First, They Came for Trump, Then … By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The question must be asked, where will the lawfare go, if they succeed in imprisoning, then Epsteining Trump? The answer is clear, as Deep State organisations, such as the FBI, are already beginning the targeting of any MAGNA types that look like being trouble. The January 6 lawfare, where people who were at the scene of the Capital Building, but did not enter, still faced jail. This included a presenter from, who was jailed merely from reporting at the scene, but not even entering the evil building. If Biden is returned, the US will fast descend into a tyranny far worse than the USSR. Expect summary executions, people being arrested and dragged off to concentration death camps, and the like. It is all a natural extension of what we see now, just projected on.

If the people cared about life and freedom, millions should be in the streets right now, dwarfing the European protests. But, instead, they go silently into the darkest of nights. Still, the imprisonment and murder of Trump might awaken a few, who may write strong letters to their representatives!

"The insiders, the elites, the establishment, whatever you want to call them, are hoping our Soviet-styled Department of Justice ("show me the man, and I'll show you the crime") will keep rolling forward and steam-roll Donald Trump. Although the Trump base is solidly with him and has stopped listening to anything the legacy press tries to manipulate us to believe, the Department of Justice has the power to incarcerate Trump if that is the will of the court.

What then? The elephant in the room is precisely what the talking heads won't say. We have a constitutional crisis right now. Refusal to acknowledge the elephant doesn't make it go away. A constitutional crisis, though, is not necessarily a bad thing. It does, however, require people to think outside of the box, which makes most people uneasy. Nevertheless, when there is a great distance between what you are being told and what you are actually thinking, then change becomes inevitable and necessary. But it is not the change for which the insiders, the elites, the establishment, whatever you want to call them, are aiming.

The institutions, which are now firmly controlled by the elites, are not supposed to run this country. We are supposed to run this country. Again, the message we get bombarded with almost daily from the media has little effect on Trump's base, but everyone is not in Trump's base. There are many who are undecided, and an election can be determined by razor thin margins.

What Trump is claiming while he stands trial in New York is exactly what is happening, "election interference." To put it another way, anything that can be done to rig the 2024 presidential election is being done. The insiders, the elites, the establishment, whatever you want to call them, also want to send a powerful message here: If you ever defy us, we will do to you what we are doing to Trump.

But when the institutions run this country and the people don't, we become subjects — not citizens. What's more, when institutions take their ideology to its ultimate extreme and will use force—the FBI—to back it up, there is nothing about human beings that cannot be perverted or destroyed by the political process: In their world, men and women no longer even exist.

Some of the greatest authors of the twentieth century, Franz Kafka, George Orwell, and Yevgeny Zamyatin, warned about what we are seeing right now. Institutions becoming all-powerful, overcoming the will of the people, and creating corrupt elites that cannot be opposed.

If all ways of being heard and being represented are blocked, what's next?

Are you next?" 



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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