Here Comes Planet X to Save us from Karma Harris! By Brian Simpson

     Whoaha! This one has everything, just what I need to cheer me up, given the ultra-depressing news that Karma Harris will be the communist multiracial president of United States. The idea that global cosmic catastrophe is coming our way, by a wayward Planet X is exciting, if not liberating, because we are so far down the sewer that we need something like this to clean the system out, a hyper-Darwinian event. And what is there not to like with that?

“A large, planet-sized mass inhabits our solar system, and its large elliptical orbit around the sun brings it across Earth’s orbital plane every 3,600 years or so, wreaking havoc on our planet due to strong gravity effects. The U.S. government has been aware of the approach of “Planet X” for over forty years, warns John Moore “The Liberty Man,” in a jaw-dropping new interview on Brighteon Conversations. (See below.) While Planet X won’t strike the Earth, it’s nearby approach will unleash cataclysmic consequences across our planet that may bring an end to human civilization as we know it, Moore explains in the interview. Those effects may include a global “pole shift,” which means the Earth’s crust slips to a new orientation, unleashing extreme winds, volcanoes, earthquakes, flooding, tidal waves and more. “Every structure on the surface of the Earth would be destroyed,” explains Moore, who reveals the governments of the world are frantically constructing more underground bunkers in anticipation of catastrophic events. John Moore is a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst and took part in 57 air combat missions over Vietnam and Cambodia. He later become a homicide detective for the state of Missouri. As a long-time radio host, Moore has developed a long list of sources inside government and the U.S. military. He hosts a radio show each weekday from 8 – 10 am central time, via Republic Broadcasting. Learn all the details at As Moore explains in the video below, the pole shift would place North America closer to the equator than its current position, and the “bulge” of ocean water at the equator (due to centrifugal forces of the rotating planet) would raise the level of the ocean by hundreds of feet compared to the continental United States. John Moore’s website — — hosts this map of anticipated changes.”

     But, I suppose it will not happen, and the long-drawn out death throes of the West will continue. Wait, what about the sun, which occasionally freaks out?

“A massive Earth-facing sunspot was detected earlier this August, raising concerns over the possibility of solar flares. Experts project that the sunspot, part of the cluster tagged as AR2770, is going to grow in size — its dark primary core is already estimated to be about the diameter of Mars. Amateur astronomer Martin Wise of Trenton, Florida, captured an image of the sunspot using an eight-inch telescope with solar filters. He said the sunspot is trailed by several moon-sized “spotlets.” Multiple minor flares have already been reported since it turned toward Earth, causing minor waves of ionization to ripple through Earth’s upper atmosphere. It hasn’t affected space weather yet in any major way, but increased activity is expected due to the sunspot’s increase in size. Earlier in May, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) detected a family of sunspots that emitted the biggest solar flare since October 2017. During this time, the sunspots were still not visible but were expected to rotate into view over the left limb of the Sun. The flares were also still too weak for NOAA to release public alerts. However, NASA said that the sunspots potentially herald increased solar activity.

Sunspots could emit intense solar storms felt on Earth
Sunspots are darker, cooler areas in the sun that are located in the region called the photosphere. The photosphere has a temperature of more than 5,500 degrees Celsius, while sunspots have a temperature of more than 3,500 degrees. Sunspots are believed to be caused by interactions with the Sun’s magnetic field. They occur over intense regions of magnetic activity that can release great amounts of energy. When that happens, solar flares and big storms called coronal mass ejections erupt from sunspots. Solar flares are huge explosions in the sun that can release great levels of radiation into space, which can interrupt radio communications on Earth. Meanwhile, coronal mass ejections are enormous bubbles of radiation and solar particles that often accompany solar flares. They explode into space at high speeds when the magnetic field lines suddenly reorganize. Charged particles from coronal mass ejections can reach Earth and trigger noticeable lights in the sky called Aurora. Stronger explosions, however, can disrupt electricity grids which can cause a power outage. “Strong solar storms can cause fluctuations of electrical currents in space and energize electrons and protons trapped in Earth’s varying magnetic field. These disturbances can cause problems with radio communications, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), power grids, and satellites,” wrote the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on their website.”

     Certainly, a new Carrington style event will liven things up, and will definitely be far better than the death by eight billion cuts coming out of the Saint of the Camps anyway.



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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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