It Will Happen Here Too By James Reed

     Like monkeys, student protesters will be copying their US primates buddies, and will thus eventually catch up in the demolition stakes. Just ask ScoMo, bozo, or whatever he is called:

“Protesters have vandalised Prime Minister Scott Morrison's car with red paint during his visit to the University of Queensland on Monday. Up to 50 refugee rights activists gathered at the Australian Institute for Bio-engineering and Nanotechnology building as Mr Morrison toured the campus. He was rushed into a police vehicle about 10.30am to escape the protesters who forced their way into the building and berated him over his refugee policies. The activists carried signs and tomatoes outside the building as they chanted 'lock up Scomo', 'free the refugees' and 'eight years too long'. Signs read 'free the refugees', 'indefinite detention is torture' and 'I'm sorry I came here by boat I'm sorry for seeking safety'. Police formed a barrier outside the entrance to the building and stopped the activists from entering the building. Mr Morrison was stuck inside the building as security worked to figure out a plan to get him out of the building. As he was stuck inside activists threw red paint against the glass doors and windows of the building. A security guard from the university also had red paint and tomatoes thrown at him. Mr Morrison was caught leaving through a back entrance where protesters hurled abuse at the prime minister. Mr Morrison had been visiting the building to inspect the University of Queensland's COVID-19 vaccine trial. Refugee Solidarity Meanjin, which has been campaigning outside a hotel in Kangaroo Point where 120 refugees are being held, admitted to gatecrashing the visit. 'This represents the souls and life of our friends who are being tortured with isolation, no exercise and uncertainty,' the collective posted online, alongside a photo of Mr Morrison's car. 'Dad Saif, has been split from baby Sammi and his wife Sabbah since March.' 'Scott Morrison, free the KP120. Free the Mantra 60.' A Facebook post on the group's page states: 'Why don't you come out and face up to your crimes against humanity?' The group has been protesting on the street outside the hotel for months.”

     No charges, of course, for damaging public property, or threatening the PM. It is really the same as in the US. 



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Friday, 27 January 2023

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