The Melbourne Experiment By Bruce Bennett

     So, dictator Dan, as he is becoming to be known, did not get health or police advice to put into motion the need for us to be home safely in our bedrooms each night. It was a “captain’s call.” Captain who?

“Premier Daniel Andrews has taken responsibility for his 'captain's call' of 8pm until 5am curfews in Melbourne which he claims were designed to help Victoria Police enforce Stage Four lockdowns - even though cops didn't ask for one. Five million Melburnians are banned from leaving their homes each night between 8pm and 5am under some of the harshest coronavirus restrictions in the world. The night curfew, which has now been in place for 57 days, will be eased to 9pm to 5am from 11.59pm on September 13. Andrews admitted on Wednesday that he only introduced Melbourne's overnight curfew to make it easier for police to enforce lockdown. But in an extraordinary development, Victoria Police's Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said he did not request a curfew and only found about the new law hours before the public was told. Andrews was also forced to backflip his previous claims he'd taken advice about the curfew from chief health officer professor Brett Sutton - after he revealed he didn't recommend the curfew, either. When Chief Commissioner Patton was asked if police were consulted about the curfew by 3AW morning show host Neil Mitchell on Thursday morning, he replied: 'No.' 'At no stage?' Mitchell quizzed further. Again Comissioner Patton replied: 'No.' 'The reality is I was never consulted … our policy area was provided a copy of the proposed guidelines for our information a couple of hours before they were signed off.' Commisioner Patton admitted the night curfew has been effective and made it easier for his officers to police the city. 'We are able to enforce with the curfew and movement is very much restricted because of it … but we weren't involved in discussions over it,' he added. He also admitted police found out about the curfew a few hours before being made public on August 2.”

     It strikes me that what is going down here with the toughest restrictions in the world, maybe that have ever existed for the human race, even in ancient slave societies, is a massive social experiment. The elites want to see how far humans can be controlled on a mass scale. And boy, they must be happy with the results … old rats in a maze, B.F. Skinner would be proud. 



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Friday, 19 July 2024

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