It’s Only a Flesh Wound! By John Steele

     I like this, and have not seen anything this tough since ‘Nam. A bit bloody, but a guy gets a knife to the skull, via a chop, it does not penetrate the skull, and he just keeps going anyway, because he simply does not have time to bleed, like something out of the movie, Predator (1987).

“Hey, is there something on my head? A Bronx man was stabbed on top of his skull with a cleaver during a brawl in Harlem on Tuesday — and walked it off. “Sharp”-minded Roberto Perez seemed unfazed by the blade, which left him a bloody mess, according to a widely shared Instagram video of the gory aftermath. “He got stabbed in the head yo, this is crazy!” one person is heard saying. He appears not to be aware of his blood-drenched undershirt and the protruding knife. “He looked like he didn’t even feel it,” said one witness. “The guy was refusing to go inside the ambulance,” continued the witness, declining to be identified by name. A security guard at a nearby Duane Reade who witnessed the attack said, “I’m traumatized from seeing that. It looks like a scene out of a freaking movie.” The dicey incident unfolded around noon at East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem, according to authorities. Despite the slasher-flick-worthy nature of the wound, cops said the victim escaped serious harm because the blade didn’t penetrate his skull.

     Talk about white privilege, even though he is  Hispanic, maybe.



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022