The Dangers of Eating Snakes By Brian Simpson

     Yes, I know, a weird title, but I am tired, not sleeping having the mother of all tooth abscesses, so my creative juices are flowing … well, a little differently. The reference is to a hypothesis about where the coronavirus came from. I am interested in this latest export from China, particularly after seeing a chemist near my dentist, selling masses of anti-germ masks, some costing $ 50, to Chinese buyers. I really need sleep; then my grammar will sparkle again, instead of simply raining.

“A deadly new virus that has infected hundreds in China may have originated in a snake, a new study claims, as local authorities place a central Chinese city under lockdown to contain it from spreading. A group of Chinese scientists published their findings Wednesday in the Journal of Medical Virology, stating the newly discovered coronavirus most likely transferred to humans from a snake — specifically, the many-banded Chinese Krait or the Chinese cobra. The scientists conducted a sequence analysis of the virus isolated from a patient and compared it to other animals, determining the two snakes — which are common in Southeastern China, including in Wuhan — are most likely the source of the disease. “Our findings suggest that the snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir,” the team of scientists wrote in the paper. The scientists called for further investigation to confirm that snakes serve as reservoirs for the disease but said that their findings are “highly significant for effective control of the outbreak.”

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Greta Inc. By James Reed

     Here is a new documentary that exposes the real power behind climate princess Great Thunberg, and her rise to fame on the international stage. You know, telling all the adults that they have destroyed her life, that they should be guilty and other bs like that. And, doing it, with an ultra-angry face, distorted, as if he has a tooth abscess in every one of her teeth. Talk about eco-anxiety, I get anxious just listening to her. So, here is the New World Order deal on climate change. Lot’s of dirt on the great Greta road show. Like how she was going to a special school, where she did not have to regularly attend lectures. Also, the journalist got treated violently by the “Green guard.” The Leftist elites needed to have a symbol and she was the lucky ducky, and what a duck, saying that people opposing the agenda should be put against a wall, and gems like that.

Water, Freedom and the Globalist Agenda By James Reed

     There is an extension of time to make submissions on the Constitution Alteration (Water Resources) 2019 Inquiry. The push is on for changes to the Australian Constitution in favour of the Commonwealth.  Section 100 declares water is a State's Right. This is how it should remain as it is the Commonwealth which has initiated the disastrous Murray Darling Basin Plan. Resist the move to centralised power at all cost! Say No! always to any constitutional change, for the aim ultimately is to destroy the states!
See ...

Constitution Alteration (Water Resources) 2019
Committee Secretariat contact:
Department of the Senate
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 02 6277 3419
Fax: +61 02 6277 5809
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In Defence of Prescribed Burning By James Reed

     There is a great article:

“How and why prescribed burning mitigates bushfire losses,”

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Voluntary Human Extinction?? By James Reed

     There is apparently a voluntary human extinction movement, a fringe Greenie/Left one. The aim is not just to eliminate whites, as many Greenies and Commos want, but all humans, so full marks for anti-discrimination, if nothing else! Ok, dream on. Still, the movement is part of natural selection, since the very people who will not have children will spare the world from their socialist genes, improving the gene pool. So, with things like this, I say, stop arguing, just bring it on! Here is Les knight on the movement for the extinction of the human rsace:

“In 1996, when we got a website, things took off. People from all over the world emailed me, saying they had thought they were alone. I got hate mail, too. “You first,” is a common taunt. OK, I got snipped; you next. My favourite encounters are with people who thoroughly question the concept: I’ll take thoughtful disagreement over mindless agreement any day. I don’t know how many share my beliefs, but I speak to hundreds of advocates each year. We have active volunteers across the world, from India to Mexico. In my own relationships, I’ve always explained that pregnancy is impossible. Marriage never made sense to me anyway: I would have missed getting to know many wonderful women had I stuck with one. Today, Extinction Rebellion and the climate strike movement haven’t quite embraced the population’s contribution to the crisis. Other high-profile population awareness organisations are working hard to be acceptable, so suggest zero or one offspring, and still say stop at two. Two is too many: computer models suggest even one-child families would result in 5-10 billion people by 2100. Although the basic concept of the movement is the same, my motivations have evolved. I was a deep ecologist at first, caring more about our impact on the ecosphere than human needs. I’ve become more concerned about any new humans being brought into existence. Procreation today is the moral equivalent of selling berths on a sinking ship. It’s true that society would be greatly diminished without children, but it isn’t right to create them just because we like having them around. People worry that we won’t have enough workers to support pensioners, but economic systems are artificial and can be adjusted. We don’t need to breed more wage slaves to prop up an obsolete system. If we go extinct, other species will have a chance to recover. I’ll never see the day when there are no humans on the planet, but I can imagine what a magnificent world it would be – provided we go soon enough.

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Green Fascism By James Reed

     Another great fireside talk, literally, by Nordic outdoors man Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

     He once called himself an environmentalist, but now rejects the term, mainly due to the present climate change fanaticism associated with Extinction Rebellion and Princess Greta. In short, it is not about saving the environment, but social control. The agenda is “pure fascism,” disguised as environmentalism. In order to achieve environmental purity, there is a need to destroy what has been built, that is, Western civilisation. And, this always ends in people being killed.

Get Ready for Climate Refugees By James Reed

     I have been waiting for the globalists, through the accursed UN, to start going on about climate refugees, and how the West is responsible for placing entire populations, along with everything else the West is subjected to. They will not stop as long as the West still stands; this is the endgame.

“It is unlawful for governments to return people to countries where their lives might be threatened by the climate crisis, a landmark ruling by the United Nations human rights committee has found. The judgment – which is the first of its kind – represents a legal “tipping point” and a moment that “opens the doorway” to future protection claims for people whose lives and wellbeing have been threatened due to global heating, experts say. Tens of millions of people are expected to be displaced by global heating in the next decade. The judgment relates to the case of Ioane Teitiota, a man from the Pacific nation of Kiribati, which is considered one of the countries most threatened by rising sea levels. He applied for protection in New Zealand in 2013, claiming his and his family’s lives were at risk. The committee heard evidence of overcrowding on the island of South Tarawa, where Teitiota lived, saying that the population there had increased from 1,641 in 1947 to 50,000 in 2010 due to sea level rising leading to other islands becoming uninhabitable, which had led to violence and social tensions.”

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Prescribed Burning Myths By Viv Forbes

     Considerable publicity is being given to an article by Byron Lamont and Tianhua He titled “Why prescribed burns don’t stop wildfires” (published in New Matilda, and also WAToday 22 January 2020).

Lamont and He are academics from Curtin University in WA, the former a botanist and the latter a molecular biologist. They argue against the use of fuel reduction burning in bushfire management because it does not "stop bushfires". The article should be filed among works of fiction.

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Linking man-made with the natural law By Jennifer Grundy

     Prince Charles has in effect, posed the question, ‘Do we continue business as usual while our livelihood deteriorates?’ It behoves all to think seriously about the question. In parable terms it means; was the Sabbath made for Man or Man made for the Sabbath? One link not addressed is that of debt and the massive impact it has on all nations.  For instance Australia is on a treadmill to develop, produce, populate through immigration and trade with other countries, in large parts to keep the economy functioning and to service the debt. It is obvious that if the debt question of finance is not rectified, an artificial drive to use natural resources to keep the economy in overdrive to service the debt will continue. This would be unnecessary if the financial system functioned as intended; that is, a ticket system to distribute goods and services and facilitate the needs and running of the economy for the benefit of the citizens of the nation. In real terms Australia is a wealthy nation.  The natural wealth, knowledge and labour to feed, clothe and house everyone are in abundance.  It is essential that finance accurately reflect this reality and be balanced with the life-giving forces which sustain us. Technology is replacing much of the physical labour and the money ticket system could facilitate in such change to benefit all. Every nation could be responsible for issuing their own money debt-free for its housekeeping which would ease the pressure to compete for artificial markets.  There would be no need for IMF intervention if the citizens of every nation were responsible for their own political, economic and cultural decisions while respecting other nations and trading where genuine needs exist. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  This is the key to the question posed and is subject to the answer.
  Jennifer Grundy
  January 2020

Six Shades of Fire-Lighters By Viv Forbes

     Australian Fire-lighters come in six colours – yellow, black, white, blood red, dark green, and light green. All are relevant to bushfires and forest management. “Yellow” is the Fire-lighter that has been with us forever. It is the yellow flash of lightning which has always ignited the Australian bush. We’re dreaming to think we can lock yellow fire out of parks, forests and heritage areas. But good forest management can reduce the ferocity and destruction of lightning-strike fires. “Black” Fire-lighters came with the first Australians. Without matches or tinder boxes they probably captured the fire genie from a lightning fire. Or they carried it here on clay hearths on the floor of their canoes. They valued this magic tool for warmth, cooking, insect control, vegetation clearing, animal trapping and fighting enemies. Some also learned how to light fires using heat generated by friction, but this was a slow laborious process and it was far easier to preserve and carry fire in a burning fire-stick. To keep these sticks alight or to light a new one as they travelled, nomadic parties on the plains and deserts renewed them periodically by setting fire to a clump of dry vegetation. Then they moved on. They lit fires for many reasons, anywhere at any time. They tried to keep out of the way of fires, and were known to redirect mild grassland fires but never tried to put them out. This continual mosaic of small fires created the magnificent grasslands and open forests that Europeans admired when they first arrived. Aboriginal fire management followed no central plan, but it worked, making most lives and forests safer.

     “White” Fire-lighters were introduced by the next wave of settlers – the British, bringing matches, flints and tinder boxes. They marvelled at the grasslands and open forests they found. Soon the sheep and cattle of the squatters were flourishing on the fresh nutritious pastures of frequently burned land. They soon learned about bushfires as the “Yellow” and “Black” Fire-lighters were still operating. The squatters soon learned two new skills to protect their pastures, flocks, herds, stock-yards, wool sheds and homesteads. Firstly, reduce fire loads and encourage new grass using cool season burning. And secondly, when faced with invading fires, fight fire with fire – back burn from station tracks, freshly burned bush or creeks towards the invading fire. We need to relearn these valuable lessons. “Blood-Red” Fire-lighters are carried by the fire vandals – the arsonists. And the greater the fire danger, and the more headlines it creates, the more active are these pyro-maniacs. “Light-Green” Fire-lighters were developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s for professional foresters to protect forests with prescribed burning. These marvellous tools were banned by political fools, and are hard to procure today.

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Into Africa By Brian Simpson

     I found this one interesting: Bantu expansion in Africa in ancient times, marginalised the Pygmies. So much then for the exclusive guilt of the white colonialist, for dominance seems part and parcel of the human story, rightly or wrongly:

“With the New Bantu Expansion gearing up to be perhaps the most important global event of the 21st Century, it’s worth looking at the cost paid by Pygmies and other diverse groups during the Old Bantu Expansion of prehistory. Svante Paabo’s breakthrough in being able to sequence DNA from ancient skeletons drove much of the most interesting science of the decade now just closed. But, we’ve tended to be lacking in ancient DNA from sub-Saharan Africa because DNA breaks down faster in warm and wet climates. A variety of other evidence has been pointing towards some interesting weirdnesses in current sub-Saharan DNA, such as indications of a lost “ghost archaic” ancestral population. I wrote about the “The Ghosts of Africa” two years ago in Taki’s Magazine in my third review of geneticist David Reich’s Who We Are and How We Got Here.

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The Nuclear Apocalypse Diet By James Reed and John Steele

     The ultra-paranoid John Steele has come to the big smoke for a few days, and he is with me now, both of us drunk on the cheap alcohol he went out and brought. I do not complain, being so poor I can’t’ afford a dentist, or to get my fridge fixed (which seems to have the motor run for 15 minutes, then stop, for another 15 minutes, then run again, running up my power bill), so getting drunk is my only temporary release. Anyway, onto the joint masterpiece, not my whinging …

    With global nuclear annihilation, one possible future, the question arises as to what the remnant will eat in the post-apocalyptic wasteland:

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Thanks to the Establishment for Doomsday Prepping! By John Steele

     The growth of survivalism, or doomsday prepping has been attributed to the media generating fear of existential threats:

““Doomsday prepping” or stockpiling food, medicine, weapons and other supplies in case of an apocalyptic scenario has long been considered peculiar behavior only exhibited by conspiracy theorists and other extremists in the United States. However, such prepping has actually been steadily on the rise in the U.S. over the past decade. So, what’s causing this surge in stockpiled rice packets and underground bunkers? One group of researchers say it is an ever growing sense of impending doom in American culture. Many have speculated that this surge in doomsday preppers over the last 10 years was linked to an extreme political reaction among many conservatives to Barack Obama’s initial election in 2008, but a new study out of the United Kingdom finds that neither the Obama presidency nor extreme right-wing conspiracy theories in general are the main cause of this growing phenomenon. Researchers interviewed preppers from 18 U.S. states and asked about their motivations for stockpiling food and supplies. The results indicated that, although most did seem to be conservative and fear liberal policies, the main reason behind their motivations was the overall sense of fear currently dominating U.S. culture across a variety of media channels. Most Americans can’t seem to log online or turn on the television without being hit by a grim view of the future being reported or speculated on.

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Race, Nationality and Scientific Fraud By Brian Simpson

     I am always amazed at how sites like American Renaissance have an uncritical acceptance of data, such as IQ, especially that always ranking whites second to other special  groups, even though the entire field of the social science is stricken by a replication crisis, and the widespread existence of fraud and misplaced use of statistics. Thus, we have a highly cited  paper arguing that most published  research is false:

“There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. The probability that a research claim is true may depend on study power and bias, the number of other studies on the same question, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the relationships probed in each scientific field. In this framework, a research finding is less likely to be true when the studies conducted in a field are smaller; when effect sizes are smaller; when there is a greater number and lesser preselection of tested relationships; where there is greater flexibility in designs, definitions, outcomes, and analytical modes; when there is greater financial and other interest and prejudice; and when more teams are involved in a scientific field in chase of statistical significance. Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias. In this essay, I discuss the implications of these problems for the conduct and interpretation of research.”

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NFA Truth and Rightness put in Practice DBS 21-1-20

     It has been wonderful to see the outpouring of support for those whose lives have been turned upside down with loss of lives, homes and precious possessions. It demonstrates the Australian acceptance of the essential Christian heritage of loving ones neighbour as oneself. Mateship demonstrated no less.

     There has always been a concern in my mind as to how the enormous sums that have been collected are to be distributed. It is reported that $50 million has been donated from the USA celebrities alone. It will be interesting to see if one home is built from this fund. It will be put into the hands of a manager and how is he /she to decide whose bank account to put it in? There were massive public funds raised after the terrible fires in Victoria some years ago, does anyone know how many new homes (if any) were built with that money?

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The Traditional Diet of the Australian Aborigine By Brian Simpson

     I came across this paper, while paddling in the big ocean of the internet.

Traditional Diet and Food Preferences of Australian Aboriginal Hunter-Gatherers [and Discussion] Author(s): Kerin O'Dea, P. A. Jewell, A. Whiten, S. A. Altmann, S. S. Strickland and O. T. Oftedal Source: Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences, Vol. 334, No. 1270, Foraging Strategies and Natural Diet of Monkeys, Apes and Humans (Nov. 29, 1991), pp. 233-241

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An Inferno of Incompetence and Obfuscation By Roger Underwood

     The most frequent question I have received over the last month is “who is to blame for the bushfire mess up and down the east coast?” There is a school of thought, mostly put about by state premiers, that the blame game is bad form. We should put the whole bushfire business behind us and move on, they say. Forget the past, the future will be wonderful. I reject this concept, because in any disaster situation lessons must be learned (or rather re-learned) and those lessons applied to improving the way things are done. I also believe those who need to be accountable for the current mess must be identified and the ways they have let us down highlighted.

     The trouble with side-stepping accountability is that mistakes are perpetuated. The same people go back to business as usual, and the same disasters re-occur. If nobody has done anything wrong, as the premiers maintain, no changes need to be made.

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Meet the Eco-Terrorists, at Your Friendly Neighbourhood (UK) University By James Reed

     I just knew it; the most dangerous “terrorists” today are the climate change fanatics, who want to overturn our beautiful consumer society, which has given us magical things, like plastics, duct tape etc.

“Counter-terrorism police placed the non-violent group Extinction Rebellion (XR) on a list of extremist ideologies that should be reported to the authorities running the Prevent programme, which aims to catch those at risk of committing atrocities, the Guardian has learned. The climate emergency campaign group was included in a 12-page guide produced by counter-terrorism police in the south-east titled Safeguarding young people and adults from ideological extremism, which is marked as “official”. XR featured alongside threats to national security such as neo-Nazi terrorism and a pro-terrorist Islamist group. The guide, aimed at police officers, government organisations and teachers who by law have to report concerns about radicalisation, was dated last November. It says that issues to look out for include people who speak in “strong or emotive terms about environmental issues like climate change, ecology, species extinction, fracking, airport expansion or pollution”. In the guide, people are advised to listen and look out for young people who “neglect to attend school” or “participate in planned school walkouts” – an allusion to the school strikes for the climate, a global movement of which the activist Greta Thunberg is a lead proponent. Thousands of UK pupils, and millions worldwide, walked out of school last year in protest at government inaction on the climate crisis. The document also flags young people taking part in non-violent direct action, such as sit-down protests, banner drops or “writing environmentally themed graffiti”. The disclosure that XR has been listed alongside proscribed groups such as National Action and Al-Muhajiroun is likely to be deeply embarrassing for counter-terror chiefs. They have for years faced claims that Prevent can cross the line to stifle legitimate free speech, thought and dissent.”

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Government by Enquiry By Viv Forbes

     19 January 2020,          Politicians hide behind enquiries – their magic answer to all problems, especially bushfires. Announcing enquiries give the impression of decisive action, they generate fees for armies of barristers, lawyers and bureaucrats, and provide momentary excitement for the media. The proposed 2020 Australian Bushfires corrobboree will provide a grandstand for the Climate Rebellion Mob who will get starring roles on ABC/Fairfax. Big business will probably propose a carbon tax to fight bushfires while foresters and land owners will hardly be heard. When the final report is ultimately delivered, the media will be off trumpeting some new climate “emergency” to scare the public. The expensive new report will be quietly filed with all the others. We’ve had at least 57 bushfire enquiries since 1939 – about one every two years. Anyone who bothers to read them will soon deduce what should be done. Nothing much has changed except there are more people living in fire prone zones with no protection, and more forest and private land was locked up with heavy fuel loads.

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Will China be Taking Our Oxygen next? Do We have the Right to Breathe? By James Reed

     Here is more on water mining. This is the latest aspect of economic imperialism, as our governments give away vital water resources in the driest continent on earth:

“Farmers and landholders in the drought-hit Southern Downs region of Queensland are furious over the lack of government and council opposition to a Chinese-owned company’s plan to mine nearly 100 million litres of local groundwater a year and sell it off, at a time when local towns are so dry they are relying on trucked-in water to keep their taps running. Southern Downs Regional Council last month voted to approve planned works associated with the project, which could take up to 96 million litres of water a year from an aquifer beneath the Cherrabah Resort near Warwick and truck it to the Gold Coast for commercial plastic bottling. The approval came as the council was preparing residents to get used to using just 80 litres of water per person a day and to adopt practices such as three-minute showers and washing clothes only every third day. The drought has drained the town of Stanthorpe of its water supply, leaving residents to rely on a convoy of trucks carting water from a dam 75km away. The Chinese-owned Royal Duke Holdings, operator of the Cherrabah Resort, has succeeded in winning approval for its groundwater mining venture on various conditions, including upgrading nearby roads. According to its application to council, the company wants to build a “water extraction and distribution facility” using underground water from a fractured rock aquifer and sell the product to commercial water bottlers on the Gold Coast.”

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