Vlad Lenin’s Statue will Remain Eternally Untouched By Charles Taylor

     It has been noticed that the statues of heroes of the Left, such as Vladimir Lenin, have remained untouched. Of course, even the most moronic antifa, knows who their god is, and conservatives would never dream of an eye for an eye, so the statue of the old commo will stand there long after the US has collapsed, a silent testimony of the destructive power of leftism:

“A statue in San Francisco of Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was defaced with the word “bastard” spray painted onto it by protesters. What protesters may not know is that the Spanish author actually spent five years as a slave after being captured off the coast of Africa. Outside of Wisconsin State Capitol the statue of Hans Christian Heg was also toppled. Heg was an anti-slavery activist who joined a militia that fought slave traders. Then he joined the Union Army during the Civil War, and died in battle, fighting to end slavery. Perhaps statues in general are sinful in the new social order. Except for the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle. His statue has remained untouched.”

     However, in the Ukraine decapitating statues of Lenin is a new trend:

“Like all post-Soviet states, Ukrainians harbor a complicated relationship with their Communist roots. For decades, statues of revolutionary figures like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and, particularly, Vladimir Lenin were erected around the country. By 1991, there were 5,500 in Ukraine alone. Until as late as 2015 in some instances, Lenin's stern visage surveyed many village squares and city centers, serving as a literal pillar of ideology. After the Soviet era crumbled and Ukraine picked through its own pieces of the rubble, the statues became less objects of reverence and more clunky reminders of past struggle. They began to disappear, quietly at first, and then in waves sparked by the 2004 Orange Revolution. Finally, in 2015, as part of the official process of decommunization, the Ukrainian Parliament passed legislation banning these monuments, triggering a phenomenon known as Leninopad (Leninfall)—the mass toppling of Lenin statues. Today, officially, none are left standing.”

     The East obviously has more sense than the West where the cancer of leftism has now gathered all of its vital strength since the 1960s for a final assault on civilisation, and we live through this now.



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022