Go Ahead, Ban Chess! By James Reed

     It must be fun for the cubs of the Left to smash-up two thousand years of Western civilisation. How they get off on it! Now a chess board has white pieces on it. So, as white = racist, chess must be racist, like clouds, milk, and semen, and the whites of people’s eyes.

“A former professional chess player is criticising the ABC for contacting him to discuss whether the board game is racist. A Sydney-based ABC producer asked former Australian Chess representative John Adams to comment on whether the game was racist because white always moves first. Mr Adams told Ben Fordham the argument has been circulating in chess circles for years. “All of this stuff is completely ridiculous. “We’ve got bigger issues that are facing Australia and I don’t want the ABC talking about this sort of nonsense.”

     Well, there is point in this, since this intellectual game was supposedly invented by whites, so it must go along with everything else. That is the new paradigm. But wait! The game was invented by India first, so where do the leftist urban terrorists stand now?



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022