Does Anyone Remember Global Warming? By James Reed

     Tasmania has now recorded its coldest day of -14 C, and snow is falling in all sorts of place it has never done before. Does anyone remember global warming? You know, temperature risers and all that? That was the scam crisis before the present two. I will be thinking of this while I freeze and possibly die in an ice block in my flat here in Melbourne, being too poor for heating. At least our resident survivalist, John Steele, out in the Victorian scrub, will be burning half a forest that he has no doubt cut down, hopefully no Australian animals in it, such as polar bears, wolves, walruses, seals … as we will soon see on Melbournian streets, since people have gone.

“Tasmania has recorded its coldest ever day since records began of -14.2C as the rest of the eastern states are warned to prepare for heavy rain and cold temperatures this weekend. The Bureau of Meterology labelled this week's weather as 'a very significant event', and beat the state's previous record of -14C in 1983. So cold, in fact, that it was actually warmer at the Australian Antartic reasearch station in Casey on Thursday, meteorologist Simon Louis told the ABC. 'I don't think that would happen very often at all,' he said. Video footage, taken on Wednesday, showed Aussie Rules players bracing the icy conditions to train in Launceston in the north of the state. A wombat was also filmed wandering along a boardwalk looking for his underground burrow in the snow earlier in the week.”

     Greenies and Leftoids must be feeling a bit like that wandering womb at  the moment. And, I do hope that carbon production is on their minds, as they too resist using heating, and like me, rug up in a good sleeping bag, with multiple layers of clothes underneath, like this hobo/martial artist guy, who lives out of his backpack in the US, often facing below zero temperatures, as he journeys to the end of the night (Celine allusion).



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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