Australia’s Rental System, “Broken” By James Reed

This report on the Australian rental system comes from the mainstream Yahoo news, but their conclusion matches other sources such as, that the Australian rental system is deeply flawed. A report by the online settlement platform Pexa and residential property business Longview, has concluded that “From short leases, frequent moving, rising rents, and no long-term security, a new report on Australia's housing crisis has revealed that Australia's current rental system is "broken."” Rental costs have exceeded wage increase for lower income earners, who are most affected anyway. And landlords face problems too, as it is more profitable to invest money in other areas than rental properties, which is one factor leading to less rental premises being available.

But, apparently, the herd of elephants in the room, mass migration pressure is not discussed, or at least, not reported by the mainstream. But at least they are admitting the obvious, that there is a rental crisis. So, we get to first base.

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China’s Great IT Robbery By James Reed

Our leading trading partner, communist China, according to ASIO director-general Mike Burgess, has engaged in the “most sustained and sophisticated” theft of intellectual property in history, with local Australian tech companies being targeted. The theft is “behaviour that goes beyond traditional espionage,” Burgess also said. He made the remarks at a meeting of the Five Eyes intelligence partners, Australia, US, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada, in California recently.

FBI director Christopher Wray said “The FBI have, over the last several years, had about a 1,300 per cent increase in investigations that are, in one way or another, related to attempts to steal intellectual property or other secrets by some form of the Chinese government, or some arm of the Chinese government.”

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Elon Musk: Environmentalism as a Death Cult By James Reed

Elon Musk has made another comment to enrage the Leftists, this time saying in an interview with Joe Rogan, that he bought Twitter because he wanted to counter the death cult of extinctionism, most notably seen in environmentalism, and propagated as a mind virus on social media such as Google and Facebook. He said: “I’m pro-environment but if you take environmentalism to an extreme, you start to view humanity as a plague on the surface of the earth, like a mould or something… The environmental movement – and I’m an environmentalist – has gone too far. They’ve gone way too far. If you start thinking that humans are bad then the natural conclusion is that humans should die out.”


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Young Muslims in Germany and Belgium Say They Will Become the Majority, Abolish the Constitution and Institute Sharia Law By Richard Miller (London)

Young Muslims in Germany say they will become the majority in Germany, abolish the German Constitution and introduce Sharia law. But, something like this was always the agenda behind mass immigration to the West, and behind all of the talk of diversity and multiculturalism. It will be interesting to see how feminism and the trans agenda, and other aspects of Leftism go in such a world. Swimmingly, the Left is proclaiming.

A Transgender Anti-White, Anti-Christian Killer’s Manifesto By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There has been a leak of the manifesto, or at least three pages of it, of the transgender killer Audrey Hale, who carried out a fatal shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, in March. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) had kept a tight lid on the manifesto, unlike in cases where a white supremacist killed non-white people. The idea is to get out the narrative that white nationalism in all its forms leads to this. It fits with the Biden regimes’ war upon MAGA Trump types.


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Electric Vehicles: Next Big Flop By James Reed

Stephen Moore, who was once a senior economic adviser in the Trump administration, has predicted that electric vehicles (EVs) in America will be the “next big flop” in the markets. He compared EVs to the1950s Ford Edsel sedan, which was a market disaster because the public simply did not want it, although Ford was confident that it would sell faster than hot cakes. Instead, it was a lemon, marketwise.


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Treaty Watch: Queensland By James Reed

Some good news on the treaty issue. It seems that the Liberal National Party has now abandoned support for a state treaty, and previously supported it before the resounding No from the Voice referendum. The Path to Treaty Act 2023, was passed the Queensland parliament in May with bipartisan support. At the time The Liberal National party leader, David Crisafulli, voted for the legislation, as did all members of his party. The Act would establish “a three-year “truth-telling and healing inquiry,” a framework for treaty negotiations and a body called First Nations Treaty Institute.”

Of course, the Liberal Nations have now dropped this like a hot potato, but we should be very sceptical about a party that went for this ultra-woke idea in the first place, thinking that the Yes side of the Voice would win the day. The short of the long, is we should hardly trust them, which is a good principle to told for all pollies.

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Zero Net: Will Cost the World By Richard Miller (London)

Across the West, governments are pursuing the Agenda 2030, UN-inspired goal of net zero carbon emissions, to supposedly deal with some imagined climate change emergency … you know, ten years to save the planet. This agenda has taken some radical forms, with the closing down of farms, as in the Netherlands, shutting down coal-fired power stations (but not in communist China of course), and even the end of meat scenario, and eating bugs. So, what are the economic costs of reaching this nirvana state of zero net?

The UK National Infrastructure Commission study has concluded that reaching the 2050 zero net target will be around double the amount of money spent on infrastructure over the next 27 years to £2 trillion, which is an additional £1 trillion spent on the climate change agenda. This added astronomical cost comes from replacing all the components of our existing society based around fossil fuels, such as going from fossil-fuel-powered cars to electric cars, changing home heating and cooling systems, and of course, the generation of electricity in the first place, by solar and wind. But, none of these developments will actually improve the quality of life for the ordinary people, and if anything may decrease it given the insecurities of so-called renewable energy, when the wind does not blow, and the sun does not shine.

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The Globalists of the Great Reset Want World War By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Dr Mercola, in a now deleted article, gives his take on the threat of World War III arising from the Middle East conflict. The main concern here is that the globalists behind the Great Reset, see war as a significant method, just like pandemic disease control, for dismantling the existing social order, and building their own version of the New World Order. For example, war destroys supply chains, and the energy sector, such as continuity of oil supplies, which in turn works to collapse national economies. This creates the ideal situation, once the dust of war settles, to rebuild societies the way the globalist elites want them to be built. 


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Tucker Carlson on the Road to Economic Armageddon By Charles Taylor (Florida)


That is not even to consider the possibility of Israel launching nuclear missiles, which will bring Russia and China directly into the chaos.

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How Hearts Get Damaged By Brian Simpson

Dr Peter McCullough has been reporting on the issue of the Covid mRNA vax cardio-vascular issues, particularly heart issues, as evidence indicates that the mRNA spike proteins can lodge in heart tissue. And other evidence suggests that most hearts are damaged in some way from this, which should be of interest to all people who have had the jab. For such people, the science is relevant.


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Covid Vax Neurological Effects: Not So Uncommon By Brian Simpson

Following on from Dr Peter McCullough’s recent claims that there is heart damage, to some degree, in all people getting an mRNA Covid vax, there is another report that approximately a third of all people receiving these vaxxes had neurological complications after the injection. These ill-effects included, sleepiness, vertigo, diplopia (double vision), paresthesia (a feeling of numbness or itching on the skin), taste and smell alterations, and dysphonia (hoarseness or loss of normal voice), headaches, tremors, muscle spasms, insomnia, and tinnitus. Cognitive fog and difficulty in concentrating was also observed.

While the risks here are not as serious as those noted by Dr McCullough, they do indicate that there is something very odd about the vaxxes, even if the neurological effects were the only concerns. Of course, the mRNA spike proteins can also lodge in the brain, so there are the added risks of stokes as well, as the cardio-vascular risks overlap with the neurological risks.

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AI-Created Gene Weapons By Brian Simpson

This is an example of the pot calling the kettle black, or is it yellow? Communist China is complaining that terrorists have accessed AI-created genetic weapons that can target specific races. China’s Ministry of State Security has claimed that these terrorists, which are equated to certain nations, have apparently collected Chinese genetic data. Thus, the Chinese believe that they are targets, and maybe they are. But according to Robert Kennedy, the Chinese have been working on such ethnic bioweapons for some time, and he thinks that Covid-19 was a test run, which did not largely impact upon the Han Chinese. On this he is probably wrong, as there were major impacts in China, perhaps not as severe in the over-vaxxed West. Africa without the vax did fine.


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The Great Replacement is Fact By Chris Knight (Florida)

The Left like to celebrate the on-going demographic replacement of whites in the West, as one of the virtues of multicultural diversity and mass migration. The sub-text is that white people are evil, non-whites, saints, and the sooner whiteness goes the better. This theme is pumped into the brains of white students in university courses, not so bluntly put, but by using the usual sociological bs, such as “whiteness” instead of openly saying whites. But whiteness comes from whites, so the genocide thesis is still being asserted. And if conservatives complain about the Great Replacement genocide of whites, the Left proclaim that that is conspiratorial thought, even though in their articles they say the same thing. It is all propaganda, the lies of the Left, of course.


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The Future Black Planet By Chris Knight (Florida)

Here is yet another demographic warning. While there is a baby bust in almost all advanced industrial nations, Africa’s population is projected to double to around 2.5 billion in the next 25 years. Africa has the youngest, fastest growing population on Earth. In 25 years, they will account for one third of all people aged 15 to 24 years. The mainstream media are now pushing the narrative that Africa is undergoing major development (not mentioning the finance from communist China), and that it is set to become the future superpower.


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Not So Smart Home Security Threats By Paul Walker

Here is a warning that we should acknowledge, regarding the so-called Internet of Things, as applied to “smart homes,” regarding security threats. These devices include smartphones, smart TVs, virtual assistants, and CCTV cameras, which are equipped with cameras, microphones, and other sensors that can detect what is happening in your home, which is indeed their very point regarding security. One needs to know if some crook has broken into the home and is now stealing one’s treasures.

But, can one trust the IT firms, and indeed, the IT itself, and who can access the data, and is there any potential for abuse? The study referenced below indicates that there is such a threat: “Analyzing the data collected by IoT Inspector, we found evidence of IoT devices inadvertently exposing at least one PII (Personally Identifiable Information), like unique hardware address (MAC), UUID, or unique device names, in thousands of real-world smart homes,” “Any single PII is useful for identifying a household, but combining all three of them together makes a house very unique and easily identifiable. For comparison, if a person is fingerprinted using the simplest browser fingerprinting technique, they are as unique as one in 1,500 people. If a smart home with all three types of identifiers is fingerprinted, it is as unique as one in 1.12 million smart homes.”

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Wind Energy … The Answer is Not Blowing in the Wind! By James Reed

This story is from the US, but it gives a lesson to Australia, where our woke Labor government is fully onboard with the climate change agenda of net zero. While the Left does not explicitly say that we should “abandon affluence,” this lurks in the background of their thought. Up front the idea is that our present industrial society, what remains of it, can be maintained through renewable energy, mainly wind and solar. But, there are major problems with all aspects of this agenda.


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A ‘Major Surprise’ Nature Study Finds Phasing Out Fossil Fuels Will Lead To Decades Of Warming … Greenies Get Eco-Anxiety! By James Reed

This story should have been covered in every mainstream media outlet in Australia, but as far as I am aware, it was only addressed on some internet sites. A peer reviewed paper published in the leading generalist science journal, Nature, using data obtained from the lockdown period in South Asia, examined what happened when the production of greenhouse gasses fell, and aerosol pollution decreased. The decrease in aerosol pollution had the result of increasing alleged warming, as aerosol emissions reflected radiation back into space. Renewable energy, the Greens tell us is great because of a reduction in aerosol pollution, but the results of this will be exactly the opposite of what the environmentalists are expecting, as less pollution means clearer skies, and more supposed heating.


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Aussies Go for Meat Over Climate Change Fanaticism By James Reed

I am pleased to report that Aussies, truly great meat eaters, have doubled down on resistance to things like the World Economic Forum quest for us ordinary people to abandon meat and eat insects, all for the sake of supposedly saving the planet from climate change. A La Trobe University survey of 700 Facebook account users from Australia, showed that people would rather do other things to “save the planet” than abandon meat. In general, it was felt that meat elimination was an ineffective method of dealing with climate change.


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Is World War III Inevitable? By James Reed

The Socrates program has been concerned with making predictions in the business cycles over history, and they are not the only such organisation or persons saying this, as it is common in “war cycle” theory. World War III is likely to occur this year, if it already has not yet started, they claim. Wars are the common answer to the problems generated by usury-based fiat money systems when they run into inevitable troubles. As well, there is from the globalist’s perspective, the “Mother Courage” issue of making vast sums of money from the military industrial complex. According to a report by Martin Armstrong, based upon the Socrates program, “We are headed into World War III, as the computer has forecast, starting here in 2023 because all the old tensions in the world between people and nations will tear the world apart.”


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