Linking man-made with the natural law By Jennifer Grundy

     Prince Charles has in effect, posed the question, ‘Do we continue business as usual while our livelihood deteriorates?’ It behoves all to think seriously about the question. In parable terms it means; was the Sabbath made for Man or Man made for the Sabbath? One link not addressed is that of debt and the massive impact it has on all nations.  For instance Australia is on a treadmill to develop, produce, populate through immigration and trade with other countries, in large parts to keep the economy functioning and to service the debt. It is obvious that if the debt question of finance is not rectified, an artificial drive to use natural resources to keep the economy in overdrive to service the debt will continue. This would be unnecessary if the financial system functioned as intended; that is, a ticket system to distribute goods and services and facilitate the needs and running of the economy for the benefit of the citizens of the nation. In real terms Australia is a wealthy nation.  The natural wealth, knowledge and labour to feed, clothe and house everyone are in abundance.  It is essential that finance accurately reflect this reality and be balanced with the life-giving forces which sustain us. Technology is replacing much of the physical labour and the money ticket system could facilitate in such change to benefit all. Every nation could be responsible for issuing their own money debt-free for its housekeeping which would ease the pressure to compete for artificial markets.  There would be no need for IMF intervention if the citizens of every nation were responsible for their own political, economic and cultural decisions while respecting other nations and trading where genuine needs exist. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  This is the key to the question posed and is subject to the answer.
  Jennifer Grundy
  January 2020



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Monday, 27 June 2022