The Dangers of Eating Snakes By Brian Simpson

     Yes, I know, a weird title, but I am tired, not sleeping having the mother of all tooth abscesses, so my creative juices are flowing … well, a little differently. The reference is to a hypothesis about where the coronavirus came from. I am interested in this latest export from China, particularly after seeing a chemist near my dentist, selling masses of anti-germ masks, some costing $ 50, to Chinese buyers. I really need sleep; then my grammar will sparkle again, instead of simply raining.

“A deadly new virus that has infected hundreds in China may have originated in a snake, a new study claims, as local authorities place a central Chinese city under lockdown to contain it from spreading. A group of Chinese scientists published their findings Wednesday in the Journal of Medical Virology, stating the newly discovered coronavirus most likely transferred to humans from a snake — specifically, the many-banded Chinese Krait or the Chinese cobra. The scientists conducted a sequence analysis of the virus isolated from a patient and compared it to other animals, determining the two snakes — which are common in Southeastern China, including in Wuhan — are most likely the source of the disease. “Our findings suggest that the snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir,” the team of scientists wrote in the paper. The scientists called for further investigation to confirm that snakes serve as reservoirs for the disease but said that their findings are “highly significant for effective control of the outbreak.”

Patients first began falling ill from pneumonia caused by a mysterious new disease last month, which was identified a week later as a coronavirus that the World Health Organization has called 2019-nCoV. The origin of the disease was traced to a seafood market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan where a variety of live animals were sold including snakes, chickens and bats, among others. The disease — which is similar to the one behind SARS that killed hundreds in China in the early 2000s — has since jumped borders with cases reported in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong and the United States. In China, at least 17 people have died and nearly 600 have been infected with the coronavirus. The seafood market has been closed since Jan. 1 and due to the spread of the disease, Chinese health officials have placed Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, under partial lockdown ahead of the Lunar New Year weekend during which millions of Chinese are expected to criss-cross the country. The partial lockdown went into effect at 10 a.m. Thursday, grinding all transportation in and out of the city to a stop. Trains, airplanes, buses, subways and ferries have been grounded and highways around the city have been shut down, South China Morning Post reported. “People who don’t obey the requirements shall be dealt with by authorities in accordance with their respective duties and laws,” the Wuhan municipal government said in a statement.

     The Chinese shut down seems pretty lawful, all in accordance with the hierarchy that sites like American Renaissance push, with East Asians being more lawful than us. But, consider:

“Chinese citizens are masking their flu-like symptoms to make it through airport checkpoints set up around the world to screen for the coronavirus, according to several reports on Thursday citing Chinese social media posts.
The symptoms could be a sign that the individuals are carrying a newly identified coronavirus originating in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, which Chinese health officials identified this week and has killed 17 people so far. The South China Morning Post identified the case of one Wuhan woman who claimed to use medication to lower her temperature when traveling to France, then boasted of evading detection. “I had a fever and a cough before I left – I was so scared. I quickly took some medicine and checked my temperature,” the woman, later identified as Ms. Wan, posted along with a photo of herself and a friend. “Luckily the temperature was controlled and I had a smooth journey through the border.”

The report about the woman did not say where in France she arrived and where she had subsequently traveled. The Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK identified other similar posts from Chinese social media users claiming they were able to “escape” Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, before the government froze all public transportation and locked the city down late Wednesday. Residents scrambled to leave the epicentre of a deadly Sars-like virus outbreak before a virtual lockdown was imposed on the city on Thursday. Authorities halted flights and trains out of Wuhan from 10am local time. But on social media, people who said they are from Wuhan posted messages saying they left the city before the lockdown was implemented. “Escape from Wuhan” has become a popular hashtag on Weibo, a microblogging website on the mainland. “I escaped in the small hours,” one individual wrote. There were so many cars on the highway.” “We’ve escaped the epidemic zone after taking some fever reducers,” another person wrote. “I’ll visit the doctor in Shanghai if my fever doesn’t go away a week later.” The latter also said a trip to Disneyland was planned. The Chinese government has responded by issuing orders to citizens through its embassies, including in France:

Our embassy has received multiple phone calls and emails from Chinese nationals regarding a woman from Wuhan who posted on social media about deliberately taking fever medication in order to evade the airport temperature checks. We attach high importance to this incident and were able to contact Ms. Yan, who is involved in this incident. We have requested that she call the French emergency hotline [for her case] to be handled by the relevant departments.

     Not that I place much significance in the so-called “Doomsday Clock,” but it has been moved the closest it has been to DOOM! in its 73-year-old history. This is largely due to now trendy, politically correct cause of the elites, climate change, with a nod to nuclear annihilation, a more realistic threat, but the case of global pandemics does not appear to be sexy enough to make the clock move. But disease is nothing to sneeze at, and its effects are as deadly as a nuclear strike.

     Readers who are concerned about the viruses on the move, because of globalism, would do well to consider survivalist sites who take these things seriously, for you never know:



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Tuesday, 28 June 2022