The Problem of White Women By Mrs Vera West

     Being an old woman, I can talk about this issue, no holds bar, without any of the problems the boys would have. There is a problem with white women, especially the young ones. The protests about climate change with the wagging school kids had at least 66 + per cent females. Most were white. The same sort of statistics can be found with all politically correct protests on race and immigration. The climate change issue has attracted women because the real focus is upon the alleged effects upon coloured people in the Third World, not the environment as such. That explains why there has ben no criticism of China by Greta Thunberg for example. It is all social justice, which white women love, taking the place of children.

     Readers need to have a look at the photos of the young female protesters who just like the European support of refugees is completely over the top. This small article then asks why this is. One good response is given by this vDare article:

“Young White Leftist Females Are Nuts.” I reported this finding in April, based on an analysis of Pew Research Center data which had found almost half of self-reported “White Liberals” (and the majority of White Liberal females) aged 18 to 29 had been diagnosed with a mental illness. Moderates were more mentally stable than Liberals but less so than Conservatives. This is only one analysis, and of course there is a replication crisis in social science. But a new study by Danish social scientist Emil Kirkegaard (right) has replicated the Pew Research findings with a vengeance, revealing that, in a huge dataset and on multiple different measures, being Left-wing predicts being mentally ill while being Right-wing is associated with sound mental health [Mental Illness and the Left, by Emil Kirkegaard, Mankind Quarterly, 2020]. Kirkegaard begins by showing that many studies have found that self-identified liberals are more likely to have poor mental health than are self-identified conservatives and also that traditional religiousness, which strongly crosses-over with conservatism, correlates with mental health, while atheism is associated with the opposite. Kirkegaard also discusses the Slate Star Codex Reader Survey—with a sample of 8000—which found a clear linear relationship between political viewpoint and mental health. Of those who were classified, based on their views, as the most “far Left,” 32% had been formally diagnosed with either depression, bipolar disorder is schizophrenia. Of those who were the most “far Right,” only 11.8% had been formally diagnosed with one of these conditions. (Strikingly, this result was in fact the lowest for all the ten political classifications).

However, Kirkegaard allows that this survey may not be representative, as it was taken by followers of a particular blog, who are likely to be highly educated and intelligent. Accordingly, Kirkegaard chose to use America’s General Social Survey (GSS), which has questioned representative samples of Americans between 1972 and 2018, and has surveyed over 64,000 Americans in total. Subsamples of between 1,053 and 11,338 were asked questions about mental health such that they could be correlated with political viewpoint. Kirkegaard’s results—especially considering the current influence of far-Left groups such as Black Lives Matter—are sobering. On every single measure of mental health, mental health seems to get worse the more Leftist you are. And among the far Left, mental health is perilous. For example, Kirkegaard finds that 45% of “extremely liberal” females have “ever had a mental health problem” (as opposed around 18% for “extremely liberal” males). Among “liberal” females, this falls to just 15% and among “extremely conservative” females, it is less than 10%. As the emotionally incontinent BLM marches attest—with young white girls lying on the ground in submission to the New Multicultural Cult—extremely liberal females have serious mental health problems.”

     This is a good article because it locates the woman problem as exclusively one of leftism, which in a feminist culture is the new religion. Thus, the women with no white ethnic consciousness are primarily Leftist, not the Ann Coulter types, and they are committed with a religious mania to globalism and cosmopolitanism philosophies, that eschew all ethnocentrism. This, though, is still a problem given the sheer numbers of them, like a plague of locusts.  The universities have much to blame about this, and clearly there needs to be an intellectual revolution in this sector as James Reed proposes. The situation is grave, if not gravy, and getting worse by the day, as expected with any terminal disease.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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