Time to Drain the Energy Swamp By Viv Forbes

     The Australian electricity market has become a stinking swamp covered with a tangled net of treaties, laws, rules, obligations, prohibitions, targets, taxes and subsidies. The swamp conceals the rubble of demolished coal generators; another plant destined for destruction (Liddell) is gradually sinking in the green ooze. The swamp is slowly claiming paddocks of subsidised solar panels that, at best, only work for six hours per sunny day. The scene is uglified by spec-built regiments of ailing wind turbines that are often idle, but sometimes whirling madly. To distract the gullible media from this mess, big diesel generators charge a gigantic battery which pumps water uphill and then lets it run down again. A garbage dump of dead lithium batteries fills a nearby gully and the swamp is fenced by locked green gates.

     The stagnant water is stirred on sunny days by luxury launches carrying academics-with-models, green media evangelists, climate alarmists, emissions inspectors and power regulators. Speculative sharks constantly patrol the swamp snapping up every smelly subsidy morsel scattered by politicians in posh yachts fishing for votes. Helicopters full of unelected UN officials hover overhead, creating choppy waves of uncertainty. A pleasant hill overlooking the swamp houses the air-conditioned offices of the power regulators. They have no windows to the world and few power engineers; they stare at screens, run models and press buttons. The way out of the energy swamp is to retrace the way we got in.

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Vaporised! By Brian Simpson

     Tech futurist Robert Tercek is  author of  Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World, (LifeTree Media, 2015). He addresses a problem which by now is well known to most of us, namely that there is a process of “vaporisation” occurring where former material industries are becoming dematerialised by digitalisation. A good example of this is given in Tercek’s discussion of what happened to Tower Records.:  https://vaporizedbook.com/what-happened-to-tower-records-7b243736d73a

     Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles was considered to be one of the most famous record shops in the world, and went strong for 36 years. But then the shop, and others in the chain closed in 2006. Other record shops closed soon after, because the physical products that they sold were replaced by MP3 players and the dawn of digital music, of downloadable music and subscription streaming-audio services. An entire industry was “vaporised” or digitalised. This is the thesis of Vaporized:

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Are We Alone in the Universe? By Brian Simpson

     For your interest; the possibility of vast alien megastructures blocking the light from the star KIC 8462852:  https://arxiv.org/abs/1509.03622   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gypAjPp6eps    https://academic.oup.com/mnras/article/457/4/3988/2589003

     If this is evidence of advanced alien life, then they must have solved the problem of how not to destroy themselves. Perhaps they channel their aggression into destroying other civilisations as in this forthcoming movie representation, Predator (2018):

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The Metaphor of the WASP By Brian Simpson

     I found this phenomenon, of extreme parasitism in the insect kingdom, illuminating:  https://www.livescience.com/62986-alien-wasp-parasitoid-xenomorph.html?utm_source=ls-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20180705-ls   https://jhr.pensoft.net/articles.php?id=25219

“Imagine you are a caterpillar. You’re sitting down for a nice picnic lunch with your caterpillar buddies in the shade of a eucalyptus tree, munching on the tasty leaves and joking about caterpillar things (“Why did the butterfly get kicked out of the dance? Because it was a mothball! LOLOLOL”), when suddenly, you feel it — a stabbing pain in your stomach. Your whole body starts to quake. You feel heavy inside, like something is trying to break free. Then, something does. One bite at a time, dozens of black larval wasps gnaw their way through your body. Your buddies freak out until they are silenced by the same fate — each one split open by a brood of black alien babies. Needless to say, this is not the picnic you hoped for. Unfortunately for caterpillars, similar incidents happen all over the world, all the time. This is the grim calling card of Microgastrinae, a subfamily of parasitoid wasps that reproduce by injecting their eggs into caterpillars and then allowing their young to literally eat their way through the host bug’s body.

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Watching Weather Waves, but Missing Climate Tides By Viv Forbes

     The climate alarm media, the bureaucracy and the Green Energy industry follow an agenda which is served by inflating any short-term weather event into a climate calamity. They should take a long-term view. Earth’s climate is never still – it is always changing, with long-term trends, medium-term reversals and minor oscillations. Humanity is best served by those who use good science to study geology, astronomy and climate history searching for clues to climate drivers and the underlying natural cycles and trends hidden in short-term weather fluctuations. For the last 10,000 years Earth has basked in the Holocene Interglacial which is the latest of many warm cycles within the Pleistocene Ice Age. There are small warm and cool cycles within the Holocene. Today we enjoy the Modern Warm Cycle (which started about calendar 1900) following the Little Ice Age which bottomed in about 1750. What does the future hold? The past gives clues to the future.     To view the whole article plus images click:  http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/waves-and-tides.pdf

Global Cooling and the Coming Ice Age By James Reed

     All my life I have believed in the coming ice age, whether there was evidence for it or not. Shivers,   most global warming freaks believe in their myth without evidence or understanding the science, so why can’t I be able to do the same? Anyway things are cool, and getting cooler in some parts of the world, so how can such coldness be found in a world which is supposed to be melting? You tell me?  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/06/30/scientists-observe-coldest-temperatures-ever-on-earths-surface/

“Researchers released a report this week revealing “ultralow surface temperatures” in East Antarctica that surpass the coldest temperatures ever recorded on the earth’s surface. The lowest measured air temperature on earth is −89.2 °C (−129 F) on 23 July 1983, observed at Vostok Station in Antarctica, but new data published in Geophysical Research Letters this week, has found that some 100 different locations on the East Antarctic Plateau reached temperatures of -98° C (-144° F) during the Antarctic polar night between 2004–2016. A team from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder have identified the East Antarctic Plateau — a massive, empty expanse the size of Australia that begins near the South Pole — as the coldest place on the planet. The East Antarctic Plateau sits some 3,500 m (11,500 ft) above sea level and the air over the Plateau is extremely still, dry and thin, providing an ideal environment for extreme cold.”

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Plastic Oceans? Bring it On! By Uncle Len, the Plastic Spastic

     I just love plastic, and collect all sorts of plastic objects, such as broken toys, pieces of random junk, and of course bottles, which I sell to keep this vast journalistic operation afloat. Now I have been told by the UN, personally, of all people, that soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, probably because of my white privilege:http://www.collapse.news/2018-07-03-by-2050-our-oceans-will-have-more-plastic-than-fish.html https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/world-environment-day-un-plastic-pollution-waste-ban-bags-recycling-a8384311.html

“Plastic has been highlighted as one of the biggest environmental threats facing the world by the UN in a call to action issued to mark World Environment Day. While emphasising the success of many international efforts to tackle plastic waste, the organisation described how the “scourge of plastic” has reached every corner of the Earth. In a report billed as the most comprehensive yet to examine global government strategies against the “scourge”, UN experts called for concerted action to “beat plastic pollution”. Levies and bans – of the kind already being rolled out for some plastic products in the UK – were found to be among the most effective strategies for dealing with the problem. Presenting case studies from more than 60 countries, the UN analysis explored the different strategies being implemented and suggested measures that policymakers can take to curb the problem.”

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The Joy of Radical Decentralisation By James Reed

     The common theme to all writers here is a complete scepticism about centralised power, for we all believe that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus, we would be happiest with a radical decentralisation of all power, social, political, economic and especially financial. Social credit embraces this philosophy as well, seeing centralised money power as crushing individual freedom, and much, much else.

     Fine, but what would happen if a society actually followed what we advocate? Would it be a failed social experiment, at the opposite end of the spectrum from socialism? In fact, the results will be splendid, for this social experiment actually works!https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-07-02/mexican-town-overthrew-their-local-government-and-things-are-going-great

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Letter to The Editor (05/07/2018) - Quit Paris Treaty

     Tony Abbott is right – Australia should quit the Paris Climate Treaty. China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia will ignore Paris. USA has already quit and Japan even withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty. Germany will fail to meet its obligations and Poland will not try very hard. France relies heavily on nuclear power and naturally supports imposing Paris handicaps on competitors. Australia has huge coal, gas, oil and uranium resources. To export these, while we hobble our industries with windmill power, is insane.  Viv Forbes, Washpool, Qld Australia

The End of Australia’s Bees? By Brian Simpson

     Australia’s bee industry has been free of colony collapse disorder, which is devastating bees across the world. While there are many theories about the cause of the death of bees, including the use of various insecticides and herbicides, one co-factor may be the presence of varroa mite:   http://amp.abc.net.au/article/9923972

“The potentially devastating varroa mite, which could wipe out the Australian beekeeping industry, has been detected in Victoria. A bee colony infested with the varroa mite was detected on Wednesday at the Port of Melbourne on a ship from the United States. A colony was found in a wooden crate and tests revealed some bees were infested with varroa mite, but the exact variety of the varroa mite is yet to be determined. Australia is one of the last remaining countries in the world to be free of the blood-sucking varroa destructor, which has already devastated bee colonies in New Zealand, the United States, and Europe. Varroa destructor is the breed of mite that affects European honey bees, which agriculture industries around the world rely on for pollination. However, north Queensland has had recent incursions of the less dangerous varroa jacobsoni, which only infects Asian honey bees. Agriculture Victoria chief health plant officer Nigel Ainsworth said the master of the ship reported seeing dead bees on the ship, which was immediately investigated by Agriculture Victoria and the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) upon docking at the Port of Melbourne. Mr Ainsworth said the colony had been destroyed and Agriculture Victoria was “confident” the situation was contained to the single colony.’

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Letter to The Editor - Innocent Bystander Lynched

     I live in SE Queensland. Yesterday the surface air temperature rose from a frosty 2ºC at sunrise to a balmy 22ºC in mid-afternoon. The enormous heat needed to achieve this 20ºC of warming came via radiation from the sun. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays no significant part in this daily heating event – in fact it may intercept a tiny proportion of the incoming solar radiation and re-radiate it in all directions, thus keeping the daytime surface temperature a tiny bit cooler than it would have been otherwise.

     At the deep Mount Isa Mine in NW Queensland, the surface temperature may average about 25ºC but it increases by about 1ºC every 50 metres of depth – rock walls are red hot in places. The enormous heat causing this comes via conduction from Earth’s geothermal heat plus some oxidation and heating of the sulphide ores as they come in contact with natural air containing oxygen. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays no part in this heating.

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There Goes Tasmania! By Peter Ewer

     Do we ever get any good news anymore? Certainly if I had some I would share it, just like if I had a packet of boiled sweets, I would give you one, being extraordinarily generous.  But, alas, there goes Tasmania:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-24/huge-development-considered-for-tasmanias-east-coast/9690496   https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/jun/06/fast-tracked-tasmania-resort-plan-raises-fears-over-chinese-investment   https://www.smh.com.au/national/is-this-the-tasmania-we-want-chinese-investors-plan-100m-east-coast-resort-20180502-p4zcwa.html   https://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/swansea-locals-welcome-revelations-of-possible-major-new-development-but-call-for-more-details/news-story/d66009d5f4b7d67b334f80066900d006   https://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0016/127123/China_Engagement_Report.pdf

“A proposed mega-development on Tasmania’s east coast has prompted concerns about fast-tracked development and foreign investment in the island state. The Cambria Green proposal was announced to the public in late April, four days before a local council meeting which voted to progress an application to create a special development zone that could house 550 accommodation units and hotel rooms, two golf courses, and an 80-bed health spa that could one day be used as a palliative care unit. The proponent, Cambria Green Agricultural Tourism Management, helmed by Shandong businessman Liu Kejing and Melbourne-based Ronald Hu, says on its Facebook page — it does not have a website — that it wants to “bring the surrounding community along our long-term journey” to support the “integrated, eco-tourism development”.

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Mummy, Where Did Sex Come From? By Peter West

     You do not hear much about the issues of evolution and God nowadays from Christians. This could be because Christians have learnt their lesson to keep real quiet and maybe scientists like Richard Dawkins will go quiet and leave them in peace, so the Church can go about its contemporary mission to recruit migrants to put bums on seats. However, time to time one comes across articles raising issues Christians should be squawking about, but who generally lack the courage, intellect, and education, to address. How about the question of the origin of sex, which seems to defy the natural selection of random genetic mutations mechanism:  http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/15/evolutionists-defend-their-own-creation-story/

“Why is evolutionary sex so threatening that it dare not even be mentioned in textbooks or science classes? Given the unique nature of gendered, sexual meiosis compared with non-gendered, asexual mitosis, the first-ever generation of sexual reproduction would have required 1) a never-before-seen male organism and a novel female organism, 2) magically having compatible chromosomes, and 3) a death-defying process of precisely halving their chromosomes, mixing them together in a revolutionary way, and then recombining to produce, not a clone (as in asexual replication), but a unique offspring unlike any on the planet. Not to mention the minor details of geographic proximity and an evolved instinct to mate—all absolutely required in round one of sex to get the sexual ball rolling.

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The Enriched Pope By Peter West

     If you want to get a taste of the New World Order globalist religion, than the no hope Pope provides a one-stop shop.  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/06/14/francis-immigrants-enrichment-society-not-threats/   https://www.technocracy.news/pope-francis-bait-and-switch-traditional-theology-for-global-warming/     Here is the usual rhetoric of the Left; the global warming crisis, and migrants are right at the top of the list, but spiritual matters, what his day job should be, go way down the list. It is just about being a cool kid with the other globalist elites, showing that he is doing his bit to create the New Age religion of the New World Order.

Cutting Off the Head of the Snake By Tom North

     Is there a metaphor buried in this story, somewhere, anywhere? A man kills a snake, cuts off its head, but then, by accident he gets bitten by the severed head. So, how is this possible? Demonic magic? The New World Order? Globalism? White privilege? Political correctness in the land of the snakes and ladders? No. No:   https://www.livescience.com/62771-decapitated-rattlesnake-bites-man.html?utm_source=ls-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20180608-ls

“The answer has to do with the snake’s physiology. Snakes are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they get heat from external sources, such as sunlight and warm surfaces. (The scientific term for this is “ectotherm.”) Because snakes don’t need to internally maintain their body temperature, they don’t need as much energy — which is burned up using oxygen — as warm-blooded “endotherms” do, said David Penning, an assistant professor of biology at Missouri Southern State University who wasn’t involved in the Texas case. If a mammal loses its head, it will die almost immediately. But snakes and other ectotherms, which don’t need as much oxygen to fuel the brain, can probably live on for minutes or even hours, Penning said. “Severing the head isn’t going to cause immediate death in the animal,” Penning told Live Science. “It doesn’t need that much oxygen in the first place.” Granted, the snake might not have been self-aware that it no longer had a body. Rather, it likely just felt the pain from the decapitation and then tried to defend itself, Penning said.”

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Bees Die; Then Us By Brian Simpson

     Colony collapse disorder, which is threatening bee populations across the globe, continues to be an unsolved problem, but a problem that will ring in an era of hunger, if not starvation, if bee populations continue to crash. Around one third of all humanity’s food, and 80 percent of crops are pollinated by bees, so the best case scenario would be economic collapse:   http://readynutrition.com/resources/will-the-extinction-of-bees-really-mean-the-end-of-humanity_04062018/    http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2012/05/insect-pollinators-contribute-29b-us-farm-income

     While many internet sites like to take a quick fix approach to this problem, putting the blame on neonicotinoid chemicals alone, a search of the scientific literature reveals that there are probably a whole range of insecticides, and maybe herbicides, and perhaps industrial pollution, which are impacting upon the honey bee:  https://fordham.bepress.com/environ_2015/57/

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Will America be Destroyed by a Mega-Tsunami of Biblical Proportions? By Brian Simpson

     I am the science guy of sorts at this site, so I don’t go into apocalyptic collapse or religious end times scenarios, unless the evidence suggests it. But, with all those volcanoes across the world suddenly going off their “noodle,” it makes one stop and ponder, hmmm… volcanic apocalypse … maybe. Guatemala’s “volcano of fire’ has obliterated entire towns, and it make one wonder what would happen if one of these geological pus boils decided to pop up in, or near a major Western  city:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-07/shocking-satellite-photos-reveal-entire-towns-obliterated-guatemalas-volcano-fire    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-06/hawaii-volcano-lava-destroys-hundreds-of-homes/9839494

     Then there are thoughts that that Yellowstone may be getting ready to blow, which will devastate America like nothing ever seen:

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Coming Soon: An AI Caused Nuclear Apocalypse By James Reed

     It is straight out of the Terminator movies, with advances in artificial intelligence destroying humanity, the ultimate hubris:  http://collapse.news/2018-06-03-ai-could-spark-a-nuclear-apocalypse-by-2040.html

“A new study conducted by the RAND Corporation warns that advances in artificial intelligence could spark a nuclear apocalypse as soon as 2040. The researchers gathered information from experts in nuclear issues, government, AI research, AI policy, and national security. According to the paper, AI machines might not destroy the world autonomously, but artificial intelligence could encourage humans to take apocalyptic risks with military decisions. Humans will inevitably trust in AI technology to a greater extent, as advances are made in AI for detection, tracking, and targeting. The newfound data intelligence that AI provides will escalate war time tensions and encourage bold, calculated decisions. As armies trust AI to translate data, they will be more apt to take drastic measures against one another. It will be like playing chess against a computer that can predict your future moves and make decisions accordingly. Since 1945, the thought of mutually assured destruction through nuclear war has kept countries accountable to one another. With AI calculating risks more efficiently, armies will be able to attack with greater precision.

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Only in Kalifornication By Chris Knight

     How absurd does it get? In California it is now illegal to have a shower and do laundry on the same day! This is to conserve water, even in times where there is no water  shortage, “just to be sure”:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-03/its-now-against-law-california-shower-and-do-laundry-same-day

“Senate Bill 606 establishes a “governing body” to oversee all water suppliers, both private and public and will require extensive paperwork from those utility companies. Assembly Bill 1668 is where it gets personal.  This establishes limits on indoor water usage for every person in California and the amount allowed will decrease even further over the next 12 years. The bill, until January 1, 2025, would establish 55 gallons per capita daily as the standard for indoor residential water use, beginning January 1, 2025, would establish the greater of 52.5 gallons per capita daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use, and beginning January 1, 2030, would establish the greater of 50 gallons per capita daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use. The bill would impose civil liability for a violation of an order or regulation issued pursuant to these provisions, as specified. If you’re wondering how the government would know how much water your family is using, the utility providers will be obligated to rat you out of face massive fines. And they’re encouraged to spy in all sorts of creative ways. They “shall use satellite imagery, site visits, or other best available technology to develop an accurate estimate of landscaped areas.”

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Save the Crabbies, Not the Economy! A Lament from the Resident Job By Peter West

     At this advanced state of the decay game, we should not be surprised to see projects that give people jobs sacrificed at the altar of the environment:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-31/proposal-to-expand-christmas-island-phosphate-mine-knocked-back/9820382

“The community of Christmas Island could face an economic collapse after a proposal to expand the island’s phosphate mine was knocked back over fears of the impact to the island’s wildlife, including its world-famous red crabs. Phosphate Resources Limited has been mining on the Indian Ocean Territory for more than 100 years, but claims it needs to clear more crown land to access new deposits in order for the operations to remain viable. Under the expansion, the company wanted to clear an additional 6.83 hectares of land to undertake exploration drilling to determine the extent of more phosphate resources, in what has been described as a pristine area of the island.”

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