Sad Clown World By Mrs Vera West

     It gets weirder by the moment, the insane gender agenda. What would people back in the 1960s have thought if they could see all of this stuff now? Would they have fought a bit harder, or just continued to apathetically hide in consumer land?

“The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) effectively erased biological facts in its latest “Transgender Safer Sex” guide, redefining basic body parts and assigning “vagina” as a term used to describe the genitals of biological males who “have had bottom surgery.” The HRC, in a “safer sex guide for transgender and gender expansive people,” redefined basic biological body parts under the guise of inclusivity, effectively stripping females of their own biology and assigning it to biological males. The group’s blunt guide provided a list of words and provided its own definitions — definitions that do not coincide with biological fact. For instance, HRC defined “vagina” as a word used to “talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery.” Yet, the HRC refused to use the same term for biological women, assigning them the term “front hole.” Similarly, HRC also redefined male genitalia, proclaiming that it could “belong to people of all genders.”

     I spare readers the rest, but those with an extra strong digestive system may go to the site to peruse. Clearly, all of this has been out of control long ago, and the inevitable train wreck of the West will occur soon. The insane clowns, the Jokers, have taken control of the train, or to vary the metaphor, the lunatic asylum of modernity. 



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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