California Craziness By Chris Knight

     Here are the latest folks in woke politically correct craziness, as California moves towards reparations for Blacks, because of the alleged sins of the past. Even though no American slaves exist today, the descendants of the slaves will be given loot as an outpouring of the great liberal death wish, and White slaves, indentured labour, will be ignored.

“Lawmakers in California are setting up a task force intended to develop a plan on recommending reparations for African Americans in the state, and examining what that process might look like. The state senate voted 33-3 on Saturday to support the creation of a nine-member commission to develop a reparations plan. The measure will still need to pass a final vote in the Assembly, but an overwhelming majority of the Assembly members are expected to be in favor of the bill. Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles said that Black people still face significant challenges from the aftermath of slavery. “Let’s be clear: Chattel slavery, both in California and across our nation, birthed a legacy of racial harm and inequity that continues to impact the conditions of Black life in California,” Mitchell said, according to the Associated Press. Mitchell pointed to disproportionate rates of poverty, incarceration, homelessness, and health risks for African Americans as proof of the unequal conditions that remain from the times of slavery. California was technically a free state long before many of the others, but the bill’s supporters say there were still many structural barriers that were intentionally set up in the state to reinforce a racial caste system, and many of these barriers still exist today. If the bill passes, the new task force will conduct a detailed study into how the state was affected by slavery and they will make recommendations to the legislature based on their findings by July 2023. Their recommendations will include who is entitled to reparations, how much they should get, and what form the payment should come in. 

     Give them everything. The sooner California is bankrupt, and crashes, the better. It is symbol of American decay, best represented by the excretory streets of San Francisco, much worse than the world of the TV show:



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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