Aussie Bushfires Nurtured in National Parks By Viv Forbes

     Listen carefully to a typical bush-fire warning: “A big fire in the XYZ National Park is now threatening adjacent homes and farms”. For decades now politicians have been recklessly locking up more land in National Parks, Reserves and Heritage Areas. There are now over 500 national parks covering over 11% of Australia.

     In addition to this huge area of nationalised parks, the Howard government, in cahoots with compliant States, created untouchable Kyoto forests on private land in order to meet silly carbon dioxide obligations imposed by the Kyoto Protocol. This conversion of private grazing land to protected “Kyoto Forest” was accelerated by state government tree-huggers who used aerial surveillance to identify “remnant vegetation” and “regrowth areas” on private land which were then subjected to preservation orders (without ground checking or discussions). Graziers were also prohibited from harvesting timber on their own land. Then some greedy landowners created private plantations of eucalypts to earn credits from carbon fairies in Canberra. This vast area of “protected” land soon became a tinder box of unburnt weeds and flammable scrub.

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Is There an Insect Apocalypse? By James Reed

     As you all know, we are all climate change critics here, even Brian Simpson, who is so scientifically cautious about bloody everything that he normally does not have a position on most things, thus writing the least articles of the team, except Mr Ian Wilson, whom I do not know (Sydney scene). Why, he even rejects IQ, and has a beef about American Renaissance magazine, while I like it. I even have a picture of Jared Taylor on my bar fridge.  Anyway, what about biodiversity destruction, which is now being linked in the climate change narrative. What should be our position on that?

“AN insect “apocalypse” is under way that could impact on all life on Earth, a report warns. The heavy use of pesticides has helped wipe out around half of all species of insects since 1970, say ¬worried researchers. Prof Dave Goulson added: “It could be much more. We just don’t know, which is scary. "If we don’t stop the decline of our insects there will be profound consequences for all life on earth — for human wellbeing.” An investigation carried out by ecologists at Sussex University for the Wildlife Trusts found that 40 per cent of the one million known insect species are now nearing extinction. Many birds, bats, reptiles, small mammals and fish would starve without insects to eat. And with 87 per cent of plants needing animal pollination, mostly from insects, human food sources are at risk too. Meanwhile the use of ¬pesticides has doubled over the past 25 years, statistics show. During this time at least 23 ¬species of bees and wasps have disappeared.”

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Climate Change Little Princess is Not a Time Traveller! By James Reed

     There is an amazing photo published of a girl from 1898, who looks like climate change princess, Greta Thunberg. The internet line being run, is I suppose is that she is a time traveller sent back to save us. Well, I guess the feminist movie Terminator: Dark Fate is still running and is fresh in their minds:

     The problem with the time traveller hypothesis is that the photo is from the past, and she is supposedly here now. So, where does the future come in? And, wouldn’t she tell us that she was from the future, if she was, because one thing this little gal can do is talk, and talk, and talk, increasing carbon emissions. And why not go back further in time and just terminate capitalism in the beginning? And, where are her advanced weapons from the future? No, I am far from convinced! Yes, I imagine that the idea that everyone has a double is true. In fact, most leftists look pretty much alike, coming out of the same genetic engineering factory.

Why is Socialism on the Rise? It’s the Universities Again! By James Reed

     Socialism, if humans were rational and not subjected to unending manipulation, should have died in the 20th century, but it is making a comeback, especially with young people at universities… this is one of the reasons why we need to close down the universities and put in place new training institutions, without the Humanities and Social Sciences:

“The supporters of socialism are not simply the young, but rather, disproportionately those among the young who are college-educated. And the more college they have, the hotter for socialism they get. According to a 2015 poll , support for socialism grows from 48% among those with a high school diploma or less to 62% among college graduates to 78% among those with post-graduate degrees. Those on the left probably stop thinking hard about now and jump immediately to the conclusion that support for socialism is just a natural outgrowth of big brains and elite educations. But there is, in fact, a less obvious but ultimately far more compelling explanation that also manages to account for the general fact that more education correlates with more leftism: something — something bad — is happening at universities themselves to pull students toward the (far) left. We have already seen above that what’s not happening at universities, even elite universities, today is a whole lot of education in important subjects like history. What we are getting instead is a lot of groupthink and indoctrination. Universities have always skewed a bit left. But beginning in the early to mid 1990s (for reasons I’ve explained in some detail elsewhere ), ideological diversity began to vanish entirely, as the leftward deviation turned tidal. As documented in a 2005 paper from Stanley Rothman et al., as of 1984, 39% of university faculty were left/liberal, and 34% were right/conservative. By 1999, those numbers had undergone a seismic shift: faculty was now 72% left/liberal and 15% right/conservative. Since 1999, the imbalance has become starker still. A comprehensive National Association of Scholars report from April 2018 from Prof. Mitchell Langbert of Brooklyn College, tracking the political registrations of 8,688 tenure-track, Ph.D.-holding professors from 51 of U.S. News & World Report’s 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges for 2017, found that “78.2 percent of the academic departments in [his] sample have either zero Republicans, or so few as to make no difference.” Predictably, given the composition of the professoriate, survey data also indicates that students’ political views drift further leftward between freshman and senior year. In light of this data, it should not be a surprise to us that students who have gone to college in this age of ideological extremism have come out radicalized and … socialized.

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A Possible Solution to the Nuclear Waste Problem By James Reed

     I love nuclear power, even the waste is exciting, at worst creating super-heroes, but it need not be like that. Now it looks like nuclear waste can be zapped by lasers, making it safe enough to kick around as one would a football:

“But now, for the first time, there may be a solution to the previously unsolvable nuclear waste issue.
Nobel laureate Gérard Mourou has proposed a novel solution that smacks of science fiction and revolves around blasting nuclear waste with lasers. Morou and his research partner Donna Strickland won their Nobel Prize in 2018 for their work with Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA), a revolutionary invention that creates extremely rapid and ultra-powerful laser pulses with lots of different potential applications. “The original research focused on applications like laser machining and eye surgery,” reports ExtremeTech, “but scientists could also use it to observe atomic processes that happen at almost unfathomable speeds. If we could speed it up a bit more, Mourou says CPA could have a use in processing nuclear waste, too.” According to Mourou’s hypothesis, CPA could turn even the most nuclear waste we have sitting in secure storage facilities around the world, where it will otherwise remain radioactive for millions of years, into a substance so safe you could hold it in the palm of your hand. Of course, the CPA process will require a bit of tweaking to get to this point of capability. “Currently, CPA can produce laser pulses as brief as one attosecond — that’s a billionth of a billionth of a second. To transmute nuclear waste into something safe, Mourou says you’d need to increase the pulse rate by roughly 10,000 times,” says ExtremeTech.

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The 11th Sin By Peter West

     The Pope is on the verge of declaring a new sin, an ecological sin:

“Pope Francis on Friday issued a warning against the rise of fascist forces worldwide that remind him of the Nazis of the 20th Century as he also railed against corporate crimes and announced consideration of adding "sins against ecology" to the church's official teachings. During a speech at the Vatican before the 20th World Congress of the International Association of Penal Law, a network of justice system and criminology experts from around the world, the leader of the Catholic Church said worrying developments both in the political arena and from the world of business remind him of dark episodes from humanity's past, including Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. "It is not coincidental that at times there is a resurgence of symbols typical of Nazism," Francis said as he decried the "culture of waste and hate" represented by contemporary politicians who spew derogatory and racists attacks against homosexuals, gypsies, Jewish people, and others. "I must confess to you," he continued, "that when I hear a speech (by) someone responsible for order or for a government, I think of speeches by Hitler in 1934, 1936." The Pope also highlighted environmental degradation and said the church was considering adding crimes against nature and the environment to the catechism—the official text of church doctrine and teachings. "We have to introduce, we are thinking about it, in the catechism of the Catholic Church, the sin against ecology, the sin against our common home, because it's a duty," he said. Francis has been championed by climate activists for using his position to preach about the urgent need for humanity to recognize the dangers of human-caused global warming and calling on other world leaders—and the estimated 1.2 billion Catholics in the world—to act boldly to address the crisis.

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5 G Apocalypse .. but 6 G Cometh By Brian Simpson

     Fear not the walking dead, but 5 G:

“While globalists happily push 5G into America and now on a fast-track with words like ‘5G Revolution‘ being tossed around, the website Scientific American recently put out this story within which they warned “We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe“. As this story Steve Quayle linked to Sunday over at the Mind Unleashed reports of the Scientific American story, of particular significance is the fact that SciAm is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, founded by inventor and publisher Rufus M. Porter in 1845, and running monthly since 1921. It is a highly influential publication, widely reputed for its rigorous scientific standards, and lauded by today’s fact-checkers as highly credible and staunchly pro-science. With the Scientific American story reporting that “the technology is coming, but contrary to what some people say, there could be health risks“, their story confirmed much of what the independent media has been reporting for the past couple of years about 5G, that America is flying blind into a potentially disastrous health mess with potential damages to human beings including: Millimeter waves are mostly absorbed within a few millimeters of human skin and in the surface layers of the cornea. Short-term exposure can have adverse physiological effects in the peripheral nervous system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. The research suggests that long-term exposure may pose health risks to the skin (e.g., melanoma), the eyes (e.g., ocular melanoma) and the testes (e.g., sterility).

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Now Shutting Down the Questioning of the Climate Dogma By James Reed

     The crazed Left has moved on from smashing racists, and now equate even those who question the climate change mania, as evil, with no right to speak. The conference that they stopped below has apparently been rescheduled at a secret location. Thus, free thinkers are forced into hiding in this most repressive of regimes.

“The NH Hotel Group will no longer host the 13th annual “alternative climate conference” in Munich featuring scientists skeptical of climate change alarmism following protests at its hotel. Each year, the Jena-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Germany’s leading private think tank on climate and energy issues, has rented out the NH Congress Center Munich for its alternative climate conference and did so once again this year until the hotel abruptly terminated the agreement this past week. The hotel group cited “security” concerns for its cancellation of the event after activists from the “Anti-Capitalist Climate Society,” whose motto is “system change, not climate change,” staged a protest of the conference including the formation of a flash mob in the hotel lobby, causing a disturbance and distributing flyers to hotel guests. “The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is always our top priority,” hotel management declared in its cancellation letter. “Due to the polarizing effect of the EIKE association, we could not guarantee this security for our hotel guests or for the participants of the event. For this reason, our responsibility as hosts requires you to cancel this booking.”

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Behind Extinction Rebellion By James Reed

     Here is a good one; the academic dude who formulated the crazy Gaia idea of the earth as a self-regulating super-organism, has slammed Extinction Rebellion, as far as a 100-year old can slam anything:

“James Lovelock, the world’s most distinguished environmentalist, has come out against Extinction Rebellion (XR). They are a bunch of “silly buggers”, the 100-year-old told me this week. Dr Lovelock — independent scientist; inventor of Gaia Theory; creator of the first device to measure the CFCs causing a hole in the ozone layer; environmental campaigner over many decades — told me that he has no sympathy with the Extinction Rebellion mob and their claims to be saving the planet. “No, I don’t [support Extinction Rebellion], I think the silly buggers are going far over the top. It’s all very well to mount a barrier, but make sure when you jump off you don’t crash on the other side!” The eminent British scientist — who celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this year and is still going strong — was laughing at the expense of the Extinction Rebellion activists at Canning Town station in the East End of London, who climbed onto tube train carriages only to be dragged off by angry commuters.”

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Getting Hysterical about Hilarious Climate Hysteria! By James Reed

     Think of me as being like a kindly mother bird, collecting anti-climate change material to feed to you, not just any random worm of information, but choice, warm and wriggling ones, still with life in them:

“The Earth's average temperature is rising. It's risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. The U.N. predicts it will rise another 2 to 5 degrees this century. If that happens, that will create problems. But does that justify what's being said? "We have 12 years to act!" says Joe Biden. "The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change!" adds Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Twelve years? That's the new slogan. The Heartland Institute invited some climate alarmists to explain the "12 years" and other frightening statements they keep making. The alarmists didn't even show up. They never do. They make speeches and preach to gullible reporters, but they won't debate anyone who is skeptical. Over the years, I repeatedly invited Al Gore to come on my TV shows. His staff always said he was "too busy." At a Heartland Institute event I moderated, climatologist Pat Michaels put the 12-year claim in perspective by saying, "It's warmed up around 1 degree Celsius since 1900, and life expectancy doubled in the industrialized democracies! Yet that temperature ticks up another half a degree and the entire system crashes? That's the most absurd belief!" Astrophysicist Willie Soon added, "It's all about hand-waving, emotion, sending out kids in protest. It has nothing to do with the science."

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Why, Wi Fi? By Brain Simpson

     I found this article while wondering through the site, on the health dangers of Wi Fi, and the dangers are many, including zapping sperm, which is the last thing most of us need, well, maybe not the blokes who write here, who are mostly over the hill, and coming down the other side, but the young blokes, eager to sow wild oats. Good luck with that one, all you young and hot blooded agriculturalists:

“Repeated Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload. Each of these effects are also caused by exposures to other microwave frequency EMFs, with each such effect being documented in from 10 to 16 reviews. Therefore, each of these seven EMF effects are established effects of Wi-Fi and of other microwave frequency EMFs. Each of these seven is also produced by downstream effects of the main action of such EMFs, voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation. While VGCC activation via EMF interaction with the VGCC voltage sensor seems to be the predominant mechanism of action of EMFs, other mechanisms appear to have minor roles. Minor roles include activation of other voltage-gated ion channels, calcium cyclotron resonance and the geomagnetic magnetoreception mechanism. Five properties of non-thermal EMF effects are discussed. These are that pulsed EMFs are, in most cases, more active than are non-pulsed EMFs; artificial EMFs are polarized and such polarized EMFs are much more active than non-polarized EMFs; dose-response curves are non-linear and non-monotone; EMF effects are often cumulative; and EMFs may impact young people more than adults. These general findings and data presented earlier on Wi-Fi effects were used to assess the Foster and Moulder (F&M) review of Wi-Fi. The F&M study claimed that there were seven important studies of Wi-Fi that each showed no effect. However, none of these were Wi-Fi studies, with each differing from genuine Wi-Fi in three distinct ways. F&M could, at most conclude that there was no statistically significant evidence of an effect. The tiny numbers studied in each of these seven F&M-linked studies show that each of them lack power to make any substantive conclusions. In conclusion, there are seven repeatedly found Wi-Fi effects which have also been shown to be caused by other similar EMF exposures. Each of the seven should be considered, therefore, as established effects of Wi-Fi.”

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UK Rocket Attacks! By Richard Miller

     What a truly exciting and diverse place the UK now is! So colourful! Why people even celebrate by firing rockets at each other, as a sign of good will:

“Police and firefighters were pelted with fireworks and rival groups fired rockets at each other as Bonfire Night celebrations descended into chaos. Shocking scenes across Britain saw fireworks used as weapons in violent clashes. Several arrests were made in Leeds, where yobs attacked police by firing missiles. And an Asda car park in Manchester resembled a "war zone" as shoppers fled for their lives as thugs launched fireworks at cars. Police in Blackburn have shared footage of the huge explosions aimed at cops by youths. In Wrexham, emergency services were also targeted, with police chiefs warning that lives were being put at risk. And two men were arrested in Edinburgh on suspicion of supplying fireworks to youths after missiles were aimed at police.”

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Bushfire Sense By Viv Forbes

     Australia is a land of deserts, droughts, floods, bushfires, flammable forests and fire-prone grasslands – these conditions have developed since the start of the Holocene Warm Era about twelve thousand years ago. All previous Australian bushies, both black and white, have recognised the key principle of fire management in Australia – you can have many small managed “cool” fires in early spring or a few unplanned disastrous “hot” fires consuming a heavy fuel load in hot dry winds in late spring. (Arsonists have other priorities and light their fires at these most dangerous times.) Every generation of Australians sees its fire disasters and the worst ones get names – “Black Thursday” in 1851, “Black Friday” in 1939, “Ash Wednesday” in 1983, and the worst to date “Black Saturday” in 2009. Not even an armada of expensive water bombers will stop these bushfires – at that stage fire can only be prevented or contained by fire.

     Good fire management disappeared as rural voters were outvoted by the green leafy suburbs. Urban greens thought we could prevent all fires and encourage wildlife by locking up more parks and encouraging fire-loving, oil-containing eucalypts and flammable weeds close to towns and dwellings. (Many native plants require fire to burst open their rock-hard seed pods.) Graham Lloyd of the Australian notes that even the Hippies of Nimbin blame greens for “the incendiary state of the Australian bush”. Even more stupid are those who think politicians can control or abolish droughts and bushfires by banning the use of coal and oil in a futile attempt to lower global temperature. The sun, the oceans and recurring El Nino droughts will dwarf all efforts of puny politicians. We need good fire and forest management and prosecution of arsonists, not costly climate distractions.

Climate Change and the Bushfires By Pyjamas Reed

     The point has been made before by people vastly more knowledgeable than me, that the fires that are now burning down the eastern states, are not a product of climate change, but of poor, or non-existent forest management. National parks have been under the spell of Left-wing environmentalism since, who knows when. Thus, in the name of preventing carbon emissions, back burning, and hazard Reduction burns have diminished, and as usual vast amounts of combustible material has been allowed to accumulate. Cattle, which could have removed a lot of the vegetation, were banned of course, as cattle eat grass and fart. Consequently, we have the Left and Greens proclaiming that bushfires are clear evidence of climate change, and that fires at present are out of control. Hence the need to fix the climate. But, even if this was true, it will take decades to do, if it can be done at all, while bushfires are a now-problem, burning while my pain-stricken hands type this. Hence, it all comes down to bushfire management, strategies to reduce the present intensity of bushfires, and thus when fires occur, making them relatively easier to control. Fuel reduction burning is a key part of this. But that involves fighting fire with fire, and that in turn generates CO2, which is toxic for the morally pure environmentalist. Thus, for them, it is better to let the entire forest burn down, with all the cuddly furry animals, than to break some egg shells and burn off the material that will ultimately produce the next towering inferno.

Garbage from India to Los Angeles By Charles Taylor

     President Trump has wadded in on the garbage in India issue, claiming that it even reaches to LA!

“US President Donald Trump has said countries like China, India and Russia are doing "absolutely nothing" to clean up their smokestacks and industrial plants and the garbage that they drop in sea floats into Los Angeles.
Terming climate change as a "very complex issue", Donald Trump said he considers himself to be, "in many ways, an environmentalist, believe it or not". "So ... I'm very much into climate. But I want the cleanest air on the planet and I want to have - I have to have clean air - water," Mr Trump said in remarks at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday. Donald Trump told the audience that the US withdrew from the "one-sided, horrible, horrible, economically unfair, ''close your businesses down within three years,'' ''don't frack, don't drill, we don't want any energy'' - the horrible Paris Climate Accord that killed American jobs and shielded foreign polluters."
He said the Paris Climate Agreement was a "disaster" for the US, adding that the deal would have resulted in "trillions and trillions of dollars" of destruction to America. "And it is so unfair. It doesn't kick in for China until 2030. Russia goes back into the 1990s, where the base year was the dirtiest year ever in the world. India, we are supposed to pay them money because they are a developing nation. I said, ''We''re a developing nation, too''," Mr Trump said amidst laughter from the audience. Responding to a question about how he thinks about risk as it relates to trade policy and issues like climate change, Mr Trump said, "when people ask the question...about climate - I always say: You know, I have a little problem.

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Poetry Corner By James Reed

     Here is the poem that's gone viral after NSW farmer Joanna Collett posted it on the Prime Minister's Facebook page:

G’day Mr Morrison, I trust that you are fine,
Sorry to be bothering you, but there’s something on my mind
I listened to a bloke last week; he had a bit to say
You lot may have heard of him? He delivers all that hay?
He spoke of countless hours and the distances they drive
Feeding starving stock, to keep bush hopes alive
They do not get assistance from your tax funded hat
They do it on their own, all off their own bat
I’m not politically minded and I don’t have any clout
And I know you’ve done a tour, to learn about the drought
But there’s just some burning questions, that have left us feeling beat
Why did we fund a foreign land, to learn to cut up meat?
And what about those soccer boys, who went and got all lost
You pulled out all the bloody stops, plain just showing off
You’ve bigger problems here at home, there’s drought up to our necks
So what does your mob go and do ? Give them big fat cheques!
Don’t they have a government to deal with all this stuff?
Why should it be up to us, what’s with all your fuss?
Should we not be reigning in and look after our own
Have you never heard the phrase “charity starts at home”?
I realise there’s many things, that need an allocation
And I also can appreciate, complex trade relations
I’m not sure if you realise, but if our stock all die,
There won’t be any trade you see, your deals will all run dry
As a rule we’re not a whinging lot, our requests are but a few
Most of us who work the land, are tested, tried and true
We respect that we are guardians, and sustain it for the kids
But I often have to wonder, what future will it bring?
I guess all that I’m wondering, is “where’s the Aussie aid”?
Wrapped up in a swag of tape, only then to be repaid !
There’s Aussie blokes and chicks out there, putting you to shame
Helping fellow Australians, in their time of pain
I’m just a simple farmer, grazier, wife and mum
And even though we’re feeding stock, we’re better off than some
I’ve never had to shoot a cow, who could no longer stand
But many have before me, and I pray, I’m not dealt that hand
So will you take another look; admit that we’re in strife ?
And do more than bloody empathise, before another farmer takes their life ?
I’d like to think you’ll do what’s right and put Australia first
And help your own damn country, before this drought gets any worse.

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Kukris Against Tigers By John Steele

"The fundamental appeal of the sword to its owner lies in its serving as an embodiment of his phallic energy, symbolizing his aggressive power as a warrior. Through his sword this power extends even to the dispensation of life and death."
--‐ Philip S. Rawson,

     The kukri knife/sword is the national weapon and tool of Nepal, and symbol of the Gurkhas, who have served Britain in numerous conflicts. The knife has a blade from 12 inches to as long as 24 inches, thick, maybe 6 mm, of spring steel. The longer versions can be used to decapitate water buffalos, lopping off the head with one stroke. The blade is carved, roughly shaped like a boomerang, but with the cutting edge on the recurve side only. This blade geometry enables the kukri to cut above its weight, out-cutting even many swords.

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Would Global Genocide Solve Climate Change? By James Reed

     I saw the article first referred to at, which seemed to be a typical genocide article, so I just needed to find the “get whitey” aspect, and then done and dusted, and I could have my fifth drink for the day (not water):

“Over 11,000 experts from around the world have banded together to call for solutions to the  'climate emergency,' including population control - which "must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity." The solution? Fewer people! When absorbed in sequence, the charts lay out a devastating trend for planetary health. From meat consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and ice loss to sea-level rise and extreme weather events, they lay out a grim portrait of 40 years of squandered opportunities. The scientists make specific calls for policymakers to quickly implement systemic change to energy, food, and economic policies. But they go one step further, into the politically fraught territory of population control. It “must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity,” they write. -Bloomberg
"We are encouraged by a recent surge of concern," reads the letter. "Governmental bodies are making climate emergency declarations. Schoolchildren are striking. Ecocide lawsuits are proceeding in the courts. Grassroots citizen movements are demanding change, and many countries, states and provinces, cities, and businesses are responding.”

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Eco-Friendly, Is Not! By James Reed

     Ah! Here are the sorts of articles that I spend countless hours each day, to bring fresh to your table, travelling many stormy seas in my yellow rain coat and rubber boots, all made from plastic, glorious plastic:

“Eco-consciousness has become a winning marketing strategy, but products sold as eco-friendly often aren't. From solar panels to paper straws, many of our supposed environmental saviors are making the problem worse.
The fight against climate change is poised to make a lot of people very, very rich. The world is expected to invest some $90 trillion in new infrastructure to stave off climate doom over the next ten to 15 years, according to a report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, and manufacturers of consumer products want a piece of the action, with study after study revealing customers will pay more for “sustainable” and earth-friendly products. A third of consumers buy based on a brand’s environmental impact, according to Unilever, with a fifth explicitly favoring green messaging. Not all products sold as sustainable, however, actually are. In fact, some are worse for the environment than the products they've replaced. But there is a reluctance to tear away from the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing good for the planet, even when the virtue one is signaling is wholly imaginary.

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Uncle Len’s Amazing UFO Encounter By “Out of this World,” Len

     Imagine my surprise to read about a UFO battle about 40 years ago, high above the streets of little old Adelaide, a city otherwise known for Satanic murders and other creepy stuff:

“Twin brothers have stood by their claims they witnessed two UFOs battling in the clear night sky over the Australian Outback nearly 40 years ago. Rob and Phil Tindale were just 10 years old when they say they saw two objects hovering in the skies outside their home in Stirling, Adelaide Hills in February 1980. A distinct 'bright yellow object' was spotted, which hovered about 50 metres above ground level, before a second one appeared, emitting 'a red light', they said. The red object attempted to charge at the yellow UFO several times, before the 'blow flies on steroids' zoomed across the sky with 'extreme speed'. The yellow UFO made an 'emergency crash landing' into a tree, while the red object appeared to disappeared into the distance in a bizarre 15 minute account. The brothers rushed to wake their parents in their room, who gave a lacklustre response and simply told the boys to go back to bed. But Phil and Rob's grandmother the next day cut out an article in the local paper about a UFO crash in Stirling on the same night. The story titled 'Aussie Sure UFO Damaged Trees' was reported by Daryl Browne, who heard a tree 'creaking and groaning'. He walked towards the noise and shone his torch on an eight metre yellow craft likened to a speedboat, wedged between broken branches. Mr Browne called authorities but the yellow object managed to take flight before he  and detectives arrived at the scene. No traces of the UFO were left behind and the only evidence of the object could be seen through the damages inflicted on the trees.”

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