Say Goodbye to Visiting Lake Eyre if You are White! By James Reed

There are plans being made now to ban the general public from Lake Eyre, unless people have permission from the local Aboriginal community. That is because of some alleged cultural significance; when is there ever not cultural significance? Yes, what was once part of Australia, open to all, becomes a racial enclave. We can be glad that the Voice referendum was defeated or we would have more than things like this to contend with.

"There are plans to ban Lake Eyre from the general public unless people get permission from the local Indigenous community to enter the area due to its cultural significance.

Sky News host James Macpherson joined Sky News hosts Caleb Bond and Liz Storer to discuss the plan to limit the public from visiting the area.

"The latest place to now be banned from public without permission is Lake Eyre, where the local Indigenous community have claimed that it's sacred and has cultural significance," says Mr Macpherson.

"The National Parks and Wildlife services have agreed and so they've made a draft management plan that would require all visitors to Lake Eyre to get permission from the local Indigenous community before entering the lake or setting foot on it.

"Helpfully, the National Parks and Wildlife services have said you will be allowed to fly over it without permission." 



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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