Nationalist More Dangerous than Hamas? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Left-wing Salon recently published an article claiming that Trump MAGA supporters and Christian nationalists pose a greater threat to America than Hamas. This is little more than a continuation of the attack that the Biden regime has launched upon its opposition via Trump. The article says: "The MAGA movement, backed by a swath of Christian nationalists, has been increasingly associated with violent incidents." However, there have been isolated violent incidences from both sides of politics in America, and the events of the antifa riots of 2020, with deaths, injuries, assaults and arson far outweigh anything done by MAGA types and Christian nationalists. Even the FBI see these groups as predominantly law-obeying. But the ideological narrative is to vilify these groups so that iron-fisted Leftist forces can be used against them to crush them.

I do not think this is going to work out as fine as the Leftist tyrants think. A similar strategy was used in the Voice referendum in Australia, to portray the No side as racists. But it failed miserably, as the Australia people are sick of such libels. And, so are we.

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Just Stop Just Stop Oil! By Richard Miller (London)

Just Stop Oil is just up to its old attention-seeking tricks. It is like happenings from the 1960s, only much darker, and sinister. Blocking roads so that ambulances could not get dying people to emergency medical attention, wrecking private property with spray paint, and attempting to damage art works.

The latest tricks are to disrupt theatre performances, as was recently done in London’s West End. These protests cost tax payers millions. And the protesters, university Leftist types, seem to not be concerned abut legal fees. The reason? It is rumoured that the costs of their adventures are being paid for by a billionaire, not George Soros in this instance. It is hard to get concrete facts on this, so I will not drop the rumoured name. Yet it would seem as good strategy for the authorities having to deal with this civil disobedience to investigate the financiers of this, and see if there is a legal route to closing them down. The same applies to many antifa protests which seem linked to another globalist big money figure.

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China Plans to Make Humanoid Robots as Does Elon Musk By James Reed

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has said that China is planning to build humanoid smart robots which will "reshape the world." "They are expected to become disruptive products after computers, smartphones, and new energy vehicles." US companies are also at work on this, to create walking robots that will be able to replace humans in manual labour jobs. However, the Chinese are the most ambitious here saying the robots will be up and walking by 2025. While that may be too optimistic, the writing is clearly on the wall of more job elimination, perhaps greater than ever anticipated. 

Musk sees this as a good thing, which will free up people for leisure. That would be a good thing in principle if we had a Douglas social credit economy, but without that people are going to be simply abandoned by corporate capitalism, just as the Aussies now who are made homeless from the Asian-migration fuelled rental crisis, are being abandoned by the heartless political class. It is difficult to see what can be done here by us, using classical grassroots principles, since communist China will do what it wants. That will create an inevitable AI arms race. Consequently, we must evolve strategies to survive the short-term, and wait out this storm of madness.

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Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030 and Technocracy By James Reed

Agenda 2030, based upon a grab-bag of so-called “sustainable development” goals, is a form of strong technocracy, the idea that society needs to be run by those who are elites in science and technology, applying so-called scientific principles to social policy.

Technocracy was given a very public face during the Covid plandemic, where medical authorities dictated public health policies, under the watchful eyes of Big Pharma. There we saw the implications of what a society run by technocrats looked like, as fundamental liberal principles were abandoned in favour of social control and paternalism, as “we are doctors, and we know.” It was not just the higher-level members of the health profession pushing his arrogance, but it came down to the local GP as well, most of whom not only go along for the ride, under the threat of deregistration, but are enthusiastic endorsers of medical technocracy.

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Overcoming Mindless Leftist Conformity of Thought By Brian Simpson

There has been considerable interest among conservatives following the inaugural meeting in London of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. The aim of this organisation is to counter the globalism of the World Economic Forum, through a network that will defend nationalism and traditional institutions such as the family. They are definitely opposed to bans on fossil fuels and the dictates of the elites that we eat bugs, and that is a great thing in itself! And one spin-off from the ARC meeting is the question of how to preserve, or indeed, create intellectual diversity of thought in organisations such as the ABC, and especially the universities.

This is a topic which we have been discussing here for years. The answer is, as I see it, that it is at present hopeless and a waste of time to try to reform these organisations. Instead, as US conservative intellectual Dr Steve Turley argues in his YouTube programs, we need to build parallel organisations to slowly replace the decaying woke conventional entities. This is exactly what the purpose of ARC is, and a point missed by the commentary (below) from The Australian.

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For the Elites Our Homelessness is a Lifestyle Choice By Richard Miller (London)

There has been an explosion of controversy here in the UK in the wake of Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s comments that homelessness is a “lifestyle choice.” Homeless charities, such as Crisis, Centrepoint, St Mungo’s and Pathway, strongly criticised the comments that were made on X, and in a letter said: “Sleeping on the street is not a lifestyle choice. Laying blame with people forced to sleep rough will only push people further away from help into poverty, putting them at risk of exploitation. At the extreme end, we will see an increase in deaths and fatalities, which are totally preventable.

“People sleeping rough frequently experience violence and abuse. The impact on their physical and mental health is significant. The average age of death for people experiencing homelessness is just 45 for men and 43 for women. This is not a life people choose.”

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The World Health Organization’s Plan for Total Global Enslavement By Chris Knight (Florida)

The World Health Organization is impatient regarding its International Health Regulations (IHR), including the Pandemic Treaty, planned to be pushed through during the next World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2024, so that the new IHR will effective without a vote. At the last secret WHO meeting where this was plotted, the public media not being privy to the closed-door meeting, it is rumoured via leaks, that some countries abstained from voting, while other such as Russia, objected. However, without worldwide resistance the treaty will be rammed through without a vote. It will hand over health control of nations to the WHO and UN, who have revised the definition of “health” to define it so broadly that all aspects of society now fall under this concept. That alone will give them world dictatorship powers. For example, the environment and food production are part of health now.


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A New Law is About to Kill Free Speech and Democracy in Australia By James Reed

Augusto Zimmermann, Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Australia, President of WALTA – Legal Theory Association, and former Law Reform Commissioner with the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia, has a piece at outlining the extreme danger to free speech and democracy posed by the Labor government’s, The Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. The Bill proposes that digital platforms will police what the government classifies as “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Otherwise the law proposal provides for the full empowerment of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to directly intervene for the purpose of preventing “harm.” “Harm” is defined to mean as well, anything that the Labor government finds “harmful” to its interests and will to power.

If this Bill becomes an Act, Australia will be a full-blooded dictatorship along the lines of communist China, who our Leftist PM admires so much. There needs to be a massive public pushback against this act of treachery by the Labor government.

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Albo’s Dictatorship Fantasies and Realities By James Reed

I think he gives the game away. With the Albo Labor government involved in one of the most draconian internet censorship Bills any Western government has canvassed, it is instructive to see the prime minister’s response to a question of what he would do as a dictator. Quick as a spark he said, ban social media! This is a look into his mind and agenda, since that is effectively what the misinformation Bill will do. Albo is a socialist, and no friend of classical liberalism and its freedoms. But, from the Voice debate, we knew that anyway. He is as a Leftist, no different from the rest of the tribe.


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Left Wing Prime Minister Beijing Albo Goes to Kow Tow to Communist China Dictator Xi By James Reed

Australian prime minister Leftist Albo is in China, doing the typical kow tow that all Left-wing politicians do to their object of worship, China. I do not exaggerate by too much; has covered the story, and portrays Albo of something of a Xi fanboy, an embarrassment, indeed. And Albo said that it was a special time, being the 50th anniversary of fellow Leftoid Gough Whitlam, who visited China and gushed all over Chairman Mao.


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Optus Goes Down; The Fragility of Cyber-Society By James Reed

For those who are neo-luddites, seeing the limits of a society obsessed with technology, the Optus network outage had it all. As the headline from the Daily Mail put it: “Optus is DOWN as 10 million wake up to internet blackout and transport systems descend into chaos: Cafes close, Uber prices surge and hospitals affected in ‘biggest outage in Australian history.’” And let us not forget even Triple Zero calls were affected from Optus landline phones. “The Sydney Airport, the Australian Tax Office, NRMA and big banks such as Commonwealth and ANZ have also experienced issues, as have eftpos machines linked with Optus in businesses.” At the time of writing, there is no official cause released, it still being under investigation. But the idea of a cyber- attack is being dismissed, even though they don’t know this, but it would scare the sheeple if this was publicised and true.


This is a knockdown argument against going to full Central Bank Digital Currencies. If the events today are not a cyber-attack, they could be tomorrow when the big war gets going. It is one more example of the fragility of the high-tech society.

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The Great Biometric ID System Breach By Brian Simpson

One of the main fears about the use of biometric data in use in biometric ID systems, is what happens when security fails, from various methods such as hacking? The world’s largest biometric ID system, Aadhaar, operated by the Indian government, has 1.3 billion people in its system. But a hacker breached the system and obtained the sensitive personal data of 815 million Indian citizens.  The hacking made use of data from testing for Covid-19 carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research. The stolen data is now for sale, and may already have been sold, unless the Indian police got to him first.

Bill Gates was in favour of the Aadhaar system when it was first put up, and said that he could see no security or privacy issues arising. Well, he certainly got that one wrong, drastically wrong.

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The Disaster of Mass Palestinian Migration By Chris Knight (Florida)

There is now a growing movement from the Left and other immigration-mad globalists to admit tens of thousands, if not a million refugees from Gaza. It happens with every major conflict, the immigration lobby cannot restrain themselves and begin the usual mantras of, we must save them, they will enrich us, and best of all, they are not white. Various critiques are appearing from conservatives making the case against taking in these refugees, and some material for reference purposes is posted below, which could be adapted to the Australia context, because the same forces will be pushing for refugees in Australia, whose Albo Labor government is perhaps a mini version of the Biden administration, in terms of the Great Replacement. But here it will be impossible to exclude members of Hamas entering the country unless, perhaps only women and children were admitted, but that is not practical.

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