Masks are a Sign of Those Obedient to the Regime By Mrs Vera West

Here is a nice piece from, which has even nicer brown print, easy on the eyes. And, it is about my pet gripe, masks, which was the thing about Covid, that really got up my nose, literally. By this time, we know from the studies that masks do nothing to stop the transmission of Covid, yet in the US, masks have made a return. Why? The answer is that masks are about social control. The mask at a glance tells the authorities tht the person is obedient to the Covid mandate regime. The dissidents who do not wear masks, during the height of the plandemic were fined, if not arrested. This is pure power politics, a type of soft terrorism in fact, to keep the sheeple in line.

“Masks are effective at humiliating people. They are uncomfortable, ugly, dirty, and unnatural. They truly are “face diapers.” In a word, masks are degrading. If the ways of the old Eastern bloc taught us anything, it is that the systematic degradation of individuals, especially for patently stupid reasons, is highly effective at promoting totalitarian ends.”

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Mighty Strange Things in Hawaii: The Arson Strategy By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The Hawaii fires may go down as another 9/11. Although the authorities are doing their best to keep information under wraps, small bits of information get out. But, news now is scare. Areas are still barricaded off, and we have yet to get an official account of the number of dead, especially school children who are missing, thought to be in the hundreds. As reported bow, there is speculation that this may be a giant scam, the fires perhaps caused by energy beam attacks. I have seen some reports of this at, but no solid evidence. In fact, unlike 9/11, where the buildings were visible, the entire area is sealed off, and who knows what is going on, or what happened?

Thus, I find the whole thing, 100 percent suspicious. Indeed nowadays, assume a conspiracy over natural events, until proven otherwise. I wonder what comes next?

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The Rule of Anarcho-Tyranny By Charles Taylor (Florida)

As documented below, the US has fallen deeply into a state of what the late Dissent Right thinker Sam Francis called, anarcho-tyranny, where governments become dictatorial, but allow a useful mob to escape the new rule of arbitrary law, to rob, rape and murder, unpunished. While attention has been focussed on the lawfare being used against Donald Trump to prevent him from running, there are many cases now, all race-based, where whites have been killed by Blacks, there is overwhelming evidence of guilt, but racially diverse juries, failed to convict. The case of police officer Tou Thao, an Asian-American, who was not involved in the death of George Floyd, but acted to control a crowd of trouble-makers at the scene, has led to him being given five years in prison, as part of the ritualistic sacrifice to Saint George. We are seeing in real time a once civilised society undergoing cultural disintegration.

The fall of America will send shockwaves through the West, at its darkest hour.

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“Camp of the Saints” Migration Swamping By Richard Miller

A short, but painful one. The little Italian island of Lampedusa gets demographically wiped out today. The rest of Europe will follow the same pattern. Then Europe will collapse, and most people die, and the rest will migrate elsewhere, to shake, stir and repeat.

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The Intellectual Treason of the Scientists By James Reed

If there was once an honest academic science narrative, it has long ago collapsed with first the climate change scam, then Covid-19, then both coming at us at once. The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) “Improving Science Advice to Governments,” by Michael Kelly and Clive Hambler, Department of Engineering and Trinity Hall, University Cambridge Department of Biology, and Hertford College, University of Oxford, explores this theme. So, this is a high -powered team. The abstract of the paper reads:

“We present suggestions for improvement of scientific advice to government, aiming to minimize risks of unintended consequences such as loss of life, cost, and ecological damage. Key improvements would be: maximizing diversity of advice including crowd-sourcing; rapid challenge to the advice through red teams and crowd-review; ensuring reasonable accountability of scientists to discourage hype; and protection of scientists from career damage if they rationally disagree with mainstream views. The precautionary principle needs to be balanced against the opportunity costs incurred by 'playing safe'. Institutions such as universities, scientific academies and journals should not take official positions on scientific issues since this stifles diversity of thought, freedom of speech and the reliability of advice.”

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Māori Not Indigenous Says a Māori Leader By Bruce Bennett (Former Kiwi)

Thinking conservatives in, and from New Zealand knew this for a long time, but the Māori are not indigenous to New Zealand, even though this is the standard narrative now. There is the little matter that a case can be made that the Moriori, and perhaps others, were there first:,of%20the%20Polynesian%20ancestors%20of

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The Globalist Takeover of Farming By James Reed

The Dutch government is going ahead with its plan to half the countries livestock herds, to supposedly reduce nitrogen production, all for the alleged reason of aiding in reducing climate change. Never mind that any savings made, however illusory, and short-term will be swamped by communist China’s rampant carbon dioxide production in its manic quest to dominate the world. The Dutch government is doing this reduction even though its agricultural sector is one of the most efficient in the world, which in itself is highly suspicious.

Documentary filmmaker James Patrick, has a film, NITROGEN 2000, which seeks to establish that the same globalists who were pushing the Covid plandemic, and still are, are behind the deconstruction of Western agriculture.

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China Abandons Paris Climate Change Agreement By James Reed

China has delivered a clear slap in the face to the West’s climate change alarmist ideology. Emperor Xi has said that China will follow its own carbon emission path of reduction, and not the Paris Agreement. This throws the entire climate change alarmist narrative out the window, as it indicates that China has no intention of reducing carbon emissions, on its path to world domination.

Even if the notion of a climatic doomsday was true, as Leftist environmentalists are saying, China would rather be number one in a post-apocalyptic landscape, than cut back on development. Climate change environmentalism is just a Western intellectual preoccupation that is helping to pull the West down. And, that is the Leftist plan.  

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Donald Trump on 9/11 as it Happened By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Well, 9/11 has passed, but the day led to some interesting material resurfacing. Just after the planes crashed into the buildings, a New York news service rang Donald Trump, who saw all happen from the safety of Trump Tower. The conversation is extracted below, and the link gives the call itself, but Trump expressed doubt that actual planes could have pan-caked buildings. He knew that the two buildings were incredibly strong, and had withstood damage in the past. Trump speculated that the planes must have been loaded with explosives.

Later, Trump walked back from this, probably being told to stop talking, which he has done to this day. From this, Trump went on to swallowing, hook, line and sinker, Operation Warp Speed, that led to the Covid New World Order as we know it now.

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Shot of the Day, the Unvaxxed Djokovic Way By Brian Simpson

Oh, sweet irony of ironies. Tennis legend Djokovic was banned from playing in Australia and the US during the Covid freak-out, being unvaccinated for Covid.  He recently smashed the US Open, taking the trophy. And Big Pharma’s Moderna sponsored a “Shot of the Day,” that the unvaccinated Djokovic won. The story just writes itself:   

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The Voice: Using the Magic Racism Card By James Reed

It had to happen; the Yes side of the Voice referendum, has pulled out the racism card, with a leading Yes advocate claiming that the No side is based upon racism. Now, I was expecting that, and I wondered if it would scare the punters. But, not so; members of the Yes side came out, seeing that this would be potentially damaging to their side and urged that respect be showered to everyone, that diversity of opinion be respected. Heart-warming stuff indeed.

At least we are seeing some on the Yes side saying that there will be no treaty, and no reparations. We know that this is false from the explicit statements to the country directly from the Uluru Statement. But, extracted today at the blog, is a great middle-of-the-road article from The Australian, that details the fine print of the Voice referendum that the Yes side does not want you to know. It needs to be given to the undecided.

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A Handy Dandy Guide to Great Big Fibs in the Yes Voice Rhetoric By James Reed

Peter Swan, a professor and Mark Humphery-Jenner an associate professor in the University of NSW Business School, have put together some of the fine print details on the Voice referendum that you are not going to hear from PM Albo as he drifts around in a miasma of stifling wokeness. This article is a great one to give to anyone you know who is undecided, as it is not pushy, but tells it like it is, that the referendum is not a mere symbolic gesture as Albo is saying, but is tied up to giving substantial power, more than has ever occurred in Australia’s history, to a special interest group. The Voice intends to pursue a treaty, and there will be reparations taken from Australia’s GDP.

The Yes side is not publicly speaking about this, the fine print of the Voice as the authors put it, but the evidence is undeniable, although the Yes mob still deny it.

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Refuting Climate Alarmism By Brian Simpson

Climate change alarmism is being used by globalist organisations as the UN and World Economic Forum, who exert enormous control and influence over national governments, to bring in their technocratic agenda. We have seen how radical this is, with European moves to cull out farms, as in the Netherlands and Ireland, to transition rapidly to renewable energy, which is far from “sustainable” and other policies like the ending of meat eating, at least for us ordinary people. Farming and traditional culture in the West will be devastated by this. But, the elites say, such is the price to save the planet from runaway climate change. Thus, much depends upon debunking the pseudo-science behind climate alarmism. This is yet another clear illustration of the need to deal with science, or the elites will use it to deal with us. Today, science and technology are olitical weapons.


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Unborn Babies Compared to Lumps of Coal By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

Jen Psaki, former Biden administration press secretary, responded to a Republican claim that moving away from pro-life to pro-baby, might be a better political strategy. She said: “I hate to break it to you, but if you call broccoli ‘candy,’ it’s still just broccoli. If you tie a really nice bow around a lump of coal, it is still coal under there.” By the same token if you call a pro-abortionist, a liberal, that does not change the fact that they are still intellectually challenged under the nice bow. The analogy of a lump of coal is profoundly silly, since coal is an inanimate object. I don’t thing even the likes of ultra-feminist Psaki has denied that the foetus is still composed of living cells, at a minimum.

This is another good example of the Liberal Leftist feminist mind at work; and these are the New Class elites that rule us. If we let them.

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The Public Health Fiasco; Let’s Not Have Round Two By Chris Knight (Florida)

This has not taken long to develop; beginning a few weeks back with revealing that whistle-blowers in the US federal government were aware of the mask mandates coming back for some federal agencies, we have seen widespread adoption of masks in schools, colleges and universities, in Democrat states. Last time, the US was a leader in exporting the Covid mandate madness, and the fear is that if it takes root here, as is happening, it will spread, like a real disease, to places like Australia, once more.

Commenting on this trend,  Dr. Scott Atlas, former White House adviser on the Coronavirus Task Force during the Trump administration, has said that the Covid plandemic was “the biggest public health fiasco in modern history, and it’s continuing.” He denied tht there was any new plandemic, of risk from the new Covid Variants. He slammed the unscientific use of masks, which were largely ineffective. “To say that masks work is like saying the earth is flat.”

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Tolkien on the Window to the Truth By James Reed

J.R.R. Tolkien in his essay “On Fairy Stories,” makes use of the analogy of a smudged window, as his version of Plato’s cave, to illustrate the notion of universal truth; that our vision can become distorted or smudged. He saw the use of fantasy of tapping into the well-spring of universal religious truths about the human condition, well-illustrated by his epic tale, The Lord of the Rings. Literature can help clear the window to truth.

The extract below discusses Tolkien’s story, "The Fall of Numenor,” which tells the tale of how a great people can become corrupted by the lust for power and things that they were not meant to have, leading to civilisation collapse. There is that theme as well in The Lord of the Rings, with the rings of power, and the one ring to rule them all, corrupting all men who mange to come into possession of it. Such literature provides powerful metaphors for conservatives to ponder, and of more impact than a mere essay or political treatise, as important as these documents are.

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Eco-Totalitarianism By Richard Miller (London)

David Craig, the author of There is No Climate Crisis, (2021), has detailed that the present New World Order face of tyranny is coming from the globalist elites putting into place the environmentalist agenda, that was once the exclusive domain of largely Leftist academics. The academic critique from the 1960s, was highly critical of capitalism, seeing its pro-growth aspects as destructive, while ignoring the fact that one cannot make owlets without breaking a few eggs. And, their very lives were the product of Western industrialism, so the critique was ultimately incoherent and inconsistent.

But, the present drive from entities like the World Economic Forum, is to replace the critique of capitalism narrative with an all-out attack upon ordinary working people and their consumption, fossil fuels and meat. It is the more sinister aspect of environmentalism that saw humans themselves as forms of bio-pollution. The ultimate endgame of this is depopulation, and as covered many times at the blog, Covid critics see the vax agenda as linked with the aim of wiping our kind out.

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Spike Proteins May be for Life: Dr Mercola By Brian Simpson

I have mentioned this before, but Dr Mercola has done a detailed account of this: how long will the mRNA spike proteins last in the human body of those who have been jabbed? Given the array of vaccine injuries, and that many are long-term and we have not yet seen the last of them, and that the health authorities want to keep jabbing with new mRNA vaxxes now out, this could be a major concern to millions of people, if not the majority of people having had the vax, perhaps numerous times.

Research is indicting that there is no “off  switch” for the production of mRNA in the body. One study found that the mRNA spike protein was present in at least 50 percent of subjects for at least six months after injection, and the study was terminated at that point, so it is likely that the proteins would continue, as there is no mechanism for them to stop. It has been speculated that the spike protein may be integrated into human cells and/or bacteria present in the blood.   Research in 2022 found the mRNA in Pfizer’s vax could integrate into human cellular DNA by reverse transcription, at least as seen in a test-tube study.

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A Nuclear and/or Biological 9/11 Attack By Chris Knight (Florida)

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, and a mouthpiece of Russian president Vlad Putin, has said that the US will soon face another 9/11 attack,  involving nuclear and/or biological; weapons. He did not specify exactly who might do this, but did not need to as the US is getting an impressive array of enemies, Russia, communist China, North Korea, and Iran. The first three are armed to the teeth with nukes, with Russia having more than the US, although up to a point the number is academic. All three are capable of launching EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attacks that could cripple the entire electric infrastructure of nations.

As I see it, something like this will substantially differ from 9/11, being real rather than government produced, if one follows the conspiracy theories as I do. It will ring in a radical change of consciousness.

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The Voice and the Dispossessed Majority of Anglos By James Reed

Here is some great material by Dr Frank Salter, arguing that the Voice referendum continues the racial dispossession  assault upon Anglo-Australia that has been going on since the end of World War II. I have said the same many times here, but Dr Salter has said it better. There is much material in the booklet that I will deal with at a latter date, but here is the relevant material on the Voice to ponder.

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