Now Burning Down Black Businesses… How Soon Before Antifa Burns Itself? By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Playing with matches can be dangerous, especially if one is a half-wit; BLM is full of these sorts of useful idiots who are only too willing to go out and burn for the sake of revolutionary communism, and with all commo revolutions, many times the very people the supposed revolution is for get hurt. Like Black businesses, also burnt down, with no remorse:

“On the heels of an already tumultuous reopening timeline from the coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the country have had to board up windows, clean up graffiti and sweep away broken glass as a result of protests that turned into fiery, violent clashes this week. But many black-owned restaurants that sustained severe damage are just as focused on amplifying cries for racial justice as they are on rebuilding. Rekik Abaineh and her husband Solomon Hailie, owners of Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine in St. Paul, Minnesota, told ABC News it was "overwhelming" to see their restaurant reduced to rubble after the first night of George Floyd protests in Minnesota's Twin Cities. "My husband and I went Friday morning to see what was left of it -- and the whole neighborhood was out crying. It was so hard to see the building like that," Abaineh said. "I've never felt this before, the mixed feelings that I have," Hailie said of the emotional toll of seeing his lifelong dream after 20 years in this country turned to ashes. "To come down to this, believe me, is just heartbreaking." Protests initially broke out in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died in police custody on May 25, and within days demonstrations against racial injustice spread across the world. Although Abaineh and Hailie were devastated at the toll of the protests, they said they stand in solidarity with their black community and support the underlying message being echoed throughout the country. "If it means burning our building and our business to get this justice for George [Floyd] and all of Black Lives Matter, we're OK with that," Hailie said. "But we can't bring back any soul – for us we stand by it 100%."”

     It is an interesting quote, representing all the paradoxes of the present movement; it is wrong to burn down my life’s work, but if this achieves the end of BLM, well, ok. Reading that, I immediately lost sympathy, and went emotionally blank on this. After all, what we are seeing is a long-planned communist revolution, that links up with the Wuhan conspiracy, and this has no doubt been carefully planned by the globalist elites for some time, the final stage in their Grand Plan, with them just waiting for the right trigger events to spring into action.  At all points, it is necessary to destroy the past, as represented through culture and statues, to create the new communist dystopia, this time using high tech surveillance and all of the other horrors that technology has given the elites.



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022