The New Zealand Defence Force Covid Mandate Case Decided: Lessons for Australia - A Legal Opinion Sought Out By Arnis Luks

The New Zealand Court of Appeal has ruled that the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDEF) had acted illegally with its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. A government public order had required New Zealand defence persons and police to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or be terminated. Three unvaccinated NZDEF challenged the order seeking a judicial review. Various g...

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Cultural Marxism, Eroding the Common Law - A Legal Opinion Sought Out By Arnis Luks

Following on from the article outlining the New Zealand climate change case, a case which is set to see the High court consider issues of traditional Māori lore as this is interpreted to relate to climate change issues, it is relevant to reflect upon the wider agenda which is impacting upon law in the West. Cases like this are no coincidence and Au...

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The New Zealand Climate Change Tort Case - A Legal Opinion Sought Out By Arnis Luks

A recent climate change case from New Zealand raises important political and jurisprudential (legal) issues, that are relevant to not just New Zealand but other Western countries, especially Australia and the United States. First, by way of general background, before going into details, the climate change case involves the applicant, Mike Smith, wh...

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The Good Old Days: Racialism in Philosophy By Chris Knight (Florida)

         Like the rest of academic studies, philosophy has long ago been taken over by liberal globalist cosmopolitanism. But, it was not always so, and some of the greats of the past were racial realists.

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Deconstructing Rigged Elections By Chris Knight

         The polls putting Biden ahead by 12 percent are subject to a statistical refutation by Dr Steve Turley. Basically, the polls use biased statistics, or indeed flawed primary assumptions, such that only 76 percent of Republicans will vote for Trump, which is inconsistent with all other data including rally attendance. Trump has had a quarter of million people attend rallies, while Biden has had numbers like 12 people attend, less than book launches, or in the local lunch shop.


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It Will Happen Here Too By James Reed

     Like monkeys, student protesters will be copying their US primates buddies, and will thus eventually catch up in the demolition stakes. Just ask ScoMo, bozo, or whatever he is called:

“Protesters have vandalised Prime Minister Scott Morrison's car with red paint during his visit to the University of Queensland on Monday. Up to 50 refugee rights activists gathered at the Australian Institute for Bio-engineering and Nanotechnology building as Mr Morrison toured the campus. He was rushed into a police vehicle about 10.30am to escape the protesters who forced their way into the building and berated him over his refugee policies. The activists carried signs and tomatoes outside the building as they chanted 'lock up Scomo', 'free the refugees' and 'eight years too long'. Signs read 'free the refugees', 'indefinite detention is torture' and 'I'm sorry I came here by boat I'm sorry for seeking safety'. Police formed a barrier outside the entrance to the building and stopped the activists from entering the building. Mr Morrison was stuck inside the building as security worked to figure out a plan to get him out of the building. As he was stuck inside activists threw red paint against the glass doors and windows of the building. A security guard from the university also had red paint and tomatoes thrown at him. Mr Morrison was caught leaving through a back entrance where protesters hurled abuse at the prime minister. Mr Morrison had been visiting the building to inspect the University of Queensland's COVID-19 vaccine trial. Refugee Solidarity Meanjin, which has been campaigning outside a hotel in Kangaroo Point where 120 refugees are being held, admitted to gatecrashing the visit. 'This represents the souls and life of our friends who are being tortured with isolation, no exercise and uncertainty,' the collective posted online, alongside a photo of Mr Morrison's car. 'Dad Saif, has been split from baby Sammi and his wife Sabbah since March.' 'Scott Morrison, free the KP120. Free the Mantra 60.' A Facebook post on the group's page states: 'Why don't you come out and face up to your crimes against humanity?' The group has been protesting on the street outside the hotel for months.”

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Deny Climate Change: Go to Jail! By Chris Knight

     Whoaha … when bad Karma Harris becomes supreme dictator of the US in November, when old Joe conveniently has another brain explosion, the world will see climate change fanaticism like never before. Green New Deal, will be no big deal. Climate change denial will lead to prison sentences, and maybe even Australians like our James Reed, who rages and raves endless against climate change and all things environmental, will be extradited like a rotting tooth and sent to some US prison hellhole, where he will be murdered by angered diversity, yielding sharpened toothbrushes.

“ It’s bad enough that as a California prosecutor and attorney general, Sen. Kamala Harris allegedly hid evidence that exonerated people wrongly accused or opposed their efforts to clear their names. But she’s also a massive believer in the “climate change” hoax and has signed onto Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s country-ending “Green New Deal” that would cost tens of trillions of dollars, devastate our economy, and put half the country in poverty. And if you don’t go along with her climate change nonsense, then she just might want to put you in jail if she becomes president (and she will if the senseless Joe Biden beats President Donald Trump in the fall because he can’t govern so Harris will as his VP). “U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris (D-CA) and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) on Monday announced the Climate Equity Act, a draft legislative proposal to ensure that the United States government makes communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis the foundation of policy related to climate and the environment, including the policies to build a Green New Deal,” her U.S. Senate website noted in July 2019. “To that end, frontline community leaders will have an opportunity to provide feedback on this legislative proposal prior to its formal introduction this fall.”

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Trust Me, I am from the FBI and Here to Help! By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Here is alleged evidence of corruption, right at the top:

“In his upcoming book October Surprise: How the FBI Tried to Save Itself and Crashed an Election, FBI Special Agent John Robertson spills the beans about how he was supposedly ordered by top brass at his agency to erase all findings pertaining to the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which he was assigned to investigate. Robertson, who worked in the FBI’s New York office child sex crimes unit, says that after being ordered to look into the contents of Weiner’s laptop – Weiner being the Democrat operative who was married to Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin – officials above Robertson demanded that everything he found be deleted from the hard drive. This reportedly included hundreds of thousands of emails sent and received by Clinton. “The only advice from his bosses was to erase his office computer, which meant leaving no record of his investigations,” reported the Daily Mail Online, a British news outlet. In the Inspector General report put together by Michael Horowitz back in 2018 concerning the “Russian collusion” probe into Donald Trump, Robertson revealed that the FBI was not interested in bringing the failed presidential candidate to justice. Instead, the goal seems to have been one of covering for Clinton at all costs. “The crickets I was hearing was really making me uncomfortable because something was going to come crashing down,” Robertson stated on page 302 of the IG report about how the FBI dragged its feet in addressing what he found on Weiner’s laptop. “And my understanding, which is uninformed because … I didn’t work the Hillary Clinton matter … My understanding at the time was I am telling you people I have private Hillary Clinton emails, number one, and BlackBerry messages, number two. I’m telling you that we have potentially 10 times the volume that Director Comey said we had on the record.”

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Hillary’s Russia Hoax By Chris Knight

     This is important for Australian readers because we are seeing in real time the absolute lies and hypocrisy of the mainstream media get exposed, without even too much effort or sweat, so blatant they are. Take the Russia hoax, that Russia worked to get Trump elected. That idea was pushed for four years with no evidence, but it turns out exactly the opposite was true:

“The CIA in 2016 asked the FBI to investigate whether Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had approved a plan to distract from her email troubles by “stirring up a scandal” claiming Russian interference in the election, according to new information declassified Tuesday. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, in a letter to Congress, said the referral went to then-FBI Director James B. Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok. The referral was based on information American intelligence gleaned from Russian intelligence alleging that Mrs. Clinton “had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee.” The intelligence community did not initially take a position on the accuracy of the claims about Mrs. Clinton, and raised the possibility it was a Russian fabrication. But Mr. Ratcliffe said former CIA Director John O. Brennan did brief President Barack Obama on the claims in late July 2016. According to Mr. Brennan’s handwritten notes, the briefing covered “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.” And by early September, the intelligence community referred the matter to the FBI, citing “U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.”

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Interracial Homicide Offender and Victimization Rates by Race By Brian Simpson

     With race war raging in America, you know, the Left claiming that every time a White person scratches themselves some act of racism occurs, it is worthwhile having a few stats to fling back. So, here they are:

“In the previous post on interracial and intersexual homicide distributions in the US, Kratoklastes and Buzz Mohawk point out these distributions deal with absolute numbers, not rates. By rate, blacks are 11.4 times more likely to perpetrate interracial homicide than whites are, and others–a mishmash category including Asians, American Indians, and many people of mixed race–are 1.9 times more likely than whites to do so: Conversely, though, blacks are 2.5 times more likely than whites are to be the victims of interracial murder. Others are 1.2 times more likely to be so. Again, this concerns a small fraction, 15.7%, of all homicides in the US for which the race(s) of both victim and offender are known. The vast majority of homicide, 84.3%, occurs between members of the same race, broadly defined.”

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The Diverse Do Not Want Police By Charles Taylor

     Well, here is the Left agenda laid out clearly. Defund the police is just that, getting rid of the police. It will be run with disarming Whites as well, so no home self defence is possible.

“Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback who launched the anthem protest movement in the NFL, is now launching a movement aimed at ending what he calls the “scourge of police terrorism.” The former 49er made the announcement on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. Kaepernick partnered with Medium shortly after announcing his plans to release a memoir. Editors from LEVEL, which is a part of Medium, described “Abolition for the People’s” goal of ending both policing and prisons. The announcement says: ‘Abolition for the People,’ a project produced by Kaepernick Publishing in partnership with LEVEL, seeks to end that debate once and for all. Over the next four weeks, the project will publish 30 stories from organizers, political prisoners, scholars, and advocates — all of which point to the crucial conclusion that policing and prisons do not serve as catch-all solutions for the issues and people the state deems social problems. Not only do police and prisons fail to make us safer, but reform has only strengthened their most toxic ingrained practices. The only answer is abolition, a full dismantling of the carceral state and the institutions that support it. Instead, we need to invest in a future that puts justice and the needs of the community first. A future that, as Colin Kaepernick himself says in his introductory essay, makes us safer, healthier, and truly free. The need for abolition is rooted in the anti-Blackness intrinsic to policing and incarceration — phenomena which will be amply proven over the coming days — but the realization of it offers justice for all people in all communities and global liberation from systemic oppression. We invite you to read and learn along with us. Kaepernick is no stranger to criticizing the police. In September of 2016, photos surfaced of Kaepernick wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs. He also called for the abolition of police after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron did not charge any of the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, with murder.”

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A Green Light on Red Light Cameras By Ian Wilson LL. B

     A fascinating decision by the Supreme Court of South Australia has called into question the current operation of the red light cameras, that have clocked up tens of millions of dollars in fines for drivers. In principle, a landmark decision opens the flood gates of appeal for hundreds.

“Thousands of red light offences caught by traffic cameras are under a cloud, after the Supreme Court overturned a motorist’s traffic fine. The bombshell Supreme Court judgement overturned a red light running offence on the basis that the state’s camera testing regimen is invalid. The court found police must now test cameras when a private vehicle, or police test vehicle, is actually running a red light. Currently police only test if a car sets off the camera when going past on a green light, because red light testing is too dangerous and difficult. Specialist traffic lawyer Karen Stanley, acting for motorist David Woolmer, won the appeal and said up to 3000 fines currently unpaid – plus the 700 future fines each month – could now be challenged in the courts. “Until there is some change within SAPOL, or this judgment is overturned on appeal, it is hard to see how red light fines can continue to be issued and how current charges can continue to be prosecuted,’’ Ms Stanley said. Supreme Court Justice Greg Parker upheld an appeal against a Magistrate’s Court finding that in March 2018 David Woolmer’s white Holden sedan had been caught by a camera in the intersection of Magill Road and Portrush Road, Beulah Park, when a red traffic arrow was showing. The Supreme Court found a test carried out in February on that fixed camera only established that the camera was photographing cars travelling through the intersection after passing an electronic switch during green lights – not red. In other words, the testers did not sit and wait for a vehicle to go through a red light and break the law — or run their own test car through on a red light — as part of the test. The bombshell finding is likely to change regulations to insist that police run a test to witness a car breaking road rules – which would be costly and difficult and time consuming.”

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Taking Discrimination to the End of the Earth By James Reed

     If one is not all for discrimination about everything, recovering a lost sense of style and taste, or maybe because you have had a gutful of this woke politically correct bs, then maybe this one will help. Now, wanting a “happy” hairdresser is discriminatory, somehow contrary to the new inquisition of wokeland:

“A hair salon says it was told by a job center it couldn't run an advertisement recruiting a “happy” stylist because the word is “discriminatory” against unhappy people. Alison Birch listed a job ad looking for a part-time qualified hairdresser at her AJ's Unisex Hair Salon in Stroud, England. The position called for someone with five years’ experience of working in a salon, who is "confident in barbering as well as all aspects of hairdressing.” And the advertisement stated, "This is a busy, friendly, small salon, so only happy, friendly stylists need apply." But on Wednesday, Birch says she received a call from her local job center informing her they could not run her ad because the word “happy” is considered “discriminatory.” Birch claims the job center told her that the advertisement may make some people feel they cannot apply if they do not consider themselves to be a “happy” person.”

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The Melbourne Experiment By Bruce Bennett

     So, dictator Dan, as he is becoming to be known, did not get health or police advice to put into motion the need for us to be home safely in our bedrooms each night. It was a “captain’s call.” Captain who?

“Premier Daniel Andrews has taken responsibility for his 'captain's call' of 8pm until 5am curfews in Melbourne which he claims were designed to help Victoria Police enforce Stage Four lockdowns - even though cops didn't ask for one. Five million Melburnians are banned from leaving their homes each night between 8pm and 5am under some of the harshest coronavirus restrictions in the world. The night curfew, which has now been in place for 57 days, will be eased to 9pm to 5am from 11.59pm on September 13. Andrews admitted on Wednesday that he only introduced Melbourne's overnight curfew to make it easier for police to enforce lockdown. But in an extraordinary development, Victoria Police's Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said he did not request a curfew and only found about the new law hours before the public was told. Andrews was also forced to backflip his previous claims he'd taken advice about the curfew from chief health officer professor Brett Sutton - after he revealed he didn't recommend the curfew, either. When Chief Commissioner Patton was asked if police were consulted about the curfew by 3AW morning show host Neil Mitchell on Thursday morning, he replied: 'No.' 'At no stage?' Mitchell quizzed further. Again Comissioner Patton replied: 'No.' 'The reality is I was never consulted … our policy area was provided a copy of the proposed guidelines for our information a couple of hours before they were signed off.' Commisioner Patton admitted the night curfew has been effective and made it easier for his officers to police the city. 'We are able to enforce with the curfew and movement is very much restricted because of it … but we weren't involved in discussions over it,' he added. He also admitted police found out about the curfew a few hours before being made public on August 2.”

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Life in Danisistan By Ben Hall

     What is it like living in that place once called Victoria? Well, you have to get to like surveillance, not being shy when the police move by your house with their mobile snoop units. They are not interested in your toilet activities but just want to know that you are locked down and passive. Of course, they are not locked down, but sacrifices have to be made.

“Melburnians have expressed outrage at mobile surveillance units that are being covertly deployed to monitor them during the city's Stage Four lockdown. One of the mobile CCTV trailers has been seen in Victoria Gardens in Prahran since last week, as well as other spots in the local government area of Stonnington, in the city's inner-south. 'If you have a look around, everyone is doing the right thing and there's absolutely no need for us to be spied on. They have no regard for our civil liberties,' David Grayson from St Kilda East told The Age after visiting the park on Sunday. Mr Grayson also questioned whether the cameras would have any real impact on helping to enforce restrictions. Are you telling me that someone is watching a screen somewhere and then sends the cops over when they see someone having a picnic or holding hands?' Other residents have also voiced concerns over the mobile surveillance cameras and whether police and local government were overstepping their authority. Denzil Griffiths from Prahran made a complaint to his federal MP Dr Katie Allen who represents the seat of Higgins. 'This is just the latest intrusion in our lives and there's no justification for this type of surveillance. This is a public park, where parents go with there kids, people walk dogs and old people go for exercise as they're all entitled to do', Mr Griffiths said. Victoria Police have confirmed the units are deployed in other areas in Melbourne but would not reveal how many units there are or their locations.” 

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Images of Uncivil War By Charles Taylor

     Here is footage of a Black guy, presumably BLM, sneaking up behind an innocent, oblivious White guy and hitting him in the back of the head with a brick. Probably brain damage, and another White life over, because for the multicultural Fascist system, White lives don’t matter. In fact, the attacker’s groupies said it themselves.

“Baltimore police have confirmed they’re probing a brutal attack on a white man hit in the head with a brick. The attacker appeared to have accomplices filming and laughing. However, no victim has come forward, local media report. The victim was hit in the head in the Sharp-Leadenhall neighborhood of south Baltimore on Sunday evening, police told local media, affirming the content of a disturbing video that went viral on Sunday. The victim’s assault was filmed by a group who seemed to be in league with the attacker, shooting video from across the street and laughing uproariously as the assailant’s brick connected with his quarry’s skull. The clip was originally posted to Instagram by user traysavage_, who appeared to be glorifying the assault and casting it in racial terms. “YOUNG MAN YOU GOT KNOCKED TF OUT,” he wrote, in between crying-laughing emojis. “B**CH YOU BET[TER] NOT RUN,” the post continued, adding the hashtag #WhiteLivesDoNotMatter before the more familiar #BlackLivesMatter. The victim appeared to be white and the attacker black, though neither’s faces were visible in the footage that has gone viral on social media. According to the person who called in the assault to police, the two men had an argument and the victim walked away. The attacker then reportedly picked up two bricks and ran to catch up with his prey, surprising him with an attack from behind. It’s not clear whether the victim knew his assailant before their altercation, and all police found when they turned up on the scene was a pool of blood. The attacker fled the scene after incapacitating his victim, and by some reports the victim merely got up and walked away – though it’s hard to imagine how, given the blow he sustained. Residents of Baltimore and strangers alike lamented this kind of violence was common.”

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The Pregnant Woman Coviddo Arrest Case By Carla Wilson

     Ian Wilson who usually writes for you is in hospital recovering from prostate surgery, but he will soon be back in the saddle, a new man, who will not know himself, I hope. So, little old me, wifey, does this one. The arrest of a pregnant woman in Victoria for incitement, has generated responses, almost all negative, from around the world, as at best, the optics are bad, at worse, some say, the arrest was illegal. Here are some comments, plus a quoted summary of the main players and critics.

“Victoria police is facing criticism for its arrest of a 28-year-old pregnant woman in her Ballarat home on Wednesday over a Facebook post, with the Victorian Bar labelling it “disproportionate”. The criticism comes after the assistant police commissioner, Luke Cornelius, defended the arrest, saying officers acted “reasonably”. Cornelius admitted that the arrest of a pregnant woman made for “terrible optics”, but defended the heavy-handed approach, warning that hundreds of officers would be deployed to make arrests on the weekend. Police arrested Ballarat resident Zoe Buhler after she created a “freedom day” event on Facebook encouraging people to protest against lockdowns in the regional town on Saturday. She was arrested and charged under section 321G of the state’s Crimes Act 1958, which makes it an offence for a person to “pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offence”. The arrest comes amid claims of misconduct by Victoria police and concerns from legal experts that Victorians in several instances were being “wrongly fined”. “Many people have been issued fines when they are not breaching public health directions,” said Ariel Couchman, the chief executive of Youthlaw. “The police aren’t making proper enquiries to determine why the person is not complying.” The president of the Victorian Bar, Wendy Harris QC, said they were concerned by Buhler’s arrest. “In the case of Ms Buhler, who was arrested and handcuffed in her home in front of her partner and children, the Bar is concerned that the enforcement action of the police … appeared disproportionate to the threat she presented,” she said. “The Victorian Bar is concerned that the enforcement response to Ms Buhler’s conduct is apparently at odds with other reported and more measured responses by authorities to organisers or promoters of similar protests planned or carried out in contravention of public health directives.” In an interview with the ABC, Buhler said she did not realise she was doing anything wrong, and the police could have given a phone call rather than arresting her.

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In Defence of the Police State By Joe “the Stallion” Stalin

     Silly fellows across the world believing in dated notions like individual freedom, will ultimately be in the great wheelie bin of history. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that democracy and the cult of individualism and liberalism do not work, and only globalist communism, in totalitarian states, like my successful USSR, can secure safety for the people who count, namely, the political/financial class. My dream of the elimination of private property, and individual freedom to create a one world government, is coming closer to truth every day, with China being the ultimate power of the future. It is off to a great start continuing Mao’s communist legacy. 

Surely Freedom is Over-Rated? Just Like Sunshine, Life and Oxygen By Edward Kelly

     Well it needs to be done, you know, because we face the deadliest pandemic in human history, which can only be solved by universal vaccines, multiple times, forever. And, when the next pandemic occurs, shake and repeat, forever. We will be well programmed for it. And, why not?

“Melbourne's tough stage four restrictions have been extended by another two weeks, while the city's lockdown won't be fully lifted until November 23. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says stage four restrictions will remain in place but from September 14, the nightly curfew will start an hour later at 9pm, instead of 8pm, and run until 5am. People living alone can nominate a friend or family member who can visit them and two hours of daily exercise will be allowed, including 'social interactions' such as having a picnic at a local park or reading a book at the beach. 'So, much like the way intimate partner arrangements will work now, singles, those who live alone, will be able to partner up with somebody else and they will be able to visit each other,' Mr Andrews said. 'The five kilometre rule will not apply, but the curfew will. So it is essentially extending those arrangements for partners who don't live in the same household to those who live on their own.' Further restrictions could be eased from September 28 and the government will consider lifting the curfew entirely from October 26. 'We can't run out of lockdown. We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown to find that COVID normal,' Mr Andrew said on Sunday. From next Sunday, exercise will be increased to two hours per day up from the one hour per day. Public outdoor gatherings of two people will also be allowed and playgrounds can reopen from next Sunday. From September 28, subject to public health advice, public gatherings will increased to five people from two households. Mr Andrews said the fourth and final step of his roadmap to recovery will come into effect on November 23, subject to public health advice. Mr Andrews stressed the importance of easing slowly into normal life to avoid a dreaded third wave. 'If we open up too fast then we have a very high likelihood, a very high likelihood that we are not really opening up at all. We are just beginning a third wave,' he said.” 

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California Craziness By Chris Knight

     Here are the latest folks in woke politically correct craziness, as California moves towards reparations for Blacks, because of the alleged sins of the past. Even though no American slaves exist today, the descendants of the slaves will be given loot as an outpouring of the great liberal death wish, and White slaves, indentured labour, will be ignored.

“Lawmakers in California are setting up a task force intended to develop a plan on recommending reparations for African Americans in the state, and examining what that process might look like. The state senate voted 33-3 on Saturday to support the creation of a nine-member commission to develop a reparations plan. The measure will still need to pass a final vote in the Assembly, but an overwhelming majority of the Assembly members are expected to be in favor of the bill. Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles said that Black people still face significant challenges from the aftermath of slavery. “Let’s be clear: Chattel slavery, both in California and across our nation, birthed a legacy of racial harm and inequity that continues to impact the conditions of Black life in California,” Mitchell said, according to the Associated Press. Mitchell pointed to disproportionate rates of poverty, incarceration, homelessness, and health risks for African Americans as proof of the unequal conditions that remain from the times of slavery. California was technically a free state long before many of the others, but the bill’s supporters say there were still many structural barriers that were intentionally set up in the state to reinforce a racial caste system, and many of these barriers still exist today. If the bill passes, the new task force will conduct a detailed study into how the state was affected by slavery and they will make recommendations to the legislature based on their findings by July 2023. Their recommendations will include who is entitled to reparations, how much they should get, and what form the payment should come in. 

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