Are Girls Real? By Mrs Vera West

     We are set to at least find out a legal answer to this question. I fear that the answer in this socially constructed, or is it deconstructed world, is that girls are not real, and nothing is except white racism, and eternal white guilt:

“Parents who filed a human rights complaint against a school where their 6-year-old daughter was being taught that "there’s no such thing as boys and girls” have now filed a lawsuit against the school board, principal, and the teacher. The teacher, who taught a first grade class at Devonshire Community Public School in Ontario, Canada, last year, presented a YouTube video on gender called "He, She, and They?!?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2," which was part of the lesson plan that day, Pamela Buffone, the mother of the 6-year-old girl, told The Post Millennial earlier this year. Buffone and her husband subsequently filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against the school system after their daughter started worrying she might not be female after watching that video. Last week, The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a legal advocacy organization specializing in Canadian constitutional law that is representing the Buffones and their daughter, filed an amended application noting that child's rights to security of the person and equality under relevant sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms were infringed, Radio Canada International reported Tuesday.”

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No Speaky English By Paul Walker

     It is good to see that the justice systems is all lubricated and smooth working. Relax and smell the roses, while they last. Maybe the terrifying climate change bushfires will cook them, so make the most of it!

“A Sydney man accused of meeting a drunk woman outside a pub and raping her in a laneway has been bailed after a court noted he can’t speak English. Sayer Hamood Jaber Alenezi, 38, faced Parramatta Bail Court on Saturday on two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Police allege he approached a 22-year-old woman about 1.30am on Sunday outside the Courthouse Hotel on Oxford Street after she lost touch with her friends inside the pub. The pair then walked about one kilometre to Turner Lane in Woolloomooloo, where the woman says she was twice sexually assaulted by the man. “The complainant appeared to be targeted by the accused due to her intoxication and that no doubt will be part of the prosecution case,” police prosecutor Mr Kwong told the court. “(Her being a stranger) contributes to the risk of endangering the community.” But while their movements towards the laneway were caught on CCTV, there isn’t any footage of the alleged rape, the court was told.”

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Kukris Against Tigers By John Steele

"The fundamental appeal of the sword to its owner lies in its serving as an embodiment of his phallic energy, symbolizing his aggressive power as a warrior. Through his sword this power extends even to the dispensation of life and death."
--‐ Philip S. Rawson,

     The kukri knife/sword is the national weapon and tool of Nepal, and symbol of the Gurkhas, who have served Britain in numerous conflicts. The knife has a blade from 12 inches to as long as 24 inches, thick, maybe 6 mm, of spring steel. The longer versions can be used to decapitate water buffalos, lopping off the head with one stroke. The blade is carved, roughly shaped like a boomerang, but with the cutting edge on the recurve side only. This blade geometry enables the kukri to cut above its weight, out-cutting even many swords.

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Women and the Destruction of Academia? Keep Up the Good work! By Mrs Vera West

     Here is another good, but way too late article about the dangers of female, let alone, feminist academics.

“A recent column by Christopher DeGroot looked how feminization is destroying academia. [The University of Narcissism, Takimag, October 25, 2019] A recent video by British independent scientist “The Jolly Heretic”—Dr Edward Dutton—has gone even further, claiming that female dominance of universities is destroying the “genius” type that is critical to the generation of original ideas (This idea is developed further in The Genius Famine, by Edward Dutton & Bruce Charlton). DeGroot highlighted the appalling case of Eric Thompson of Moreno Valley College in California, who was ultimately fired for being what, in less female-dominated times, would have been described as good academic. Three complaints were made against Thompson by his, naturally Woke and mainly female, students. Each was upheld. In 2014, Thompson was naïve enough to chair a seminar on the “Nature vs Nurture” debate with regard to same-sex attraction. This is indeed very much a “debate,” because 60% of the variance in male sexuality is to do with environment, in contrast to 80% of the variance in female sexuality [The evolution of human female sexual orientation, by A. Jeffrey et al., Evolutionary Psychological Science, 2019]. But Thompson’s presenting both sides of the argument mortified some of his students, who hold to the Politically Correct dogma that everything is caused by environment except sexual orientation, which is supposedly 100% genetic.

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On the Crisis of Masculinity By John Steele

     Hello. We are out in the bush and I have made a fire and have billy boiled tea boiling. Then, when we are relaxed, I slowly chat with you about the attack upon manhood, and other topics. Here are some videos by the Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hanson doing just that. You have got to like the guy. Nothing new here, but there is a different, homely way of putting the problems. One of the reasons I sold up everything and moved to the scrub to live in a four-man tent plus camo tarps, was precisely due to the emasculating effects of urban life, which the videos discuss in detail. I hope that you enjoy them, and pass on the links.

Terminate the Terminator Politically Correct Series Now! Grumpy Movie Review By John Steele

     Much like all action movies today, Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), is full of politically correct feminist ideology and utter bs. Audiences saw this with Marvel’s Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame, where the female characters were over-the-top empowered and the males, like Thor, emasculated, if not degraded to being obese drunks, as all white men are, of course. Oh, and this ethnic group is supposed to pay to watch this trashing, critique and deconstruction. If there were not ladies present I might saw something a bit more gamey.

     However, there were some redeeming aspects of the above movies, namely special effects. In the latest Terminator movie, the plot involves the evil machines of the future sending back to our time a killer robot to eliminate human leaders, which was played out in a number of past movies, having Arnold Schwarzenegger. This one also has an ageing Arnie robot, coming to the aid of an aging Linda Hamilton, all nursing home stuff. Even though I have not seen the movie, the shorts make me feel old. There are many reviews of the movie on YouTube savaging this movie, for there is no anger like that of fans who feel betrayed. Just wait and see what they do to James Bond 007! Anyway, the plot is unbelievable, and simply involves the belief that feminist girl power, even in old ducks, can win against beings that were nearly impossible to stop with 20th and 21st century weapons in the previous movies. Here are some critiques by former fans:

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“Ladies and Gentlemen” Now Politically Incorrect Terminiology! By Mrs Vera West

     It has happened, and the cosmopolitan elite are only just warming up; don’t dare say “ladies and gentlemen” now:

“U.K. theaters will soon be safe spaces from phrases such as 'ladies and gentlemen' and a variety of appearance-based compliments under new guidelines published by the Equity actor's union, according to reports. Policies are being implemented to foster a more welcoming environment for LGBT performers or audience members who may not identify as male or female. Venues are being urged to introduce "gender neutral terminology for collective calls, both front of house and backstage," according to the Sunday Times. "Last night the National Theatre, which supported Equity in producing the guide, said that it was still using 'ladies and gentlemen' in some of its announcements but would make it a priority to phase the words out." Additionally, the guide advises actors should not receive "backhanded compliments" or be called "brave." Compliments based on "appearance, clothing, voice, quality, identity or the performer being brave" should also be avoided. The Royal Shakespeare Company has announced it will "strive to create environments which welcome and support trans people and people who identify their gender as fluid," the Daily Mail reports. London's Old Vic theater recently abandoned men's and women's toilets in favor of gender neutral offerings. "Coming to the theatre is a shared and communal experience in one single auditorium and we want to please our audience and give them a great evening," said Nica Burns, co-owner of Nimax Theaters in London. "We wouldn't want anyone to feel offended or annoyed."

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Bloodmoon Bleeds Out! By Michael Ferguson

     The TV show Game of Thrones was highly politically correct, with the usual race stuff, empowered feminists and the like, but the prequel show was to be over-the-top “woke.” However, it will not be, mercifully:

“THE Game of Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts was axed after HBO decided the £30million pilot was “too woke”. It was to feature the first White Walker as black, put lesbian characters at the heart of the plot and make one of Ned Stark’s ancestors mixed race. The series, in which the main theme was to be colonialism, was being run by writer and producer Jane Goldman — married to TV and radio presenter Jonathan Ross. But after three years of work, the show — which had the working title Bloodmoon — was suddenly shelved for good this week. HBO instead announced a different prequel called House of the Dragon, said to be more similar to the original series. The ten-parter will be based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood. A source said: “HBO were terrified the first prequel would scare hardcore fans. It was very different to the original series, but was very brave and bold. “Plainly it was too ambitious for bosses who thought it might alienate viewers. The talk is that the new script is very average but deemed a safe option.”

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Can Only “Women” have Babies? By Mrs Vera West

     The answer in the modern regime is “no, the concept of a woman is a social construction.” All is relativism, except white racism, the only absolute. Say otherwise and face the consequences:

“A birth coach has been ‘ostracised’ by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies. Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced to stand down as spokesperson for Doula UK and has since resigned altogether from the national organisation for birth coaches. Her exit comes after transgender rights activists triggered an investigation in which Doula UK concluded her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines. They did not expel the mother- of-four, who has been a doula – who provide continuous support during pregnancy – for six years, but threatened to suspend her unless she deleted the post. Mrs McCarthy-Calvert did so, but resigned believing Doula UK had ‘acquiesced’ to demands from a small number of activists and failed to stand up for women’s rights. ‘I am angry and sad,’ she said last night. ‘I was effectively ostracised for saying I am a woman and so are my clients.

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Feminist (Black?) Vikings? By Brian Simpson and Mrs Vera West

     The TV series, Vikings, had shield maidens, bands of female warriors, as part of its stable environment. The fact of the matter is that evidence for the existence of shield maidens is as scanty as their dress. In fact, the mainstream are at present championing the case of discovering ONE Viking female warrior:

“THE FACE of a 1,000-year-old Viking warrior women has been reconstructed by scientists. The amazing reconstruction is complete with a gruesome battle wound on her skull and layered skin. British scientists brought the Viking woman to life using facial reconstruction technology. They based their work on a skeleton found in a Viking graveyard in Solør, Norway, which is now preserved in Oslo's Museum of Cultural History. The female warrior was buried surrounded by deadly weapons but was not initially considered to be a warrior because of her gender. She was buried with a hoard of weapons including arrows, a sword, a spear and an axe but the dent in her head was a bigger clue about her past. The dent in her skull was consistent with a sword wound and she was placed in her grave with her head resting on a shield. Experts are unsure whether the head injury is what caused the Viking woman's death. However, archaelogist Ella Al-Shamahi told The Guardian that this is "the first evidence ever found of a Viking woman with a battle injury". She added: "I’m so excited because this is a face that hasn’t been seen in 1,000 years… She’s suddenly become really real."

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China and Human Rights By Bruce Bennett

     Reaching number one, on the top of the charts must be great, but with great power comes great responsibility, as Stan Lee once penned as a tag line for Spider-Man. So, what is China up to? Brace yourself:

“Women who have survived China’s concentration camps for Muslim ethnic minorities reported widespread rape, forced abortions, forced sterilization, and other extreme sexual human rights atrocities in accounts published this weekend. Speaking to the Washington Post, the women echo the experiences of others who have escaped the estimated thousands of concentration camps built in Xinjiang, China’s largest and westernmost province, to house Uighur, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz ethnic people. While survivors tend to be Kazakh – they can use their dual citizenship to escape to neighboring Kazakhstan – the majority of the 1 to 3 million people trapped in the camps are believed to be Uighurs. Others who have survived have been able to use their marital status to citizens of Pakistan or other neighboring countries to place pressure on Beijing to release them. The nations themselves have not made any official statements condemning the Communist Party’s attempt to eradicate ethnic minorities in Xinjiang – sometimes actively praising it – but have quietly helped individuals with the influence to get their attention. Camp survivors have previously testified to extreme torture, killings, live organ harvesting, infanticide, and slavery in the camps. An Associated Press (AP) report published last year revealed that some clothes made in slave facilities in the concentration camps made its way to America.

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Incredible Exploding Bras! By Peter West

     It could be that ISIS now has the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, something perhaps irresistible and unstoppable.

“ISIS plan to attack SAS troops in Syria with suicide bombs in bras. The fanatics are wiring the garments with plastic explosives in a bid to kill coalition troops. The tactic means women suicide bombers can show their midriffs if searched without revealing the bombs. It is understood one was found in Afrin, northern Syria, in April. It is now believed the bras are being produced by highly skilled operatives. A security source said: “It’s just another example of the inventiveness and determination these people possess to kill. “It’s a close proximity weapon. They are a small, lightweight device but can be lined with enough plastic explosive to kill everything standing within a 10-metre radius.”

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Europe’s Most Wanted Woman! By Richard Miller

     Talk about diversity and multicultural excitement! Will the thrills of enrichment ever end? Yes, these titillations and tessellations,  will end when we end:

“They called her “Mama” and according to cops, she lorded over a sprawling sex trafficking ring that used voodoo to keep her sex slaves terrified. She is Jessica Edosomwan and along with 17 other women, she is one of Europe’s most wanted female criminals. At her peak, the 26-year-old allegedly oversaw a sex ring of more than 60 women who were smuggled into France via Libya from their native Nigeria. “Jessica Edosomwan was the ‘mama’ of this network,” Jacques Croly Labourdette, head of the French National Brigade for Fugitive Research told AFP. “The mama took care of the girls but also had the mission to prospect in Nigeria … to find new recruits.” If the women didn’t have sex with clients, their families were sentenced with reprisals. “They were also subject to a ‘voodoo rite’, the ‘juju’, which was terrible for them, far more than threats,” Labourdette said, adding cops believe she is in Italy or Germany. Now, investigators hope to bring Mama to trial along with 17 other femme Fatales, Europol said, adding “crime has no gender.””

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Not So Funny Furry Feminists By Mrs Vera West

     Here is something that one would never have predicted in a thousand years of predictions, women are not as funny as men.

“A new study has found that women aren’t as funny as men. I know, hard to believe. The study, published by the Journal of Research in Personality, asked subjects to write a funny caption for a cartoon that was then judged by a panel of judges. Researchers found that 63 per cent of men were deemed to be funnier than the average woman. The study included over 5500 participants, 67 per cent of whom were women, eliminating and in fact overcompensating for any potential gender bias. It also involved a third-party evaluation of the subjects by someone who was not aware of the subject’s gender. “It means that to the best of our knowledge, on average, men appear to have higher humor production ability than women,” said Gil Greengross, an evolutionary psychologist at Aberystwyth University in Wales. She also noted that “a great sense of humor” was one of the signals of mate quality when it comes to females choosing a man. “Humor is strongly correlated with intelligence, which explains why women value men with a great sense of humor, as intelligence was crucial for survival throughout our evolutionary history when we mostly lived in hunter-gatherer groups,” said Greengross.”

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Does Anyone Remember Jeff the Paedo? By Charles Taylor

     Much like pizza gate, 9/11 and every other open conspiracy that the elites throw in our faces, the Jeffrey Epstein case has been left to go cold. Surely an island where underaged girls were raped by 1 percenters should not be investigated by authorities who are too busy dealing with the abstract idea that Donald Trump may be at fault for wanting the Ukraine prime minister to investigate the foul deeds of Biden. Much like the crimes of Hillary Clinton, the only sin is exposing or attempting to deal with progressive criminals, who, as faithful servants of the globalist elites, have been given free rein to prey upon and consume deplorables. Now some news about Jeff Epstein from a forensic expert who thinks that the crusty old pervert could have been knocked off:

“This morning on Fox and Friends, Dr. Michael Baden, a famous forensic expert and former New York City medical examiner said that at the end of the investigation he did on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, its findings are more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging. Dr. Michael Baden, who was hired by Epstein’s brother and observed the autopsy, told Fox News that the 66-year-old Epstein had two fractures on the left and right sides of his larynx, specifically the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple, as well as one fracture on the left hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple, Baden told Fox News. “Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,” said Baden. “The prominent hemorrhage in the soft tissues of the neck next to the fractures is evidence of a fresh neck compression that could have caused the death." “I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” the 85-year-old medical legend told Fox News. It appears that this could have been a mistake,” Baden said. “There’s evidence here of homicide that should be investigated, to see if it is or isn’t homicide.” Just another "mistake."

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South African Crime Out of Control: Nobody is Safe By Logan Ricardo (Johannesburg)

     The twilight of civilisation gets frightening when we have events like an expert in the nature of hate crimes being brutally murdered. Why was she singled out? In South Africa, an advanced model for the West, who is going to be safe?

“A brilliant psychologist and specialist in hate crime and violence in South Africa was brutally butchered and had her throat slit in her own home by a gang of armed robbers. Leading scholar Dr Mirah Wilks was ambushed and attacked by the men who had waited until her husband Frank left to worship at the local synagogue, leaving her home alone. The group had climbed up onto the roof and removed tiles and dropped down inside the house and stabbed Mirah at least twelve times in the chest and back then cut her throat. Retired husband Frank, 72, returned home from evening worship on Sunday night and found the blood soaked body of his wife of 45 years lying dead on the floor of the family home. Dr Wilks, 69, was renowned for her research into hate crimes, trauma and violence and was a highly respected former Chair of the Psychological Society of South Africa. South African Police have launched a major man-hunt for the gang who struck at the home in Johannesburg and killed her just to steal two laptops and a mobile phone. Former art teacher turned counsellor, Dr Wilks qualified last year with a PhD in Hate Crimes from the University of South Africa after spending many years in South Africa as a top psychologist.”

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Decision of the Great Transgender Brazilian Wax Case By Mrs Vera West

     So now we know, the decision of the most exciting case in legal history, according to some. A transgender individual with a penis and scrotum wanted Brazilian waxing of said scrotum, but three non-white immigrant waxers refused to do so, claiming not to have experience waxing male genitals, which requires, I don’t know, some sort of diploma. Maybe an Arts degree?! Anyway, the decision went against the transgender individual. An interesting technicality to preserve damage to Canada’s crazy laws:

“A Canadian official ruled against Jessica Yaniv, the transgender Canadian plaintiff who had accused three women of unfair “discrimination” when they declined to give his testicles a “Brazilian wax” treatment. But the official minimized the damage to Canada’s pro-transgender laws by suggesting that women may need to provide the sexually intimate service to male bodies if they have been trained for the task. “Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax. … There are differences between waxing the genitals of a person with a vulva and a person with a penis and scrotum,” said the deciding official in the quasi-judicial British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. The 61-page decision implies that women will have to provide the intimate service to men if the Canadian licensing boards require cosmeticians to learn how to do the service. “I agree generally with [the transgender plaintiff] Ms. [Jessica] Yaniv that a person who customarily offers women the service of waxing their arms or legs cannot discriminate between cisgender and transgender women absent a bona fide reasonable justification,” said Devyn Cousineau, a far-left human rights lawyer, who added: There is no material difference in a cake which is baked for a straight wedding, and one that is baked for a gay wedding. Nor does baking a cake for a gay wedding require you to have intimate contact with the client. Taking another example, there is no material difference in renting a room to a gay couple or to a straight couple, and renting out rooms does not require intimate contact with the client.

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Whites, Even if Brown, are White Racists in the New Inquisition! By Chris Knight

     Our enemies at The New York Times are at it again. Two Indian boys abuse African American girls and this is classified as white racism, yes, WHITE:

“A New York Times columnist blamed “whiteness” for an alleged racist attack where two Indian students assaulted an African-American girl at a high school football game in New Jersey. Yes, really. The two 17-year-old Indian boys allegedly used racial slurs against a group of African-American girls and urinated on one during the game at Lawrence High School last Friday night. Who’s to blame for the attack? White people, of course. That’s according to New York Times columnist Nell Irvin Painter, who says that the Indian boys were “enacting American whiteness through anti-black assault in a very traditional way.” “In doing so, the assailants are demonstrating how race is a social construct that people make through their actions. They show race in the making, and show how race is something we perform, not just something we are in our blood or in the color of our skin,” she added. How convenient. By making race a “social construct,” the racist actions of non-white people can still be blamed on white people. Incredible. “In the New Jersey incident, the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter,” writes Painter. “What matters is that they were participating in this pattern and thus enacting whiteness in a very traditional way.” Her entire argument appears to stem from her claim that a football game is a “white space” and therefore white people are to blame for anything that happens there.”

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This is Our Shame By Mrs Vera West

     This is a very upsetting item, that shows that Australia is not immune from the sickness and degeneracy that is gripping the rest of the West, especially Sweden. This brutal, shocking murder puts Australia in a terrible light, internationally.

“The devastated father of Aiia Maasarwe says the government should do more to protect women after the international student’s killer was sentenced to a minimum term of 30 years. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth said Codey Herrmann, 21, “showed utter contempt” for the dignity of Maasarwe when he raped and murdered her in the northern Melbourne suburb of Bundoora in January this year. Saeed Maasarwe, the father of the slain 21-year-old student, issued a message to the Australian government after Herrmann was sentenced to 36 years with a 30 year non-parole period at Victoria’s Supreme Court on Tuesday. “[I’m] sending a message to the Australian government … and all the departments,” he said through tears. “I wish and I hope they will care more for the people [so] they can go back home to their families safe.” Aiia Maasarwe was heading home after attending a comedy night with friends when Herrmann attacked her as she got off a tram near La Trobe university where she was studying. As she spoke to her Israeli-based sister Ruba on the phone, Herrmann beat her four times with a metal pole before dragging her behind a garden bed and raping her. He inflicted at least nine more blows to her head, fracturing her skull, before coating her with WD-40 and setting her alight.”

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Sociology as Sorcery By Chris Knight

     Having bombed at philosophy at university, in a low-ranking US asylum, I, with the lack of wisdom of youth, decided to study sociology. I soon found that the sociology of the 1980s was just various forms of Marxism warmed up. Later, postmodernism and a whole range of crazy French philosophy, from people like Derrida, soaked into the discipline, which now is beyond any chance of reform. These articles give some overview of the basics, but I think the situation is much worse, with every politically correct idea you can imagine radiating from this discipline. There is simply no opposition to this in the discipline at all, complete intellectual totalitarianism.

     So crazy has contemporary sociology become that a trio of academics, mainly from other disciplines, such as philosophy, set out to write a series of “hoax” papers on subjects such as dog rape in parks, and the “conceptual penis.” We need not go into fine detail here, but these papers all got published in postmodern sociology journals, but were later exposed as “hoaxes.” The big issue for the academics was the ethics of submitting such papers, but the real issue for people in the real world, is that the papers got accepted, and thus are examples of the sort of nonsense that sociology engages in; are the papers really “hoaxes,” when the entire discipline lacks any sort of objectivity, and anything politically correct, goes? But sociology is nonsense with a point, because the goal is always to further the culture of critique, deconstruction and thrashing of  … us, we the white deplorables who are destroyed at taxpayers’ expense.

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