Reliable Energy - Weather or Not by Viv Forbes

We are told, incessantly, that man’s use of hydrocarbon fuels will cause climate catastrophe, with more droughts, heat waves, bush-fires, floods, blizzards, snow storms, typhoons, hurricanes, super-storms and “weird” weather. Why then would governments compound these claimed risks by pushing weather-dependent energy like wind, solar, hydro or tidal power?
During heatwaves on sultry summer afternoons, wind power fails when our cold rooms, fridges and air-conditioners need it most. And overheating turbines start bushfires. On cold still winter nights, wind and solar will produce zero power when all the trains, heaters, TV sets and coffee machines are sucking energy at the end of a footy match.
In a gale, turbines switch off to avoid damage; in still air they sit idle; in a snow storm they consume power to prevent icing up; and in a tsunami, offshore wind turbines and tidal generators are destroyed.
Solar panels shut down every night; their output varies even when the sun shines; they are blotted out by snow, clouds or dust; and are smashed by hail stones.
Even mighty hydro-power will fail if we suffer the never-ending Flannery Droughts. So if the alarmists are right, and if we are faced with wild weather FOR ANY REASON, we can’t trust weather-dependent energy.
Stick to reliable hydro-carbons – coal, oil and gas, and for dire emergencies - diesel.
They will produce electricity, weather-or-not.

End Climate Propaganda

It’s time to stop wasting taxpayer funds on climate propaganda posing as “research”. In Australia, the CSIRO, BOM, government universities and media, federal state and local governments are all wasting our money trying to prove that the trace amount of colourless CO2 gas produced by human activities is producing dangerous global warming.
With a solidarity that makes North Korea look distinctly liberal, they have relentlessly claimed that “the science is settled”. This “fixed opinion”, supported by a deluge of government cash and media control means that open-minded research is impossible – all we get is one-eyed propaganda, doctored data and vilification of sceptics.

Worldwide, taxpayers have financed over 100 computer models needing massive computers with a well-paid priesthood all trying (unsuccessfully) to forecast global climate trends. If they worked, one is enough. Bigger, faster more expensive computers using the same failed Greenhouse assumptions just get the wrong answers faster. In addition there are the frequent climate conferences where well-financed bureaucrats and government propagandists get re-cycled through the world’s smartest cities seeking powerful roles for themselves in collecting carbon taxes and dispensing climate aid.
This vast expenditure has failed to forecast or change world climate, but has taken funds from the infrastructure needed to cope with inevitable recurring natural disasters such as floods, fires, droughts or earthquakes. In fact, the paranoiac focus on the supposed dangers of global warming has left the world more vulnerable to the biggest climate risk – global cooling. And it has starved research on bigger climate factors such as solar and ice age cycles, deep sea volcanism, plate tectonics and massive oceanic weather events like El Nino.
President Trump is right. All government expenditure on anything with “climate” in its title or mission statement should be scrapped immediately.
Viv Forbes
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rosevale   Qld Australia

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Would The Nukes Even Work? by Brian Simpson

It seems that a malfunction occurred with a British nuclear missile, a Trident II DS missile fired from a nuclear submarine off the coast of Florida in June last year. The missile, which was unarmed at the time, veered in the wrong direction towards America. That obviously could have set off a global nuclear war.  Downing Street covered the disaster up, until now, so that a House of Commons vote on the missile system would not be disrupted. Ah, corruption, it’s everywhere.
Apart from that, it makes one wonder, if push comes to shove, would the nukes even work, especially if spare parts are needed from China?

The Climate Surprise – Why CO2 is good for the Earth

The Climate Surprise – Why CO2 is good for the Earth

The material in the linked pamphlet is drawn from “The Climate Surprise: Why CO2 Is Good for the Earth,” a conference organized jointly by the CO2 Coalition and The New Criterion, which first published these essays in a pamphlet to accompany its June 2016 issue.  The conference took place on March 29, 2016 in New York City.

  • Introduction: The politics of weather by Roger Kimball, 1
  • The climate surprise by William Happer, 5
  • Benefits of atmospheric CO2 by Craig Idso, 9
  • Recent global temperature trends by Roy W. Spencer, 13
  • Global warming: The science in three nutshells by Richard S. Lindzen, 17
  • The truth about ocean “acidification” by Patrick Moore, 23
  • Rethinking climate economics by Bruce M. Everett, 29

The CO2 Coalition on would like to thank Mr. Roger Kimball and Mr. Benjamin Riley of The New Criterion for their work in organizing and hosting the conference.
A playlist of the conference presentations is available here:

The Delusional War on Warmth by Viv Forbes

For decades, global warming scaremongers have been stealing energy from the environment using windmills, solar collectors and biofuels, force-fed by carbon taxes and emission trading schemes. Their delusional dream is to cool the globe.
However, there has been no global warming for nearly 20 years. Right now, the great ice sheets are growing thicker and record snow is blanketing much of the climate change leader – the Northern hemisphere landmass. Solar panels are blinded by snow, and turbines don’t turn in the cold still air or have to be shut down because of icing or high winds. Like all green things, wind and solar power often hibernate in winter.

Meanwhile, the un-loved all-weather energy producers (coal, gas and nuclear) are straining at their limits, as families huddle around heaters fearing the first flickers of failure from overloaded power grids.
No food is produced from land smothered in snow – farmers fear late frosts and welcome early spring rains and warmth.
For the last million years, Earth has experienced long cycles of ice separated by short warm inter-glacials. Today’s warm era is already a mature twelve thousand years old and Earth’s climate is fluctuating naturally towards the next glacial cycle in which many animals and plants will perish. Only fools would assist the return of the ice.
Warmists are making a massive mistake by assuming that global cooling is better than global warming. They are ignoring their precious “Precautionary Principle”.
A frigid ice-house is far more dangerous and destructive than a warm greenhouse.