Can the Law Protect White Conservative Christians? By Ian Wilson LL. B

     Here is an interesting proposal; that there needs to be an equal protection law, for whites, conservatives and Christians, who are under attack:

“In America today, it is perfectly legal to discriminate against conservatives, Christians and Whites, merely based on their political beliefs or the whiteness of their skin. That’s because the 1964 Civil Rights Act — which was spearheaded by Republicans and opposed by Democrats, by the way — sought only to protect segments of society that were being oppressed at the time. The act, however, did not protect people who might be oppressed in the future.

Today’s oppressed groups are conservatives, Christians and Whites
Fast forward to 2020, and the oppressed people in America are conservatives, Christians and Whites. They have no special protections and are routinely discriminated against by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, where merely citing scripture is now considered “hate.” Whites are routinely penalized in the workplace where racial quotas favor “people of color,” thereby punishing Whites who might be more qualified for the job. Microsoft, for example, recently announced the company would hire more Black people even if they weren’t the best qualified for the job. And in U.S. universities, both Whites and Asians are heavily punished merely because of their ethnicity, where Blacks are given extra admission credit solely because of “Black privilege.” If you are White in modern society, you are assigned automatic guilt and sin; you are denied career advancement because of the color of your skin, and you are singled out for violent attacks on the streets as Black Lives Matter mobs seek out victims based entirely on their apparent race. It’s time for a new civil rights act that expands the protections of the 1964 Act to include people of any skin color, any religion or any race… not just women, Blacks and transgenders.

To achieve true equal protection under the law, discrimination must be outlawed against ALL groups
Progressivism is supposed to be based on the idea of achieving “equality” in society, where all people are treated equally. But how can equality be achieved when corporations, government, universities and half the population deliberately discriminate against people because of their political views, religious views or lack of melanin in their skin? According to the radical Left today, White people are evil, horrible people because they are born white. Can you imagine the outcry if a similar criticism were directed at Black people merely because they were born Black? While transgenders and homosexuals are afforded all sorts of special protections and societal status, heterosexuals are demonized by the progressive Left, too. Men are actually looked down upon for not being gay, and people who espouse “family values” are flagged for “hate.” Time and time again, male-female marriage has been condemned by Leftists, and the attacks on the traditional family are a never-ending saga in American culture today. Because of this extreme discrimination against conservatives, Christians, Whites and heterosexuals, only people who stand opposite to these traits — i.e. Blacks, homosexuals, transgenders, etc. — are even allowed the right to speak. The First Amendment is only respected, in other words, if you are someone who expresses hatred toward Whites, conservatives or Christians. This was demonstrated just recently in the Project Veritas explosive investigation into Facebook, where it was discovered that Facebook’s own content censors are radical left-wing fanatics who flag all conservatives and Christians as being engaged in “hate” while simultaneously allowing actual hate-filled content to be posted by left-wing protected types of individuals (transgenders, etc.) as long as their hatred was directed at conservatives, Christians or Whites. When the tech giants claim to be “anti-hate,” it’s an absurd, dishonest claim. In fact, they are pro-hate as long as the hate is directed at conservatives, Christians or Whites. Honest criticism against Blacks, women or …[other] fanatics is, of course, immediately flagged as “hate,” but malicious hatred directed at conservatives is considered “legitimate” criticism and not hate. Thus, the haters on the Left have now defined their hatred and bigotry as “equality,” while those with conservative or Christian views are flagged as “haters” even if their arguments are rooted in reason and legitimate arguments.”

     While I agree with Mr Adams, that ideally the law should protect all, and also that whites, Christians and conservatives are under attack, I do not see the laws being changed to achieve this, without an epic battle being waged by the said groups of whites, Christians and conservatives, to achieve equality at law. The problem is that elites control everything, with law being one of the first institutions to be corrupted, then taken over, and they are working on making a New World Order, where Traditional people do not belong. So, they will not give up without a fight to end all fights, since they would not want to waste the effort that has been put into this project. Add to this the apathy/moron factor, that the vast majority of people who are white, conservative, and/or Christian, don’t have the animal spirits and IQ to fight, like our opponents do; the sense of urgency is not yet there. Typically, things have always been left to the last moment, and then it is a battle for absolute survival, which numerous articles at this site have been screaming about. No doubt that even after a thousand years of writing, some, would just not see the problem. Of course, they never will.



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022