This is Our Shame By Mrs Vera West

     This is a very upsetting item, that shows that Australia is not immune from the sickness and degeneracy that is gripping the rest of the West, especially Sweden. This brutal, shocking murder puts Australia in a terrible light, internationally.

“The devastated father of Aiia Maasarwe says the government should do more to protect women after the international student’s killer was sentenced to a minimum term of 30 years. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth said Codey Herrmann, 21, “showed utter contempt” for the dignity of Maasarwe when he raped and murdered her in the northern Melbourne suburb of Bundoora in January this year. Saeed Maasarwe, the father of the slain 21-year-old student, issued a message to the Australian government after Herrmann was sentenced to 36 years with a 30 year non-parole period at Victoria’s Supreme Court on Tuesday. “[I’m] sending a message to the Australian government … and all the departments,” he said through tears. “I wish and I hope they will care more for the people [so] they can go back home to their families safe.” Aiia Maasarwe was heading home after attending a comedy night with friends when Herrmann attacked her as she got off a tram near La Trobe university where she was studying. As she spoke to her Israeli-based sister Ruba on the phone, Herrmann beat her four times with a metal pole before dragging her behind a garden bed and raping her. He inflicted at least nine more blows to her head, fracturing her skull, before coating her with WD-40 and setting her alight.”

     This is something out of a Hollywood “slasher” horror movie … no … it is much worse. Yet across the world young women are being preyed upon by these sorts of predators, sheer brutal monsters of men, if they can even be called men, or human. For example, those who groom children then rape and torture them. Where is the sheer moral outrage about all of this?

     What sort of world is being created? Imagine being a parent and spending the rest of one’s life in anguish about how one’s child was raped and murdered. How does one get through the day? How does one sleep at night? It is the epiphany of sadness, and a testimony that Western society is sick.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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