Greta Inc. By James Reed

     Here is a new documentary that exposes the real power behind climate princess Great Thunberg, and her rise to fame on the international stage. You know, telling all the adults that they have destroyed her life, that they should be guilty and other bs like that. And, doing it, with an ultra-angry face, distorted, as if he has a tooth abscess in every one of her teeth. Talk about eco-anxiety, I get anxious just listening to her. So, here is the New World Order deal on climate change. Lot’s of dirt on the great Greta road show. Like how she was going to a special school, where she did not have to regularly attend lectures. Also, the journalist got treated violently by the “Green guard.” The Leftist elites needed to have a symbol and she was the lucky ducky, and what a duck, saying that people opposing the agenda should be put against a wall, and gems like that.



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022