Guns, Glorious Guns, Glorious Guns By John Steele

     Forget about “Food, glorious food, glorious food” (Oliver! (The Musical) (1968), in these end times of plagues and riots, thing instead, guns, glorious guns, glorious gun!

“Phones have been ringing off the hook and the line has been wrapped around the building at Coliseum Gun Traders in Uniondale, Nassau County, ever since the coronavirus pandemic began. And now with protests and rioting after the killing of George Floyd, the store has seen another enormous spike in sales. Keeping the shelves stocked has been hard, store owner Andy Chernoff said. "We started out this week with a fair amount of merchandise. We're running out. Literally running out," Chernoff said. "Never thought I'd say that."

     Hopefully not … one thing Americans are going to need for the future, right there along with oxygen, are guns, glorious guns, glorious guns. Pity Hollywood will not do a musical about that before Civil War 2.0, all dancing, all singing, all shooting!



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022