US First Lady Promotes Contraception While Wearing the Rosaries By Mrs Vera West

The US First Lady, Jill Biden, as part of her five-day trip to Namibia and Kenya, encouraged young Kenyans to use contraception, but not to abstain from sex before marriage; that does not seem to even get a mention by the liberals today. But, what struck me in seeing the news clip was that she was wearing a Rosary around her neck. Now, it is one thing for a liberal to proclaim the merits of condoms, which is something that has been done since the AIDS scam. But wearing the Rosary, while taking a position directly in contradiction into the Catholic doctrine, is, well, hypocritical. Or, it may be that she doesn’t even see the contradiction, which is even more alarming, since her main role is to keep her senile old hubby, president of the United States, vaguely ticking over, and it is not clear who makes her tick.

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What Happens if the Government Goes Against the Advice of the Voice to Parliament? By James Reed

The answer given by Anne Twomey, Professor emerita, University of Sydney, is that parliament prevails, so all is sweet. But, really, why go to all the bother of changing the constitution for that? No, parliament will be subjected to an onslaught of white guilt if it dared to go against the Voice, an effective third chamber of parliament, on anything, regardless of the so-called advisory role. It will not happen, and the real rulers of Australia will be the Voice, and those standing behind it.

This is an easy one; vote No, and get everyone you know, and they know, to do the same. This has to be defeated.

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Climate Change Protests Become a Parody of Themselves By James Reed

We have been told by the climate change fanatics that renewable energy is one of the paths to climate salvation, in the new religion of climate change. That includes things like wind turbines. Yet princess Great “how dare you’ Thunberg and hundreds of other true believers blocked entrances to Norway's energy ministry to protest against wind turbines built on land traditionally used by indigenous Sami reindeer herders. Now, I like the Sami, whom I looked up on the web, and to my surprise they were a Nordic white ethnic group, with lots of blonde hair. Then I remembered a early multicultural conference here in Melbourne, where a Sami woman in traditional dress, got flax from other ethnics, as “no whites are indigenous.”  Thus, I have sympathies for them.

Still, it is ironic to see the environmentalists backing them, although for once hey are in the right. It is strange times, indeed.

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DARPA and the Covid Conspiracy By Brian Simpson

With the present revelations that both the FBI and the US Department of Energy both believe that the Covid-19 virus was released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China, the issue still remains of the role the US played in this, given the evidence of US funding of coronavirus research in that institution. Drew Allen attempts to answer the puzzle, about why the US would fund gain-of-function research in communist China. One might think that this is because the same research could not be done in the US, but there was always the Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe, with its ample US-backed bioweapons labs. The communists could always turn on one.

One hypothesis, discussed below, by Drew Allen, is that the US Department of Defense has a leading role in developing mRNA technology, and was looking for a mass testing ground. DARPA had been working on mRNA technology for some time, and thus was able to work in getting a vaccine up in record time, a vaccine which failed. Still, how exactly did communist China get involved, and why the release in China? There is yet any plausible explanation as to why the Chinese were involved at all. All I can think of is that there was cooperation in the gain-of-function research, but then something went wrong, and things took an unexpected turn. Either the US caused the lab leak, or the CCP decided that this would be a fine bioweapon to release, to damage the West. This is one “whodunit” that we would dearly like an answer to.

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Less Christianity; Less Civilisation By James Reed

Lipton Matthews at the libertarian site, which I have grown to admire in this world of totalitarianism and degradation of freedom and liberty, makes the telling point that as people have embraced secularisation, and moved away from religion, namely Christianity, not Islam which is the fastest growing religion in the West, thanks to mass immigration, there has been a corresponding breakdown in social capital, or civilised life. The main point is that people lack a moral foundation to life. Of course, intellectuals can spend their time working out their own personal philosophy and cosmology, which will likely be incoherent, but the ordinary people do not have time for this. Christianity in particular offered consolation and hope for those who end up on the difficult side of life, be this social economic inequality, or ill health. And, of course, ultimate spiritual salvation. Secularising society, and conducting an assault upon traditional values, as in sexual morality, and the planned destruction of the family, creates a strong sense of anomie, as Durkheim defined it, a sense of alienation, and being ungrounded. It is a social disease.

But, like most things, there is a great pendulum of history, and the swing back to God is inevitable.

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The UN, Solar Engineering and Climate Change Psychosis By James Reed

The UN has just released its report, One Atmosphere: An Independent Expert Review on Solar Radiation Modification Research and Deployment. The report examines scenarios of reducing so-called global warming, through solar engineering methods, seen as the only way of rapidly producing a cooling of the planet, within only a few years. Shutting down fossil fuels and crashing Western civilisation is just not quick enough, so more radical methods are needed. The broad idea is to reflect sunlight away from the Earth, one way being to replicate volcanic emissions and to seed the upper atmosphere with sulphur particles. The UN report does not advocate doing this right now, but sees the prima facie merit of investigating it further. You can be sure that when the magic “10 years” to save the planet passes, it will be done if not opposed.

The problem is, that the assumption is made that global warming is occurring, and occurring at the alarming levels that the UN IPCC say it is.  But if they are wrong about either of these assumptions, there could be an alternative problem of global cooling set off, and perhaps cascading effects producing further cooling, which would be far more devastating than any proposed global warming effects. Remember, they accept that the climate system is subject to chaos effects and the rest. And, there are unexpected consequences that could occur, as climate patterns are altered, such as damaging the monsoons, and leading to mass death by starvation in Asia. And, that is going to occur in some nations which have nuclear weapons, and they will not be happy.

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World Health Organization: Under the Command of the CCP By James Reed

A US Republican senator has said what has been obvious for a long time, that the World Health Organization was complicit in covering up the communist Chinese origins of Covid-19, and that WHO could therefore not be trusted. Agreed, but it is a pity that this debate comes after the WHO pandemic treaty is to be signed. The claims follow the release of comments by the US Energy Department, that the virus came from a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The WHO is not in any position to therefore be advising, if not dictating, what should be done by nations in the course of a “pandemic,” but that seems where we are headed now. It will be equivalent to letting the CCP tell the West what to do.

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Apocalypse! Pumping Weapons into Ukraine By Richard Miller (London)

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, has written that the West’s policy of arming the Ukraine in a proxy war, could lead to an “apocalypse.” Nuclear war could occur. "When the former life will have to be forgotten for centuries, until the smoky blockages cease to emit radiation." Of course, that is an underestimation of the damage the nuclear confrontation would do, if fully unleashed. The problem is, once it starts, unlike in a fist fight, there is no immediate feedback of damages, so it is likely that missiles will be kept firing in retaliation and counter-attack; what is there to stop it? Yet neocons and Democrats are keen on destroying Russia, so we should take Medvedev’s scenario, deadly seriously. We exist now on the precipice of the abyss, but most people are in their comfort zone, “comfortably numb”:

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Whites are Now Defined as Racist! By Richard Miller (London)

A UK Christian nurse said that being white does not make on a racist; something true as a point of fact, one would think. But for that piece of anti-wokeism, she was bullied by her superiors, and suffered anxiety. She had been suspended from a forensic psychology course at Tavistock Trust, for objecting to lecturers saying that “whites don’t comprehend the world,” “the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness,” and blaming Christianity for racism. In a moderately sane world, those statements should be open to at least scrutiny, but today, those objecting to any aspect of the anti-white ruling ideology, get cancelled. I feel that this madness will have to be worked through, much like a poison goes through the body. The hope is that the body social’s natural immune system will overcome it, rather than killing society. The poison will thus be ejected.

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Covid-19 Release: Intentional by Communist China By James Reed

Increasingly the bat soup hypothesis of the natural origin of Covid-19 has been disassembled, and the revelation that both the FBI and US Department of Energy now support the lab leak hypothesis, in particular, that the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is now being discussed in the mainstream. But was it an accident, or deliberate? If deliberate, it was therefore a bioweapon  attack. Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a virologist who was working at a World Health Organization reference lab in Hong Kong, believes that it was intentional. “This virus, SARS‑CoV‑2, actually is not from nature. I work with the top Coronavirus virologists in the world. So together, with my experience, I can tell you [that] this was created in a lab. This is from that template owned by the Chinese military. And also, it is spread to the world to make such damage.” “It was not an accident,” said Dr. Li-Meng Yan. “Maybe for people who don’t have this kind of biosafety lab 3 or 4 experience on coronavirus — maybe it’s easy for them to accept [that this was an] accident or lab leak. However, I’m the scientist working in the research lab using coronavirus, and I can tell you, based on the protocol and also other surveillance systems, it would be impossible for the lab leak [to] accidentally happen in the research lab and cause the Wuhan outbreak and also the pandemic. … It was from China’s lab, and we need to pursue the truth of [the] origin. And we need to keep going on.”

If she is right, it was the first strike in China’s war against the West.

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Generative AI and Authoritarian Brainwashing By Brian Simpson

We have been covering the rapid dystopian developments in AI, centred around ChatGPT, and related developments. Our concern has been how these developments will be used by the globalist elites to further their agenda; in particular for increased levels of surveillance and social control. Then there is the possibility, somewhat philosophical, but some AI workers, as documented below, think that this has happened, of the AI gaining consciousness of some alien sort, and who know what could happen then when modern civilisation is put in their hands, or whatever they have. Surprisingly, The Hill, a largely Democrat publication, has addressed the issue of this so-called generative AI being used for authoritarian brainwashing. We have already seen how existing IT, such as google and social media were used in this way over the Covid plandemic, so The Hill’s concerns about Russia and China using this technology is besides the point, because for our purposes, the real autocrats to worry about are right at home, working on oppressing us now.


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mRNA Jabs and Fertility Decline By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

Following on from an article today by my friend, Mrs Vera West, detailing that 78 percent of vaxxed women have experienced some menstrual changes, from mild, to severe, Children’s Health, has given an update on how the mRNA jabs may be impacting upon fertility. From the very beginning in 2021, peer reviewed data detailed that there was an 80 percent miscarriage rate for women vaccinated in their first trimester. Fast forward to the report by German Federal Institute for Population Research, which raised issues about the effects that the vaxxes are having on fertility: ““In the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, monthly fertility data from Sweden and Germany show a strong fertility decline in early 2022, with about 10 to 15 % less births, respectively, than what was observed during the same period the previous year. “This poses questions on the role of previously suggested mechanisms for pandemic-related fertility change, such as the role of health-related or economic-centred factors in recent fertility change. “It also brings factors related to the perceived cessation of the pandemic to our attention, as reflected in the onset of broad-based vaccination programmes directed at the population at reproductive and economically active ages.”

As with so much else of the Covid crisis, we do not know where this fertility decline issue will go, especially since there could well be an intergenerational effect, with the ill-effects coming upon the next generation of females.

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Elon Musk: The Racist Media By James Reed

There has been the predictable backlash against Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, who said that the high number of Black Americans who did not think that it was ok to be white, was cause for concern. Add to this crime statistics, and he has an argument. But, for saying this, naturally the newspapers across the country cancelled his comic. As he said, he will not have an income now, but at least he did ok, while it lasted. And, Elon Musk took a cautious critical approach here and turned the high moral ground back against the media, saying that the media itself is racist against whites and Asians. Go on, ban him from Twitter!

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The CDC and Natural Immunity By Brian Simpson

Earlier, the mainstream media held that natural immunity was a conspiracy theory, something to be covered in another article. According to this narrative, written by Big Pharma, there is nothing beyond the vax. Of course, this is nonsense from the start, as humanity survived before vaccines even existed. To this they will say, maybe, but death rates were high. Yes, but not all things are equal, with public health measures in pre-modernity being below par. But, to refute this argument, modern Africa did better than the manic over-vaxxed West, and was way down on the vax schedule.

In any case, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a strong promoter of the vaxxes, has recently released a study showing that natural immunity is superior to vaccination for most people. The study is titled “Protection from COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and prior SARS-CoV-2 infection against COVID-19–associated encounters in adults during Delta and Omicron predominance” and published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Technical details are given by Trial Site, but for our purposes, the CDC study refutes the recent claim by Australian authorities, eager for people to have a fifth jab, that these jabs are superior to being unvaxxed, or not fully vaxxed. Slowly, the Covid ideology is unravelling, but I suppose it will then be time for the next Big Thing, maybe bird flu.

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Not Good; Russian State TV Says US/ the West has Declared War By James Reed

It is astonishing to me, but maybe it should not be after the Covid madness, but there does not seem to be the angst that I feel with conservatives as the West slides into World War III. At present, after the revelation that the US blew up the Nordstream pipeline, Russia has every reason in the world to go full nuclear. World War I started for less. Poke the nuclear bear even more. And, leading mouthpieces from the Kremlin, are saying the same thing on Russian TV, that NATO has already started World War III.  Shouldn’t we be concerned? Especially as China begins supplying weapons to Russia, if it already has not been doing, and intensifies its drive to invade Taiwan.


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Menstrual Changes after the Covid Vax By Mrs Vera West

Dr Peter McCullough, who is one researcher who, along with Dr Naomi Wolf, has been addressing the issue of the ill effects that the Covid vaxxes have, and are having on women’s menstrual cycles. Dr Wolf has spoken often of weird things happening, such as missed periods, then massive bleeds, and even post-menopausal women resuming bleeding. While many men may not think much about that, women who go through this -  trust me -  do care intensely.


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Fake Meat: The Dangers By James Reed

Using climate change hysteria as the key, the likes of Bill Gates, who is buying up US farmland, as well as promoting artificial meat, the elites are doubling down on the need for all decent people to abandon real meat, and adopt fake meats. Now, if there really was a genuine climate change emergency, wouldn’t preserving the taste of meat be irrelevant and that people should eat insects? In fact, even insects are not fully climate change correct, as just having a meagre vegetarian diet, would cut out the middle-insect. So, it is all suspicious from the start. However, as documented in a comprehensive critique by Dr Mercola, who supports eating real meat for health, the fake meat ideology is really about putting profits in the hands of Big Agri, and GMO products. Many companies use immortalized cells, i.e., precancerous and/or cancerous animal cells, and there are questions about the safety of this, as there are no long-term studies about safety.

Fake meat is not about the environment, having ecological costs itself, but about globalist control. Basically, if organisations such as the UN, and the World Economic Forum support it, oppose it, as you can assume as a methodological principle, that it is bad for you.

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15 Minute Cities By Mrs Vera West

Rebekah Barnett notes that the mainstream media, as usual is doing its thing by slamming anyone opposing the latest thing, as a conspiracy theorist. Of course, they said this about all aspects of Covid, including natural immunity and masks, and have been proven wrong on all aspects of this. Now, in the context of climate change hysteria, we have the 15-minute city, based upon largely stopping, or severely restricting ordinary people using cars in the city. There was recently a protest in Oxford about this, with an Asian child speaking and saying what a disaster this means to her life, just getting to school and home. There is also a major impact upon small business. However, that counts for nothing, for what matters is to look like something is being done, climate change wise, and even in conventional terms it is window dressing, given the enormous carbon footprint from free trade and globalisation. It is indeed a mad cult, that is only working to disassemble Western civilisation.

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Chemical Chaos By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here is an update for Australians about possibly the worst toxic train disaster in US history, at East Palestine, Ohio, caused by the authorities burning toxic chemicals rather than using careful, but more expensive disposal methods. It has now been documented by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), that tens of thousands of fish and aquatic animals have died in waterways in the area, and that is just the beginning. Residents have reported pets dying. And already people are getting ill, coughing up blood, having massive headaches, and other ill effects. No-one has died yet, but things do not look good. The key point here is that the authorities have told residents that the waters are safe, but even while the fish and aquatic life dying would clearly vindicate otherwise. This story shows that the technocratic and political elites do not care if ordinary white people live or die, as there are always migrants, migrants, and more migrants, to replace therm.

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Albo Opens the Immigration Flood Gates to Speed Up the Great Replacement By James Reed

It was always about the Great Replacement. First, use the Covid freak out to create the labour problem, then once that scam has fallen, open the flood gates to infinite immigration, to catch up, as the local capitalists need to keep profits up, and as always, despite unemployment, there is a labour shortage. When is there not? And never mind the social problems, the added stress to roads, housing, hospitals, schools and the environment, as all Australia has been about since 1947, is a sink for immigration, and profits for the real estate industry. Not a  real nation, but a plaything of the globalists.  It is ironic that the Labor government is oh so climate change doomsday, yet wants a Big Australia which will vastly increase carbon emissions. Clearly it is all bs; what counts for the major parties and Greens, is importing people.

How will it end, and end it will? I think the coming converging catastrophes of China War, World War III, resource shortages, and environmental issues (not climate change, but more important things like water shortages), will end this globalism nonsense. Even China War will be interesting, since the social control strategies used against German Australians in the last big one will not work applied today. The real question is whether Australia as we know it survives.

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