Now Shutting Down the Questioning of the Climate Dogma By James Reed

     The crazed Left has moved on from smashing racists, and now equate even those who question the climate change mania, as evil, with no right to speak. The conference that they stopped below has apparently been rescheduled at a secret location. Thus, free thinkers are forced into hiding in this most repressive of regimes.

“The NH Hotel Group will no longer host the 13th annual “alternative climate conference” in Munich featuring scientists skeptical of climate change alarmism following protests at its hotel. Each year, the Jena-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Germany’s leading private think tank on climate and energy issues, has rented out the NH Congress Center Munich for its alternative climate conference and did so once again this year until the hotel abruptly terminated the agreement this past week. The hotel group cited “security” concerns for its cancellation of the event after activists from the “Anti-Capitalist Climate Society,” whose motto is “system change, not climate change,” staged a protest of the conference including the formation of a flash mob in the hotel lobby, causing a disturbance and distributing flyers to hotel guests. “The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is always our top priority,” hotel management declared in its cancellation letter. “Due to the polarizing effect of the EIKE association, we could not guarantee this security for our hotel guests or for the participants of the event. For this reason, our responsibility as hosts requires you to cancel this booking.”

The alternative conference will be held in Munich this week, from November 23-24 at an alternative site. The European Institute for Climate and Energy opposes assertions that climate change is solely or primarily man-made, proposing that this claim is not scientifically rigorous and neglects known solar and other natural influences on climate. According to its website, EIKE rejects climate policy “based solely on GHG reduction because of its negative impacts on the economy and the wider population and the consequent tax burden it creates on people, especially those in energy poverty.” EIKE also proposes a broader, open debate on climate change issues, resisting efforts to shut down scientific discussion on the topic in the name of an imposed “consensus.”

     However, truth will win out in the end. We will either see the effects of climate change or we will not (of course, we will not), pretty soon by their own predictions, so the narrative is even weaker than communism. Then again, the failure of communism did not stop the Left, but communism is a core value, and cannot be abandoned, while the climate change issue is simply useful at the present time, and could be jettisoned, just like global cooling was dropped like a cold potato some decades ago.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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