Old Bob Gets Rough By Chris Knight

     In general, we do not like Leftist icon Bob Dylan/Zimmerman here. That is not to say that there is nothing of value for conservatives in his oeuvre, nice French word, that.

““People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” The statement has been attributed most frequently to Winston Churchill, who may never actually have said it; but in these days of calls to “Defund the Police” and antifa thugs running wild in cities where there are no rough men, it is more important that it is true than it is who said it. Recently, an affirmation of the wisdom of this saying came from what many might consider an unlikely corner: Bob Dylan. Dylan, 79, is the hero of the Sixties counterculture, which makes him revered among today’s mainstream Left. Obama gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and not too long after that he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, for which he never would have been considered at all if he weren’t an idol of Leftists worldwide. But on his new album, Rough and Rowdy Ways, Dylan sings a curious stanza that should have his Leftist followers, if they’re listening to the words, wondering if the grand old man is losing his grip. Conservatives, by contrast, should be cheering. The lines come in a song entitled Mother of Muses, which begins by sending out a series of pleas to the spirits of inspiration. The speaker calls on the “mother of muses” to “sing of the mountains and the deep dark sea,” and to “sing of the lakes and the nymphs in the forest,” that sort of thing. So far, that’s fairly conventional: the man wants to write a song, and he needs some help to do it. Poets going back to Homer and before that have asked the muses to visit them with something worthwhile to say, or sing, or write. But then Dylan shifts the tone slightly, asking this “mother of muses” to “sing of the Heroes who stood alone / Whose names are engraved on tablets of stone / Who struggled with pain so the world could go free.”

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The Future for the White Race; Civil War Throughout the West By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     War now will be between nation states still, as they disintegrate, but will also be more 4th generation or even 5th generation war, as described by William S Lind, involving inter-state conflict with small size groups using terrorism and psych-ops:

     We seem to have this with antifa, which admits that its main concern is destroying Trump and his supporters, but of course, that is only the starting point, and Trump merely accelerated their agenda, which is to replace the West. Yes, all of the so-called conspiracy theories of the Great Replacement are pretty mild compared to the harsh, bitter reality of what is coming. White genocide, is more accurate, and genocide is what communists like Pol Pot did best, as their day job.

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What Would Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali have Said about BLM? By John Steele

     I was wondering about what some Black icons from the past would have thought about the BLM and antifa protests. How about Muhammad Ali, the boxing great, and a Muslim? Well, let’s read what his son thinks.

“On the fourth anniversary of his death, Muhammad Ali’s only biological son says that his father would be against Black Lives Matter, calling the movement “racist” and the protesters “devils.” The legendary boxer and activist stood up against racism throughout his life, but Muhammad Ali Jr. says his dad would have been sickened by how the protests have turned to violence and looting after the death of George Floyd. “Don’t bust up s–t, don’t trash the place,” he told The Post. “You can peacefully protest. ‘‘My father would have said, ‘They ain’t nothing but devils.’ My father said, ‘All lives matter.’ I don’t think he’d agree.” Of the BLM movement, Ali Jr., a Muslim like his father, said: “I think it’s racist.” “It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone — he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is,” Ali said during an hour-long interview with The Post. On police brutality, Ali defended law enforcement in general. “Police don’t wake up and think, ‘I’m going to kill a n—-r today or kill a white man,'” he said. “They’re just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.”

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Go Ahead, Ban Chess! By James Reed

     It must be fun for the cubs of the Left to smash-up two thousand years of Western civilisation. How they get off on it! Now a chess board has white pieces on it. So, as white = racist, chess must be racist, like clouds, milk, and semen, and the whites of people’s eyes.

“A former professional chess player is criticising the ABC for contacting him to discuss whether the board game is racist. A Sydney-based ABC producer asked former Australian Chess representative John Adams to comment on whether the game was racist because white always moves first. Mr Adams told Ben Fordham the argument has been circulating in chess circles for years. “All of this stuff is completely ridiculous. “We’ve got bigger issues that are facing Australia and I don’t want the ABC talking about this sort of nonsense.”

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Vlad Lenin’s Statue will Remain Eternally Untouched By Charles Taylor

     It has been noticed that the statues of heroes of the Left, such as Vladimir Lenin, have remained untouched. Of course, even the most moronic antifa, knows who their god is, and conservatives would never dream of an eye for an eye, so the statue of the old commo will stand there long after the US has collapsed, a silent testimony of the destructive power of leftism:

“A statue in San Francisco of Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was defaced with the word “bastard” spray painted onto it by protesters. What protesters may not know is that the Spanish author actually spent five years as a slave after being captured off the coast of Africa. Outside of Wisconsin State Capitol the statue of Hans Christian Heg was also toppled. Heg was an anti-slavery activist who joined a militia that fought slave traders. Then he joined the Union Army during the Civil War, and died in battle, fighting to end slavery. Perhaps statues in general are sinful in the new social order. Except for the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle. His statue has remained untouched.”

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Now Burning Down Black Businesses… How Soon Before Antifa Burns Itself? By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Playing with matches can be dangerous, especially if one is a half-wit; BLM is full of these sorts of useful idiots who are only too willing to go out and burn for the sake of revolutionary communism, and with all commo revolutions, many times the very people the supposed revolution is for get hurt. Like Black businesses, also burnt down, with no remorse:

“On the heels of an already tumultuous reopening timeline from the coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the country have had to board up windows, clean up graffiti and sweep away broken glass as a result of protests that turned into fiery, violent clashes this week. But many black-owned restaurants that sustained severe damage are just as focused on amplifying cries for racial justice as they are on rebuilding. Rekik Abaineh and her husband Solomon Hailie, owners of Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine in St. Paul, Minnesota, told ABC News it was "overwhelming" to see their restaurant reduced to rubble after the first night of George Floyd protests in Minnesota's Twin Cities. "My husband and I went Friday morning to see what was left of it -- and the whole neighborhood was out crying. It was so hard to see the building like that," Abaineh said. "I've never felt this before, the mixed feelings that I have," Hailie said of the emotional toll of seeing his lifelong dream after 20 years in this country turned to ashes. "To come down to this, believe me, is just heartbreaking." Protests initially broke out in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died in police custody on May 25, and within days demonstrations against racial injustice spread across the world. Although Abaineh and Hailie were devastated at the toll of the protests, they said they stand in solidarity with their black community and support the underlying message being echoed throughout the country. "If it means burning our building and our business to get this justice for George [Floyd] and all of Black Lives Matter, we're OK with that," Hailie said. "But we can't bring back any soul – for us we stand by it 100%."”

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It is Down with White Jesus Now! By James Reed

     The deconstruction of Jesus is not new, and has been going on in theology since the Enlightenment, getting crazier by the generation. What is new is the explosion of racial resentment and anti-whiteness radiating everywhere like a nuclear bomb was detonated, and in many ways, it has:

“Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England, has said the church should reconsider its portrayal of Jesus as a White man. Speaking to the BBC Today Programme, Welby was asked whether the way the western church "portrays Jesus" needed to be "thought about again" and "re-imagined" in light of recent Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd. "Yes, of course it does," he said, adding that Jesus was portrayed differently in countries around the world. He was regularly in touch with Anglican Church leaders from around the world, he said, who did not portray Jesus as White. "You go into their churches and you don't see a White Jesus -- you see a Black Jesus, or Chinese Jesus, or a Middle Eastern Jesus -- which is of course the most accurate. "You see a Fijian Jesus -- you see Jesus portrayed in as many ways as there are cultures, languages and understandings." Welby added that the representations of Jesus were not, however, "who we worship" but rather served as a "reminder of the universality of the God who became fully human."

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Can the Law Protect White Conservative Christians? By Ian Wilson LL. B

     Here is an interesting proposal; that there needs to be an equal protection law, for whites, conservatives and Christians, who are under attack:

“In America today, it is perfectly legal to discriminate against conservatives, Christians and Whites, merely based on their political beliefs or the whiteness of their skin. That’s because the 1964 Civil Rights Act — which was spearheaded by Republicans and opposed by Democrats, by the way — sought only to protect segments of society that were being oppressed at the time. The act, however, did not protect people who might be oppressed in the future.

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Commo Revolution USA By Charles Taylor

     The signs of a wider, more sinister agenda are clearly behind recent political developments in the US. There are micro-events, such as the City of Minneapolis spending thousands on private security detail for three council members, who want to defund the police. So, just how do they think things are going to go in the future with no police force, especially if private security is cut, which it must be? Such is the inconsistency, and hypocrisy of the lower level elites.

“The City of Minneapolis has spent $63,000 on private security details for three city council members who claim they have been subjected to threats in recent weeks. Three members of the council, which pledged to seek a replacement for the city’s police department and on Friday “advanced a proposed ballot measure asking voters to create a new Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention,” are receiving city-funded private security detail after claiming to have received threats in recent weeks. The security detail, provided by firms Aegis and BelCom, is costing the city roughly $4,500 per day. As Fox 9 reported, the three council members who have the security detail are “Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), and Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), and Alondra Cano (Ward 9)” all of whom have been “outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.” Cano did not comment on the matter, while Cunningham told the outlet that the private security was temporary. He ultimately said he was not comfortable “publicly discussing the death threats against me or the level of security I currently have protecting me from those threats.” However, Councilwoman Jenkins said she has been requesting security since being sworn into her position and told the outlet that she is concerned by “the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving.” Jenkins, who said she has received threats attacking her gender identity and ethnicity, specifically, admitted she has not reported the threats to Minneapolis Police — which the council has moved to abolish — suggesting she has been too consumed by the “global pandemic and global uprising” dominating the national narrative. “A spokesperson for Minneapolis Police told FOX 9 the department does not have any recent police reports of threats against city council members.  It is possible a report could have been filed confidentially,” the outlet reported.”

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From Transgender Rights to Protecting Abortions: The US Supreme Court By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Gay marriage in the US constitution, transgender rights … everything in the liberal order our highest court, even with so called conservative judges, readily find. Yes, the founding Fathers supported abortion! Well, not exactly. You see, the highest judges in countries with a written constitution such as the United States and Australia, adopt a form of constitutional interpretation, which eschews the idea that we have that we try and ascertain the meaning of terms that the Founders used. That is dated. Instead, the idea of a “living constitution” is adopted, where the meaning of terms are those decided by judges of today and that’s  because there is no appeal outside of the legal system against anything they decide; consider them legal dictators. So much for democracy! Thus, consider the latest bit of tyranny from our God-like judges on the abortion question:

“The case, over a state law requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, is the first abortion ruling since two Trump appointees joined the court. The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Louisiana law that could have left the state with a single abortion clinic. The vote was 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. voting with the court’s four-member liberal wing but not adopting its reasoning. The chief justice said respect for precedent compelled him to vote with the majority. The case was the court’s first on abortion since President Trump’s appointments of two justices shifted the court to the right. The Louisiana law, which was enacted in 2014, requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. The law’s supporters said the law protects the health and safety of women seeking abortions, and that the requirements for obtaining admitting privileges helps ensure the competence of doctors. Opponents disputed that, saying that hospitalizations after abortions are rare, that women would receive medical care at hospitals whether their doctors had admitting privileges or not and that abortion providers are often unable to obtain admitting privileges for reasons unrelated to their competence. Only two of the five doctors who provide abortions in Louisiana have obtained admitting privileges, one in New Orleans and one in Shreveport. But the Shreveport doctor testified that he could not handle the clinic’s work alone. If the law went into effect, a trial judge concluded, there would be a single doctor in a single clinic, in New Orleans, available to provide abortions in Louisiana.

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If China Commits Ethno-Racial Genocide of Non-Whites Does the Australian Left and Socialists Care? By James Reed

     Look, let’s cut to the chase and quote our UK Leftist “friends” at The Guardian, who do good reporting, and best of all don’t have a pay wall like the dirty capitalist press … thank you comrades!

“Chinese authorities are carrying out forced sterilisations of women in an apparent campaign to curb the growth of ethnic minority populations in the western Xinjiang region, according to research published on Monday. The report, based on a combination of official regional data, policy documents and interviews with ethnic minority women, has prompted an international group of lawmakers to call for a United Nations investigation into China’s policies in the region. The move is likely to enrage Beijing, which has denied trampling on the rights of ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and which on Monday called the allegations “baseless”. The country is accused of locking more than one million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities in re-education camps. Beijing describes the facilities as job training centres aimed at steering people away from terrorism following a spate of violence blamed on separatists. A report by Adrian Zenz, a German researcher who has exposed China’s policies in Xinjiang, says Uighur women and other ethnic minorities are being threatened with internment in the camps for refusing to abort pregnancies that exceed birth quotas. Zenz’s data-driven work on the camps – which uses public documents found by scouring China’s internet – has previously been cited by experts on a UN panel investigating the facilities. Women who had fewer than the legally permitted limit of two children were involuntarily fitted with intrauterine contraceptives, says the report. It also reports that some of the women said they were being coerced into receiving sterilisation surgeries.

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The Tribe that Lost its Head By Charles Taylor

     I have not read the book with this title, but the title is enough, an apt summary of much of the West today, only we should say “tribes,” as most Western countries are collection of tribes now, not unified societies. And, predictions are, things will get worse, probably inevitably, once the state of decay gets to a critical threshold.

“What America is going through right now is not merely another, more intense round of “cancel culture.” We’re now in the midst of a full-force, totalitarian remolding of our society, one that seeks to place the petty resentments of an outraged minority of leftist activists above everything else in American life. Because of their willingness to riot, loot, and assault anyone they perceive to be insufficiently sympathetic to their cause, leftists are able to bully ordinary people into submission. As a result, television shows such as “Cops” and “Live PD,” classic films such as “Gone With the Wind,” and iconic brands such as Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Buttersworth, and Uncle Ben’s rice are consigned to the “dustbin of history.” I used to speak frequently to nervous conservatives who were convinced that if we only allowed the left to tear down Confederate war memorials, they would be satisfied. How quickly events have disproved that wishful thinking. From Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the western pioneers, activists are now coming after cartoon sports mascots and college fight songs. Everything -- from the core of our country’s history to the values and norms undergirding American culture -- must be uprooted to appease the mob. They are tearing down dozens of statues and facing no consequences whatsoever for vandalizing our public spaces -- including memorials to our nation’s greatest heroes. When private citizens try to do the job the government won’t and protect our culture, our history, and our public property from destruction, local officials step in and remove the statues on behalf of the vandals, lest they injure themselves while imitating Iraqis celebrating the fall of Saddam Hussein.

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Time for Shoe Shining Whitey! By Peter Ewer

     Here is the future; historical payback for alleged sins of the past:

“Dear white Christians: It’s time for you to feel “shame” and “embarrassment” for being white, for you are guilty of being born white, because white people are inherently racist. Not only do you white Christians owe black people an apology, but you should submit “humbly” before them, and pay reparations. That’s the message Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy promoted recently on national television. Cathy is calling on all white Christians to kneel before people with darker skin tones, and he wants all Christians to shine the shoes of black strangers to “repent” for being “racist” white bigots.

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Nothing to See Here folks, Move On By Chris Knight

     The mainstream media with a few exceptions did not mention that one of the pool drowning victims worked for Bill Gates, not that that could in any way be relevant:

“A 62-year-old man, his daughter-in-law, and her daughter have been identified as the victims who perished yesterday in East Brunswick Township. Bharat Patel, 62, his 33-year old daughter-in-law Nisha Patel and her 8-year-old daughter, all who reside at the home in East Brunswick, have been identified as the victims. East Brunswick Police responded to the home located at 43 Clearview Road at approximately 4:18 pm on June 22, 2020. and found the three victims unresponsive in the pool; they were pronounced dead shortly after being found. Authorities called an electrical contractor to the home and sources said they believe there may have been an electrical issue in or near the pool that led to the deaths. Police have not confirmed that theory. “This is a devastating day for our entire community. It is too early to determine exactly what happened,” Police Chief Frank Losacco said in a statement. The Middlesex County Regional Medical Examiner’s Office has determined the manner of death as accidental and the cause of death to be drowning for all three victims.

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It’s Only a Flesh Wound! By John Steele

     I like this, and have not seen anything this tough since ‘Nam. A bit bloody, but a guy gets a knife to the skull, via a chop, it does not penetrate the skull, and he just keeps going anyway, because he simply does not have time to bleed, like something out of the movie, Predator (1987).

“Hey, is there something on my head? A Bronx man was stabbed on top of his skull with a cleaver during a brawl in Harlem on Tuesday — and walked it off. “Sharp”-minded Roberto Perez seemed unfazed by the blade, which left him a bloody mess, according to a widely shared Instagram video of the gory aftermath. “He got stabbed in the head yo, this is crazy!” one person is heard saying. He appears not to be aware of his blood-drenched undershirt and the protruding knife. “He looked like he didn’t even feel it,” said one witness. “The guy was refusing to go inside the ambulance,” continued the witness, declining to be identified by name. A security guard at a nearby Duane Reade who witnessed the attack said, “I’m traumatized from seeing that. It looks like a scene out of a freaking movie.” The dicey incident unfolded around noon at East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem, according to authorities. Despite the slasher-flick-worthy nature of the wound, cops said the victim escaped serious harm because the blade didn’t penetrate his skull.

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The Whiteness of Black Lives Matter By Chris Knight

     It is important not to get “racist” about Black Lives Matter, since it is dominated by liberal whites:

“Analysis carried out by the Pew Research Center has revealed that just one in six protesters turning out at BLM demonstrations in the US are actually black. The research notes that the plurality of those present at the gatherings have been white people. The full breakdown reveals that just 17 percent of protesters were black, while 46 percent were white. A further 22 percent were Hispanic, with eight percent being Asian, the analysis highlights. Perhaps even more telling is the demographic breakdown in terms of political affiliation. Almost four out of every five “protesters” identified as Democrats or Democrat-leaning, with fewer than 17 percent identifying as Republicans. The findings dovetail with comments made by BET Founder Robert Johnson yesterday, who noted that most black Americans “laugh” at white people attempting to bring down monuments and cancel everything they deem to be “racist”. Johnson said that white poeople “have the mistaken assumption that black people are sitting around cheering for them saying ‘Oh, my God, look at these white people. They’re doing something so important to us. They’re taking down the statue of a Civil War general who fought for the South.” “You know, black people, in my opinion, black people laugh at white people who do this the same way we laugh at white people who say we got to take off the TV shows.” Johnson said in an interview with Fox News. “Look, the people who are basically tearing down statues, trying to make a statement are basically borderline anarchists, the way I look at it,” he continued, adding “They really have no agenda other than the idea we’re going to topple a statue.” “It’s not going to give a kid whose parents can’t afford college money to go to college. It’s not going to close the labor gap between what white workers are paid and what black workers are paid. And it’s not going to take people off welfare or food stamps.” Johnson urged. “It’s “tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on a racial titanic. It absolutely means nothing.” Johnson asserted.”

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Guns, Glorious Guns, Glorious Guns By John Steele

     Forget about “Food, glorious food, glorious food” (Oliver! (The Musical) (1968), in these end times of plagues and riots, thing instead, guns, glorious guns, glorious gun!

“Phones have been ringing off the hook and the line has been wrapped around the building at Coliseum Gun Traders in Uniondale, Nassau County, ever since the coronavirus pandemic began. And now with protests and rioting after the killing of George Floyd, the store has seen another enormous spike in sales. Keeping the shelves stocked has been hard, store owner Andy Chernoff said. "We started out this week with a fair amount of merchandise. We're running out. Literally running out," Chernoff said. "Never thought I'd say that."

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A Picture, Or Graph is Worth a Thousand Words, or Kneeling Humiliation Sessions By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     This graph is available at a number of internet sites, and hopefully you can reproduce it in full glorious colour down in Australia, using what tech you Aussies have left, after the China cyber-attacks. It speaks for itself.

Leftist Religious Relic Debunked! By Chris Knight

     Well, the Left and BLM thought it was a noose, because, when you are an anti-racist paranoid, every bit of rope looks like a noose, even bootlaces can get pretty scary. But, no, the infamous hanging rope was not a noose, but a rope handle, that any person with no agenda to push would have instantly seen. But the FBI were out in force investing racism, while America was burning:

“After a short investigation into reports of a “noose” found in the garage of NASCAR’s lone black full-time driver, the FBI has determined that what was at first believed to be a noose was actually a pull rope. Agents determined that the rope had been in place there since at least last October. As the AP reports: U.S. Attorney Jay Town and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr. said its investigation determined ‘although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.’ A crew member for Richard Petty Motorsports discovered the noose Sunday at the Alabama race track. NASCAR was alerted and contacted the FBI, which sent 15 agents to the track to investigate. They determined no federal crime was committed. The statement said the garage stall was assigned to Wallace last week in advance of the race scheduled for Sunday but held on Monday because of rain. Through video confirmed by NASCAR it was discovered the noose ‘was in that garage as early as October 2019.’ The agencies said the evidence did not support federal charges. Why the agents continued to refer to the rope as a “noose,” after determining there is no hate crime and no way anyone could have known Wallace would use that stall, is unknown. “NASCAR said in a statement that ‘the FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall, the AP reports. “This was obviously well before the 43 team’s arrival and garage assignment.” Wallace made headlines recently by asking NASCAR to remove the confederate flag from league events. He has also driven his No.43 car with a Black Lives Matter paint scheme.”

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The Revolutionary Danger of Universities By James Reed

     Another reason why I believe universities need dismantling is that they are the classic breeding ground of dangerous Left wing intellectuals, who are generally low IQ but have chips on their shoulders, and believe that they are special snowflakes, so they get payback against  society by their activism:

“College administrators, “anti-racist” activists, woke journalists, and HR bureaucrats are all educated people who don’t make much money but who can wield power over others — often, others who may have a superior social status to theirs — by accusing them of “racism” and having them fired or humiliated. Class envy is certainly part of this, but there is also a pathological side to it. Political commentator Angela Nagle discussed this in a recent podcast: [T]here is a small but may as well be large, like dominant, group of people, on the radical left who have a very powerful desire to desecrate things. They have a very powerful desire to destroy anything that is good for society, that is joyful, that is pro-social. that is beautiful. . . They do have a genuine spiteful, we talked about this a little the last time, a very very intense spiteful drive to destroy . . . all that is good, basically. And, to a normal person, to a person with any kind of normal psychology, you don’t really believe that, because you think, “Why would somebody want that? That doesn’t make any sense.” But they really do, and they feel it really powerfully, it’s like somebody who wants to slash a beautiful woman’s face or something. These people will exist for as long as America has a large university system that teaches students to despise America for its supposed “racism” and “sexism,” while awarding them useless degrees for parroting these ideas — even as they accumulate crushing tuition debt. It is that bitter and hateful class that fuels both the political left and our hostile elite in their push for censorship, reparations, more race-preference laws, open borders, and contempt for white America. It is also this class that is creating unemployed/under-employed intellectuals. “Canceling” people (firing them, socially ostracizing them, or both) for even small departures from political correctness is more and more common. The “canceled” are beginning to reach out to each other and create supportive groups. In November 2019, The New York Times described this trend in an article called “Those People We Tried to Cancel? They’re All Hanging Out Together.” The number of publications whose purpose, to some degree, is to fight cancel culture is steadily growing, the most famous being Quillette and The Rubin Report. The growing popularity of podcasts is also due in part to cancel culture. Heterodox leftists can post their recordings to SoundCloud or similar websites and develop a following free from any publication or political party’s oversight. They have increased motivation to do this. It is not hard to find leftists admitting that on the Left, you are constantly fighting with other leftists and worrying about your job.”

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