One Nation senator-elect Malcolm Roberts Now a Terrorist Threat

Michael Koziol from the Sydney Morning Herald reported this morning that: "One Nation Senator-elect Malcolm Roberts wrote bizarre 'sovereign letter' to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard"

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Smart Meter EMF (electro-magnetic field) and a Carbon Rationing Future

It is that time of the year again for our electrical meter to be read. In South Australia it is read every 3 months. We decided about 6 months ago against the offer to install a smart meter and opted out.  As part of that opt-out I placed a padlock across the meterbox-door to stop any unknown entry without significant effort. I also informed the power company that we did not wish to participate in the exercise. We also placed a weather proof sign to inform anyone who approached the meter that to install this type of meter was against our wishes.

We have had to install a new air-conditioner and fridge in the previous 12 months, so the smart technology within each appliance was a contributing factor in our selection.

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