Prince Charles and Climate Change … Should I Even Mention This? It Makes Me Sad By James Reed

     Friends, this pains me as a loyal monarchist and servant of Her Majesty the Queen. I have secret worries about the future of the monarchy after our glorious Queen dies. Forgive me, but the time has come to face facts. Here is why:

“Prince Charles recently spoke at the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity and urged all human beings to start taking climate change seriously. Prince Charles called for a “military-style campaign” to address “this most grave and urgent challenge.” The United Nations does have its own army, consisting of “peacekeeping soldiers” from all the member countries. Will the military response to climate change include climate lock downs, with UN troops patrolling the streets? What does a military response to climate change look like? Will populations around the world be told to go “all in” to combat climate change, that we can defeat global warming “together” as long as we relinquish our individual liberties, surrender our property rights and do as we are told? The millions of people who do not submit to the climate change oligarchy and its cult-like following could be deemed “enemies of the state” – locked down, isolated, fined and forced to obey the government in much the same way that healthy people are being locked down, isolated, fined and arrested if they do not comply with the medical edicts currently being wrought upon them. After all, combating climate change by restricting human freedom is for “our safety” – the same tactic that was used to control people during the covid-19 crisis.

Prince Charles calls for “Marshall-like plan” to combat global warming, taking billions of dollars from Americans
Prince Charles proclaimed, “At this late stage, I can see no other way forward, except to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people, and planet.” Charles is referring to the U.S. Marshall plan of 1948 that transferred over $12 billion from American taxpayers to Western European economies after the end of World War II. This amount is equivalent to the value of over $129 billion today. In other words, Prince Charles wants to use weather events around the world as a selling point to project that the world is going to end. His end-of-the-world climate change sales pitch would be used to rob American taxpayers indefinitely, until the climate change cult declares that the Earth is healed and free from weather events, warm weather, melting ice and an ever-changing climate. It’s all part of the UN’s sustainability goals that take away property rights from Americans, taking control and mass engineering a global economy. In their grandeur of illusion, the climate change cult believes that an all-powerful world government could create a perfect, heavenly climate, where fires, tornadoes and hurricanes are nonexistent; where temperatures stay on a projected, stable course. It’s all a big ruse to take away human rights and turn the world into a centrally-planned plantation of resource and wealth redistribution, where people are told how to live, how to think, how to behave. “Having been at this now, for well over 40 years I have long observed that people tend not to act until there is a real crisis. Ladies and gentlemen, that crisis has been with us for far too many years, the cry denigrated and denied,” proclaimed Prince Charles. He claimed human activity is the driving force of global warming, that “our abusive nature” will lead to an ultimate reckoning. “With the planetary emergency so critical, with the permafrost melting in Siberia for instance, you’ll see dire effects of global warming. And with the Pantanal in Brazil being consumed by unprecedented number of fires, we can no longer go on like this, as if there was no tomorrow, and no ultimate reckoning for our abusive nature.” His solution is simple: Siphon money from the people and create an all-powerful army to carry out and enforce the global restructuring of the economy. “Without a doubt, we must now put ourselves on a war like footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military style campaign. That way, working together, we can combat this most grave and urgent challenge.”

     This is terrible news that made me depressed when I read it, leading to the need for a few stiff drinks, and then a few more. Now I have the mother of all hangovers, plus the same grim news, so don’t do what Uncle Jimmy does kiddies. How unfortunate it is the  Royals, at least the younger ones, have not grasped the significance of carbon dioxide, and the fact that the climate has changed long before we ever burnt coal or fired up a petrol or diesel engine. We cannot blame humans. We live in dark times my dear friends.



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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