Can the Albo Government be Class Action Sued, and/or Taken to the UN? By James Reed

I previously have floated the idea that the Albo government be taken to the UN on the grounds that the present immigration program is genocidal, producing a situation where young Australians are not being able to get homes, and thus marry and have children. This depresses the birth rate, primarily of Whites, so it is racial genocide under the UN genocide convention. Of course, the UN is the key globalist, one world champion, and would be delighted about this, but not so openly. It would still be bound to consider the complaint. I know this action has been made in the past, but I think now the public discontent with the Albo government will generate more public debate.

For example, below is a powerful article by economist David Llewellyn-Smith, who delivers one of the strongest condemnations of Albanese I have read in polite circles. Albo is, he rightly says, the worst prime minister Australia has had, far beyond, or below Gillard. Many thought that Gillard could not be surpassed, but Albo has done it. One can only imagine in fear and trembling, what he would have done to the country if the Voice referendum had passed, since he accepted the full critique of the Aboriginal radicals behind it, that Australia was a country founded upon invasion, as stated in the Uluru Declaration, which Albo said he accepted.

Apart from the UN option, is there a court option against Albo, that given the clear evidence of a deliberate destruction of the economy and Australian society, this rogue government needs to be made accountable. Llewellyn-Smith makes other suggestion below, which are also food for thought.

"It's time we face reality. The Albanese government must be sacked at the first available opportunity.

I know the alternative is a corrupt bollard with a trail of complete losers. But that is a by-the-by for the future.

Today we must face the problem we know, and its name is Albo, the worst PM since the Federation.

Long-term readers will know that I have despised most PMs for over ten years:

  • Rudd's mining coup;
  • Gillard's ineffective cut-through;
  • The frankly inept Tony Abbot;
  • Do-nothing Malcolm, and
  • the Liar from the Shire.

Of these, the Gillard Government is the clear standout. Creating a carbon price and NDIS from the minority government is very impressive. But she could not connect these achievements with everyday issues like Abbott could.

Second, I place ScoMo for his extraordinary punching of China in the face and almost singlehandedly shifting views in the G7 about Beijing's evils.

Third, I would place Do-nothing Malcolm, who at least applied a putative form of the gas domestic reservation to prevent an energy shock.

Fourth, Abbott at least had a policy process, even if his ideas were a century too late.

Last is Rudd, the wrecker of the modern Australian economy.

All have lowered Australian living standards through rent-seeking, corruption, and over-reliance on immigration as a growth driver.

But now, one PM stands head and shoulders above the rest, an unprecedented destroyer of Australian living standards. His name is Anthony Albanese.

He has achieved this dubious distinction by weaponizing two of his predecessors' biggest energy and population growth blunders.

Megablunder one: gas

In the first weeks of the Albanese Government, the Ukraine War shook global energy markets. MB called critically placed ministerial advisors within the government to warn them of what was coming.

The warnings went unheeded, and the result was an energy shock so large that it is still running two years later:

something about gas – which included resource minister Mad King selling out the country before fleeing on an oil platform junket to avoid media scrutiny, plus the work of five hapless ministers – the Australian electricity price soared from $60Mwh to $700Mwh.

These eight months crossed directly over the assessment period of the AER as it sought to set the retail price for the next year for retail and business. It had no choice but to inject massive bill shocks for households and businesses. Which it duly did for two years in mid-2022 and 2023.

Roughly $120 billion in gas war profiteering profit flowed from your bills into global corporations over the year. And for what? So Albo didn't upset a few bloodsucking oil companies profiteering a foreign war. How sick is that?

While he did this, Albo was busy with the forgotten Indigenous Referendum that was crushed at the ballot box.

This enormous energy shock pervaded everything. All businesses use energy. It hit building materials costs especially hard because making plaster, bricks, and cement is very energy-intensive, which I will return to.

Megablunder two: immigration.

At no time in Australian history have so many people been shoehorned into eastern cities since Albo came to power.

Perversely, Albo and the ALP understood that one of the primary effects of excess immigration is to kill wage growth. As the LNP ran high intake numbers through its 2013-2022 tenure, dodgy migrants wrecked the industrial relations system, hiring and firing the vulnerable at will, stealing wages, charging for visas, and running slave labour systems. This was the core of the lowflation period.

Albo promised to stop it..[but] did the opposite. Unleashing the most significant flood of Third World unskilled and vulnerable workers in the nation's history.

Now Albo has ensured that it has been wiped out just as his high energy inflation guts purchasing power:

worst falls in real household incomes in fifty years and arguably a century.

Albo's double blunder delivered all of this in under two years.

But that is not the end of it. Oh, no.

There's also Albo's everything shortage to consider. It is so bad that it is hard to know where to start:

  • Schools are overrun with demountables, failing facilities and angry, overworked teachers.
  • University education is a joke, collapsed from pedagogical excellence into the recruitment of local kids to teach broken English-paying foreign students.
  • Roads are choked, and construction is everywhere. Public transport is a joke.
  • Hospital wait times have EXPLODED across the board. The elderly now wait years for procedures that offer comfort in their dotage. It used to take a month.
  • Given the endless supply of warm bodies, corporations have abandoned service models for churning and burning.

And above it all is the most disgraceful feature of the failing Albnese Government: housing.

What kind of government deliberately de-houses its youth and most vulnerable cohorts?

The perpetual torture of Australia's feudal housing system has moved from cancelling the Australian dream to the mass eviction of low-income renters. Homelessness is the new boom.

Brainwashing real estate media gaslights youth daily about supply-side solutions. But there are none because Albo's energy shock rendered dwelling construction uneconomic. Undeterred by a constricted construction supply side, Albo kept on pouring in record demand, sending rents mad.

This has also added the final insult to Australian households. Unbelievably high mortgage rates that have destroyed lifestyles.

I can only guess what drives such a sick leader.

He might be just another globalised hollow man who is more at home governing India than Australia.

What is beyond question is that Albo is destroying the Australian way of life at lightning speed, like the LNP mainlined on a kilogram of cocaine.

I have no faith in the LNP to run the place any better. But I am pretty sure that they will at least slow down Albo's mission of destruction.

Albo has to go at the first available opportunity, preferably burned at the stake." 



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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