Deny Climate Change: Go to Jail! By Chris Knight

     Whoaha … when bad Karma Harris becomes supreme dictator of the US in November, when old Joe conveniently has another brain explosion, the world will see climate change fanaticism like never before. Green New Deal, will be no big deal. Climate change denial will lead to prison sentences, and maybe even Australians like our James Reed, who rages and raves endless against climate change and all things environmental, will be extradited like a rotting tooth and sent to some US prison hellhole, where he will be murdered by angered diversity, yielding sharpened toothbrushes.

“ It’s bad enough that as a California prosecutor and attorney general, Sen. Kamala Harris allegedly hid evidence that exonerated people wrongly accused or opposed their efforts to clear their names. But she’s also a massive believer in the “climate change” hoax and has signed onto Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s country-ending “Green New Deal” that would cost tens of trillions of dollars, devastate our economy, and put half the country in poverty. And if you don’t go along with her climate change nonsense, then she just might want to put you in jail if she becomes president (and she will if the senseless Joe Biden beats President Donald Trump in the fall because he can’t govern so Harris will as his VP). “U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris (D-CA) and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) on Monday announced the Climate Equity Act, a draft legislative proposal to ensure that the United States government makes communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis the foundation of policy related to climate and the environment, including the policies to build a Green New Deal,” her U.S. Senate website noted in July 2019. “To that end, frontline community leaders will have an opportunity to provide feedback on this legislative proposal prior to its formal introduction this fall.”

Called the “Climate Equity Act,” it is a “proposal to achieve that third key principle of justice for frontline communities to guarantee that the policies comprising a future Green New Deal protect the health and economic wellbeing of all Americans for generations to come.” What is this gobbledygook? What are ‘frontline communities?’ What ‘principle of justice’ is she referring to? What does a climate bill have to do with “the health and economic wellbeing of Americans for generations to come?” Harris has never been forced to answer those questions, and she’s not going to be forced to answer them, because as usual, the hapless, garbage media is already on-board with her and Biden, because they’re Left-wing Democrats, and details about massively expensive programs don’t matter. We’re just supposed to shut up and let them handle things. As for her lawfare against ‘climate skeptics,’ Harris was part of the 2016 AGs United For Clean Power, an effort to “Defend Climate Change Progress Made Under President Obama.” They used the executive powers of their own offices to thwart the will of Americans who put President Trump into power, Watts Up With That reported. Luther Strange, the AG for Alabama who was opposed to the group Harris belonged to, noted in an open letter that the AGs United for Clean Power group “raises substantial First Amendment concerns.”

“We all understand the need for a healthy environment, but we represent a wide range of viewpoints regarding the extent to which man contributes to climate change and the costs and benefits of any proposed fix,” he wrote. “Nevertheless, we agree on at least one thing— this is not a question for the courts. Using law enforcement authority to resolve a public policy debate undermines the trust invested in our offices and threatens free speech. “We are concerned that our colleagues’ investigation undermines the trust the people have invested in Attorneys General to investigate fraud. Investigatory subpoenas were issued to at least one company and one non-profit believed to have made statements minimizing the risks of climate change,” Strange continued. “At the press conference, one of our colleagues noted that “[w]e are pursuing this as we would any other fraud matter,” he added. Did you catch that? Harris’ group of AGs claim that companies targeted by their Left-wing climate activism were suspected of fraud — that is, of not being honest and truthful about ‘climate change.’ It’s not clear what kind of legal ground Harris would be on if she, as president, attempted to have Americans charged with ‘fraud’ because they disagree that cattle methane and SUVs are changing our weather patterns.”

     Well, with court stacking, by putting in 50 new transgender judges, plus incorporating all of the Third World into America, or at least giving them all voting rights, which is what democracy is about nowadays, we can be sure that she will do things never thought about in the wildest nightmares of conservatives. Expect to be ground to atoms if Biden wins. It will really be worse than the apocalypse, being the coming of hell on Earth, as the demons rule, well, more demons than at present.



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Friday, 27 January 2023

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