Sweden: Gun and Murder Capital of Europe By Richard Miller (London)

The Wall Street Journal, behind the usual paywall, has reported on Sweden becoming the gun and murder capital of Europe, at least Western Europe. The article describes what is happening in great detail, gun fights, grenade attacks, and rival gangs fighting it out. But, every sentence has an identification of who is doing this; not native Nordic Swedes, but the migrants, as Trump some time back said. That seems to be now accepted, but the Left are taking the line that a racist Swedish society, that failed to integrate them, is responsible. Yes, that society motivates men to fight turf wars with rival drug gangs, and to toss hand grenades. Such is the nature of “racism.”  


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The Myth of Recycling: Microplastics Unlimited By James Reed

One of the most annoying things about the Greens in Australia is the war that they have declared on plastic, such as banning plastic spoons, knives and folks. Instead, we have wood, which no doubt comes from some place where woke forests are cut down. That is their achievement, while mass immigration would surely be a greater ecological threat, but the environmental movement, riddled with Leftists never touched that one.


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Finland’s Nuclear Power: Negative Electricity Prices By James Reed

With rising electricity prices set to economically murder us here in Australia, it is worthwhile to consider what nuclear can do, as the example of Finland shows. New energy from Finland’s new nuclear power plant have led to electricity prices spiralling down, so at one point recently, the market price for electricity dropped below zero cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and for hours after that the price was only 0.3 cents per kWh at its highest. Thus, for a time there was below zero electricity prices. That seems almost impossible to suffering Aussies, but the nuclear option is something we could consider, if only we could break the stranglehold the woke Greens have on development. These Leftist elites seem to have no concern about the difficulties the poor have securing energy.


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Election Fraud Via Information Warfare? By Chris Knight (Florida)

Andrew Paquette, at the American Thinker.com, has a piece where he documents that he discovered an algorithm that is imbedded in the New York voter polls. The issue seems at first glance to be too technical to be of much concern, let alone to an international audience. That is what I initially thought, that this would be of no concern to Australians, say. However, the algorithm links “county voter identification (CID) and State Board of Elections identification (SBOEID) numbers in such a way that it could be used as a third ID number. This could be used to clandestinely tag and track records of interest, such as phantom voters.” It seems that this system could be used for electronic electoral fraud: “We know fictitious records exist in the rolls. We also know those records have been used to vote. On top of that, we know that records like those belonging to fictitious voters have been deleted. None of this is visible at the county board of elections level. This means an easily exploited opportunity exists to inject any number of illegally generated SBOEID numbers (which we know has been done), assign votes to them (which we know has been done), and then delete the evidence by deleting the SBOEID numbers associated with excess votes (also, this has been done).”

I agree that all of this is highly technical, and I just picked up the basics to write this. The issue though is due to the systems complexity, could things like this exist in many other jurisdictions, being manipulated to produce electoral fraud? It would be hard for investigation, as few people would understand what is going on.

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Brave New World; Just Around the Corner with Production-Line Babies By Mrs Vera West

This one is a shocker, straight out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1931), which was more concerned with the transformation of human biology than George Orwell’s 1984. The technological developments seem to be fast moving to lab-grown human babies, much like lab-grown meat. Human sperm and eggs are grown in a lab, fertilised, and the baby developed in a purely artificial womb. The Japanese are leading the world in this research, perhaps motivated by Japan’s declining birth rate, about which nothing seems to work to stop inevitable population crash. Thus, I suspect there is a eugenic root cause here, but the sales line is that it will aid same sex couples, so this must be all fine. However, the imagine of babies rolling off a production line, is irresistible, and distressing to all holding to the sanctity of life from a Christian perspective.


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Banking-Based Social Control in Nigeria: The Great Test Case By James Reed

It seems that the globalist financial elites are using Nigeria as a test case for their latest agenda, to weld together banking and identity issues. Commercial banks have now begun to issue debit cards that have the dual purpose of serving as national identity cards. Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami said that the physical card will complement the already national ID number: “To ease the difficulty, NIMC has partnered with the CBN so citizens who are interested in having a card at hand can easily go to the relevant banks,” Pantania said, during a media briefing. “The bank is permitted to print the card along with either a Mastercard or Visa card. So, when you apply for a card at your bank, you can indicate that ‘I want this card to serve multiple purposes where it will serve as my bank card and also my national identity card’.”


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Professor Bhattacharya: We Have Not Seen the Last of Lockdowns By Brian Simpson

Leading Covid mandate critic professor Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University has said that when the next pandemic comes, there will certainly be lockdowns, and a repeat of all we have experience with Covid, if not more. “People like Rochelle Walensky, Tony Fauci, they're giving themselves awards.” Indeed, at the present time, the main players all seem to have got a home run. The professor would like to see major reforms at he CDC, and an apology from health officials, but tht is surely wishful thinking, because it will not happen without legal force. That may be coming with the law suits that are starting up now, and the public no longer follows the Covid vax mania that led to most of the population being part of the largest genetic experiment ever conducted.


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Israeli Ministry of Health: No Healthy Individuals Under the Age of 50 have Died of Covid in Israel By Brian Simpson

This seems to be an authentic report; according to the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH), no healthy individuals under the age of 50 years, have died of Covid in Israel. “Zero is a very, very clear number, and cannot be subject to interpretation,”  Yoav Yehezkelli, a specialist in internal medicine and medical management, and former lecturer in the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University in Israel, said: “Why were all the extreme measures of school closures, vaccination of children, and lockdowns needed?” he asked.


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Bioterrorism Alert By Richard Miller

The Russian media, referring to Russian government documents, is claiming that the Russian have new discoveries of US bioweapons labs discovered in the Ukraine; bird flu occurs in the samples, perhaps a gain-of-function extra-lethal type. There is not much on this in the mainstream media, although it is covered in Russian sites. It could well be propaganda, we simply do not know. Still, Full Spectrum Survival on YouTube does a coverage of this, which is worth looking at. Included below is the Russian material, which like everything needs to be reviewed with as much caution as one should exercise with mainstream western media news/misinformation.


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The UK Machete and Knife Bans By Richard Miller (London)

Matt Easton who has a YouTube channel, Scholargladiatoria, and is a sword and arms dealer in England, reports on the coming UK machete and large knife ban. The authorities, rather than dealing with what is clearly an immigration problem, takes the duct tape solution of banning the blades.  Of course, if the abusers of blades are going to attack people, then are they really going to care about the blades being illegal? Hardly. Most knife abuses are not with machetes, perhaps less than two percent of attacks. Instead, disposable knives of convenience are used, such as cheap kitchen knives.

So, the bans are just like the gun bans, disarm and emasculate the already worked-over population. The idea is that the ordinary people will not even have a toothpick for self-defence.

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Cheap Imported Labour by a Traitorous Conservative Party By Richard Miller (London)

What former conservative politician Nigel Farage, as said about the ruling conservative party in the UK, what could be said about almost all ruling parties in the West with respect to immigration and globalisation programs: they are dishonest to the point of treason. UK immigration was over 600,000 in the last year, despite the UK having left the European Union. The immigration level is the highest ever recorded, and the government is not moving to take effective action. This is all about cheap migrant labour. Farage said: “I’ve been hearing this for a quarter of a century! If increasing the British population by 8 million people has added a few decimal points here and there to GDP, so blimmin’ what?

“There is something far more important than the size of our GDP. There is something called community, called quality of life in this country. These are things that nobody in Westminster even talks about.”

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Suing for Freedom of Speech: Missouri v. Biden By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The case of Missouri v. Biden is slowly moving through the US court system, having been originally filed on May 5, 2022. The case is now a large class action, accusing the US government of violating civil liberties, by coercing social media companies to censor citizens, as well as colluding with them to do exactly that. Topics of concern, such as the Covid mandates, and the Hunter Biden laptop revelations, were topics the government forced social media to censor. This is no mere grab bag of private citizens, but includes two US states, Missouri and Louisiana, so the stakes are high. At the present stage discovery is occurring, and the government has strived to block much of this. As detailed below, they have lost so far on this. Thus, the case could prove to be important depending on what material is uncovered. It could give Democrats an election surprise.


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The Collapsing Real Estate Market of China By James Reed

Natural News.com gives an interesting report of a phenomenon that we do not get to hear enough about in our CCP-sympathetic media, the economic fragilities of communist china. We are led to believe tht hey are invincible, and surrender is the best option, as the rise of China, like the tides, is inevitable. Yet, apart from problems in the financial sector, the real estate market is apparently on the cusp of collapse. There has been a decrease in the number of mortgages, and double-digit declines right across China’s cities in the sale of previously owned homes. To prevent rapid decline the CCP will need to intervene, but its present direction is to mainly prevent real estate prices from being set lower. “The reason why the communist regime won’t let real estate developers lower prices is very simple,” wrote Qu Kai, a Japan-based commentator on Chinese current affairs. “The chain reaction caused by price cuts will instantly burst the bubble of China’s property market, causing a series of economic crises that would be difficult for the CCP to manage.”

This crisis could flow onto the banks, which may destabilise them, even more, as previous CCP duct tape solutions begin to unravel.

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Hanoi Jane at it Again: White Men Cause Climate Change! By Mrs Vera West

It seems old Leftists, especially feminists do not change. Jane Fonda, actress, became infamous in the 1960s for visiting North Vietnam, and slamming Uncle Sam, during the heat of the Vietnam War. Now, in 2023, she is blaming all white men for all the problems of the universe, including the grand daddy of them all, climate change. Yes, climate change, the most sacred tenet of the Leftist religion of madness. But, really, does she suppose that Black Hollywood stars, with gas-guzzling vehicles, do not emit mountains of carbon? Or, elites, flying to climate change talkfests in private jets? Or, communist China, building coal-fuelled power stations? Of course she must! It is the “logic” of feminism.


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On Leaving the University By James Reed

I received this nice bit of prose via email with no link. It is from an academic vax critic, who has had enough with the universities. I like the sentiment and feel that getting out of a cesspool of evil, just has to be the right decision. I like how he just tossed his unopened mail in the bin; an appropriate response.

“I didn’t post yesterday. Instead, I took the train to Munich, to move the last of my books and other earthly possessions out of my old institute. Home office is an enduring legacy of the pandemic, and so I’ve only been in a handful of times this year. I found cobwebs on some of the shelves, and in one of the cabinets, an old spoon I’d used to stir tea sometime last November. A secretary had stacked my neglected post in a small pile; I threw it into the bin, unread. This morning I bought another ticket to take me once more out of the Bavarian highlands northwards, on this, the last day of my academic life. There were only formalities left – the handing in of keys, the surrendering of a faded ID that I haven’t had to show to anyone since the lockdowns started in 2020. Over a decade of writing and teaching, several books, no few stupid heavily footnoted articles that nobody will read – all of that is now over and done with.”

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Nations are Supporting the WHO Power Grab By Richard Miller (London)

The 76th Annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, is underway now. Under discussion is the controversial pandemic treaty. Sympathetic observers have pointed out that this global pact, surrendering sovereignty over “public health emergencies” to the WHO, has been universally endorsed: “There was no dissent registered by any nation thus far at the World Health Assembly 2023 to either the proposed 300 amendments nor to the global pandemic treaty.”  “It is a unified voice of support for passage of the amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty,” said one observer.

This is bad news, as it will mean tht the treaty issue will need to be battled on the home front if it is to be defeated before the signing in May 2024. Time is ticking on.

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Former Googler: The Existential Risks of AI By Brian Simpson

It is work to keep track of the AI gurus who are warning of an “existential” threat of AI, with the existential idea commonly floated. The most recent warning, at the time of writing, comes from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who defines an existential threat as involving the mass death of people. “There are scenarios not today, but reasonably soon, where these systems will be able to find zero-day exploits in cyber issues, or discover new kinds of biology. Now, this is fiction today, but its reasoning is likely to be true. And when that happens, we want to be ready to know how to make sure these things are not misused by evil people.” Perhaps what he has in mind here is that new deadly viruses could be devised by AI programs, which while not directly used by the AI itself, could be at the hands of terrorists, or nations supporting terrorism against the West.

How exactly this could be stopped is far from clear, as the possibility of large-scale bioterrorism is an existential threat even now, not just by terrorists, but from lab leaks from primarily American and Chinese labs.

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The Voice and Racism: A Judge Gets it Off His Chest By James Reed

A Supreme Court judge in sending an email to Nationals MP Pat Conaghan, has raised issues about the separation of powers. The email was critical of a speech the MP gave, which addressed the issue of those criticising the No side as denying historical atrocities, and this was “disgusting,” paternalistic and racist. Well, is it racist, say? As I see it, the issue of historical atrocities has nothing to do with the Voice. It is hard to see how the Voice could alter the past, but I suppose that the same situation being seen in America now, of reparations, will be made. In any case, one could take the line that the Voice is unjustified via constitutional change, and even support reparations, on an independent basis. Of course, I reject both, but that is just a thought experiment. So, from a logical point of view, the Voice issue is distinct from the other issues that the judge associated with it.


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The World Health Organization a Terrorist Organization: Mislav Kolakuši By Richard Miller (London)

A very good reason for not surrendering national sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) was recently given by Croatian Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakuši, who said the WHO was a terrorist organisation. A strong criticism indeed, but the assessment was based upon the lies and deceptions of WHO during the Covid plandemic, especially given the strong influence that communist China had upon it, including giving China a clear run in the early stages of the plandemic. Thus, signing a pandemic treaty with WHO will be an act of national suicide: “The World Health Organization wants all countries to sign an agreement on handing over the authority to declare a pandemic, procure vaccines, and drugs. It will be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel. They know all about drugs for sure.”


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Are Doctors a Health Hazard? By Mrs Vera West

Dr Vernon Coleman has many books discussing the field of medicine that doctors don’t like, iatrogenic disorders, caused by doctor mistakes, misdiagnosis and negligence. In Australia around 27,000 deaths each year are associated with iatrogenic harm, but it is likely to be the tip of the iceberg, since many deaths caused by mistaken drug prescriptions, may not show up as such, as with the cancers and diseases that are missed, leading to death.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra recently spoke on the Joe Rogan show, and condemned the influence that Big Pharma has upon the medical profession, and research. “The greater the financial interest in a given field, the less likely the research findings are to be true,” Dr. Malhotra said. This means that there is a lack of quality control with doctors, and indeed the entire system: “Those with the responsibility to uphold scientific integrity – academic institutions, doctors, medical journals – collude with industry for financial gain,” he said.

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