Surely Freedom is Over-Rated? Just Like Sunshine, Life and Oxygen By Edward Kelly

     Well it needs to be done, you know, because we face the deadliest pandemic in human history, which can only be solved by universal vaccines, multiple times, forever. And, when the next pandemic occurs, shake and repeat, forever. We will be well programmed for it. And, why not?

“Melbourne's tough stage four restrictions have been extended by another two weeks, while the city's lockdown won't be fully lifted until November 23. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says stage four restrictions will remain in place but from September 14, the nightly curfew will start an hour later at 9pm, instead of 8pm, and run until 5am. People living alone can nominate a friend or family member who can visit them and two hours of daily exercise will be allowed, including 'social interactions' such as having a picnic at a local park or reading a book at the beach. 'So, much like the way intimate partner arrangements will work now, singles, those who live alone, will be able to partner up with somebody else and they will be able to visit each other,' Mr Andrews said. 'The five kilometre rule will not apply, but the curfew will. So it is essentially extending those arrangements for partners who don't live in the same household to those who live on their own.' Further restrictions could be eased from September 28 and the government will consider lifting the curfew entirely from October 26. 'We can't run out of lockdown. We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown to find that COVID normal,' Mr Andrew said on Sunday. From next Sunday, exercise will be increased to two hours per day up from the one hour per day. Public outdoor gatherings of two people will also be allowed and playgrounds can reopen from next Sunday. From September 28, subject to public health advice, public gatherings will increased to five people from two households. Mr Andrews said the fourth and final step of his roadmap to recovery will come into effect on November 23, subject to public health advice. Mr Andrews stressed the importance of easing slowly into normal life to avoid a dreaded third wave. 'If we open up too fast then we have a very high likelihood, a very high likelihood that we are not really opening up at all. We are just beginning a third wave,' he said.” 

     Jolly good work Mr Andrews, do not be put off by those trolls on the internet, and the insane right-wing media criticisms. Keep strong and focussed. Yes, we must not get a third wave, because that will lead to a fourth wave and so on, for eternity, or until the sun expands and swallows the earth, killing Covid-19 for good. Until there is a vaccine, as great humanitarians like Bill Gates tell us, who, by the way, deserves a Nobel Peace prize or Medicine Prize, the economy must be locked down. Why do protesters not see this? I can, and I have been dead since November 11, 1880. The important take home lesson for me from lockdown, is that I learnt that being locked down is not so bad, and can be somewhat delightful, if one has Net Flexing, and Youtubular, and that freedom is over-rated. I am happy to do all the government says, and even more. Just say the word and I will obey.

  Remember: public safety is everything. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, as Janis Joplin sung before killing herself with drugs, and she was not locked down. I rest my case.

     Stay locked down in your home, dig in, keep your head down, and we will all get through this nuclear holocaust, sorry, pandemic, together, no, separately.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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