The Pointless “Civil War” Movie, By Charles Taylor (Florida)

If you are thinking about seeing the Civil War movie, don't, as I saw it so you do not have to. It was as predicted, boring. Now all the spoilers; how I hate it when reviewers say if you don't want to spoil her movie, don't read. Yes, I want to spoil the movie to save your time!

The plot, so far as one can call it that; for some unexplained reason, Texas and California are fighting a civil war against the Washington government of a Donald Trump-style person. We do not know why California, an extreme, crazy Leftist state, and a sensible conservative one have joined forces. Anyway, a group of woke journalists, led by the women who played Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 1 (now much older, and a faded beauty, like America), are heading to Washington to watch the revolutionaries invade and kill the president dictator. Lots of action and violence. They kill the president by hand, even though they could have ordered an air strike on the White House, and the lead women dies as well, end of story.

What was it all for? Don't know … the movie did not deliver a strong political message. Perhaps it was just another action movie? Anyway, at least it gets the idea of civil war out there, which has to be good, because that is the future for America, and the West, before sinking into the sunset.

"We have only seen a handful of movies in a theater over the last decade. Ever since the kids grew up, there hasn't been a reason to spend too much for too little. Regal Cinemas in Oaks was the place to go in the old days. It had 24 theaters and was always packed. You could never get a parking spot close to the venue. The restaurant near the theater always had a line and you usually had to wait 30 minutes to get a seat.

We decided to go and see Civil War on Friday night, and boy times have changed. Regal Cinemas went bankrupt a few years ago after Covid, and the theater was taken over by some local businessmen. They now play four or five movies, but $10 per ticket is pretty reasonable compared to the chains. Instead of hundreds of cars in the parking lot, there were about 30 cars. We expected a long wait time at the PJ Whelihans, but there were dozens of seats at the bar and booths.

When we ventured over to the cinema, there was no one checking that we had tickets, and it was like a ghost town. A Friday night at the movies a decade ago was a big deal. The place would have been bustling. I can't see this place making it over the long haul. There were eight people there to see Civil War. The previews were so loud, we thought we were going to need ear plugs. The sound became more reasonable once the movie started.

I had read a few reviews of Civil War and they leaned negative, for a myriad of reasons. Some people seemed disappointed and angry that the director did not pick a side, or even make a single political statement. My interest in this movie stemmed from the snippet shown in previews, where a guy holding some journalists at gunpoint asks them who they are, they respond "Americans", and he asks them:

I think that is a profound question, as this country has already split into at least two enemy camps, with the leftists already fighting the war using any means necessary. Laws and morality no longer matter during this time of coming conflict. Knowing we are in the back end of this Fourth Turning, there is a high likelihood of civil and/or global war in the next few years. Whenever I point this out, many scorn the possibility of civil war. Some think keyboard warriors will never actually have the guts to get into a shooting war with the government and/ or leftist fanatics.

I was hoping the movie would provide some thought-provoking fodder giving me an inkling of what might be on the near term horizon. The movie is more about the journalist characters traveling from NYC to Washington DC in order to get an interview with the embattled president. There was no background regarding what started the civil war, who were the good guys, and whether the entire country was involved. The entire movie took place in the eastern U.S. My observations are as follows:

  • The conflict was between the Western Forces versus the existing U.S. government forces. The Western Forces constituted Texas and California, with Florida leaning in their direction. It was not clear whether all the states chose a side. Since both sides had high tech military weapons, the assumption is the U.S. military split its allegiance. That means rogue generals did what southern generals did in 1860.
  • For most of the movie, you can't tell who is fighting who. That seems realistic in a civil war scenario. The scene where the journalists are asked "What kind of American are you?" captures how confusing and chaotic it would be. I don't think the guy dressed in military garb is on either side. They were dumping bodies into a hole. Without anyone to enforce laws, warlords will rise up and execute retribution on locals they consider enemies. Every local community will become a battleground. Neighbors versus neighbors, families versus families. With 300 million guns, there will be blood.
  • Two characters let it be known that their parents have stayed on their farms in Missouri and Colorado, pretending their is no civil war. They seemed dismayed that they wouldn't choose sides. That made me wonder whether those who choose to not participate in the coming civil war will be able to work their farms in peace. Since modern society will come to a grinding halt, with shortages of fuel and food, I'm afraid small farmers will come under attack by the hungry masses. It will be essential for small communities of like minded folk to form militias to protect their farms and communities.
  • We all know our existing uni-party government is corrupt, evil and hates us. Whether we call it the Deep State, corrupt oligarchy, or corporate fascist totalitarians, it is clear they are our enemy. They are continuing to implement their Great Reset/Great Taking scheme, and will only be stopped through violent means. This movie did not take sides, but did imply the existing government will be defeated. The question is who or what takes their place. Sadly, it is unlikely that a republic will be reborn from the ashes of this empire of debt, delusion and decay.

Civil War was a sobering and depressing movie. I think it is a foreshadowing of what lies ahead. Innocent people will die. Senseless slaughter will be the norm. The boundaries between good and evil will blur. Right and wrong will become meaningless. It will be unclear who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Conflict is upon us. Will the cessation of our Constitution before the upcoming election be the spark that starts this civil war? Where and when will our Fort Sumter moment happen? I don't know, but I fear it is close upon us.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams 



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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